The Boring Shift

[19:01:33] <~Gwen>The loudspeakers crackle to life. "Team 2, to the briefing room."
[19:01:53] <Alivi>Raine looks up and stands heading to the briefing room.
[19:01:59] <Tom90deg>Zoe closes her laptop and heads off to the briefing room
[19:02:11] <~Gwen>Addison closes her laptop as well and heads off.
[19:03:28] <Scantron>Satyana frowns and curses under her breath, then heads towards the briefing room. She sends James a text on the way there to explain that she'll have to reschedule.
[19:07:47] <Tom90deg>Zoe sits and leans back.
[19:08:31] <Scantron>She then takes a seat.
[19:08:55] <Alivi>Raine standsin the back
[19:10:02] <~Gwen>Addison sits down as well. The Director seems oddly calm for a briefing. Agent Zharkov is sitting beside the Director. She's…showing.
[19:10:03] <Tom90deg>Zoe looks back. "You know, there's lots of chairs."
[19:10:55] <Tom90deg>"And…Hi Agent Zharkov. You look good."
[19:12:48] <~Gwen>She smiles briefly. A smile AND sitting…weird. 'Thank you, Agent Chantili." The Director leans back in his chair. "Regrettably, Team 2…you drew the short straw. You're on museum duty tonight." Museum duty is the most boringest thing ever…someone has broken into the Museum of London which contains relics…basically, the team on museum duty gets to do inventory.
[19:13:07] <Tom90deg>"Aw…."
[19:13:15] <Tom90deg>"Who broke in?"
[19:13:15] <Alivi>"That sounds interesting…"
[19:13:16] <Alivi>"That sounds interesting…"
[19:13:47] <Scantron>Satyana sighs.
[19:17:22] <Tom90deg>"So, we're just seeing what's still there, eh?"
[19:17:28] <~Gwen>"We don't know, and we don't know why they chose the manuscript vault."
[19:17:29] <Tom90deg>"Seems simple enough."
[19:17:43] <Tom90deg>"Our job is to find out what's missing i take it?"
[19:19:08] <~Gwen>The Director nods. "Yes, that is your task…and should anything be missing, we'll deal with it later."
[19:19:23] <Tom90deg>"Right then."
[19:19:34] <Alivi>"I'm glad it isnt anything big…"
[19:19:35] <Tom90deg>"Anything in the vault that bites?"
[19:24:19] <~Gwen>"It's the manuscript vault. It's the most harmless vault in the place."
[19:24:56] <Scantron>"Which means that we can expect horrible things to happen."
[19:25:10] <Scantron>"At least knowing my luck."
[19:25:21] <Tom90deg>"Ahh, Murphy."
[19:25:22] <Tom90deg>"
[19:25:26] <Alivi>"Or not, maybe we will get lucky?"
[19:25:28] <Tom90deg>'Anywho, shall we begin?"
[19:27:50] <Alivi>Raine nods
[19:28:26] <Scantron>"I suppose." She seems rather disappointed.
[19:28:57] <Tom90deg>"Ceom on Satayana, cheer, up, maybe we'll get through this quick."
[19:31:17] <Scantron>"Maybe. I would still be less disappointed if I were rescheduling plans for something of more immediate importance. But whatever." She stands up and heads to the Rover.
[19:31:42] <Tom90deg>"Here's hopeing we get through fast."
[19:31:55] <~Gwen>The Director stands as well. "There is one more thing."
[19:32:04] <Tom90deg>"Yes Columbo?"
[19:32:33] <~Gwen>Zharkov snickers and the Director rolls his eyes. "There has been a large…increase in the number of crimes committed by lycan."
[19:32:47] <~Gwen>Addison glances up, her eyes wide.
[19:32:58] <Tom90deg>"Ah…great."
[19:33:25] <~Gwen>"We do not know if Agent Weyland is involved…"
[19:33:34] <Tom90deg>"I doubt it."
