Season Three Teaser

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It began in the streets, too fast for anyone to react. Sophia stands up from her desk slowly in the News Room of the Bureau. All of the monitors show the same thing from all of the world. Explosions…attacks in pro-Bureau countries. Hundreds dead.

2016 is the year everything changed.

The Director stands before an emergency session of the United Nations in Geneva. He speaks of a need for change, and a need for justice for those killed by the new Axis nations. The end had begun.

September 5th…the day the walls fell.

It was the dead of night when the klaxons blared inside the walls of the Bureau. An alarm that had never been heard before. The loudspeakers crackle to life:

"Attention all Bureau personnel. Code Black…begin the evacuation process."

And then…the first of many explosions rocked the walls of the Bureau of Supernatural Affairs.

Commotion. Panic. More fire. More destruction. An endless stream of BSA employees sealing the condo realm and the relic realm for protection.

Team Two is seen in their plane, most still in their pyjamas, watching in horror as they climb higher and higher…the Bureau engulfed in flames. Destroyed.

Block-by-Block Season 3
Begins 5 September, 2013

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