Player Run Plot

Player Run Plot (PRP) is a one-off plotline run by one of the players of Block-by-Block. PRPs are run on Thursdays, just as normal plots are. Any player can run a PRP. Below is a list of requirements that must be met in order to the proposed PRP to be run.

  1. The plot must have an outline of some kind, even simple bullet notes about what is going to happen during the plot.
  2. The plot must be approved by the GM staff at least two weeks before the day on which it is going to be run.
  3. The plot must be appropriate to the themes of BBB - both from a story perspective, as well as a mechanical one.
Things to Remember
  • When a PRP is being run, the player running it has all the authority of the GM.
  • A PRP should be treated as a normal plot by both players and characters.
  • We're all here to have fun, that doesn't change for a Player Run Plot.
  • Plot cut-off time is 11 PM EST. Please, please, please try and keep your runs from running more that fifteen minutes overtime. If it is going to be late, please inform all players as soon as you can.
About Cancellations

Cancellations happen, life gets busy and it is important to remember Real life trumps RP, however we still have a devoted player base and it is important for GMs to make sure they plan accordingly for any interruptions or surprise plans.

When you sign up to GM a PRP you have agreed to be there on that scheduled time to run your plot. Failure to be present and on time for the day of your run will result in cancellation of your run AND the possibility that you will no longer be able to run PRP.

In the case you need to cancel your plot we request that you give 24 hours notice to the GMs so that other arrangements can be made. If there is an emergency that comes up the day of the PRP then let the GMs know as soon as possible. However you can only emergency cancel plots 2 times consecutively before it is treated like a normal cancellation violation.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Player run plots may not result in character death unless the player of the character that is going to die has given consent and the GM has given approval. It is considered inappropriate if a PC dies on a plot run by another player.

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