[19:34:01] <Alivi>Raine frowns, "Same, doesn't sound like Mike."
[19:34:20] <~Gwen>"Lunacy is a dangerous thing."
[19:34:45] <Alivi>"Lunacy?"
[19:36:20] <~Gwen>"It's an unexplained madness that occurs before during and after the transformation."
[19:37:35] <Scantron>"That /should/ be mediated by his lunar limiter. It might be worthwhile to ensure that it's functioning at maximum efficacy."
[19:37:45] <Alivi>"Perhaps…"
[19:39:20] <Tom90deg>"We'll deal with that when the time comes. There's normaly a little chance of them coming back to the vault."
[19:39:29] <Tom90deg>"So lets inventory quick, and we'll be good."
[19:40:47] <~Gwen>The Director nods. Addison stands. "We're leaving in five." She hurries down to the Rover.
[19:40:58] <Tom90deg>Zoe follows!
[19:41:03] <Alivi>Raine follows along.
[19:47:17] <Tom90deg>Zoe hops in the car. "Right then."
[19:47:43] <~Gwen>Addison starts the car and waits for everyone to get in. It's a brand new Rover… car smell.
[19:48:15] <Alivi>"This car smells different…"
[19:48:35] <Tom90deg>:New Car smell."
[19:48:39] <Tom90deg>"It's great."
[19:49:39] <~Gwen>"It's new, I had the Bureau buy me a new one after I wrecked the last one in China."
[19:49:45] <Alivi>"Huh… cool."
[19:51:38] <Scantron>Satyana sits inside as well. "Nice."
[19:53:56] <~Gwen>Addison takes of towards the Museum of London!
[19:53:56] <Tom90deg>"Anywho, onwards right?"
[19:56:11] <Scantron>"Onwards indeed."
[19:57:03] <Alivi>"Yea."
[20:02:32] <~Gwen>Outside of the museum there are several police cars with their lights on. There is police tape everywhere. As they approach, Addison turns on the Rovers flashing lights.
[20:03:41] <Tom90deg>"Mmm…"
[20:04:21] <Alivi>"Wow…"
[20:06:06] <~Gwen>Addison parks the car and sighs. "They know we are I think, so we don't really have a need for cover."
[20:07:05] <Alivi>"Good to know, Shall we go?"
[20:07:20] <Tom90deg>"Indeed."
[20:08:39] <Tom90deg>Zoe hops on out
[20:08:46] <Scantron>Satyana gets out as well.
[20:09:46] <~Gwen>Addison slips out, heading towards the stairs as she slings her bag over her shoulder.
[20:09:55] <Alivi>Raine follows
[20:10:26] <Tom90deg>Zoe follows Addy
[20:11:23] <Scantron>Satyana follows.
[20:11:35] Lurktop (~PI.E786E526.1963D47E.0D8BE52C|Ghcetnrut#PI.E786E526.1963D47E.0D8BE52C|Ghcetnrut) joined the channel.
[20:13:31] <~Gwen>The inside of the museum is rather nice, clean. Both Zoe and Addison know this place well…it's very likely they've both stolen from it before. There is a man in a tweed coat with dishevelled hair waiting for them by the front desk.
[20:14:57] <Tom90deg>Zoe heads on up to the front desk and gives the guy there a smile. "Hi."
[20:14:59] <Alivi>Raine approaches the man. "Good Evening."
[20:15:39] <~Gwen>The man looks to the team and smiles brightly. "Hello there, I'm Professor Dorian Westershire." He has a sexy scottish accent. "You're the folks from that special task force?"
[20:15:50] <Scantron>"We are."
[20:15:53] <Tom90deg>"Yup."
[20:16:21] <Alivi>"Yes."
[20:16:58] <~Gwen>Addison nods. "Alright, this way!" He spins in place in a rather…odd way and then stalks off towards a grand staircase. This professor is just plain…odd.
