Side Room
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Resonating Past

[9:56pm] Magnolial: "Come on, they went in here."
[9:56pm] Magnolial: Mila runs in
[9:56pm] Alivi: It leads to a split. left, right, or center
[9:56pm] Lurker: Raj tucks his pistol into a sling and slips his MP5 around from his back into his hands.
[9:56pm] Magnolial: Mila scans for disturbed dust, anything that looks like something was dragged down that way
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[9:57pm] Lurker: Raj looks around, also looking for signs of movement.
[9:57pm] Magnolial: Mila is bleeding
[9:57pm] Magnolial: her coat has a big red spot, and she is holding her arm tightly against her side
[9:58pm] Lurker: Raj notes this, he looks to Mila, then back to the others. "Go, get Dessa to patch you up. This ends one of two ways, and I don't want you to have to deal with either of them."
[9:59pm] Alivi: To the left there is disturbed dust
[9:59pm] Magnolial: d20 "I know how to track people…" she wobbles slightly, cursing under her breath, "…they went this way."
[9:59pm] Magnolial: disregard d20
[9:59pm] Magnolial: "…I think could be a red herring."
[10:00pm] Lurker: Raj looks to the left, then to Mila. "Do you want to come with me, or wait here to make sure they don't try to double back if they're somewhere else?"
[10:00pm] Alivi: Mila your vision is doubling
[10:00pm] Magnolial: "…Stay here…"
[10:00pm] Magnolial: "Guard enterence…"
[10:01pm] Lurker: "If you feel faint, you get back to Dessa immediately, understand?" He says, patting Mila's shoulder. "Stay alive, if anyone's dying today, it's me, or that bitch, and I'm not feeling like dying again for a while." He turns and takes off down the left tunnel.
[10:01pm] Lurker: The unwounded shoulder.
[10:02pm] Magnolial: Mila hobbles out of the complex, waiting at the enterence
[10:04pm] ZK joined the chat room.
[10:05pm] Magnolial: Mila is by the enterence to a complex, Dessa can see she has a large ammount of blood on her coat, her arm seems to be bleeding, she's keeping preassure on it though
[10:06pm] Lurker: Raj has taken the left path and is keeping eyes out for traps, because he's used to ruins being trapped.
[10:08pm] ZK: Dessa runs over to Mila and drops down beside her. "We need to get that sleeve off. Keep the presuure, okay?" She opens her bag and starts to try and treat Mila. She hopes there's no arteries clipped but she won't know until she takes a good look.
[10:09pm] Magnolial: Mila holds the gash lifting up her arm to get the sleeve taken off
[10:09pm] Magnolial: "Raj went inside… I'm guarding the exit… Cassandra is inside."
[10:10pm] Alivi: Raj as you go through you see a light ahead
[10:11pm] Lurker: Raj brings up the barrel of his SMG and approaches cautiously, but also quickly. He doesn't want to be sidelined as soon as he reaches the light, but he also doesn't want to risk them getting away.
[10:11pm] Alivi: It is a passage to the outside.
[10:11pm] ZK: The elf starts to quickly patch up Mila. "Well you keep watching and I'll keep you patched up."
[10:12pm] Lurker: Raj swears very loudly in several different languages. He looks around to see if he can spot them running anywhere.
[10:13pm] Lurker: If he doesn't, he turns and heads back inside.
[10:13pm] Alivi: He doesnt
[10:14pm] ZK: Dessa knows Raine's likely hurt too. She touches the pendant around her neck, specifically the sunstone. "Ya." She intones. The stone glows and a bright light escapes it, forming the glowing white body of a serpent. "Ya, back the other way, a young man bitten. Check his injuries, impart the knowledge to those there. I can't be in two places at once." The snake dips its head to her and streaks
[10:14pm] ZK: off back the way Dessa had come from.
[10:15pm] Magnolial: Mila breathes a bit heavy… she keeps an eye on the door
[10:15pm] Magnolial: "…Thank you, Dessa…"
[10:15pm] Lurker: Raj comes back towards Mila and Dessa, he looks /angry/.
[10:16pm] Alivi: Raj before you do you hear a rock crack and something fall
[10:16pm] Lurker: Raj brings his gun up and looks for the source!
[10:17pm] Alivi: There is a body of the man Mikhailo, beaten and bloody
[10:17pm] Alivi: but alive
[10:17pm] ZK: "Thank me when you're not still bleeding. You're lucky, this barely grazed the artery." She tells her, working as quickly and cleanly as she can manage.
[10:18pm] Magnolial: "Lucky, right, had to shoot a teammate today."
[10:18pm] Lurker: Raj glares at him. "Looks like you're having a bad, /bad/ day, friend."
[10:20pm] ZK: Dessa numbs the area and starts to stitch her up, the bandage the wound. "I know…"
[10:20pm] Alivi: Mikhailo groans
[10:20pm] Alivi: "….wha…"
[10:20pm] Lurker: Is he tied to the ceiling or something?
[10:21pm] Alivi: nope just on the ground. Confused,
[10:22pm] Lurker: Raj walks over, crouches down. "You know where she went?" he asks, looking down at the beaten man.
