Dark Elf

Nocturnal Elves that are not all they appear to be. Known as Night Elves, Dark Elves, and the Watchers of the Wood, these beings revel in the nighttime and natural beauty of the darkness.

Physical Attributes:

Because Dark Elves live and stay in the darkness their skin and hair lacks any dark pigmentation. As humanoid creatures they are fair and beautiful in most species' standards.

Natural Appearance:
Dark Elves are tall and slender in figure and form. Males can be up to 6'5 and females can reach up to 6 ft as full-grown adults. Their skin is pale or an ash white in color, a trait thought to have been inherited by the lack of light exposure they get throughout their lives. As such, being in light can be particularly painful to them since they have no protection against UV rays.

Dark Elves' eyes can be a variety of colors and they are said to glow faintly in the darkness, however reports of this is relatively unconfirmed. Their hair tends to be of light colors such as silver, blonde, or white. Yet it has been known that both female and male Dark Elves enjoy dying their hair with natural dyes found in their environment. Dark Elves have prominent ears as children and they slowly grow into the ears as they age into the adolescent and adult stage.

Dark Elves show very little signs of aging however they do age over time, and they age in a very gracious manner. With the elder Dark Elves gaining wise old looks with few wrinkles and imperfections.

Racial Abilities:

The Dark Elves powers come mostly from their constant interaction with the darkness. They are adept at stealth and using the darkness to hide in manners of which they can be virtually unseen. Through long years of life they have also become skilled at planning and strategizing.

Dark Elves see extremely well in the darkness and are often blinded by light. If a Dark Elf was to go out in the daytime they would need special protective lenses and protection for their skin. The highest amount of light a Dark elf can tolerate is candlelight, flashlight/lantern light (Excluding LED lights), firelight, and shaded light. Daylight in cloudy weather can still be painful but is at least more tolerable than direct sunlight. The most common light situations a dark elf will venture in is the night lights made by fireflies, Starlight, and moonlight.

Dark Elves are also good at sleight of hands. Especially when it comes to lying about something.



Dark Elves tend to be most at peace in the dark or in nighttime, and are nocturnal in nature. Personalities can vary as much as humans, however most Dark Elves get jittery or uncomfortable in light. Very few Dark Elves are curious of the daylight content with the light from stars and the moon. All dark elves keep a huge respect for the environment and nature, insisting on using practices that are labelled sustainable by humans.


They inhabit deep forests or caves throughout the world having various cultures in almost every continent. They respect the environment and worship the Sylvans as guardians of the Forests. The Dark Elves live in small communities that are Matriarchal in nature.

Names given to Dark Elf children are often cold in nature, and can vary depending on the region. Dark Elves have their own language, but are often taught other languages as they grow and mature.

They have a Queen who rules over all the communities, and it is thought she lives in the North where the darkness takes up most of the day. Communities themselves are guided by a council of Elders.


A long time ago, Elves lived together in a single society united by the love of Nature. It is thought that the Queen and King of the Elves were the cause of the split that now exists with the Dark and Light Elves.

The story goes that one day a Harvest Moon rose into the night sky, leading to a fight over the beauty of it. The King retorted the Sun was more marvelous and the Queen insisted the Moon was better. The fight led to a split amongst the elves and the Queen left with her followers to the North while the King remained with his in the Forests. Eventually they reconciled but by then the Queen had changed. She had become distant, pale, and ethereal rather than bright and lively. She had become a Queen of the Night. However the bond between the King and Queen remained strong. To this day her descendants live in the Darkness and thrive.

The Current Queen is named Selene, she has ruled well over 500 years and is in touch with the Director, she often invites him to stargazing tea parties.

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