Return To The Caribbean

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[7:53pm] Gwen: "That sounds good to me. I now want their Margarita Pizza."
[7:55pm] Tox: "Hmmmm. I'll have…fuck, I dunno."
[7:56pm] Gwen: "They do a good steak. And you like that pasta thing…with the chicken in it."
[7:57pm] Alivi: "What was that dish that Rhyden once tried to make me eat."
[7:57pm] Alivi: "It looked good….."
[7:58pm] Tox: Mike's expression turns a little brooding.
[7:58pm] Gwen: "It was misery noodles in a whiny sauce, with a side dish of psychosis and narcism."
[7:59pm] Alivi: "….I'm pretty sure that wasn't it…."
[7:59pm] Alivi: Raine crosses his arms
[7:59pm] Alivi: "my apoloogies."
[7:59pm] Tox: Mike laughs despite himself.
[8:00pm] Alivi: "At least she is gone now."
[8:00pm] Alivi: Raine is still weirded out by her.
[8:01pm] Gwen: "Their veal is pretty good, Raine."
[8:02pm] Tox: "Mmm. Veal."
[8:02pm] Alivi: "….What is Veal?"
[8:02pm] Tox: "Young cow."
[8:02pm] Alivi: "…huh."
[8:05pm] Alivi: "Ok I'll get it."
[8:07pm] Tox: "It's good. You'll like it."
[8:09pm] Gwen: Addison nods. "You will."
[8:12pm] Alivi: "Ok." Raine nods
[8:13pm] Gwen: "Should I call and place an order? I know what Zo' is going to have. She gets Seafood Linguini…all the time."
[8:13pm] Tom90deg joined the chat room.
[8:14pm] Alivi: "Ahhh Sounds good then."
[8:17pm] Gwen: Addison sends Zoe a quick text: 'We're getting Fornello's for dinner…I assume you want Seafound Linguini like normal?'
[8:17pm] Tom90deg: Zoe texts back. <Yes!>
[8:17pm] Gwen: Addison dials a number and then stands, walking to the lounge windows.
[8:18pm] Tom90deg: <Gimme a minute, I'll be right down.>
[8:19pm] Tom90deg: Zoe heads on down to the lounge. "Who started these rumors about Italian food?"
[8:20pm] Gwen: As Addison places the order the loudspeakers crackle to life: "Team 2 to the briefing room. Team 2."
[8:20pm] Tom90deg: "Damn it!"
[8:21pm] Alivi: "Really…Afterall this time…"
[8:21pm] Alivi: Raine sighs and walks towards the breifing room
[8:22pm] Tom90deg: "Damn it, I'm gonna miss my italian food…"
[8:22pm] Gwen: Addison finishes the order. "Right…I need you to deliver to Heathrow…yes, the airport. Private hangar 77 in the government section. Yes…look, there's a hundred pound tip in it for you if you do this. Right. Thank you. See you soon." Addison smiles. "Food on the plane!"
[8:22pm] Tom90deg: Zoe heads on over to the briefing room.
[8:24pm] Tox: "Dammit." Mike hups out to the briefing room.
[8:24pm] Gwen: As does Addison. "But I got us food for the plane!"
[8:25pm] Tom90deg: "Oooh, really!?
[8:25pm] Tom90deg: "You're simply the best there is Addision."
[8:26pm] Tox: "Food for the plane is good."
[8:26pm] Gwen: The Director is on the phone in the briefing room as they arrive. "Yes…I know. No, I know she is on vacation, but there's an Obelisk in Thebes that's acting strange and Agent Sandiego is the best at stealing buildings. Recall her from Cancun…yes, thank you." Agent Zharkov is standing at the door.
[8:27pm] Tox: Mike nods to Val, smiling at her as he takes his seat.
[8:27pm] Alivi: Raine raises an eyebrow.
[8:29pm] Tom90deg: Zoe takes a seat.
[8:30pm] Alivi: Raine clears his throat
[8:30pm] Gwen: "Right, you're going back to the Caribbean," the Director puts the phone down. "There's trouble in paradise…I've always wanted to say that."
[8:31pm] Tox: "What's the trouble, bossman?"
[8:31pm] Tom90deg: Zoe snickers.
[8:31pm] Alivi: "…Really?"
[8:33pm] Gwen: "There's a storm off the coast…it's been holding it's position since you life…and the resort you stayed back is in it's path…AND being attacked by suddenly angry locals."
[8:33pm] Tom90deg: "That….is odd. The storm is just staying in one place?"
[8:33pm] Alivi: "…..very…"
[8:34pm] Gwen: "Yes…it was, until now. It's moving straight for the hotel. Landfall in three hours."
[8:35pm] Tox: "…That's not good. Mind control?"
[8:35pm] Tox: "What's our ETA if we pour it all on?"
[8:35pm] Gwen: "We're not sure. And you'll be landing in about 3 hours…in the middle of the storm."
[8:35pm] Alivi: "…Great."
[8:36pm] Tom90deg: "Fun…"
[8:37pm] Tom90deg: "We don't have to parachute in do we?"
[8:37pm] Alivi: "…please say no…"
[8:38pm] Tox: "Son of a bitch."
[8:38pm] Gwen: "No, you're going to be landing like normal. Just…carefully."
[8:38pm] Tom90deg: "Ahh, good. I was worried for a second."
[8:38pm] Tox: "Do we have any guidance going in or are we doing all our recon on the ground?"
[8:39pm] Gwen: "You're driving to the hotel. The main road is still clear."
[8:39pm] Alivi: "Sounds good, lets go."
[8:39pm] Tom90deg: "Right."
[8:39pm] Tox: "Let's do it."
[8:39pm] Tom90deg: "No time to waste."
[8:41pm] Gwen: Addison nods.
[8:41pm] Tom90deg: Zoe gets up and heads on down to the garage.
[8:41pm] Gwen: Addison follows. "I'm hoping there's food when get there." She blinks. "Wait…a storm?"
[8:42pm] Tox: Mike goes!
[8:42pm] Alivi: Raine goes to the garage. "Yea…didn't you hear what the Director said?"
[8:42pm] Tox: "Have you not been paying attention, Addison?" Mike smirks. "Oh, this is going to be ~wonderful~"
[8:42pm] Alivi: Addison d20
[8:42pm] Gwen: 1d20
[8:42pm] Glacon: Gwen: 7 (1d20=7)
[8:43pm] Gwen: She rubs her temples and winces. "Mmm…let's go…"
[8:44pm] Tox: "Something the matter?" Mike stops gloating instantly.