[20:17:20] <Alivi>"Reminds me of someone…"
[20:18:39] <Tom90deg>"Lead the way then!"
[20:20:01] <Scantron>Satyana follows. "He reminds me of one of my chemistry professors."
[20:20:32] <Alivi>"Really?"
[20:21:22] <~Gwen>They are lead into the basement of the museum, and into a room filled with large vault doors. "You want vault number seven. You'll have to wear gloves when handling the artifacts…and be…aware of the large hole in the floor."
[20:21:41] <Tom90deg>"Ah. Well, i guess we know how they entered."
[20:22:29] <Alivi>Raine frowns, "Strange…." He turns to Addison, "Want me to gain a visual, just in case?"
[20:23:17] <~Gwen>Addison nods. "But after we're left alone." She glance to the professor. "Thank you sir." He nods and disappears.
[20:23:50] <Alivi>Raine nods, "Just say the word."
[20:24:04] <Tom90deg>Zoe looks around the vault. "Who's got the gloves?"
[20:25:36] <~Gwen>There is a box of gloves on the table in the middle of the rom
[20:25:40] <~Gwen>**room
[20:25:48] <Tom90deg>Zoe takes a pair and puts em on.
[20:27:52] <Alivi>Raine looks around, is it just the team there?
[20:27:59] <~Gwen>Addison does as well. "I hope they left the vault open for us…" Yes it is just the team.
[20:29:22] <Scantron>Satyana takes a pair of gloves out of the box and snaps them on. Making them snap is probably not entirely necessary, but she does so with gusto. "I like gloves."
[20:29:34] <Tom90deg>"They're fun."
[20:29:35] <Alivi>1d10+6 Snow Snooping
[20:29:35] <Glacon>Alivi: Snow Snooping: 16 (1d10+6=10)
[20:29:41] <Alivi>1d10
[20:29:41] <Glacon>Alivi: 6 (1d10=6)
[20:29:47] <Tom90deg>Zoe starts looking around the vault.
[20:30:20] <~Gwen>Where is Raine sending his snow flakes?
[20:30:25] <Tom90deg>1d10+4 Perception
[20:30:26] <Glacon>Tom90deg: Perception: 9 (1d10+4=5)
[20:30:29] <Alivi>Everywhere he can.
[20:31:38] <~Gwen>Basically the manuscript vault is a mess, there are priceless books and scrolls thrown all over the place. There is also a massive, roughly 8 foot across, whole in the floor that leads into a pitch dark tunnel. All of the other vaults are still sealed.
[20:33:00] <Scantron>Satyana sighs. "Inventory… I suppose I should be working on the manuscripts."
[20:33:11] <Scantron>"Other people can work on the tunnel."
[20:33:16] <Tom90deg>"Right then….do we have anywhere we should…put them?"
[20:33:30] <Alivi>Raine wanders over to the hole, "I can explore this if you want…"
[20:34:00] <Tom90deg>"Perhaps just a bit down? So we don't get ambushed?"
[20:34:06] <~Gwen>Addison looks to Satyana. "You're our expert on this sort of thing. Raine, can you handle the tunnel by yourself? I wanna work with Zo' on how they cut through a vault floor."
[20:34:19] <Tom90deg>"Right."
[20:35:02] <Alivi>"I have the snowflakes to see ahead of me, and I can communicate by the headset… I should be fine…"
[20:35:26] <Tom90deg>"Be careful…."
[20:35:44] <~Gwen>"Don't go too far."
[20:36:53] <Alivi>Raine gives a smile, "Hell Zoe, if anything I'll be fine…. I won't go too far… I'll see how far I can get a visual for,"
[20:37:01] <Alivi>1d10+6 icepad for Addison
[20:37:01] <Glacon>Alivi: icepad for Addison: 12 (1d10+6=6)
[20:37:20] <Scantron>Satyana picks a place at random and starts picking up manuscripts, noting their title (and glancing at the contents if they interest her) and setting them aside into piles. Does she find anything interesting as she goes along?
