The Capture Of The Scribe

Tox|Laptop: "Good news, everyone," Mike mimics dryly.
[9:15pm] Gwen: "We may have found the hole in the Lady in Red's legion we've been looking for."
[9:15pm] Scantron: Satyana leans forward.
[9:16pm] Tox|Laptop: Mike's eyes light. "A hole? Explain."
[9:16pm] Alivi: Raine slips into the briefing room as quietly as he can
[9:17pm] Gwen: "Agent Weyland, the journal that sent you on your vision quest…do you still have it?"
[9:20pm] Tox|Laptop1: (20:17:53) Tox|Laptop: Mike nods, patting his vest. "Always."
[9:21pm] Gwen: The Director holds out his hand. "May I?"
[9:21pm] Tox|Laptop: Mike looks at the Director. "You won't be able to read it," he reminds his boss, pulling his vest open.
[9:22pm] Gwen: "I don't want to read it, Agent Weyland."
[9:22pm] Tox|Laptop: "Then why do you…?" His hand, engaged in drawing the journal out, pauses halfway out. He tilts his head quizzically.
[9:23pm] Tox|Laptop: He hands the journal over with slight trepidation.
[9:23pm] Gara: John looks at the exchange, confused.
[9:24pm] Gwen: The Director takes the journal. "Do you honestly want to understand the way I think? Because if I were you, I'd want to understand the inner workings of my crazed, immortal boss like I want to be in charge of a high school for teenaged supernaturals." He opens the journal to a random page to show off what look like random…insane…scribbles.
[9:25pm] Tox|Laptop: "Yes, actually, I do," Mike says coolly.
[9:25pm] Scantron: ~That sounds like it would be a terrible idea.~ "There are some people you probably /don't/ want to understand too fully."
[9:26pm] Gwen: "The Lycan gods…all of them. Have two things, ladies and gentlemen."
[9:27pm] Alivi: "Oh?"
[9:28pm] Gwen: "They all have a Chosen and they all have a Scribe." The Director gestures to the journal.
[9:30pm] Gwen: "Chosens…are well…" He points to Mike. "We have no idea who her Chosen is. We have, however…found her Scribe."
[9:31pm] Alivi: Raine seems a bit surprised.
[9:31pm] Scantron: "That definitely sounds useful."
[9:31pm] Gara: "They would be useful."
[9:31pm] Tox|Laptop: Mike inclines his head as the Director points to him. "Mortals chosen to be the vessels and emissaries of the deities on the mortal plane, through which the deity's works are done."
[9:31pm] Tox|Laptop: "Scribes….write material, like that Journal." He points at it.
[9:32pm] Lurker: "Excellent," Raj nods. "So if we get her Scribe and her Chosen, then we have a much better chance at killing her, yes?"
[9:33pm] Gara: John quietly has reservations about killing a goddess, evil bitch or otherwise, but doesn't say anything outloud.
[9:33pm] Alivi: "Could we even kill her?"
[9:34pm] Scantron: "It seems like subdual would be a better idea."
[9:34pm] Tox|Laptop: "….No, Raj."
[9:34pm] Tox|Laptop: Mike lifts his head. "You cannot kill a God."
[9:34pm] Alivi: "I am sure you can….whether they stay dead…is another story most likely."
[9:35pm] Tox|Laptop: "Gods are the only beings that can kill or even seriously harm another God, and a confrontation of that size…" Mike shakes his head.
[9:35pm] Gara: "And I am sure trying too would upset the followers she does have more then a little."
[9:35pm] Gara: to*
[9:35pm] Alivi: "Indeed….killing and violence…that is not what we should seek first."
[9:36pm] Tox|Laptop: "But." Mike raises a finger.
[9:36pm] Gwen: The Director just watches them talk.
[9:36pm] Alivi: Raine looks to the Director.
[9:36pm] Tox|Laptop: "If we can capture the Lady's Scribe…" Mike composes his thoughts. "If the Chosen are the vessels of power, then Scribes are the vessels of knowledge and wisdom."
[9:36pm] Alivi: "So….where is the scribe…and when are we going?"
[9:37pm] Tox|Laptop: "That would be…an enormous tactical advantage in getting a step ahead of her."
[9:37pm] Gara: "Unless she steps in and kills it before we get to it."
[9:38pm] Alivi: "Sir?"
