Nyla & Nyxie

Elegance and hyper never looked so good~

Nyla and Nyxie are Aquatic Siren twins and Kyrene's two baby sisters. They were born 52 years prior to 2018. The two appear to have an interest in goth related clothing, with a twist of elegance and random. They are also quite hyper and eager to learn anything they can from the agents of BSA, though kept at bay by Kyrene so that they don't accidentally drive everyone up the walls. Despite their hyper attitudes, they have a graceful way of speaking, and they often finish each others' sentences or say the same things at the same time. These two almost literally have the same mind.

Nyla and Nyxie, when visiting the Bureau, are frequently seen around their older sister who they idolize greatly. Kyrene can also be seen teaching them new skills to better protect themselves in the deep blue sea … and also constantly tell them to stay out of trouble when they finally leave to go back home.

The two also act as couriers sort of, sending messages from their mother to Kyrene, and vise-versa.

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