[8:44pm] Tom90deg: "Hmm?"
[8:44pm] Alivi: Raine looks over.
[8:46pm] Alivi: "Addison?"
[8:46pm] Gwen: "It's just a headache…I was doing work on my computer without my glasses on."
[8:46pm] Alivi: "….oh."
[8:46pm] Tox: "You know you can't work like that."
[8:48pm] Alivi: "…lets get going…Addison, uh maybe you should let Zoe or Mike Drive.
[8:48pm] Gwen: "I couldn't find my glasses, I suspect there's a pair in the glove box in the car or something."
[8:48pm] Tom90deg: "I'll drive!"
[8:48pm] Tox: 'Yeah, I'm drivin'." Mike pulls himself into the driver's seat.
[8:48pm] Tox: "Zoe, Addison's bad enough, I'd like to get to Heathrow in one piece."
[8:48pm] Tom90deg: "Like hell you are, I'm a better driver than you fuzzy."
[8:49pm] Gwen: Addison slips into the backseat. "Will someone check the glove box?"
[8:49pm] Tom90deg: "Right right…"
[8:49pm] Tom90deg: Zoe climbs into the passenger seat, and looks in the glovebox. Any glasses inside?
[8:49pm] Tox: "Just because I take the speed limit as a gentle suggestion rather than callously giving it the same amount of regard I do for the ring in the tub…"
[8:50pm] Alivi: Raine sits next to Addison.
[8:50pm] Alivi: "Who are you texting?"
[8:50pm] Tox: Mike starts driving off to Heathrow!
[8:52pm] Alivi: Vroom vroom, doodly boop. they arrive.
[8:52pm] Tom90deg: "Addy, got your glasses."
[8:52pm] Tox: beep boop zorp
[8:52pm] Tom90deg: Zoe hands them back to Addision.
[8:52pm] Tox: Mike pulls the Rover into the BAT.
[8:53pm] Gwen: "Thanks Zo." There is a very confused looking delivery dude waiting there as well. Addison gives him 200 pounds, far too much for the order and runs back on to the plane.
[8:53pm] Alivi: Raine grins, "Sweet! Food."
[8:53pm] Tox: "Alright. Let's get airborne.
[8:53pm] Tox: "
[8:54pm] Tox: Mike shuts down the Rover and heads to the cockpit to negotiate preflight.
[8:54pm] Gwen: Addison starts handing out the food in the plane's dining room area.
[8:54pm] Tom90deg: "Awesome!"
[8:54pm] Tom90deg: Zoe takes the food and starts nomming.
[8:55pm] Alivi: Raine tries the veal.
[8:56pm] Alivi: "…Wow…this is really good…"
[8:56pm] Alivi: Annnnnnnd the plane sooon takes off in an Italian Food Bliss
[8:56pm] Tom90deg: "Mmm, I know…."
[8:57pm] Gwen: Addison smiles, putting her phone down and pushing her glasses up. "I know, right!" She starts munching away on her pizza.
[8:59pm] Gwen: Addison starts texting again.
[9:01pm] Tom90deg: "So…there's a storm staying in one place, and a bunch of people about to swarm over the hotel, right?"
[9:01pm] Gwen: "Umm…guys…"
[9:01pm] Alivi: The plane is bumped
[9:02pm] Gwen: "Check your phones…please?"
[9:03pm] Alivi: Raine looks at his
[9:03pm] Alivi: "…….No service."
[9:03pm] Alivi: The plane shakes more
[9:03pm] Tom90deg: Zoe looks at her phone.
[9:03pm] Tom90deg: "Oh hell…."
[9:04pm] Tom90deg: "I really really do not want to test my theory that I can jump out of a plane and survive."
[9:05pm] Gwen: Addison places a hand on her stomach for a moment and then shakes her head. "Let's just…get this over with."
[9:05pm] Tox: Mike hangs onto a support piece. "Here we go."
[9:06pm] Alivi: The plane goes down for a landing. It is shaky, turbulence everywhere.
[9:06pm] Alivi: However you land in one piece.
[9:06pm] Tox: "Saddle up!" Mike calls, getting back in the car.
[9:07pm] Tom90deg: Zoe heads on back and climbs aboard. "Right, what's the plan?"
[9:08pm] Tox: "…No idea. We're heading for the eye of the storm system. Something's fishy."
[9:08pm] Tom90deg: "Well…i guess check the exact center of the storm?"
[9:08pm] Tom90deg: "If something's causing it, it'd probaly be there, right?"
[9:08pm] Tox: "That'd be my guess."
[9:09pm] Gwen: Addison climbs in, looking worried.
[9:09pm] Alivi: Raine climbs in after them.
[9:09pm] Alivi: The skies are a dark dark dark dark Grey
[9:09pm] Alivi: There is thunder and humidity.
[9:09pm] Tom90deg: "Mmm….Hate rain."
[9:10pm] Tox: "Who'
[9:10pm] Tox: 's ready?" Mike asks giddily, trundling down the ramp and heading towards the hotel.
[9:11pm] Tom90deg: "Ready to go."
[9:11pm] Gwen: Addison just stares out the window the whole time.
[9:12pm] Tom90deg: "You ok Addy?"
[9:12pm] Tox: "Buck up, buttercup. It's rain."
[9:13pm] Gwen: "Hmm….yeah…fine."
[9:15pm] Alivi: It begins to rain
[9:15pm] Alivi: Raine sighs.
[9:15pm] Alivi: "Even with bad weather this place sucks."
[9:15pm] Tox: Mike's progress is slowed by the weather, but he fights his way back.
[9:15pm] Alivi: As they get closer to the hotel, there is an angry mob
[9:15pm] Gwen: "Raine it's the tropics…you can't hate the tropics."
[9:16pm] Alivi: Surrounding the entire hotel are villagers, with torches and makeshift weapons
[9:16pm] Tom90deg: "Oh hell."
[9:16pm] Gwen: "Cock," Addison grumbles.
[9:16pm] Tox: "Here we go."
[9:16pm] Gwen: "It's always the fucking locals."
[9:16pm] Tom90deg: Zoe looks for anyone who seems to be in charge of the mob.