[9:38pm] Tox|Laptop: "Forewarned is forearmed, and right now we're forewarned."
[9:38pm] Tox|Laptop: Mike presses his palms to the table. "We're burning daylight. Where're we going?"
[9:41pm] Gwen: "He's a were squid…known only as The Prophet. He lives on a heavily guarded houseboat new Crimea in the Ukraine."
[9:41pm] Gara: ~Weresquid?~
[9:41pm] Tox|Laptop: "A were-/squid?/ Why would the Lady choose a were-squid, of all species…? Do we have a file on this guy?"
[9:41pm] Gwen: Addison glances to John. "YEs. Apparently."
[9:42pm] Alivi: Raine tilts his head. He looks at Mike.
[9:42pm] Tox|Laptop: "Mmm."
[9:42pm] Gara: "… Almost forgot about that. Huh. Didn't know there was a thing such as a weresquid."
[9:42pm] Scantron: Satyana doesn't seem to be fazed much — it's more of an interested expression. "Were-squid… there aren't many of those. He would be very interesting to study."
[9:43pm] Tox|Laptop: "We'll have plenty of time for that. Does he normally stay on his houseboat at all times?"
[9:45pm] Gwen: "He isn't allowed to leave the boat. He is rather…crazed. He is psychically connected to the Lady…and thus basically tended nusto all the time."
[9:46pm] Alivi: "…So we bring him into custody?"
[9:46pm] Tox|Laptop: "Awesome. That suggests a plan of attack right away. Do we have any support on-station? I'm thinking of a two-prong assault."
[9:46pm] Gwen: "He MUST survive at all costs!" The Director then gets an odd smile after saying that.
[9:46pm] Lurker: "Aw, you shouldn't have," Raj says to The Director. "You know how I love boat parties."
[9:46pm] Scantron: "Good." Satyana matches it.
[9:47pm] Tox|Laptop: "Boss…? Why do you have a slasher smile…?"
[9:48pm] Gwen: "It's not sinister…it just occurred to me…that the last time I said that was when one of Seti the fourths sons went missing in Thebes."
[9:48pm] Alivi: "I see…."
[9:48pm] Alivi: "We will make sure that he is alive."
[9:49pm] Alivi: Raine looks at John, "Right?"
[9:49pm] Gwen: "Make with the flying now." The Director waves them off.
[9:49pm] Gara: "Absolutely."
[9:49pm] Gara: "That's my god…" He sighs. He doesn't fancy treating crazy weresquid.
[9:49pm] Gara: Job*
[9:49pm] Gara: Not god.
[9:49pm] Gara: He stands up and goes down the the car.
[9:50pm] Lurker: Raj heads to grab his things and then heads to the car.
[9:50pm] Tox|Laptop: Mike heads to the car as well!
[9:50pm] Scantron: Satyana heads to the car too!
[9:51pm] Gwen: As does Addison.
[9:51pm] Alivi: Raine walks to the car.
[9:53pm] Gara: John takes a seat.
[9:54pm] Alivi: Raine gets in the car
[9:56pm] Scantron: Satyana sits as well.
[9:57pm] Gwen: Gonna say they're in the air while we wait.
[10:18pm] Tox|Laptop: "Okay, so. I think a two-prong attack is in order. Front and rear, or to the sides. That way, we hit them from both sides and they're off guard."
[10:19pm] Scantron: "I'll stay back and do, um, not fighting people."
[10:19pm] Gwen: "If this guy is linked to her…we're going to need to be quick," Addsion says, playing a game on her laptop
[10:20pm] Tox|Laptop: "Sure about that, Satyana? I thought you'd be all over this, if just for the research.
[10:20pm] Tox|Laptop: Mike nods to Addison. "That's why I think we need to go hot and heavy. Speed, surprise and violence of action. Unexpected angles of attack would work, too. Tangent: will we be able to get a helicopter?"
[10:20pm] Alivi: Raine nods. "If you want, I can try and immoblize people with ice. Let me know what to do Mike, and I can get a visual. The quicker we get to him. The better."
[10:21pm] Scantron: "Well, if we're bringing him into custody, I can come back after there aren't bullets flying."
[10:21pm] Gara: "Mike, where will you want me."
[10:22pm] Tox|Laptop: "I'll want you on rear support, John. Raine, you'll be my recon man. Meanwhile, I'll be jumping out of a helicopter and being a terrible nuisance."
