Minaye is a blonde haired young woman who has soft brown eyes and a serious demeanor. She does not like to deal with strangers and as such tends to shy away from contact. However as a hostess she is gracious and caring paying attention to the most minute details.

Minaye is the caretaker of Persephone’s young daughter Clara. They live in a cottage away from a small town in which they reside in Northern England. Unbeknownst to the Team, they know Blake’s family very well and Minaye and Blake talk often. Blake feels protective over the two, and it has been known that Minaye has helped Samantha Turner during difficult times as well. Minaye has a hard time trusting anyone outside the Olympian family.

Minaye is the adoptive daughter of Hestia, one of the former 12 Olympians and the Goddess of the Hearth. While Minaye inherited no great powers, her mother has given her an astounding ability to sense when others around her are unwell, and a fierce endurance to protect those near her. This endurance was displayed when Minaye was being slowly sapped of life in a bramble of thorns for days. Minaye also is given many gifts from Olympus to distribute to her cousins or use as she pleases. Out of all the Demigods/demigoddesses, Minaye is well-liked by almost all the Olympians and has earned each of their favor.

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