[9:17pm] Tox: Mike pulls the SUV to a stop, headlights playing over the crowd. He idles the engine, but doesn't shut it off.
[9:17pm] Tox: "Plan of attack?"
[9:18pm] Tom90deg: "Hold on…look for someone in charge."
[9:19pm] Tox: Does there appear to /be/ someone in charge? Mobs aren't typically so directed.
[9:19pm] Alivi: There is a woman angrily yelling. She is standing on a soapbox, screaming, holding a child near her
[9:19pm] Alivi: The mob begins chanting and yelling
[9:19pm] Tom90deg: "There we go."
[9:19pm] Tom90deg: "Who wants to talk to her?"
[9:20pm] Tox: "Got it. There's our ringleader. Addy, think you can get an idea what they're all so fired up about? At range?"
[9:20pm] Tox: "I'll go speak to her after Addison gives us a sitrep."
[9:20pm] Tom90deg: "I can talk to her."
[9:20pm] Tom90deg: "Ok, go for it, I'll be right behind you."
[9:20pm] Tox: "Right.
[9:20pm] Tox: "
[9:21pm] Gwen: Addison looks to everyone in the car and then nods. "I'll try to get into her head this far out…but I make no promises." She tries.
[9:21pm] Alivi: Raine looks out a bit worried.
[9:22pm] Gwen: 1d20 She has a Manipulation of 5 and an Empathy of 4…so she's really good at this.
[9:22pm] Glacon: Gwen: She has a Manipulation of 5 and an Empathy of 4…so she's really good at this.: 10 (1d20=10)
[9:23pm] Alivi: There is more yelling, some villages throw rocks breaking the windows.
[9:24pm] Tom90deg: "Ah hell. We need to move fast."
[9:24pm] Gwen: "She's doing this for the children apparently…she thinks that what they're doing is for the betterment of the lives of the children…she's very angry." She blinks. "Wait…I have an idea."
[9:24pm] Tom90deg: "Hmm?"
[9:24pm] Tox: "Hit me with it, blue lady."
[9:25pm] Gwen: She takes out her fake UNICEF ID. "I made this as a joke…when I made my Vatican ID card…it says I'm Pope…this one says I work for UNICEF." She smiles brightly. "I'll go talk to her if you want."
[9:25pm] Tox: "UNICEF, huh….that just might work. Want one of us along for backup?"
[9:26pm] Alivi: Raine nods. "Might be good, I don't think I can get a visual near the uh….fire."
[9:26pm] Alivi: Raine looks uncomfortable.
[9:26pm] Tom90deg: "You ok Raine?"
[9:27pm] Gwen: "It'll be fine Raine once we get inside. I think everyone should stay in the car, that way we'll get moving faster." Addison opens the door and steps into the rain. "Excuse me!" She's shouting this at the screaming woman. She's also holding up her card.
[9:28pm] Alivi: The woman turns, she speaks with an accent, "And what do you think you are doing here?"
[9:28pm] Tox: Mike flexes his hands on the wheel.
[9:29pm] Gwen: "My name is Vivian St. John-Smythe…I'm with UNICEF. We need to get into the building to sort this out. We're hear to help you, but you need to let us through."
[9:30pm] Gwen: I'm going to activate her Title, so this works well :D
[9:30pm] Alivi: Title The Grifter Activated
[9:31pm] Alivi: The woman nods, "I see. Well tell the damn witch woman to get out of town and off our Island, We will be havin none of 'er storms."
[9:31pm] Gwen: "Witch woman?"
[9:31pm] Alivi: "Yes, Witch Woman….She run that resort, and she decided to curse the village…"
[9:32pm] Alivi: "We 'ard it from the fortuneteller."
[9:33pm] Gwen: Addison nods. "We'll sort it out." She turns on her heels and runs back to the car. "Let's go. We're dealing with a weather witch…or so says their fortuneteller." She's VERY sarcastic about this.
[9:33pm] Tox: "Lovely. They're not gonna set us on fire?" Mike flashes his high beams, signaling intention to move.
[9:33pm] Gwen: "No. Go. They think we're here for the children."
[9:34pm] Alivi: The crowd parts and they begin chanting "Kill the Witch. Kill the Witch. Kill the Witch."
[9:34pm] Gwen: "We should have brought Lloy- err…Tath."
[9:35pm] Tox: Mike drives through the parting crowd. "Yeah, she mighta been useful here, huh. Wonder how she's getting along."
[9:35pm] Alivi: "I saw her the otherday…she seemed ok."
[9:36pm] Tox: "Good, good."
[9:36pm] Tom90deg: "WAit, hold on…"
[9:36pm] Tom90deg: "We need to break up the mob."
[9:36pm] Alivi: "I don't think we can…"
[9:36pm] Tom90deg: "Well…"
[9:36pm] Tox: "Zo, trust me. If they're here, and that lady's holding the leash, that's where we /want/ them."
[9:36pm] Tom90deg: "Raine?"
[9:37pm] Tom90deg: "What if we could get them to go back home?"
[9:37pm] Tox: "It's when a mob of individuals breaks up and starts doing their own thing that things get stupid."
[9:37pm] Tom90deg: "If you say so…."
[9:37pm] Tom90deg: "I'm more worried about what they'll do when lead by that lady."
[9:38pm] Tox: "They seem content to stand here and rabble-rouse for now. Good enough for me."
[9:38pm] Tom90deg: "Right then."
[9:39pm] Alivi: "let's just get inside…"
[9:39pm] Tom90deg: "Lead on…"
[9:39pm] Gwen: "They're a superstitious people…we can…scare them? They believe in witches and fortunetellers…so let's give them witches."
[9:40pm] Tom90deg: "MAybe a good witch?
[9:40pm] Tom90deg: "
[9:40pm] Alivi: "Can we just get to the bottom of this…please?"
[9:40pm] Tom90deg: "I'm for it."
[9:40pm] Tox: "Do you really think that's a good idea, Addison? If you scare them with something like that, they're bound to react unpredictably. I say we just drive on and find whatever's hiding in the eye of the storm."
[9:41pm] Alivi: They are right by the enterence
[9:41pm] Tom90deg: "Ok, onward then?"
[9:42pm] Tox: "Onward." Mike shuts off the engine and dismounts.
[9:42pm] Tom90deg: Zoe climbs on out.