[10:22pm] Tox|Laptop: He grins.
[10:22pm] Gara: "You have fun with that."
[10:22pm] Gwen: The plane begins to land. Perceptions please.
[10:22pm] Gara: d10+6 Got it.
[10:22pm] Glacon: Gara: Got it.: 16 (d10+6=10)
[10:22pm] Gara: d10+16 Oh my.
[10:22pm] Glacon: Gara: Oh my.: 18 (d10+16=2)
[10:23pm] Lurker: d10+10
[10:23pm] Glacon: Lurker: 18 (d10+10=8)
[10:23pm] Scantron: d10+8 butts
[10:23pm] Glacon: Scantron: butts: 12 (d10+8=4)
[10:24pm] Tox|Laptop: d10+8 Wolf Sense!
[10:24pm] Glacon: Tox|Laptop: Wolf Sense!: 17 (d10+8=9)
[10:24pm] Alivi: 1d10+6
[10:24pm] Glacon: Alivi: 11 (1d10+6=5)
[10:25pm] Gwen: Everyone sees a very familiar looking limo with a very familiar looking man leaning against it. Aleksi Zharkov is waiting at the hangar for them.
[10:25pm] Alivi: Raine seems amused by this.
[10:26pm] Tox|Laptop: Mike laughs a little as he descends the ramp. "Mr. Zharkov. To what do we owe the pleasure?"
[10:26pm] Scantron: Satyana descends as well, facial expression the same.
[10:26pm] Gara: John follows behind him.
[10:28pm] Gwen: "Michael, do I need reason to go somewhere in the country I own?" He smiles, then holds up a stack of twenty pound notes. "Raj."
[10:29pm] Scantron: "In this case, the reason would probably /be/ that you own the country."
[10:30pm] Lurker: "Aleks," Raj says with a smile and nods.
[10:31pm] Gwen: He tosses him the wad of cash. "You were right. My people tells me we should have sent rocket launchers."
[10:33pm] Lurker: Raj catches it, then grins. "Ah, yes. Rocket Launchers might've been useful. Perhaps I'll buy a couple with this."
[10:34pm] Gwen: "Just don't' spend it all in one pl- actually…fuck that, I don't care what you do with it."
[10:34pm] Lurker: Raj laughs and pockets the money. "I'll be sure to spread it out over time, /dad/."
[10:35pm] Gwen: "Raj, I think you're actually barred by some divine law from making comments about people who appear older than you."
[10:36pm] Lurker: "Ah, crap, you're right. I have to go sacrifice a small child now to purify my soul."
[10:36pm] Gara: John's eyebrow creeps up.
[10:36pm] Gwen: "Just don't get any on yourself. That'd be gross."
[10:36pm] Scantron: "I could advise you on that."
[10:37pm] Scantron: "I mean, I haven't actually gone as far as to do that, but I /could/."
[10:37pm] Gara: His eyebrow threatens to achieve orbit at this rate.
[10:37pm] Tox|Laptop: Mike laughs, looking from one to the other.
[10:37pm] Tox|Laptop: "But seriously, Mr. Zharkov. I wasn't questioning why you were here, merely to what we owed the pleasure of you greeting us."
[10:37pm] Scantron: Satyana is serious.
[10:38pm] Lurker: Raj may or may not be serious.
[10:40pm] Alivi: Raine is quiet
[10:40pm] Gwen: "I was bored, and the Director called me after you took off. I figured you'd need a helicopter, and possibly back-up? I am also waiting for my plan to finish fuelling up so I can go visit my daughter."
[10:41pm] Tox|Laptop: "A helicopter would be nice…I had an idea to…'drop in' on our new friend."
[10:41pm] Gara: John quietly wishes he had some sunglasses to put on.
[10:42pm] Scantron: "You're trained in that?"
[10:42pm] Lurker: At the mention of daughter, Raj looks at Mike, and then when Mike talks, Raj nods. "I wouldn't mind doing that as well."
[10:42pm] Tox|Laptop: "Fuck no," he replies blithely.
[10:42pm] Tox|Laptop: Mike looks back at Raj.
[10:42pm] Gwen: "Tell me what you need and you'll have it."
[10:43pm] Tox|Laptop: Mike blows out a breath. "Watercraft and a helicopter to start. Whatever weapons Raj and I can think of, and whatever supplies the rest of my team needs."
