Michael Weyland

Michael Weyland is the head of the Bureau's Field Operations Division, following the retirement of his wife, Valentina Zharkov-Weyland and the subsequent personnel transfer needed to fill her old leadership position.

Born in the year 1988, Michael "Mike" Weyland knew that his mission in life was to protect people. Throughout high school, he had an interest in the police side of the law; being a lawyer held no interest. This bore fruit when, at the age of eighteen, Mike joined the police in his hometown of Sacramento, CA.

On what was otherwise a routine domestic disturbance callout, two years into his career, he encountered a wolf. Not just any wolf, but a werewolf. Not that he knew that, of course. All he knew was pain after it bit him. Violently, terribly sick for a week afterward, he eventually made a recovery and rejoined the force. Shortly thereafter, he was approached by a beautiful young woman, and quickly entered into a relationship with her. He was surprised to learn that she was the wolf who bit him, and she nursed him through his first change. A few months later, Bureau teams were dispatched to contain him. He was able to evade the first two teams, which brought him to the Bureau's attention. They made him an offer he couldn't refuse.

Michael's first mission with Team 2 was the recovery of one Addison Thorne.

In 2012, on one particular case back in his home state, Mike found a diary written in Wolven, talking about the legacy of Hircine, and the destiny awaiting Hircine's true descendant. Finding that he was the descendant, Mike readied himself for what was to come; sealing the Red Lady, the Satan figure of the Lycan Pantheon.

In 2013, he decides to adopt Addison Eichmann as his daughter.

In late 2013, Mike began dating Valentina Zharkov, head of the Bureau's IA division.

In 2014, Mike leaves the Bureau temporarily to prosecute the Lycan War, returning the next year. Upon his return, he is promoted and given command of Team 2.

In 2015, Valentina gives birth to his twin children.


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