Season Five Trailer

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Bureau of Special Aquisition Finnish Branch Office, Rovaniemi
A strange winter storm rolls in during the night…it's more powerful than anything recorded in decades. The wind howls for several hours and then…quiet. The people of the town of Rovaniemi, built on the edge of the Arctic Circle begin to dig themselves out from under three feet of snow before returning to their normal lives. However…something isn't right…

The Director's Rolls Royce Limo, London
The luxurious vehicle rounds a corner as it drives through the streets of London, snaking towards Blythe House. The Director is dressed in a grey suit, a sky blue shirt, and a golden yellow tie. Newspaper in hand, he settles in for another day of work as the world's most odd man. Until his cellphone rings. Setting the paper down he answers.

"This is the Director."

"Sir, it's Agent Taunenbaum…I'm sorry to bother you sir but the Finnish Branch Office failed to check in last night and again this morning. Their computers are just repeating the same message…"

"What message?"

"'Surrender the Frostborn.'"

The Director's phone drops from his hand, thumping softly to the floor of the limo.

The Bureau of Supernatural Affairs Condominium Mail Room, London

Weeks later, Raine finds a simple package in his mail cubby with no return address. Inside he finds a note and a key that appears to be made of the same metal his relic is. The note reads:

The Bureau has not told you everything they know about you…
Keep this key with you always. They are looking for it…they are looking for us…
You must find the music box before they do.
All of the questions you have will be answered soon.

The letter is signed:


This winter, one of the most guarded secrets of the Bureau comes unravelled and one agent's past comes into question after the Team is flown to Finland to discover the grim fate of the sixteen agents that worked at the Finnish office. Team 2 will face it's most powerful enemy yet, the mighty Northern Circle - a legion of Ice Elementals that will stop at nothing to achieve supremacy over Earth, Fire, and Water…and now…the members of Team 2. Led by an elemental known only as General Arborea, a savage beyond all mortal comprehension. Worst of all, the Director knows more than he claims to and this time, his tight-lipped act threatens to result in more deaths or worse…

The next Ice Age.

BBB Season Five - Coming 8th January 2015

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