[10:44pm] Alivi: Raine just watches.
[10:44pm] Lurker: "I want close combat, I like to get up and watch them have that little flash of 'oh my god I'm dying' before they go down," Raj states rather calmly. "If you'd rather get some guns, that can be arranged - how big of a boat are we talking?"
[10:45pm] Gwen: "It's a floating two bedroom apartment."
[10:45pm] Alivi: Raine frowns at Rak
[10:45pm] Alivi: Raj*
[10:45pm] Lurker: "Perfect."
[10:46pm] Gara: John is, yet again, very uncomfortable around Raj.
[10:46pm] Tox|Laptop: "Raine, John, Satyana — you'll be coming from the side on a speedboat. Raj and I will attack from the sky."
[10:47pm] Gwen: Zharkov is typing away on his phone as they talk to him.
[10:47pm] Alivi: "Got it. Mike…"
[10:48pm] Alivi: 1d10+6 Ice Slate
[10:48pm] Tox|Laptop: "Yeah, Raine?"
[10:48pm] Glacon: Alivi: Ice Slate: 8 (1d10+6=2)
[10:48pm] Tox|Laptop: Mike's considering what else they might need. Close-combat means pistols and knives, certainly…
[10:48pm] Alivi: Raine manages to make an ice slate and hands it to Mike, "I'll try to get a visual on this one as well…"
[10:49pm] Tox|Laptop: Mike nods. "Awesome."
[10:49pm] Gwen: "Everything you need will be waiting at the coast for you."
[10:49pm] Tox|Laptop: "Raj, what else you think we need?"
[10:52pm] Tox|Laptop left the chat room. (Ping timeout)
[10:53pm] Lurker: "Well, I'm bringing my TAR, I'd say a flamethrower for fun, but we want him /alive/ and last time I torched a boat, Lucius was unamused."
[10:53pm] Lurker: "I say unamused, I mean he laughed hard for a couple of minutes, and then told me not to do it again."
[10:55pm] Gwen: Addison looks to Raj and just smiles. "You're just as nuts as he is."
[10:55pm] Gara: "I'd recommend you take self applicable tourniquets. If you get hit, and I'm not there, it would be useful."
[10:56pm] Lurker: "Mike might have use for them, I'll just take out as many as I can before I go down - like usual." Raj smiles at Addison. "Thank you, I do try."
[10:57pm] Gara: "On the contrary, I was more worried about you then him. I know he has regeneration. I don't know if you do."
[10:58pm] Scantron: "Raj is immortal."
[10:58pm] Scantron: "I'm not well-versed on his other abilities."
[10:58pm] Gara: "Is he still immortal if full of lead?"
[10:59pm] Lurker: "Son, I took a shotgun blast to the chest from a Nazi in World War II, and I'm talking to you, aren't I?"
[10:59pm] Gara: "… Point taken."
[11:00pm] Lurker: "I think the fact that I didn't fall over was slightly beaten out when I shoved his own knife into his heart."
[11:01pm] Gara: John suppresses a sigh. He doesn't like this man. "Probably so, yes."
[11:01pm] Tox|Laptop joined the chat room.
[11:02pm] Lurker: "Am I making you uncomfortable, Doctor?" Raj asks, smiling softly now. "I apologize, sometimes I forget that not everyone has seen as much death in their life as I have, nor have they become absolutely desensitized to it."
[11:02pm] Gwen: "Right. Everything is ready and will be there when you reach the coast.
[11:03pm] Gara: "Yes, but for different reasons. Talk of killing makes me just a bit uncomfortable, it's kind of the anti-thesis of my job."
[11:03pm] Alivi: "Thank you."
[11:03pm] Tox|Laptop: "Nonsense, John. You have to excise dead or unhealthy flesh to preserve the living flesh around it, yes?"
[11:03pm] Tox|Laptop: Mike nods at Aleksi. "Wonderful. You have my thanks."
[11:04pm] Scantron: "I don't think I ever cared too much about death."
[11:04pm] Gara: "Yes, of course. Thats why I don't protest from it. But celebration of it is a different thing."
[11:05pm] Gwen: He nods and glances over to the tarmac as a very nice, jet black private jet is pulled out of a hangar. "Well, I'm off. Happy hunting."
[11:06pm] Lurker: "Have fun, Aleks." Raj bows.