[9:43pm] Gwen: As does Addison.
[9:43pm] Alivi: Raine follows.
[9:43pm] Tom90deg: Zoe looks around the building.
[9:43pm] Tox: Mike makes his way towards the entrance. Does his supernatural radar ping as they get closer?
[9:43pm] Alivi: The Crowd watches chanting as the team enters the hotel. Some Maids and Bellboys are there Looking afraid.
[9:44pm] Alivi: "Listen we don't want no trouble."
[9:44pm] Tom90deg: "I think we need to find the fortuneteller as well."
[9:44pm] Alivi: Mike you will have to give me a roll please
[9:44pm] Tox: 1d20 oohyeah
[9:44pm] Glacon: Tox: oohyeah: 6 (1d20=6)
[9:44pm] Alivi: nope
[9:44pm] Alivi: nothing supernatural here. Well other than the team
[9:45pm] Tox: "There's not going to be any trouble," Mike says peaceably. "We're here to get to the bottom of this. Now, what can you tell me about what happened? Start with the storm making landfall."
[9:45pm] Gwen: Can Addison see Emilio?
[9:45pm] Alivi: He is not there.
[9:45pm] Alivi: A familiar looking woman emerges from the desk
[9:46pm] Alivi: "You…..You are not here to kill me?"
[9:46pm] Alivi: She is tall, curvy, and has dark skin, and hazel eyes. She has dark hair streaked with white braided.
[9:46pm] Tox: Mike turns to regard the newcomer. "Not unless you give us no other choice. Now what happened here?"
[9:47pm] Tom90deg: "No, we're not."
[9:47pm] Alivi: "A woman appeared in the Marketplace…."
[9:48pm] Alivi: "She stayed after you left, saying a storm would come…However I did not beileve it."
[9:48pm] Alivi: "Weather here is good this season."
[9:48pm] Gwen: Addison studies this woman closely.
[9:48pm] Alivi: "She said I caused the storm. However this is not true, I have no abilties like that…."
[9:48pm] Alivi: "My Son went into the storm…. he has not returned for 3 days. I am worried."
[9:49pm] Tom90deg: "Hm…"
[9:49pm] Alivi: "The villagers say I scarficed my son…I would do no such thing to my boy…"
[9:49pm] Tom90deg: "What did the woman in the marketplace look like?"
[9:49pm] Gwen: Addison gasps quietly.
[9:49pm] Tox: "Tell us more about this woman. Is she still here? What about your son, what abilities — Addison?"
[9:49pm] Alivi: "I do not know. No one has seen the fortuneteller since she left."
[9:49pm] Tox: Mike's switching trains of thought at lightspeed. o U o
[9:49pm] Alivi: "She said she would leave the island."
[9:50pm] Gwen: "This cannot be real," she mumbles to herself and then looks up at the woman. "I've got a really…odd question for you Mrs….?"
[9:50pm] Tox: Mike closes ranks with Addison, drawing closer.
[9:51pm] Alivi: "Mamoa…"
[9:51pm] Gwen: "Do you have close…family friends in London?"
[9:51pm] Alivi: "…No."
[9:52pm] Alivi: She blinks confused.
[9:52pm] Tox: "Something wrong, Addison?"
[9:52pm] Gwen: Can Addison determine if she's lying?
[9:53pm] Alivi: she isnt lying. However the question wasn't phrased right
[9:53pm] Tom90deg: "She left? When did the fortuneteller leave?"
[9:53pm] Alivi: "She left before the mob come."
[9:53pm] Tox: "Addison. Where're you goin' with that?"
[9:54pm] Gwen: Addison tenses a little. "What about just knowing a few people in London…a mother and son, like you…"
[9:54pm] Alivi: "…Not in London, But one of Emilio's cousins moved to London not too long ago I beileve."
[9:55pm] Alivi: "They are not very close related…very distant. Why?"
[9:55pm] Gwen: Addison smiles. "This is all very odd…" Addison steps forward and looks to Mike. "We should talk to her in private."
[9:55pm] Tom90deg: "I think we need to find the fortuneteller."
[9:57pm] Tox: "Fortunte teller's probably in the eye of the storm with Mrs. Mamoa's son. They're not going anywhere. Addison's got a hunch and I'm willin' to follow it. If you could take us somewhere private, please, Mrs. Mamoa?"
[9:57pm] Tom90deg: "Right."
[9:57pm] Gwen: "Wait…" Addison stops and closes her eyes. She's acting REALLY weird.
[9:57pm] Alivi: "….Very well…"
[9:57pm] Alivi: She stops and looks at Addison,
[9:57pm] Alivi: "What is wrong with dis Girl?"
[9:58pm] Alivi: Miss Mamoa places a hand on her hip.
[9:58pm] Tom90deg: "She's got a hunch."
[9:58pm] Gwen: "Nevermind. Fortuneteller is the better option…sorry!"
[9:59pm] Tom90deg: "Um…ok? Shall we head to the eye of the storm?"
[9:59pm] Tox: Mike nods. "Change in plan. Thank you, Mrs. Mamoa, we'll go find your son and our mystery fortune teller."
[9:59pm] Tox: "A bit of advice: stay inside." Mike grins.
[10:00pm] Tom90deg: "And be careful…if the crowd starts getting really violent, give us a call."
[10:00pm] Alivi: "…Oh so now you want to be a joker. If you were my son, I'd slap you over the head."
[10:00pm] Alivi: "….Oh and how am I supposed to do that strangers." She is getting upset.
[10:01pm] Tom90deg: "Here…" Zoe reaches in her pocket and pulls out her phone.
[10:01pm] Tom90deg: "Take this."
[10:01pm] Alivi: "….very well."
[10:01pm] Alivi: She takes it.
[10:01pm] Alivi: "You find my son…"
[10:02pm] Alivi: Raine sighs a bit.
[10:02pm] Tom90deg: "We will."
[10:02pm] Alivi: "Mike can I talk to you for a moment?"
[10:02pm] Gwen: "I…I wasn't joking," she says quietly.
[10:02pm] Tox: "Let's make it quick. She was talking to me, Addy." Mike grins, then walks off with Raine.
[10:03pm] Alivi: "I think I should stay here…make sure it is ok, you can tell the mob you have someone gaurding them until the case is settled… I don't feel ok leaving these people here with an angry mob outside."
