BSA Observed Person: Maxwell Willows

First Name: Maxwell (Max)
Last Name: Willows
Age: 29
Profession: Con Artist
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Reason for Bureau Surveillance: Life-Altering Encounter with a Relic

Las Vegas con man Maxwell Willows is the most recent previous owner of the Relic known as the Sapphire of Delphi. He claims to have obtained it from his mentor, but refuses to provide the man's name to the Bureau. This unknown mentor gave him the Sapphire when he was 15-16.

Willows acted as a Mentor to Bureau Agent Addison Smith and upon his arrest (when Agent Smith was 12) he gave her the Sapphire. This transfer of the Relic resulted in his loss of all supernatural abilities he possessed. The Bureau has deemed Willows to be non-supernatural as well as classifying him a base-level threat, based on his knowledge of the supernatural and his knowledge of the Bureau.

Surveillance is to continue indefinitely.

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