[11:06pm] Tox|Laptop: "Safe flight, Mr. Zharkov."
[11:07pm] Alivi: Raine sighs,
[11:08pm] Tox|Laptop: "Shall we get this show on the road?" Mike is /grinning./
[11:08pm] Scantron: "Let's."
[11:08pm] Alivi: "Let's get this done."
[11:08pm] Tox|Laptop: "Oorah." Mike heads towards their transport to the coast!
[11:10pm] Gwen: Addison climbs in the backseat of the rover and opens her laptop.
[11:10pm] Gara: John gets in the rover.
[11:10pm] Lurker: Raj hops in as well.
[11:10pm] Tox|Laptop: "Addison, come with the helicopter and play aerial surveillance, if you would."
[11:12pm] Scantron: Satyana gets in too.
[11:12pm] Gwen: She looks up at him. "Sure."
[11:13pm] Tox|Laptop: "Aight. Let's kick this pig." Mike shifts into drive and heads out
[11:13pm] Tox|Laptop: .
[11:15pm] Gwen: The drive to the coast is a little over an hour. When they arrive, there is a rather large chopper waiting for them, as well as about a dozen of Zharkov's mercenaries. There is also a lightly younger man that looks an awful lot like Aleksi. Raj recognizes him as his younger brother, Nikolas.
[11:16pm] Lurker: "Nikolas," Raj calls, giving a wave, and greeting the man with a man-hug. "Is /everyone/ here?"
[11:16pm] Tox|Laptop: "Ah, excellent, an armed escort!" Mike says jovially, stepping out. "Always a good way to start an assault!"
[11:17pm] Scantron: "Indeed."
[11:17pm] Gwen: "Raj," he replies. "You haven't aged a day." He looks to Mike. "You Weyland?"
[11:17pm] Gara: "That makes me feel a bit better, actually."
[11:18pm] Tox|Laptop: Mike sketches a sardonic salute. "The one and only."
[11:19pm] Gwen: "Oh god, my niece does have taste." He looks around. "My men are going to be heading to the target over the water, just in case really."
[11:19pm] Lurker: Raj snorts at the "haven't aged a day" and then even more when he says that his niece has taste.
[11:19pm] Alivi: Raine looks to Mike
[11:20pm] Tox|Laptop: "Val's got taste for days," he replies.
[11:21pm] Tox|Laptop: "Anyway…I'd appreciate some aerial support, but we /do/ anticipate hostile reinforcements, so havin' you guys as a quick-response force wouldn't go amiss either."
[11:21pm] Gwen: He glances over to Mike again and blinks once. "I got one helicopter. It's the one you're planning on jumping out of."
[11:22pm] Tox|Laptop: "Mmm. Well, a speedboat QRF would be nice, too."
[11:23pm] Gwen: "It's your show kiddo. Get us started."
[11:24pm] Tox|Laptop: Mike claps his hands. "Alright. What's the smallest number your men can operate in as a single unit? How're they trained?"
[11:25pm] Gwen: "what do you need them to do, Weyland."
[11:26pm] Tox|Laptop: "I need them to divide into units that can come into the houseboat if needed, and also stay on the perimeter and discourage other enemies from joining the fight."
[11:26pm] Gwen: "It shall be d-" His phone chimes. "Done." He glances to his phone and starts typing.
[11:26pm] Scantron: «I'm /almost/ following this.»
[11:27pm] Lurker: Raj grabs his TAR-21 and makes sure that he has everything he'll need for a fight on a boat. Bare minimums.
[11:27pm] Lurker: "… Michael, I have an idea."
[11:27pm] Tox|Laptop: Mike loads up with two Beretta M9s and a Steyr AUG, along with his combat knives, flexing to ensure they're fitted right.
[11:29pm] Gwen: The helicopter blades start to spin as two black boats glide up to the dock.
[11:30pm] Lurker: Raj approaches the helicopter. "We're going to have the element of surprise, right? So why not double that surprise?"
[11:32pm] Scantron: Satyana heads over to the helicopter as well.
[11:32pm] Gwen: Addison follows Satyana
[11:32pm] Tox|Laptop left the chat room. (Ping timeout)
[11:32pm] Gara: John looks at Satyana confused. Silly Satyana.
[11:34pm] Scantron: "What? I've never been in a helicopter."
