Rules And Regulations

This page outlines the rules and regulations that players and GMs are expected to follow while playing in Block by Block. See also: PRP

  1. A GM's Word Is… - This is a very straight forward rule…what the GMs say, goes. If you have an issue with a rules call or anything like that, please approach the GMs privately (or during an open discussion time) and calmly to have the situation sorted out.
  2. Do Not Power-Game - This is probably the most basic rule in any well run RPing community. This covers the following things: min-maxing (dumping as many skill points as you can in a certain area), Mary Sue/Stu-ing (playing your character as the absolute best at everything), and Plot-Hogging (getting involved in all plots and then keeping them to yourself). This rule includes God Modding/Modeing in-character. If your character is wounded, role-play it out and make sure your attacks are realistic to the weapon you wield and the character that does the wielding.
  3. Do Not Meta-Game - Keep in-character discussions in-character and do not confuse IC and OOC drama. This INCLUDES private messages on IRC or any other chat client. While the GMs cannot be the thought-police, meta-gaming takes away from the overall roleplaying experience. Use your judgement as players to determine what you should and should not discuss OOC with other players. While this rule really only applies to 'hard' (GM-run) roleplaying, keep this in mind for soft RP as well.
  4. Is this Good for the Story? - This is a big one…in fact it is THE big one. Every action you take in a Block by Block roleplay should be prefaced with this very question. All Block by Block players should always ask themselves "Are my actions good for the story?" The same thing should be asked before taking issue with another player's actions. We may not agree with one anthers actions, but sometimes you need to run with what the others give you. This is also not a PvP environment, the players not out to defeat one another. Consider BSA player vs. the plot, and remember that we're all here to have a good time and tell one amazing story.
  5. What YOU Want RP - It is the PCs right in any roleplaying game to step away from scenarios they are uncomfortable with. Block by Block is no different. All Block by Block cast members have the right to say public or privately to the GMs that they are not going to participate in a given scene for whatever reason. This also extends to soft RP scenes. No player can force another player into a plot/scene they do not want.
  6. The Law of Wiki - Players are always encouraged to add their own unique tidbits into the role-play as it progresses. Doing this is a good thing, and it impresses the GMs and means a whole to them as well. That being said, before adding in your own planet name, form of entertainment, etc, please check the wiki first. If there is something you can use, please use that instead, as a lot of hard work went into (and still goes into) writing the thematic pages on this site.
  7. OOC Stays in OOC- The OOC room is there for a reason, do not write OOC comments in IC, it can be distracting and disrupts the flow of the RP.
  8. Character Cap - There is a hard cap on the number of characters each player can have in play at once. That number is three (3).
  9. Soft-RP Soft RP is diceless, unstructured roleplay that takes place between missions during off time. During Soft RP you can RP whatever you would like. As a note, owing to a number of complaints the playing of pet characters outside of the condo of their owner is no longer allowed.

The Disciplinary System

The GMs do not rule with an iron fist, because that is not fun for anyone. That being said, there is a system of punishments in place to ensure that everyone has a good time and that bad attitudes and violations of the RP Guidelines are kept to an absolute minimum. Block by Block operates on a very simple mediation disciplinary system, that is explained thusly. If a disagreement should break out, a GM is to be notified ASAP (if there is not one present already. The GMs will review the situation at hand privately, sit down with the parties involved, and (if needed) hand out a punishment. The punishments that the GMs will use are outlined below. No other punishments may be used. They are listed in order of least severe to most severe. The first two are the most commonly used punishments.

  • Warning - This is the most basic punishment. It is a remind of what the player(s) involved did wrong and it is also a way for the GMs to keep track of repeat offenders.
  • Being Disallowed to Participate - The GMs can decide to prevent a player from participating in runs for a set amount of time.
  • Desanctioning of a Character - The GMs can decide to remove a character from play as punishment for a player's actions. This character will not be killed off or be removed in a humiliating way. They will merely be moved to NPC status.
  • Temporary Ban - The GMs can decide to ban a player for up to one (1) month.
  • Permanent Ban - Only used as a last resort. If a situation calls for it, a player may be asked to leave BSA permanently. Players being punished in this way are *always* given the chance to leave of their own free will before the GMs kick/ban them.

The Tao of Drama Llama

Most of you have probably heard the phrase 'drama llama' on more than one occasion. We all do it…yes, even you. We let the drama of our meatspace (real) lives get in the way of everyone else's role-play. Yes, we are all guilty of being a drama llama at one point or another. Being a drama llama, or an attention whore is an unacceptable action in BBB and will result in muting and possible banning if it doesn't stop. Now you're all asking "but Gwen, what if I've had a shitty day, and want to rant about it here?" Providing that you do it with the consent of your fellow member, you can talk about your day. That being said, we have a strict 'leave your baggage at the front desk before you enter' policy. We want to have fun, and forcing others to deal with your baggage takes that away. If you feel as though you're having a really bad day, mention it to the GMs, or take a break. There is nothing wrong with taking an RP break for a day or two. People who continue to be drama llamas will be asked to leave BBB.

Player Complaints

It is inevitable that someone is going to be upset with something that has happened in-character. There is, of course, a right way and a wrong way to deal with this things. The wrong way is pulling the issue into OOC chat and shouting and screaming giving both the GMs a headache. The GMs do not like headaches…no one likes headaches. The PROPER way is to contact one of the GMs via private message on IRC and discuss the issue. During this discussion the GM may 'freeze the scene' meaning no RP continues until after the complaint is resolved (if possible).

Attendance Rules

Cancellations happen, life gets busy and it is important to remember Real life trumps RP, however we still have a devoted player base and it is important for the GM to make sure they plan accordingly for any interruptions or surprise plans.

When you sign up to GM a PRP you have agreed to be there on that scheduled time to run your plot

In the case you need to cancel your plot or attendance to plot we request that you give 24 hours notice to the GMs so that other arrangements can be made. If there is an emergency that comes up the day of the Plot then let Gwen know as soon as possible. However you can only emergency cancel 2 times before it is treated like a normal cancellation.

If you're going to be late to a plot, and you approach Gwen/the PRP GM about this matter 24 hours before the start of plot, the plot can be postponed by a maximum of one hour. If you have to leave early please do the same.

As for the players, GMs put a lot of effort into their plots. Randomly not showing up for a GM or PRP plot adds a lot of stress on a GM who may have had special things in store for your character or was counting on a certain number of players to be present. If we have too many cancellations plot will not be able to go forward. So please be considerate of other players.

Two or more consecutive (unexcused) absences will result in a warning (see above). This warning can be appealed upon the return of the player being punished.

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