Merregon (a.k.a. Bankers)

"My name is Legion. And we are many." The Merregon are the bulk of Lucifer's forces. Numberless, expendable, identical demons that can be anywhere and everywhere. Everything the feel, see, and learn is all transmitted directly to Lucifer's mind. Look closely at the next crowd of people you see…there's bound to be a Merregon.

Physical Attributes:

The Merregon are an infinitely vast, suit-clad army capable of blending in with human beings flawlessly. They carry an air of authority about them, similar to than of a police officer or security agent.

Natural Appearance:
Every Merregon appears exactly the same. They appear to be a man of no more than forty with neatly groomed, brown hair. They are all clad in a black suit, with a white shirt and black tie. As well, they wear sunglasses and an earwig-style in-ear radio receiver. The clear wire from this in-ear device snakes around their wear and disappears into their neck. Their movements are all slow and deliberate, unless they're in pursuit of someone or something.

Illusory Appearance:
None. The Merregon do not have any overtly inhuman characteristics worth hiding.

Racial Abilities:

The Merregon enjoy the following racial abilities:

  • Superhuman Strength - Merregon are incredibly strong, capable of crumbling the foundations of buildings with a single blow.
  • Superhuman Speed - Merregon are exceptionally fast, easily moving at speeds well above the speed of sound at will.
  • Hellsight - The eyes of a Merregon can see into the very fabric of reality. They act like the scanners from sci-fi novels, providing them with an immense amount of information about the world around them.


Merregon have no personality…none. They only carry out Lucifer's bidding and in order to ensure this is the case they are completely obedient, so much so that they cannot act with receiving instructions first. When they do speak, there voices are cold, slow, and completely devoid of any humanity, almost to the point of sounding robotic.




Because they have no purpose outside of carrying out orders, they do not have a history. The Merregon were the second type of demon to be created by Lucifier. They are also the last of the demons created. The creation process is the same as the Ayperobos, with a slight variation in the magics used. It is rumoured that Merregon are formed using the blood of the Erinyes.

Well-Known Merregon:

None, they are all the same.

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