Tech refers to the mass produced, pseudo-supernatural gadgets that each Bureau team is given. They range from a taser like object, to a car and plane. ALL Bureau agents (PCs included) have these items about their person, whether they use them or not.

Bureau-Issued Hunter Field Weapon a.k.a."The Babbage"

This is the standard issue sidearm of all Bureau agents, regardless of skill level or position in the organization. ALL Bureau agents have one. The idea behind this weapon is that it is specifically targeted to supernaturals, so mortals who would normal be in danger, won't be harmed by this weapon. The Babbage was invented by Charles Babbage in secret for the Crown for reasons never disclosed to the inventor. Powered by the tears of a child born on a full moon, this small pistol fires a short blast of energy that damages and slows supernatural creatures.

All-Access Pass

A massively important piece of tech in the arsenal of Bureau agents. This badge wallet appears to be just that, a worn, brown-leather badge wallet. On the inside there is a battered shield carved from wood. The wood shard is wood from the panelling of the Trojan horse and when shown to someone (other than the owner of the All-Access Pass OR an owner of another All-Access Pass) the wooden badge appears as a badge of authority the subject would expect to see (so, FBI on US soil, CSIS in Canada, etc.). Another point of note, when a large number of All-Access Passes are used, they all tend to appear the same.

Faerie Ring Spray a.k.a. "Time Sneeze"

It is said that a young maiden once washed her face in the dew that had collected in a ring of fungi (known then as a Faerie Ring) and that the young girl became trapped in a time vortex. That story is crap…what really happened to the young maiden is that she became frozen in time. Contained in banged up silver aerosol cans, the dew from a Faerie Ring is used by all agents in the transportation of Relics. Applying this stuff to a relic freezes it in time, so that it stops acting up, allowing for save transport. The dew is sprayed as a mist, hence the nickname "Time Sneeze."

Cerebral Bluetooth Headset

A common piece of Tech developed by the Bureau. In place of a microphone, there is a small piece of quartz from the top of Mt. Everest. When used by a telepathic (or someone with telekinetic ability) is can transmit that person's voice into the mind of a willing recipient, like a cellphone to cellphone call. This can be 'synced' up to multiple people, however it often transmits emotions during tense situations (i.e. anger, sadness, etc.)

Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV)

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The Bureau Aerospacial Transport (B.A.T.)

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