The Bureau of Supernatural Affairs

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General Overview

In the fast paced second decade of the new millennium, a large portion of the world's population is concerned with the rising tensions between certain nations, rapidly increasing global temperatures, and a worrying rise in Justin Bieber fans. But there is a select group of individuals concerned with the real threat, the threat of supernatural beings and items that are hidden among us, and capable of destroying civilization as we know it. This group, these men and women…form the Bureau of Supernatural Affairs, a top secret organization of Hunters who risk life and limb for approximately eight billion other people, who don't give a flying toss about their dangerous line of work.

From their head offices in London, England, Bureau agents dash across the globe in search of the deadly and the bizarre. It is often said that the agents of the Bureau of Supernatural Affairs fight against the impending apocalypse, so that the rest of the world can enjoy cheese doodles and diet soda, while watching Gordon Ramsay scream and yell on Food Network. Truly, a glamorous line of work.

The symbol of the organization is a black Tree of Life with inverse Tree of Life in the center (representing the Earth), ringed first by a knotted circle (representative of life on Earth), and then an Ouroborus (representing the Bureau protecting everything).


The Bureau has gone through numerous iterations over the years, the original working alongside groups such as the Illuminati, the Freemasons, and a group known as "The Establishment" before amalgamating (some time in the late 1800s) into a single form under the leadership of the Bureau's Privy Council. Originally, The Bureau was created to retrieve and protect relics of power and act as a liaison with the supernatural world, but when a force known colloquially as "The Darkness" made itself known again, the amalgamation brought all of the groups together to assist in pushing it back. Once they thought they had fended it off, they found that the combined resources did better, and they began to work much more effectively.


The Bureau Today

By the year 2018 the Bureau, still based out of London, was just as busy as ever. With a staff of almost 200 people, the organization is located in a large building in downtown London (pictured right). The HQ building is officially codenamed 'The Razor' as it bears a striking resemblance to a man's cordless razor. However, agents of the Bureau have given the building an unofficial codename: Isengard (as it resembles the building from the Peter Jackson films).

The building houses containment vaults for both creature and artifact, labs, archives and officers. It also offers a large lounge floor for agents of all sorts. There is an entire wing of condos for the agents that are required to live on site.

The Bureau's headquarters also supports a helipad, and an intricate tunnel network that leads to key locations in London, should agents need to get in or out unnoticed. Under the building there are also state of the art training facilities and garages, housing vehicles of all types. It is safe to say that the Bureau has a top notch work environment.

The Bureau hierarchy is divided into two halves; the Upper Echelon and the Lower Echelon, both of which are subdivided further.

The Upper Echelon

The Upper Echelon is the controlling body of the Bureau. The Privy Council sits at the head of the organization. Each of the Branch Office directors are included in the Upper Echelon. Finally, the six department (Lower Echelon) heads are also considered to be part of this section.

Members of the Upper Echelon are given a few special privileges, including a limo service, and a private jet. On their Bureau issued IDs, an Upper Echelon agent has five stars surrounding the logo of their respective department.

The Lower Echelon

The bulk of the Bureau is a part of the Lower Echelon, which is further divided in six departments. They are outlined later on. You are playing members of the Lower Echelon of the Bureau.

The Departments
  • Department of Field Operations
    • Head: Agent Michael Weyland
    • Description: A good 75% of Bureau staff are in this department. They are the field agents that deal with most of the problems that the Bureau faces.
  • Department of Internal Affairs
    • Head: Agent Clementine Sweet
    • Description: A very small, elite task force within the Bureau that serves as the internal security force of the Bureau.
  • Department of Operational Censorship
    • Head: Agent Kyrene
    • Description: The department responsible for lying to the rest of the world. They clean up the scenes of Bureau involvement, botched or otherwise. They plant evidence, destroy evidence, bribe, and manipulate. These agents usually work by themselves, and travel like normal people or in non-BAT private jets. This is a very small team.
  • Department of Medicine
    • Head: Doctor Dessa Volynski-Tsarev
    • Description:This department is self explanatory. They're the Bureau doctors. Even field medics attached to a team work for this department. There are ten 'Field Trauma Teams' that can be dispatched in case of serious medical emergencies in the field.
  • Department of Information, Research, and Development
    • Head: Agent Maurice Chéron
    • Description: This is the second largest department in the Bureau. It is an amalgamation of two older departments. The agents that work in this department stay out of the field conducting research into supernatural phenomenons and developing new tech for field agents.
  • Department of Resource Allocation
    • Head: Agent Alexander Briggs
    • Description: This department is, basically, the Bureau's Armoury. It takes the tech and weapons designed by the R&D department and produces them for use in the field. As a result of this, it the two departments enjoy a close relationship. This department also cares for the MPVs and BATs used by the whole of the Bureau.

The Bureau's Mission Statement

It is the Bureau's mission to keep supernatural entities hidden from the general population of Earth for both the safety of humankind and the supernatural world.

Regarding Supernatural Beings
When faced with a threat from a living supernatural being, it is the duty of Bureau agents to subdue said threat with non-lethal force. Lethal force is only to be used as a last resort.

Regarding Relics
When faced with a threat from supernatural Really Enigmatic Localized Incantation Container (RELIC, for short), it is the duty of Bureau agents to disable said relic and bring to their home office for containment. The destruction of a relic is only a last resort option.

Regarding "The Darkness"
Due to the still unknown nature of "The Darkness" (it's colloquial name among agents, other references include "The Whispering Nothing", "The Corrupter", "Antimatter", "Time's Predecessor", "The Fouling", and in the mad ramblings of Nikola Tesla "The Flesh of Fallen Angels"), any beings infected by The Darkness are to be eliminated before they can cause further infection.

Working for the Bureau

The Bureau of Supernatural Affairs is an exception organization to work for. They provide living quarters for many of their agents, they cover transportation costs, they pay extremely well, and provide exceptional benefits. Agents with 'field status' (so…the PCs) all get roughly 500,000 pounds yearly salary.

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