Poseidon is the God of the Seas and is one of the 12 Olympians. He is brother to a majority of the Gods and Goddesses including Hera, Zeus, Hades, Hestia, and Demeter.

He is the God of the Sea, Horses, and is also known as the "Earth-shaker" having the ability to make Earthquakes. His roman name was Neptune.

While he has had many lovers his main love is his consort Amphitrite. And he has also had many children. His current favored son is Emilio Mamoa who he has showered great luck and gifts to despite the hesitation of some (such as the time he gave the boy a Kraken Squid at the age of 5).

Poseidon is a laid back man with tanned skin and various scars most notably a scar over his right eye after a scuffle which he proudly displays. He often wears casual clothes and sometimes will forego a shirt in favor of showing off his tanned muscular body. He enjoys gambling and has quite the mouth during these sessions, and he often tries to keep the Director (one of his fellow Poker night attendees) in the know of Olympian Shenanigans.

He resides in an expansive palace under the sea and has a summer home in both Atlantis and Mount Olympus. He also has an expansive collection of horses and regularly lends them to jockeys to compete in horsetrack racing.

He enjoys good relationships with a majority of the demi-gods and demi-goddesses. Because he is so -laid back it can be very difficult to make him upset. However it has happened a time or two.

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