[10:22pm] Alivi: "…Who…?"
[10:22pm] Alivi: He is confused, "…where am I?"
[10:23pm] Lurker: "Oh you poor bastard," Raj says, smiling. "You're going to die and not know why at all." He grabs Mikhailo, hauling him up rather carelessly of the man's wounds, and starts back towards the group.
[10:24pm] Alivi: "Ah!"
[10:24pm] Magnolial: Mila darts to attention at the scream
[10:24pm] Magnolial: looking intently at the door
[10:26pm] Lurker: Raj appears with a wounded person.
[10:26pm] ZK: Dessa looks up sharply and gasps. "Raj! Don't hold him like that!!"
[10:27pm] Lurker: "Why not? This is that Mikhailo fella, isn't it?" Raj looks over at him. "Doesn't seem to remember much."
[10:28pm] ZK: "Maybe because he was being controlled like Charlie was? He is wounded, bring him over."
[10:28pm] ZK: "Carefully!"
[10:28pm] Magnolial: Mila still bleeding?
[10:28pm] ZK: Dessa has finished wrapping up Mila, she should be okay now.
[10:28pm] Lurker: Raj takes Mikhailo ever and sets him down. "Charlie seemed intent on getting at him."
[10:28pm] Lurker: "I'm guessing he's done more than a bit."
[10:29pm] Alivi: Mikhailo looks at Dessa and turns red.
[10:30pm] Alivi: "….uh…hi."
[10:30pm] Magnolial: Mila scoots over, holding her arm
[10:30pm] Magnolial: "…Better…"
[10:31pm] Lurker: "Don't press your luck," Raj says, moving his boot to rest against Mikhailo's side.
[10:31pm] Lurker: "I still have a gun, and I'm rather upset right now."
[10:32pm] ZK: Dessa moves over to the wounded man to check his injuries. "He was more intent on getting to Cassandra. He tore into Raine as I was leaving to come here for Mila." She tells Raj. "I sent Ya over to help."
[10:32pm] Alivi: "Ah…..dont hurt me Mr. Raj!"
[10:32pm] Alivi: "Zarkov will not be happy, I am sorry. I need to get back."
[10:32pm] Lurker: "Good, so you know who I am," Raj says with a smile, before looking up to Dessa and getting an even more serious expression on his face.
[10:33pm] Magnolial: "…I'm going to kill that woman."
[10:33pm] Magnolial: "Next time I see her."
[10:34pm] Lurker: "No you're not, because you'll be competing against me."
[10:34pm] ZK: Dessa starts to treat any threatening injuries the man has so they can bring him back with them.
[10:35pm] Alivi: Mostly bruises and a broken arm
[10:36pm] Magnolial: "I had the chance to take her down, and Zoe stopped me… that wont happen again."
[10:36pm] Lurker: Raj looks at the two. "I need to check on Raj and Addison." He looks down to Mikhailo. "I hear about any more heart eyes at either of these ladies, and rest assured, you will NEVER have a desire to do so ever again."
[10:37pm] Lurker: Raine and Addison*
[10:37pm] Lurker: Raj heads back to the main room.
[10:37pm] Alivi: "O-Ok!"
[10:37pm] Alivi: Mikhailo is alarmed
[10:37pm] Alivi: "S-sorry…Im so sorry."
[10:37pm] ZK: Dessa binds up his broken arm into a sling and gives him some painkillers. She's not offering any opinion on the matter, she dislikes people hurting others. "We should call a medical team, Raj!" She calls after him.
[10:37pm] Magnolial: "Don't tell the pretty boy he can't flirt, ya aint mah keeper."
[10:37pm] Lurker: "I'll get on it, if someone else hasn't already." Raj says, checking his phone for signal.
[10:38pm] ZK: "Do you honestly not remember anything?" Dessa asks the man, making him meet her gaze.
[10:38pm] Alivi: He turns redder.
[10:38pm] Alivi: "I remember a woman asking me to come with her to the airport to translate."
[10:38pm] Alivi: "And I said sure. And then fuzzy…"
[10:39pm] ZK: Dessa watches his expression carefully, trying to detect if he's lying or not. But given what she saw that woman do to Charlie…
[10:39pm] Alivi: He is telling the truth
[10:41pm] ZK: Dessa nods and finishes binding up his injuries. "There's a medical team outside. You can walk so get up." She tells him, moving over to help Mila up
[10:41pm] Alivi: He nods. "Ill wait."
[10:42pm] Magnolial: Mila pulls herself up, accepting Dessa's help
[10:42pm] Magnolial: "C'mon pretty boy."
[10:43pm] ZK: "Up. If she can get up, so can you." Dessa tells him. "Come on."
[10:43pm] Alivi: He gets up and follows."
[10:45pm] ZK: Dessa heads out to find the others, supporting Mila on the way.
[10:46pm] Lurker left the chat room.
[10:46pm] Magnolial: Mila leans slightly on Dessa
[10:50pm] Alivi: they reach the mainroom

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