[20:37:29] <Tom90deg>Zoe heads over to the edge of the hole and looks it over, rtrying too see how they got in.
[20:38:07] <~Gwen>One in every three books MIGHT interest Satyana, but it's all REALLY dry stuff, a lot of it in a different language. Zoe, gimme Int and Larceny.
[20:38:13] <Alivi>Raine hands an icepad to Addison, "You'll be able to see what the crystals are picking up if it makes you feel better."
[20:38:29] <~Gwen>Addison smiles and nods. "Thanks." She walks over to where Zoe is standing.
[20:38:40] <Tom90deg>1d10+8
[20:38:41] <Glacon>Tom90deg: 18 (1d10+8=10)
[20:38:44] <Tom90deg>1d10
[20:38:44] <Glacon>Tom90deg: 5 (1d10=5)
[20:39:20] <Alivi>Raine looks at the hole, any way for him to get down to the tunnel part?
[20:39:53] <Scantron>"At least they aren't particularly interesting… if they were, I could spend weeks in here."
[20:40:30] <Tom90deg>"That's good."
[20:42:19] <~Gwen>No way. Ice would work. Zoe determines that the whole was dug out…by what appear to be claws…even the six inches of metal in the floor.
[20:42:30] <Tom90deg>"Well…"
[20:42:36] <Tom90deg>"This is worrying."
[20:42:43] <Tom90deg>"This was dug out by hand."
[20:42:52] <Tom90deg>"All of it, inculdiug the metal."
[20:42:54] <Scantron>Satyana turns around. "By hand? Human hands, claws, what?"
[20:43:15] <~Gwen>Addison looks to Zoe. "You're kidding, right?"
[20:43:21] <Tom90deg>"Nope."
[20:43:24] <Tom90deg>"Well, claws."
[20:43:29] <Alivi>1d10+6
[20:43:29] <Glacon>Alivi: 11 (1d10+6=5)
[20:43:36] <Tom90deg>"But by claw-hands."
[20:43:41] <Tom90deg>"See these marks here?"
[20:44:17] <Tom90deg>Zoe points to the sides of the metal floor. "Scratch marks, no doubt."
[20:44:41] <Scantron>Satyana walks over to the hole and peers at it. Can she think of any sort of entity that might be able to do this?
[20:45:06] <~Gwen>Raine creates an ice staircase into the hole. Addison lays down and hangs her head off the edge. Satyana Int+Occult
[20:45:53] <Alivi>Raine walks down the steps carefully and makes it to the bottom, he looks back up. "Huh…" he looks around the bottom, anything?
[20:46:03] <~Gwen>Perception Raine.
[20:46:18] <Alivi>1d10+6
[20:46:18] <Glacon>Alivi: 12 (1d10+6=6)
[20:46:32] <Tom90deg>"Clawing though this metal…that's something extrme right there."
[20:47:13] <Scantron>d10+9 bitches
[20:47:14] <Glacon>Scantron: bitches: 16 (d10+9=7)
[20:48:49] <~Gwen>Addison nods. Raine: There is nothing in the immediate area…but there might be something on the floor of the tunnel, just outside your field of vision. Satyana: Creatures of immense strength.
[20:49:10] <Scantron>"It was obviously very strong." She flatfaces. "…but you could have probably told me that."
[20:50:07] <Tom90deg>"Not just strong."
[20:50:14] <Tom90deg>"Claws are not harder than steel."
[20:50:19] <Tom90deg>"This was weird."
[20:50:29] <Tom90deg>"But we'll see…"
[20:50:36] <Tom90deg>«Raine, anything donw there?»
[20:51:05] <Scantron>"They /can/ be."
[20:51:19] <Scantron>"Generally not, but there are a number of things with abnormally hard claws."
[20:51:34] <Scantron>"…right. Claws."