[10:03pm] Tom90deg: "Try not to worry, We'll find him." Zoe nods at the woman, and follows the group.
[10:03pm] Alivi: Miss Mamoa looks at Addison, "I know I was talking about the crazy man."
[10:03pm] Tom90deg: 'I have to agree…I'm really worried about that mob…"
[10:04pm] Tom90deg: "Maybe we can talk to them? Tell them we're going to stop the storm?"
[10:04pm] Tox: Mike rubs his chin. "If you think this is where your efforts are best used, I won't gainsay it."
[10:04pm] Alivi: "Alright…good luck."
[10:04pm] Alivi: Raine nods.
[10:04pm] Tox: "Best of luck."
[10:04pm] Alivi: "I'll do my best, you guys go out there and….figure it."
[10:04pm] Tox: Mike almost claps him on the shoulder, but doesn't.
[10:05pm] Tox: "Keep in touch."
[10:05pm] Tom90deg: "RAine, you be careful."
[10:05pm] Alivi: "I will."
[10:05pm] Alivi: «You guys be safe.»
[10:06pm] Tox: «You too.» Mike motions to Zoe and Addy. "Onward."
[10:07pm] Gwen: Addison nods and walks with Mike.
[10:07pm] Tom90deg: Zoe follows after mike.
[10:07pm] Tox: Mike heads towards the eye of the storm. What are the winds like as they approach?
[10:08pm] Alivi: Mike the eye of the storm is pretty far off
[10:08pm] Alivi: the storm has made landfall, but the eye seems nearer to the shore and perhaps over the water.
[10:08pm] Tom90deg: "We need a boat or something…."
[10:09pm] Gwen: "Water…that's where we have to go…"
[10:09pm] Tox: Ahhh.
[10:09pm] Tox: "Alright, who's up for some grand theft boat. Resort like this, it's got its own marina. Boat keys are kept there."
[10:10pm] Alivi: The sea is an angry grey. The waves look rough.
[10:10pm] Tom90deg: "I have no sailing experience."
[10:10pm] Tom90deg: "And that sea looks really bad…"
[10:10pm] Tox: "Well, it's either that or swim, and that doesn't look very appealing, neh?"
[10:11pm] Alivi: There is a rolling thunder
[10:11pm] Gwen: "A boat will be fine."
[10:11pm] Tom90deg: "Right then…Where's the marina?"
[10:11pm] Tox: "Down this way, I'd reckon." Mike heads off.
[10:11pm] Alivi: You remember the marina is not too far,
[10:12pm] Alivi: Mike is heading in the competely wrong direction
[10:12pm] Gwen: "It's the same place we went Scuba diving Zo'"
[10:12pm] Tom90deg: "Right, sorry….place looks diffrent with this storm."
[10:13pm] Tox: A dozen feet or so down, Mike stops. "Wait, this ain't right."
[10:13pm] Tox: He reverses course.
[10:13pm] Gwen: Addison nods, running a hand through her wet hair. "What is it Mike?"
[10:14pm] Tox: "I was uh, headed the wrong way."
[10:15pm] Alivi: More thunder, and a flash of lightning
[10:15pm] Tom90deg: "Smooth mike."
[10:15pm] Gwen: "We need to get to the water. Trust me."
[10:15pm] Alivi: The tide seems to be going out.
[10:15pm] Tox: "Shut up, Zoe. At least I'm not useless in this storm."
[10:16pm] Tox: He sticks his tongue out, then heads in the REAL direction.
[10:16pm] Tom90deg: Zoe looks a bit hurt at that. "Geeze mike…"
[10:16pm] Gwen: "Zoe, don't listen to him, he's being Mr. Grumpytrousers."
[10:16pm] Tox: "I'm kidding."
[10:16pm] Tox: "Oh, this coming from the Queen of Complainers herself!" he laughs.
[10:17pm] Gwen: "Hey, watch it pal…I know Kung-Fu…well…no…I know an asian girl who knows kung-fu."
[10:17pm] Tox: Mike laughs and continues along.
[10:18pm] Tom90deg: "Still Mike…That was low."
[10:18pm] Gwen: Addison takes Zoe's hand and walks with her.
[10:18pm] Tox: "Sorry." Mike runs his hand through his hair.
[10:19pm] Tom90deg: "It's ok…"
[10:19pm] Gwen: Addison heads to the water, she's almost eager…she's never eager on missions.
[10:20pm] Tom90deg: "Ok, what's the plan? We need a boat."
[10:20pm] Tox: "What's gotten into /you,/ firebug?"
[10:20pm] Tox: "Uh, keys are usually in the marina office."
[10:21pm] Tom90deg: "I can get that."
[10:21pm] Gwen: "Zo…can you go nick us a boat?"
[10:21pm] Tom90deg: "Sure."
[10:22pm] Alivi: Zoe you see the marina is abandoned.
[10:22pm] Alivi: But it is likely armed
[10:22pm] Tom90deg: "Man, this is gonna be easy…"
[10:22pm] Tom90deg: Zoe approaches the marina, looking for the office.
[10:24pm] Alivi: D20
[10:24pm] Tom90deg: 1d20
[10:24pm] Glacon: Tom90deg: 20 (1d20=20)
[10:25pm] Alivi: zoe finds the office and the keys. Oooo that key looks niceeee
[10:25pm] Tom90deg: "Oooh….shiny."
[10:26pm] Tom90deg: Zoe nabs them! "Right then, we've been boated."
[10:26pm] Tom90deg: Zoe heads on back out to the group. "No problem."
[10:26pm] Tox: "Yey."
[10:28pm] Gwen: "A boats probably just like driving a car. I can do it no problem. You just need speed."
[10:28pm] Tom90deg: "Are you sure?"
[10:29pm] Tox: "Uh, Addison…Are you sure about that."
[10:29pm] Tom90deg: "I think boats are tricky…but if you say so."
[10:30pm] Alivi: Zoe you can easily match the keys to a very very nice boat.
[10:31pm] Tom90deg: "Oooh…"
[10:31pm] Tom90deg: "Ok Addy, knock yourself out."
[10:31pm] Tom90deg: Zoe hands over the keys.
[10:31pm] Tox: Mike follows. :C
[10:31pm] Gwen: Addison blinks and very confidently answers. "No." She seems confused. "Wait…that's not what I meant to say."