[11:34pm] Tox|Laptop joined the chat room.
[11:35pm] Gara: "… We're suppose to use the boat."
[11:35pm] Scantron: "Oh, right." She turns around and heads back to John.
[11:35pm] Alivi: "Let's go…"
[11:35pm] Tox|Laptop: Mike's already boarded the chopper with Raj.
[11:35pm] Gara: John goes to a boat.
[11:36pm] Gara: He sits in the boat.
[11:37pm] Scantron: Satyana sits next to John.
[11:37pm] Lurker: Raj in in the chopper, he turns to Mike. "I'm going to jump cloaked, give an extra bit of surprise when they're all focusing on you. If they're distracted, it'll be much easier to wipe out a lot of them before they notice what's going on."
[11:38pm] Tox|Laptop: Mike nods. "Solid plan. I'm the guy wearing the sandwich board and clown wig and screaming incessantly, you're the knife in their ribs while they're looking that way."
[11:38pm] Gwen: The boats head off as the chopper lifts off.
[11:39pm] Alivi: «Mike, should I try to get a visual now?»
[11:40pm] Tox|Laptop: «Please do, but don't overexert yourself trying to send it too far away.»
[11:40pm] Tox|Laptop: Mike holds on, looking out over the water.
[11:40pm] Alivi: «I can try not to…and don't worry.»
[11:40pm] Alivi: Raine concentrates.
[11:40pm] Alivi: 1d10+6 Ice Survellience
[11:40pm] Glacon: Alivi: Ice Survellience: 9 (1d10+6=3)
[11:41pm] Gwen: There is a houseboat about 5 minutes away from them.
[11:41pm] Gwen: Soon, the boat comes into view. Perceptions.
[11:41pm] Alivi: 1d10+6
[11:41pm] Glacon: Alivi: 10 (1d10+6=4)
[11:41pm] Gara: d10+6 Okay.
[11:41pm] Glacon: Gara: Okay.: 7 (d10+6=1)
[11:41pm] Tox|Laptop: d10+8 HYAH
[11:41pm] Glacon: Tox|Laptop: HYAH: 13 (d10+8=5)
[11:42pm] Lurker: d10+10
[11:42pm] Glacon: Lurker: 18 (d10+10=8)
[11:43pm] Scantron: d10+8
[11:43pm] Glacon: Scantron: 11 (d10+8=3)
[11:43pm] Gwen: Raj and Mike see the six guards on patrol. Everyone please roll initiative and then wait for an explanation regarding the way this is going to work.
[11:44pm] Tox|Laptop: d10+6 INIT
[11:44pm] Glacon: Tox|Laptop: INIT: 11 (d10+6=5)
[11:44pm] Gara: d10+6 Of init.
[11:44pm] Glacon: Gara: Of init.: 13 (d10+6=7)
[11:44pm] Tox|Laptop: «Guards on patrol,» Mike relays. «Six topside.»
[11:44pm] Scantron: d10+7 Bitch. Please.
[11:44pm] Glacon: Scantron: Bitch. Please.: 14 (d10+7=7)
[11:46pm] Lurker: d10+8
[11:46pm] Glacon: Lurker: 17 (d10+8=9)
[11:46pm] Lurker: (INIT)
[11:47pm] Alivi: 1d10+6
[11:47pm] Glacon: Alivi: 11 (1d10+6=5)
[11:50pm] Gwen: So, here's how this is going work. Each person, in order is going to get ONE post describing what they do. No rolls. If you're in combat, you win. If you're looking for something, ask and I'll tell you. For those in combat you are going to be taking 2d10 in lethal over the course of the mission. For those not in combat you are taking 1d10 in Bashing damage. I'll post an overall description at the end of each 'round.' Aaaaand…..go
[11:52pm] Lurker: Raj quickly puts a stone into the necklace of his cloak and rappels down onto the boat, trying to make his way to the other side of the boat without being sensed while hoping that Mike offers an ample distraction. Once they start focusing on Mike, Raj goes for the furthest mook away from the chopper, and quickly rams a wristblade through the back of their skull before hurling them
[11:52pm] Lurker: over the edge of the boat into the water, and moving on to try and take out the others.