[20:52:20] <Alivi>Raine sends his snowflakes through the tunnel and goes closer to the floor of the tunnel entrance, «Nothing yet.»
[20:54:34] <~Gwen>The snowflake reveal a small manuscript on the floor.
[20:54:43] <Tom90deg>«Right, apparently whatever did this dug through by hand, so be careful.»
[20:55:34] <Alivi>«Found something» raine holds the snowflake there, he walks back towards the enterance and looks up, "Hey can you toss some gloves down?"
[20:56:09] <Tom90deg>Zoe does so!
[20:56:21] <Scantron>«Shouldn't you already have some…?»
[20:56:26] <Scantron>Satyana rolls her eyes.
[20:57:04] <~Gwen>«Bring it up so Satyana can have a look.» Addison sits up from her position on the floor. "Were-crime huh?"
[20:58:16] <Alivi>«Forgot to get them, sorry.» Raine takes them and puts them on going over to pick up the manuscript. He proceeds to send the snowflakes further down the tunnel just in case. He goes back up the steps to hand it to Satyana.
[20:58:31] <Scantron>Satyana accepts the manuscript and examines it. Describe?
[20:58:34] <Tom90deg>"They dropped something?"
[20:59:56] <~Gwen>It's a worn black book that appears to be the itinerary of a Japanese frigate called the Awa Maru. There are claw marks on it. Gimme Int+Investigation for more details.
[20:59:58] <Alivi>"Seems like it."
[21:01:15] <Scantron>d10+9 there was a time when this wasn't as good as int+occult, OH HOW TIMES HAVE CHANGED
[21:01:15] <Glacon>Scantron: there was a time when this wasn't as good as int+occult, OH HOW TIMES HAVE CHANGED: 12 (d10+9=3)
[21:01:18] <Scantron>Blow me Glacon.
[21:01:56] <~Gwen>There is damage to some of the page. Most of it is old water damage, but there is now damage near the spine.
[21:03:23] Lurktop (~PI.E786E526.1963D47E.0D8BE52C|Ghcetnrut#PI.E786E526.1963D47E.0D8BE52C|Ghcetnrut) left IRC. (Ping timeout)
[21:04:00] <Scantron>"Let's see… it seems to be the itinerary of a Japanese frigate called the Awa Maru. Most of the water damage here is old, but there's now some damage to the spine."
[21:04:17] <Tom90deg>"Anything of intrest?"
[21:04:28] <Alivi>"I'm going to go back down…. is that ok?"
[21:04:29] <Scantron>Anything of interest?
[21:04:48] <~Gwen>In terms of content?
[21:05:49] <Scantron>Anything regarding some particularly notable or supernatural cargo?
[21:05:56] <~Gwen>The total value of the cargo of gold, platinum, diamonds and other jewels is over 5 billion dollars. There is also a page missing.
[21:07:08] <Scantron>"About five billion dollars of gold, platinum, diamonds, and miscellaneous jewels. There's a page missing, too." She closes it. "Maybe whoever or whatever did this is looking for some treasure."
[21:07:17] <Tom90deg>"bloody hell."
[21:07:23] <Tom90deg>"5 billion? With a B?"
[21:07:33] <Alivi>"Wow…"
[21:07:33] <Scantron>"With a B."
[21:07:36] <~Gwen>The page that was missing was directly before this page:
[21:08:06] <Scantron>"Given the page after it… probably some very specific gems."
[21:08:10] <Scantron>"I can't say what, though."
[21:08:28] <Tom90deg>"Does that say Crown Jewels?"
[21:08:31] <Scantron>"It does."
[21:08:55] <Alivi>Raine looks at his icepad, Does his snowflake spies reveal anything newer?
[21:09:16] <Scantron>Can Satyana think of any specific gems or other precious metals that would hold some particular significance to lycanthropes?
[21:09:25] <~Gwen>Canine footprints…at least four sets…and a fifth set that appears to be high feels.
