Pierce Walker

Agent Walker is only the second Director of the US branch office. He took over the roll 6 years ago at the retirement of his predecessor and the founder of the Crystal. Pierce Walker was born in Las Vegas, Nevada to a bouncer (his father) and Texas Hold 'Em dealer (his mother). Unlike a great many Bureau agents, Agent Walker is human…100%. He has no powers and no relic. He had no brush with the supernatural that resulted in the Bureau needed to take him in. The American Branch Director was, in fact, hired by accident.

In 2000, Agent Walker (who had gone to school in Quantico where he met his future wife) was doing work on an investigation in Iowa that the BSA was also involved in. The agents present were so impressed at his work in the field, they contacted the Director who interviewed him and later hired him.

While at Quantico, Pierce dated a woman from Sedona named Clementine Sweet who was extremely good at jiu-jutsu. The pair's relationship tapered off after graduation. In a surprising turn of events, Clementine Sweet had been hired by the Bureau as well and the two were promptly married. Unfortunately, in 2016 their marriage fell apart and they were divorced. It's been very awkward since.

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