Will O Wisps

Little blue bastards that feed on the positive emotions of unsuspecting victims. The original life-sucker. Wisps spend most of their lives invisible to the naked eye, and wreck total havoc when left unchecked. For the most part they appear as small, blue balls of energy that dart back and forth rather quickly…when you can see them.

Physical Attributes

Will o' Wisps appear universally the same all across the world, with slight differences of size depending on age. They have no physical genders, so there is no need to distinguish themselves in any gender based manner. There appearance only changes when they are in motion. Is they float about they appear as two-toned spheres of energy, lighter in the middle with a corona of darker blue on the outside. When they stand still they take on a vaguely humanoid shape; humanoid in the sense that they develop a body, a head, and two tendrils for arms. They have gleaming white eyes and not much else in the way of 'facial' structure. Will o' Wisps are all searing hot to the touch. Physical contact with a Wisps results in severe burns that take much longer to heal than non-supernatural burns.

Racial Abilities:

Wisps have three major racial abilities. Firstly, Will o' Wisps travel via flight. They appear to ignore all known and understood principles of flight, as they sort of glide, rather quickly, through the air in the form of a sphere. They appear to be able to fly forever, and don't appear to grow tired, regardless of physical activity. Wisps have been clocked flying at 20km/h, but it is assumed that these creatures travel faster.

Secondly, Will o' Wisps spend most of their time complete invisible to the human eye. It is this ability that makes them so very dangerous, because they can't be seen by a goodly portion of the population of the planet. This ability stems from their ability to shift the light that they exert into a the ultra violet spectrum, so that they fade from view. Like flying, this ability appears to use no energy, as Wisps have been observed to have remained invisible for weeks at a time.

Finally, the power that they are most known for: emotional vampirism. Wisps feed off of positive emotions, replacing what they have taken with negativity. While the way they do this is not known (because studying it can be incredibly dangerous), it is assumed that they have some method of syphoning off the energy created in the human body by positive emotions and feelings. A victim of a Wisp's feeding looses all colour to their body (skin, hair, eyes, etc.), their skin grows very cold, and they enter a sort of catatonic state. This poor health lasts anywhere from 24-72 hours, while the brain recovers from the emotional drainage and overload combination.


Will o' Wisps are feisty, energetic assholes. They are violent and temperamental. It is readily apparent that they have no concept of morality as human's (and other supernaturals) understand it. They are very quick to anger, and while they make a lot of noise when threatened, they have no real way of fighting back. In that respect, when they are discovered, they are cowardly, and will run away as fast as they can.


Will o' Wisps do not have anything resembling a culture. They are hive-minded beings, and thus have no capacity or need for a culture. The only thing resembling any sort of culture is the fact that they have been observed to be cannibalistic.


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