Perhaps the one Greek God more imposing than Hades, Persephone is a force to be reckoned with. She takes the form of a tall, dirty blonde haired woman with high cheek bones and golden brown eyes. Like her husband, she speaks with a regal voice…a voice that suggests command and control. She always dresses in the finest gowns and robes made of fabrics from all over the world. She is the Goddess of Spring as well as reigning Queen of the Underworld. Her parents were Zeus and Demeter.

In the early years of history, Persephone was a much sought after conquest for male and female Gods alike. Her mother, Demeter, refused all of her potential suitors' gifts and hid Persephone away from the other Olympians. While watching her from afar, Hades had grown phone of his brother's daughter and decided to court her behind Demeter's back. Hades ensured that both Zeus and Demeter were distracted before he carried the beautiful Persephone, who had grown fond of her uncle, to the Underworld. Once in the Underworld, she was fed food grown on the banks of the River Styx. Her mother panicked and demanded the return of her daughter (who at this time was falling more and more in love with Hades). After centuries of bickering, Hermes released Persephone from the Underworld while under orders from Zeus. This caused quite a lot of tension between Zeus and Hades. However, as a result of Persephone's taste for food from the Underworld, she must spend half the year in her lover's kingdom. Shortly after her rescue, Zeus got bored and dressed up like Hades in order to impregnated Persephone - further destroying his relationship with his brother. Persephone gave birth to Melinoe, a minor Goddess who was immediately taken from her by Hades to be raised in the Underworld. Seven years ago, Persephone gave birth to a demi-god daughter named Clara. Enraged by his wife's affair with a mortal, Hades brutally murdered Clara's father. Persephone and Clara have a very close relationship, the goddess often spoiling her demi-god child. She tries very hard to keep both Hades and her older daughter out of Clara's life.

Hades and Persephone are sort of an Olympian power couple - regardless of how much they fight and the fact that they only see one another half the year, they remain together. Like her husband, she enjoys a strong relationship with her younger brother Apollo (as well as his twin sister) and her nephew Blake. She remains closer with both her parents, regardless of their shite parenting. Her and Melinoe have a strained relationship…it's very much a stern mother/teenaged daughter dynamic. She is an avid botanist and gardener, usually tending the gardens of the villa she shares with her husband in the South of France. She is most commonly chauffeured around in a candy apple red Audi A8 (the same model driven by Hades).

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