Samantha Turner

Samantha Turner is the mother of Blake Turner. She lives seemingly alone in the countryside of Northern England near the Yorkshire Area.

She has dark blonde hair, brown eyes and wears glasses. She looks motherly and homely, however is pretty resilient and strong for her age. Samantha works and keeps the house on her own having few visitors other than family members and a elderly man who was later revealed to be her husband Apollo.

She loves to garden and cook, and her exceptionally clean home would hint that Blake's cleaning tendencies were inherited from his Mother. She also keeps horses and other animals on a small farm. The nearest Town to her house is 30-45 minutes away.

Samantha Turner knows a lot about the Supernatural and while not confirmed, she may be aquatinted with The Director. She also knows a lot about Team 2, not only because of stories Blake tells, but because she met some of the members when Addison brought them up to the Farm to visit.

Samantha is well-versed with the Greek Mythos seeing as her husband is a part of it. She often says Demi-gods are the worst type of children to raise. She cares for her son greatly, as well as Addison whom she sees as a surrogate daughter.

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