Privy Council

The Privy Council (often called The Council for short) sits at the top of the Bureau hierarchy. It is comprised of five Immortals who oversee everything that goes on at the Bureau. Ultimately, everyone reports to the Council in some way shape or form. Each of them are detailed briefly below and in more detail on their pages linked here and on the NPC page.

Who selects these Immortals is not known, though it's assumed that they are selected because of their actions prior to becoming Immortal. They no longer use their names, instead going by a title that represents what they did before being selected. It is widely believed that Immortals are selected at the moment of (or near the moment of) their deaths.

The Department of Internal Affairs provides each Privy Councillor with two personal bodyguards (who follow them at all times, except into the Council Chamber on the top floor of Isengard), as well as a detachment of agents at each of their private residences. Immortals travel via specialized MPVs that take the form of Extended Wheelbase Rolls Royce Phantoms driven by these agents.

The Director


The oldest of the Immortals that run the Bureau. He was the first chosen to lead the fight against the Darkness. Prior to his becoming the Director, it is known that he was a Roman senator in the 300s BCE. Before becoming a Senator, he spent a brief amount of time tutoring Alexander the Great. He is a quirk-riddled Englishman with centuries upon centuries of dementia built up in his mind that tends to come out in in floods. This decade's manifestation of this mental deterioration is an unhealthy worry that a species called 'mole people' are plotting to destroy the Bureau. Despite his apparent lunacy, he takes the work of the Bureau seriously and values the lives of each and every agent very much.

The Admiral


Selected for Immortality during the American Civil War upon the occasion of his death at the Battle of Arkansas Post. He was a high-ranking naval officer serving aboard a Union Ironclad. It believed that the Admiral was selected as a result of extensive military prowess because he came to the Bureau at the beginning of a particular tumultuous time in the fight against the Darkness. He is always seen in a three-piece suit and glasses. He walks with a black and silver cane (which houses a sword) and a pronounced limp. His voice is famous around the Bureau for it's gravelly, husky tone. In contrast to the Director, he's very serious nearly all the time.

The Chancellor


The most intimidating Immortal by a long shot. The Chancellor is believed to be have been an extremely powerful person in the later years of Ptolemaic Egypt - records suggest she was some kind of judge or banker. The Chancellor was selected as an Immortal because of a connection to the Library of Alexandria (which was destroyed during her mortal life). She is a very tall woman who is always seen wearing heels and a skirt-suit (usually pink, royal blue, black, or grey). Her hair is always done up in a beehive and she wears reading glasses. She speaks sternly and deliberately and it's believed she has only two facial expressions - small smile and resting bitch face. She also looms…all the time.

The Huntress


Became an Immortal in the late 1700s under mysterious circumstances. The Huntress was a servant to a cruel noble who owned a calligraphy school. She killed her master, stole some ancestral armour and fled, living as a ronin. Despite the fact that the circumstances of her ascension are unknown, it's widely believed that she was chosen for her ability to do what needs to be done, even if it means making sacrifice. Today she is still a fierce warrior and is often quick to anger. She wears darkly coloured, professional clothing which is comfortable in a fight. Despite her fluency in Japanese, Korean, Mongolian, and Mandarin Chinese, she speaks with a vaguely Californian accent.

The Prophet


A 14th century peasant of unknown origin from a French court who became Immortal when the Plague swept through this particular court. As far as anyone knows, he's the only Immortal that was selected as a result of fighting the Darkness as a mortal. The Prophet's former owners were victims of the Black Plague and after he was freed by their deaths, he began to work with plague doctors as well as priests to help with the situation. In modern times, the Prophet dresses mainly in black. He has also lost his French accent over the centuries and developed a soft English one its place. The meaning of his title is not fully understood. He is an incredible strategist and shows uncanny cunning. His counterparts have on more than one occasion accused him of being Machiavellian. The Prophet rarely does things personally, preferring to work by proxy, messenger, and/or video conference. He is also known to be an exceptional orator.

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