Relics are specifically named items from history that have developed, or were created with magical abilities. The containment of relics is a large part of what the Bureau does. On occasion, the Bureau allows agents to use a relic in the field. This is usually limited to one relic per agent and any given time, but because Team 2 has a close working relationship with the Director, he allows them to use more than the suggested limit.

List of Relics

The Spectral Strad of New Delhi

An antique violin produced by Antonio Stradivari, who was commissioned to produce the object by an unknown buyer. Stradivari took hemlock shortly after the completion of the violin. The strings are made of still-living human vocal cords; a very faint moaning sound is audible if you listen closely. When music is played on the violin, spectral entities are drawn out of hiding and towards the sound. Those with dispositions most similar to that of the song being played are most strongly affected. The player experiences vivid, demon-infested nightmares the evening after the violin is used, tapering off after a week or so. Repeated use before this cooling-off period wears off leaves the user susceptible to supernatural influence. In Agent Sanmugasunderam's possession.

The Werewolf's Amulet

A flat, circular mother-of-pearl disc on a pewter chain, resembling the full moon. The knowledge of how to craft these necklaces is sometimes passed down from sire to sired, if the sire cares deeply for his/her progeny. Fueled by the love the sire has, it allows the werewolf to maintain his or her sanity under the full moon, as well as their bipedal form. However, it merely controls and delays the effects; upon exiting his/her animal form, the werewolf will be struck with a mental illness for roughly a week. In Michael Weyland's possession.

Professor Maxine Bayne's Traveling Transportalimizer

ZoƩ Chantili discovered this piece of tech in an old warehouse she was using to case some other targets. She mistook the roof to be sturdier than it was, and fell through, landing in a sealed off room. Inside was a very old workshop with many notebooks and diagrams, and the device.
After reading the notes, and realizing that this would seemingly let her teleport, she decided to give it a go. Strapped it on, and much to her great surprise, it worked.

Zoe can teleport short distances, with the longer the distance requiring exponentially more power for the device. Her maximum distance is approximately 50 feet, with shorter jaunts around 15 being more normal, and much less of a drain.
The device seems to work by forming a field around the person who uses it and teleporting everything in that field. This does mean that things can get cut if they're in the field.

Zoe can take another person with her, but the energy cost goes up as well.

The Sapphire of Delphi

A small, well cut sapphire currently mounted in the navel piercing of Agent Addison Smith, tech. assistant to Team 2. The sapphire was a gift to the Oracle of Delphi from Croesus after she predicted what he would be doing a month ahead of time. The sapphire, mounted into an ear piercing for the Oracle absorbed her immense psychic power. She passed the sapphire on to her apprentice, who gained the Oracles power. This continued for thousands of years, transferring from master to apprentice, finally being transfer from a street con named Max Willows, to a 12-year-old Addison in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Key of Jotunheim

An old worn down Iron Ring made of a gasket from a downed plane. It has absorbed the power of the frigid Arctic cold. It has a fine layer of frost covering it constantly. It was given to Raine Virtanen of Team 2 by his mentor Marko.

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