[21:09:31] <~Gwen>Satyana - Int+Occult
[21:09:35] <Scantron>d10+9
[21:09:35] <Glacon>Scantron: 12 (d10+9=3)
[21:09:38] <Tom90deg>"That's bad."
[21:09:50] <~Gwen>Silver obviously…and moonstone, but that's it.
[21:10:11] <Tom90deg>"Can't recall if the crown jewels have any….mythological signifance."
[21:10:11] <Scantron>"What's bad?"
[21:10:16] <Scantron>"Nor I."
[21:10:39] <~Gwen>Addison looks to Satyana. "Do you think that book is safe to transport?"
[21:10:44] <Alivi>"Guys, I'm picking up at least 4 sets of canine footprints, and a fifth…. take a look," Raine holds out the icepad with the image.
[21:11:02] <Tom90deg>"Are those heel prints?"
[21:11:03] <~Gwen>Addison squints. "Are those stilletos?"
[21:11:13] <Scantron>"I think so. Obviously we'd need to handle it with care." She looks at the picture as well. "Looks like it."
[21:11:44] <Tom90deg>"That's…odd."
[21:11:44] <Alivi>"Looks like it…." Raine sighs, "Should I go follow the tracks?"
[21:11:54] <Tom90deg>"Not by yourself…"
[21:12:35] <Alivi>Raine looks at Zoe, "Then who wants to come with me?"
[21:12:52] <Scantron>"I'll go. My expertise will most likely be needed."
[21:13:00] <Tom90deg>"I'll come."
[21:13:21] <Alivi>"Good, Addison?"
[21:13:33] <~Gwen>"I'm going too, this is a team thing."
[21:14:14] <Alivi>Raine smiles, "Alright, just be careful on the steps…"
[21:14:25] <Alivi>He slowly begins making his way back down.
[21:14:36] <Tom90deg>How far down is the hole?
[21:14:46] <~Gwen>It's about ten feet down.
[21:14:51] <Scantron>Satyana starts climbing as well.
[21:15:03] <Tom90deg>Zoe ports on down
[21:15:13] <Tom90deg>"Easy way."
[21:15:15] <~Gwen>Addison follows.
[21:15:23] <Alivi>Raine laughs, "….you would"
[21:15:40] <Alivi>He looks at the tunnel then back at Zoe and Addison, "Will you two be ok?"
[21:15:57] <Tom90deg>"Sure."
[21:16:18] <Tom90deg>"I'll be fine. Just focus on the job, you know?"
[21:16:55] <Alivi>Raine nods, he sends the snowflakes further down and watches the icepad for anything ahead, "So far the visual I've gained has revealed just tracks."
[21:17:18] <Tom90deg>"AT the least, we'll know where they came out at."
[21:17:28] <Alivi>"Yea."
[21:17:56] <Scantron>"Indeed… hm. Nobody in their right mind would wear heels in a tunnel like this."
[21:18:08] <Tom90deg>"That is bizzare…Maybe a hostage?"
[21:18:32] <Tom90deg>"Someone the other brought along to…don't know, translate, or find the right item?"
[21:18:37] <Scantron>"That would make sense."
[21:18:54] <Alivi>"Maybe."
[21:19:05] <Alivi>Raine begins walking towards the tunnel
[21:19:19] <Tom90deg>Zoe follows, breathing carefully
[21:19:22] <~Gwen>Everyone give me perception
[21:19:39] <Tom90deg>1d10+4
[21:19:39] <Glacon>Tom90deg: 10 (1d10+4=6)
[21:19:43] <Scantron>d10+7 Satyana doesn't even lift
[21:19:43] <Glacon>Scantron: Satyana doesn't even lift: 10 (d10+7=3)
[21:19:47] <~Gwen>1d10+5
[21:19:48] <Glacon>Gwen: 6 (1d10+5=1)
[21:19:48] <Alivi>1d10+6
[21:19:48] <Glacon>Alivi: 11 (1d10+6=5)
[21:20:49] <~Gwen>So Raine notices the fact that the same claw marks are on the walls of the cave, and there is the distinct smell of wet dog and fancy perfume.
