Shadow Person

Shadow People are known by many names and are often confused for other supernatural beings. A Shadow Person is a being similar to a ghost but that made completely of darkness and shadow. They can be found anywhere in the world and can range from friendly to sinister.

Physical Attributes:

A Shadow person is an immaterial being being made of nothing but shadow and darkness. They supposedly feed upon emotional responses.

Natural Appearance:
Shadow people have a variety of appearances and are unable to craft illusions but are instead able to contort their shapes to a variety of things. Their common shape is that of a humanoid. Most Shadow people can be identified by the natural appearance they take.

Racial Abilities:

Shadow People normally do not do much other than appear, stalk and watch their victims. Occasionally there have been cases where documented attacks, or protection from Shadow People have occurred. Their powers are associated with Shadow Manipulation and in some cases the ability to cause nightmares.

Shadow people have a high speed allowing them to appear and vanish rapidly causing many to suspect they are merely "figments of imaginations" or a "trick of the mind".


Shadow People tend to be quiet and observant. They do not speak and very few cases of audible conversations have been reported with no proof leading experts to suspect that they are incapable of producing audible noise. They will usually latch onto a certain person following them and watching them until either they or the victim takes some sort of action.

Shadow people are notoriously shy and tend to flee or remain visible for only a few seconds to around a minute, however rare cases have seen extended and prolonged sightings.


Shadow people do not seem to have anything resembling a culture. They are very rarely seen interacting together although reported sightings of multiple Shadow Persons at a time have led many to suspect that there is a culture that they follow.


Shadow People seem to have been around for a long time, while most speculate they could be aliens or another type of ghostly phenomena they are in fact their own species.

Cases throughout the ages have led to many various sightings of Shadow People.

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