Melinoe is the daughter of Persephone and Zeus (who was disguised as his brother, Persephone's 'husband' Hades at the time). Melinoe (known as Mel) was raised in the Underworld by her adopted father Hades, with whom she is very close. As a result of being the child of two Gods, Melinoe is immortal, however she is not a member of the Greek Pantheon herself (though her Pantheon Identity Card lists her as a Lesser Deity). She is a chthonic1 nymph, and enjoys all of the powers associated with nymph-hood - including powers concerned with the seduction of both men and women. As well, the legends surrounding Mel suggest that she also has tremendous powers when dealing with the mind. These myths often describe her as a 'bringer of nightmares,' a 'sorceress of madness,' and 'the mistress of cruelty.'

Despite her pure, divine blood, Mel is very much human. Very little about her suggests supernatural. She appears to be in her mid-twenties, and has appeared that way for centuries. She dresses in a mainly goth fashion as it's the only style that fits her exceptionally pale complexion and ghostly grey-white hair. She is very much a troublemaker at heart, and has a very bratty side - likely as a result of her parents messy relationship. She often falls into her father's behaviour patterns, acting cruel and cold in tense situations, but she is extremely caring about those close to her.

Mel has a very close relationship with several of her cousins, chief among them being Blake. The goth nymph views Blake as her brother and cares very deeply about him, even if they are often at odds over things. She is always present at shows Blake's band plays. Mel is also very close to Clara, who is her younger half-sister. Much to the annoyance of their mother, Persephone, the two are inseparable and the seven year old views Mel as a role model. Melinoe and Annette (another demigod) were once very close, however something happened and now the Gods have forbidden them from being in the same room. Mel regularly goes drinking with Emilio in the tropics.

Melinoe drives a jet black Audi S5 no matter where in the world she is. The car's license plate is registered to the New British Empire.

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