[10:32pm] Alivi: «Guys the crowd is getting restless….I am going to barricade the hotel, how is it going.»
[10:32pm] Tom90deg: «Got a boat, heading into the storm.»
[10:32pm] Alivi: «Roget that»
[10:32pm] Alivi: Roger*
[10:32pm] Tom90deg: "Addy, lets just get out there, weneed to stop this mess before someone gets hurt."
[10:33pm] Gwen: Addison nods, still very confused. "I didn't meant to say no…why did that happen?"
[10:33pm] Tom90deg: "Don't know….stress?"
[10:33pm] Tom90deg: "We'll worry about that later. Grab the keys, we'll get on board."
[10:34pm] Gwen: Addison takes the keys and hops on board the boat.
[10:34pm] Tom90deg: Zoe climbs aboard as well.
[10:35pm] Alivi: Thunder booms.
[10:35pm] Tom90deg: "Time is of the essence guys…"
[10:35pm] Gwen: Addison revs the engine and apples, to use Top Gear logic, POWEEEERRRRR
[10:36pm] Tox: OH GOD NO
[10:36pm] Alivi: VROOOOOOOOOM the boat rears to life.
[10:36pm] Alivi: Addison, you are in control of the sea and a wild boat
[10:36pm] Tom90deg: "Oh dear…."
[10:36pm] Gwen: "See! Just like driving. Only wet!"
[10:36pm] Alivi: Guys you feel ill, this is insane
[10:37pm] Tom90deg: ZOe grips the boat tightly.
[10:37pm] Gwen: "See anything Zo? Mike?"
[10:37pm] Tom90deg: «If you kill us Addy, I'm going to be very put out."
[10:38pm] Tom90deg: Zoe looks for anything of intrest
[10:38pm] Alivi: perception check
[10:38pm] Alivi: d20
[10:38pm] Gwen: "We're to pretty to die!"
[10:38pm] Glacon: Alivi: 6 (d20=6)
[10:38pm] Tom90deg: 1d20
[10:38pm] Glacon: Tom90deg: 8 (1d20=8)
[10:39pm] Alivi: Zoe you think you see another boat, it is in a place of no rain!
[10:39pm] Tom90deg: "There!"
[10:39pm] Tom90deg: Zoe points. "Another boat!"
[10:39pm] Gwen: Addison aims the front of the boat at the other boat and goes!
[10:40pm] Tom90deg: "Oh god…."
[10:40pm] Tox: "Jesus. I'm gonna throw up."
[10:40pm] Gwen: "Don't…focus on a point on the horizon! There's a disconnect between what you feel and what you see."
[10:41pm] Alivi: You speed practically skipping over the water and the waves. AND bam, there is sunlight and calm water.
[10:41pm] Alivi: You see the other boar closeby.
[10:41pm] Tom90deg: "Gaaaah…"
[10:41pm] Tom90deg: Zoe looks closely at the other boat. «So, element of surprize is out i take it."
[10:42pm] Gwen: "Yeah…" Addison slows down and wipes her glasses with her fingers. "Suggestions?"
[10:42pm] Tom90deg: "Do you see anyone on the boat?"
[10:43pm] Tox: "Come up alongside the boat."
[10:43pm] Gwen: Addison nods and does as she is told, heading for the other boat.
[10:43pm] Alivi: As they pull up, you see a familiar figure sprawled on the deck
[10:43pm] Tom90deg: Zoe eyes the distance, how far is the other boat?
[10:44pm] Alivi: well you are right next to it now
[10:44pm] Gwen: "Emilio?"
[10:45pm] Tom90deg: Zoe jumps off the side of the boat, porting down to the deck of the other boat.
[10:46pm] Alivi: Zoe makes it and Emilio doesn't respond
[10:46pm] Tom90deg: Zoe checks Emilo for a pulse and life signs
[10:47pm] Tox: Mike heads to the adjoining gunwale.
[10:48pm] Alivi: He is alive, but weak. As if something drained him. There is something near him broken. A necklace of somesort.
[10:48pm] Gwen: "What is it, Zo? Mike?"
[10:49pm] Tom90deg: "He's alive!"
[10:49pm] Tom90deg: "Necklace near him, it's broken."
[10:49pm] Tox: "Dunno. Broken necklace." Mike leaps onto the other boat and checks out the necklace.
[10:49pm] Tom90deg: "Get down here, I need some help!"
[10:49pm] Tox: His supernatural radar goes on for another sweep. Another roll?
[10:50pm] Gwen: "Bring it all on board." Addison looks around for anyone else, reaching out with her mind to try and sense anyone.
[10:50pm] Alivi: Sure.
[10:50pm] Tom90deg: Zoe checks the rest of the boat, looking for anyone else on board.
[10:51pm] Alivi: Addison, the water. Something is in the water
[10:51pm] Gwen: Addison looks over the side of the boat. "Where are you, you bastard."
[10:51pm] Tox: 1d20 Radar!
[10:51pm] Glacon: Tox: Radar!: 8 (1d20=8)
[10:51pm] Alivi: A tentacle reaches up and wraps itself around Addison's midsection.
[10:52pm] Alivi: Surprise!
[10:52pm] Tom90deg: "Addy!"
[10:52pm] Gwen: "Oh fuck me!" Addison doesn't stand a hope in help resisting it.
[10:52pm] Tox: Mike's head snaps up and he charges back across to the other boat. Activating Leader.
[10:52pm] Tom90deg: Zoe runs forward, porting forward, and trying to wrap her arms around Addision
[10:52pm] Alivi: Leader Activated
[10:53pm] Alivi: Zoe you are in a tugofwar with a Giant seamonster
[10:53pm] Tox: Mike kinda just. Bearhugs the tentacle and /rips the goddamn thing apart./ Need a roll?
[10:53pm] Tom90deg: ONce Zoe has Addision in a bear hug, she ports away, taking Addison with her.
[10:54pm] Tox: Or maybe all that isn't needed.
[10:54pm] Alivi: Mike's grip tears the tentacle and Addison is taken away. You hear a high pitched screech. Emilio stirs.
[10:55pm] Alivi: "…Quid?" he mutters.
[10:55pm] Tom90deg: "TRy that again tenticle thing, we'll see how many of those you can loose!"
