Maurice Cheron

Maurice Cheron, head of Information, Research, and Development is an Incubus of around 400 years old. He is an extremely good-looking man, with rippling muscles and perfect hair. He stands approximately 6'6 with blue eyes.

For the first 350 years of his existence, Cheron (also known as Sabrael) was one of the most notorious Incubi around. He was captured in Lyon 50 years ago by Bureau agents. He escaped from Bureau custody 7 times thanks to his powers of seduction.

Twenty years ago, the Bureau came up with a plan to neutralized the threat of Sabrael once and for all. The Incubus was captured and was given a selective memory wipe resulting in his forgetting all about his good looks. Maurice literally has NO idea how amazingly good-looking he is.

He was given a position at the head of the Information, Research, and Development team at the Bureau, and is rather a shy and geeky person. He spends a great deal of his time confused by all the female agents throwing themselves at him.

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