[21:21:37] <Alivi>"Hey look at theses…" He takes a closer look at the claw marks before he crinkles his nose. "That smell…wow… do you smell it?"
[21:21:46] <Tom90deg>Zoe sniffs
[21:21:48] <Tom90deg>"No?"
[21:21:51] <Scantron>"I don't, unfortunately."
[21:22:17] <~Gwen>Addison shakes her head. She's…distracted.
[21:22:37] <Alivi>"Its like…wet dog…and….a nice scent perfume? Strange combination…"
[21:22:51] <Tom90deg>"Mm…"
[21:23:17] <Scantron>"That might support the hostage theory, because I sincerely doubt anyone who /intended/ to go through a tunnel with wet dogs would wear high heels and put on perfume."
[21:23:37] <Scantron>"As for the wetness… we might end up somewhere wet, I suppose."
[21:23:51] <Alivi>"Maybe…" Raine checks his icepad for anything.
[21:24:05] <Tom90deg>"True."
[21:27:42] <Tom90deg>Zoe keeps on walkin.
[21:27:48] <~Gwen>The cave terminates in a large sewer tunnel.
[21:27:59] <Alivi>Raine does as well. Is that on the icepad or in their sights?
[21:28:14] <Tom90deg>"Hell…."
[21:28:55] <~Gwen>Their sights
[21:29:08] <Alivi>"Wow…"
[21:29:11] <~Gwen>A tunnel like this would take days to dig out…weeks by hand.
[21:30:14] <Tom90deg>"I hate sewers.
[21:30:15] <Tom90deg>"
[21:30:31] <Scantron>"Me neither. I wish I'd brought some vials with me…"
[21:31:21] <Tom90deg>Zoe looks over the walls, for any scratch marks or anything, trying to distract hjerself
[21:31:53] <Alivi>Raine looks at the sewers and sends his snowflakes through the tunnel looking at the icepad to make sure it is safe.
[21:36:07] <~Gwen>Basically the trail goes cold once they the sewers
[21:36:31] <Tom90deg>"Right..ok, can we go now? No way we can track them through this mess."
[21:36:58] <Alivi>Raine sighs, "Pretty much… I think this is it."
[21:37:14] <Scantron>"I guess."
[21:37:35] <Tom90deg>"We got some good intel though."
[21:39:21] <Alivi>Raine nods. "Yea."
[21:39:47] <~Gwen>Addison sighs. "Great…alright, let's head home."
[21:39:59] <Scantron>"We still need to find out what's missing, though."
[21:40:06] <Tom90deg>"Crap."
[21:40:14] <Tom90deg>"Well, lets get out of this tunnel at least."
[21:40:24] <Scantron>"Yes, let's." She turns around and starts walking back.
[21:41:05] <Tom90deg>Zoe follows!
[21:41:33] <~Gwen>Addison follows as well. "Satyana, can you make the book ready for transport?"
[21:42:25] <Scantron>"Of course."
[21:42:57] <~Gwen>"Awesome." Addison fidgets with her fingers.
[21:43:15] <Alivi>Raine walks back as well.
[21:43:55] <Scantron>Satyana /does/ know how to prepare an old manuscript for transport, right?
[21:44:00] <Scantron>Or can roll for it?
[21:44:10] <~Gwen>Int+Academics
[21:45:02] <Scantron>d10+9 I KNOW *EVERYTHING*.
[21:45:02] <Glacon>Scantron: I KNOW *EVERYTHING*.: 11 (d10+9=2)
[21:45:11] <Scantron>*A LOT OF THINGS
[21:46:50] <~Gwen>Evidence bag will work.
[21:47:58] <Scantron>She puts it in one.
[21:50:35] <~Gwen>I am going to say everyone is back the Bureau, because that's plot.

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