[10:55pm] Gwen: "Tentacles!? Seriously!? Jesus Zoe, you should probably watch out." Addison winks. "Get Emilio and the necklace over here."
[10:56pm] Tox: "You want games?! I got more fuckin' games than Milton Bradley, bitch!"
[10:57pm] Tom90deg: "Oh please! I'm not even wearing that outfit!"
[10:58pm] Tox: Mike scoops up Emilio and the necklace, returning them to their ship. "Aight. Let's kill this fucker."
[10:58pm] Tom90deg: "How? It's a huge tentacle beast!"
[10:58pm] Gwen: "What are we gonna do about the Kraken…and where's this fortuneteller?"
[10:58pm] Alivi: The boat tilts as the tentacles begin to coil and tilt it. Emilio shakes his head. "no…"
[10:58pm] Tom90deg: "No what?"
[10:59pm] Tom90deg: "Emilio?"
[10:59pm] Tox: "Maybe it wants the necklace."
[10:59pm] Tom90deg: "Then lets NOT give it to it."
[10:59pm] Alivi: "Don't…not Quid…"
[10:59pm] Alivi: He seems out of it.
[11:00pm] Alivi: He seems dehydrated too
[11:00pm] Gwen: "Wait wait…the kraken is yours?"
[11:00pm] Alivi: "Not kraken…"
[11:00pm] Gwen: "Tentacle monster…is it yours?"
[11:01pm] Tom90deg: "Emilio, what do we do?"
[11:02pm] Alivi: "Architeuthis….yes…Just…throw me in the water… I can't move…"
[11:02pm] Tom90deg: 'What? Thow you in the water?"
[11:02pm] Gwen: "You'll drown."
[11:02pm] Alivi: "Do you want to live?"
[11:03pm] Gwen: "Emilio, listen to me. Promise me you're not going to kill yourself to save us." As she speaks she tilts his head gently towards her. "Blake would be terribly upset…and drop the bullshit I don't know who Blake is act."
[11:03pm] Alivi: He grins
[11:03pm] Tom90deg: "We promised your mom to get you back!"
[11:04pm] Alivi: "Like i would do that…."
[11:04pm] Gwen: "Toss him in."
[11:04pm] Alivi: "I need water and quid needs me he's hurt."
[11:04pm] Alivi: He seems to be coming to more.
[11:04pm] Tox: "Who is Quid?" Mike demands.
[11:04pm] Gwen: "The squid thing. Toss him in."
[11:05pm] Tom90deg: Zoe sighs. "Fine."
[11:05pm] Tox: "….Fine." Mike can't believe he's doing this, but he helps Zoe pick up Emilio's body. "Emilio, can you tell us who the fortune teller is?"
[11:05pm] Alivi: Emilio gives a pained look. "hurry…"
[11:06pm] Tom90deg: "Alright…on three?"
[11:07pm] Gwen: "One Two Three toss!"
[11:08pm] Tox: Mike hefts him over!
[11:08pm] Tom90deg: Zoe does as well.
[11:08pm] Tom90deg: "I really hope I'm not gonna regret this.
[11:09pm] Alivi: Emilio hits the water quite hard and you can see a mass move towards him and a black cloud flow around him as he goes into the depths. A silver thing floats to the surface.
[11:09pm] Tom90deg: Zoe looks down at the lineing.
[11:09pm] Tox: Is it within reach?
[11:10pm] Alivi: yea
[11:10pm] Tox: Mike scoops it up.
[11:10pm] Alivi: its sharp Mike be careful.
[11:10pm] Tom90deg: "What's that?"
[11:10pm] Tom90deg: Zoe looks around, seeing if the storm has lightned up at all.
[11:10pm] Alivi: The storm looks like it is moving furthur towards land.
[11:11pm] Tom90deg: "Crap….It's not stopping."
[11:11pm] Alivi: Emilio surfaces, there is a bit of blue light reflecting around him. "Much better…" He says coughing.
[11:11pm] Tom90deg: "You ok?!"
[11:11pm] Tom90deg: "Are you causeing the storm?"
[11:11pm] Tox: "Jesus, don't scare us like that." Mike looks it over.
[11:11pm] Alivi: "Yea I'm fine. No."
[11:12pm] Tom90deg: "What is?"
[11:12pm] Alivi: A tentacle grabs him and lifts him back on the deck.
[11:12pm] Gwen: Addison watches him for a moment.
[11:12pm] Tom90deg: "Nice trick."
[11:12pm] Alivi: "I….have no idea….something is wrong. It's why I came out here but the Fortune girl."
[11:12pm] Alivi: The wind picks up.
[11:12pm] Tom90deg: "Where is the fortuneteller?"
[11:12pm] Alivi: "Either way, the storm is going to take its course."
[11:13pm] Alivi: "I don't know she said stuff and its all blurry…I just felt a pain and I was on the ground….Quid has been here gaurding me…."
[11:13pm] Tom90deg: "Addy! We need to get going."
[11:13pm] Tom90deg: "Well, we need to find her…"
[11:13pm] Alivi: "…What;s going on…"
[11:13pm] Alivi: Emilio's eyes narrow.
[11:14pm] Tom90deg: "There's a storm, and a big mob."
[11:14pm] Alivi: "….mob…"
[11:14pm] Tom90deg: Zoe quickly fills him in on what's going on.
[11:14pm] Alivi: Emilio looks worried. "Gotcha…hold on tight…."
[11:14pm] Tom90deg: "We need to find the fortune teller, and figure out how to get the mob to disperse."
[11:15pm] Alivi: Emilio goes over to the side and whistles. The Squid's tentacles wrap around the boat. "Hold on everyone…. the fortune teller is likely long gone…."
[11:15pm] Alivi: "But we can stop the mob.'
[11:15pm] Tom90deg: "How?"
[11:15pm] Tom90deg: "DAmn tentacles…"
[11:15pm] Alivi: "No idea tell them it was the fortuneteller who made the storm, you are all here to help yea? Help."
[11:15pm] Gwen: "We uhhh…yeah."
[11:15pm] Alivi: Emilio looks over at Addison, "Heh…"
[11:16pm] Gwen: "He's supernatural…we can tell him."
[11:16pm] Tom90deg: "I don't think that will work…Logic dosn't work too great on crazy people."
