Spencer Morgan




Spencer Morgan


"The World's Best Assassin" (a.k.a. The Drunk Assassin)

Brief Physical Description:

Tall and slender, but with a decent enough amount of muscle definition. Cropped brown hair, faded green eyes, no facial hair or 5 o'clock shadow at most.


Physical Mental Social
Strength 3 Intelligence 2 Presence 1
Dexterity 4 Wits 3 Manipulation 3
Stamina 4 Resolve 2 Composure 2


Physical Skills
  • Athletics: 3
  • Brawl: 3
  • Drive:
  • Firearm: 5
  • Larceny:
  • Stealth: 4
  • Survival:
  • Weaponry: 1
Mental Skills
  • Academics:
  • Computers: 4
  • Crafts: 3
  • Investigation:
  • Medicine:
  • Occult:
  • Politics:
  • Science:
Social Skills
  • Animal Ken:
  • Empathy:
  • Expression:
  • Intimidation:
  • Persuasion: 4
  • Socialize:
  • Streetwise:
  • Subterfuge:


  • Spencer is one with his weapons - and sometimes his weapons include his body. Despite his alcoholism, his hands never waver when holding a weapon, and his martial arts strikes are never off-balance due to intoxication. When sniping, he and his rifle are in sync, and he can adjust to compete against any condition, from heavy wind to a snowstorm, on the fly.
  • In a fight or flight scenario, Spencer usually is amazing at both. When surrounded by 6 guards with guns and tazers, he's able to flip and bend to use his martial arts skills to dispatch of them, or simply trick them and making a quick escape through various means.
  • Despite being a drunkard who's better at fighting than he is at talking, he started off as an assassin, and a thief, which meant he had to be good at not leaving traces, and getting places he wasn't supposed to. As a result, he's good at pulling disguises, and better at sneaking into hard-to-access areas.


Simo Hayha's White Guard M/28-30 "Pystykorva"

  • Power Source: Energy from slain enemies, alcohol from user.
  • Ability: Amplifies accuracy of ranged weapons, and skill of combatant.
  • Catch: User must be intoxicated to benefit from amplification. If in a state of withdrawal (i.e. hangover) or sobriety, the rifle will simply be a rifle.


Spencer is a drunkard. If he's not drinking, or drunk, he's usually hungover, which can impede on his quick thinking or speech, and often leads him to being someone who talks before thinking.



  • H&K Mk. 23 Pistol
  • Knights SR-25 Heavily Modded Semi-Auto Rifle
  • M14EBR (Enhanced Battle Rifle)
  • Simo Hayha's Mosin Nagant
  • KA-BAR
  • Ninjato (Only on special occasion)
  • 5 smoke bombs
  • The Babbage


  • Hip flask, 9oz
  • Full-face balaclava
  • Anti-fog tinted goggles
  • 500mL Water bottle
  • Ballpoint Pen
  • All-Access Pass
  • Time Sneeze

Personal History:

Spencer discovered that he was excessively good at thievery when he was only 16. When he turned 18 he began taking firearms training classes and amassed a small arsenal of weapons. After accidentally killing a mugger who turned out to be a drunk mafia member, he was picked up and ordered to replace the man's job as a runner for the family. Spencer first showed his acquired skills during a shootout where he picked off several opposing family's men with one of his injured colleague's pistols.
He worked his way up to becoming a hitman for the family by the time he was 25, and had fully repaid his debt and then some. He moved out to Europe, exploring with only a few of his possessions. After honing his skills hunting in various forests, his thieving instincts came back. He practiced a series of crimes that went largely unreported due to a lack of evidence before finally hitting a large museum. His prize? Simo Hayha's Mosin Nagant.
After acquiring the Mosin Nagant, he began picking up more contract jobs in Europe, amassing a name for himself as "Simo's Ghost" which was eventually shortened to "Ghost". After a while, his killings dropped off the radar, because his targets ceased being criminals and people who refused to pay loans to mafias, and began being supernatural entities.
Starting a path along the northern coast of Europe, Spencer took down multiple creatures - vampires, werewolves, demons in disguise - with the same modus operandi: Two shots, first to the chest, just below the trachea, and then in the forehead, one inch above the eyes. "Ghost" resurfaced in underground conspiracy theorist websites, and was eventually tracked down by The Bureau, who at first thought they'd found the wrong man - a drunkard with too much money and a hobby for hunting - but after bragging to the men that he never used a scope, just like Simo, and showing them the rifle, they brought him in to brief him on what they were all about.
After some time spent in Team 4, and several arguments later (likely about his alcoholism), Spencer was transferred to Team 2 to meet the others.


Spirit of the West - Home for a Rest
John Mayer - Assassin
Two Steps From Hell - Run N Gun
Two Steps From Hell - Shoot to Kill



30 -7 (Strength +1) -7 (Dexterity +1) -3 (Weaponry) -3 (Stealth) -6 (Firearms) -3 (Athletics) = 1 (At finalized creation)
+6 -7 (Stamina) +2 (Run) +2 (Run [CRITKILLED A BISHOP]) +2 (Run [SEASON FINALE])= 6 (Current)

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