[11:16pm] Alivi: He winks at Addison
[11:16pm] Alivi: The Squid LAUNCHES the boat towards shore
[11:16pm] Alivi: if you werent holding on roll a 20
[11:17pm] Tom90deg: 1d20
[11:17pm] Glacon: Tom90deg: 7 (1d20=7)
[11:17pm] Gwen: 1d20
[11:17pm] Glacon: Gwen: 3 (1d20=3)
[11:17pm] Tox: Mike was crouched by the gunwale, one hand gripping it when he fetched the whatever it was out. Does that count?
[11:17pm] Alivi: Zoe you manage to keep put, Addison you go flying only to be caught in the manly arms of Emilio.
[11:17pm] Tom90deg: Zoe glances back and rolls her eyes.
[11:18pm] Gwen: Addison yelps and then rolls her eyes.
[11:18pm] Alivi: He laughs.
[11:18pm] Alivi: Then places Addison down and turns back waving to the Squid. "Go back home and get that tentacle looked at Quid!"
[11:19pm] Alivi: You hear a screech.
[11:19pm] Alivi: And it sinks below the waves
[11:19pm] Tom90deg: "Sorry…"
[11:19pm] Tom90deg: "That was my fault."
[11:20pm] Tox: "Yeah, I kinda…it attacked Addy."
[11:20pm] Alivi: He shrugs, "Eh…bound to happen."
[11:20pm] Alivi: "Let's get going."
[11:21pm] Alivi: Emlio makes a run to the Resort.
[11:21pm] Tom90deg: Zoe hops out and runs after Emilo.
[11:21pm] Gwen: As does Addison
[11:21pm] Gwen: Well, she walks…fast. She rarely runs
[11:22pm] Alivi: The mob sees Emilio and parts whispering.
[11:22pm] Alivi: Emilio rolls his eyes. And enters into the hotel. "Mom!"
[11:22pm] Tom90deg: Zoe follows behind him. "This is much easier…"
[11:22pm] Alivi: They embrace, Raine looks tired.
[11:22pm] Alivi: Raine goes to the team, "Now what?"
[11:23pm] Tom90deg: "Everything holding down here RAine?"
[11:23pm] Tom90deg: "WEll, no sign of the fortune teller, she must have buggerd off."
[11:23pm] Tox: "Storm's gonna run its course, I'm afraid."
[11:23pm] Alivi: "Sorta…had to re-enforce the windows a couple times…we need the village to take shelter…"
[11:25pm] Tom90deg: "Right…we need to get them to saftey."
[11:25pm] Alivi: "Yea but how…" Raine seems frusterated.
[11:25pm] Tom90deg: "Don't they have storm cellars or something here? Tropical storms can't be that rare."
[11:26pm] Alivi: "Probably…"
[11:26pm] Alivi: "But how do we convince them, she isnt a witch."
[11:26pm] Alivi: The woman outside is yelling again.
[11:27pm] Tom90deg: "God damn it."
[11:27pm] Tom90deg: "Want me to try to talk to her?"
[11:28pm] Alivi: "…uh can you?"
[11:28pm] Tom90deg: "Sure, I'm good at talking with people."
[11:29pm] Alivi: "Ok…knock yourself out."
[11:29pm] Tom90deg: Zoe heads on outside, approaching the woman. "Hey there."
[11:30pm] Alivi: The woman stops yelling, the wind whipping around
[11:30pm] Alivi: "So her son lives…..We do not know if she is a witch but the storm comes…."
[11:31pm] Alivi: "She must be causing it."
[11:31pm] Tom90deg: "That makes no sence!"
[11:31pm] Tom90deg: "If she was causeing the storm, why would she be brinigng it here? It's not caused by anyone!"
[11:31pm] Alivi: "Prove it."
[11:32pm] Tox: "Can /you/ prove that it is caused by her?"
[11:32pm] Tom90deg: "Prove she's NOT causeing it? That's like asking us to prove You're not cause it!"
[11:32pm] Tom90deg: "THat's not important! WE need to get to shelter, the storm's going to be here soon!"
[11:32pm] Tom90deg: "I'm assuming that you've had to deal with hurricanes and things like that before?"
[11:32pm] Alivi: "Ofcourse we have."
[11:33pm] Tom90deg: "Did you stand out in the middle of town before?"
[11:33pm] Tom90deg: "When a storm was going to hit before long?"
[11:34pm] Alivi: "No we take cover at the resort."
[11:35pm] Tom90deg: "The resort that you're trying to burn down?"
[11:35pm] Alivi: Thunder rolls
[11:35pm] Alivi: And rain begins to pour
[11:35pm] Tom90deg: Zoe looks up and shakes her head. "Fuck."
[11:35pm] Tom90deg: "We need to get to shelter!"
[11:36pm] Alivi: The mob begins to disperse some go to the resort begging forgiveness, others return to their homes and soon only the lady remains outside
[11:37pm] Tom90deg: Zoe looks at the lady and approaches. "So."
[11:37pm] Alivi: "…fine"
[11:37pm] Tom90deg: "I'm geting soaking wet, I'm annoyed, and your mob seems to value being dry."
[11:37pm] Tom90deg: "Now."
[11:37pm] Tom90deg: "Who told you the owner was a witch?"
[11:37pm] Alivi: She rushes inside
[11:37pm] Alivi: and the storm hits full brunt after everyone is indoors.
[11:38pm] Tom90deg: Zoe runs in.
[11:39pm] Alivi: After awhile the storm fades. Apologies are exchanged and the villagers leave. The Team is told to return to London for a de-briefing. Emilio sees them off and waves to Addison.
[11:39pm] Alivi: Before they take off, Addison can see Emilio and the suit guy talking with eachother.
[11:39pm] Tom90deg: Zoe nudges Addison. "I think someone likes you."
[11:40pm] Alivi: annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd the team returns home, Addison's phone and Zoe's phone are full of worried texts from Blake
[11:41pm] Tom90deg: "Whoops."
[11:41pm] Tom90deg: Zoe pulls out her phone, and replies to blake's messages, reassuring him we're all fine
[11:41pm] Gwen: Addison spends the whole plane ride by herself in a sour mood and quickly disappears into her room on arrival.
[11:42pm] Tom90deg: "Huh…"
[11:42pm] Alivi: Raine sighs and mutters something about girls and PMS
[11:43pm] Tom90deg: "Hmm?"
[11:43pm] Alivi: "nothin. Addison seems to be upset…

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