[11:52pm] Lurker: 2d10
[11:52pm] Glacon: Lurker: 15 (2d10=9, 6)
[11:53pm] Scantron: Satyana stays where she is, but looks for any sort of escape hatch on the boat. ~A were-squid could swim away if it knew they were coming…~
[11:53pm] Scantron: d10 bashing damage
[11:53pm] Glacon: Scantron: bashing damage: 6 (d10=6)
[11:54pm] Gwen: There is no escape hatch. THere is only one light on inside.
[11:54pm] Gara: John continues to be on a boat, listening for anything approaching them.
[11:56pm] Gara: d10 I'll just roll this bashing damage now.
[11:56pm] Glacon: Gara: I'll just roll this bashing damage now.: 10 (d10=10)
[11:57pm] Tox|Laptop: Mike surveys the area outside the chopper, estimating height above target and the like. Making his decision on approach, he clips in and waits for the chopper to get on-station. Letting himself go like an air assault infantryman, he careens down the rope with seeming reckless abandon. He lets out a savage war cry, almost a howl as he does so. His freefall is broken by the shoulders and neck of one guard on deck, an injury driven home as hard and violently as the gu
[11:58pm] Tox|Laptop: 2d10 HYAH
[11:58pm] Glacon: Tox|Laptop: HYAH: 11 (2d10=7, 4)
[11:58pm] Tox|Laptop: He's…grinning?
[12:00am] Alivi: Raine focuses and activates his relic. He attempts to freeze some of the gaurds in place to make it easier for them to be knocked out and not killed.
[12:00am] Alivi: 1d10+9
[12:00am] Glacon: Alivi: 13 (1d10+9=4)
[12:00am] Alivi: 2d10
[12:00am] Glacon: Alivi: 13 (2d10=3, 10)
[12:01am] Tox|Laptop: «Yeeee-ha!»
[12:02am] Gwen: Between the two killers on the roof of the boat, and Raine making their victims even easier to kill, the guards are soon dead. From Zharkov's two boats, there are flashes as spot lights are activated. There is a lone staircase leading into the boat.
[12:03am] Scantron: «Is it safe to come aboard?»
[12:03am] Tox|Laptop: «Let's go, Raj! Speed, surprise, violence of action!» Mike sounds fiercely joyful, and intensely /alive./»
[12:03am] Alivi: «You had to kill em…»
[12:04am] Tox|Laptop: «Us or them,» he responds more soberly.
[12:04am] Alivi: «Still…. Least you can do is be respectful Mike.»
[12:04am] Lurker: Raj uncloaks, drawing out his pistol, ready for non-lethal takedowns. « Let's roll. »
[12:05am] Lurker: Raj is fairly injured - infact, he's pretty beat up. The dogs likely got his scent after the first bit and he took a bunch of shots. He's still moving though.
[12:06am] Tox|Laptop: Mike's leaking from a bunch of punctures, and a bullet wound to his thigh. Fucks given? /Zero./ «Right behindja.»
[12:07am] Lurker: Raj heads down, keeping his eyes open for this so-called Scribe. He's careful around corners, because he's seen and been in too many "movies" where someone's taken out from a corner attack.
[12:07am] Gwen: The light appears to be coming from a large room that was probably meant to be a den. There is the sound of muttering from inside.
[12:08am] Lurker: Raj advances forward more quickly - if the Scribe's trying to contact someone or summon something, he's gonna stop it.
[12:08am] Tox|Laptop: «Sh, sh…let's hear what they're saying for just a sec…I need time to regenerate.»
[12:09am] Gwen: *mumblemumble* "…stars alignment…" *mumble* "Kentucky derby" *mumblemumblemumble* "…whole wheat…HOLD THE PICKLES!" The room is FILLED with handwritten papers.
[12:10am] Lurker: Raj halts at the door, bringing up his pistol. « The motherfucker's mental. »
[12:11am] Tox|Laptop: «The fucking…Lady in Red's mental. Hold, please…» Mike slows his breathing, letting Wolf regenerate his body.
[12:11am] Gwen: "Crystal cave…" *mumble* "Guy on TV with the bad hair…he's RIGHT I TELL YOU!" *sribble*
[12:11am] Tox|Laptop: As Raj watches, the most severe wounds on Mike's body heal in moments. Not bothering to deal with the minor lacerations, he soon opens his eyes again.
[12:11am] Tox|Laptop: «Crystal caves….guy on the TV….is he Scribing for the Lady…?»
[12:12am] Scantron: «I'm not sure if that would be a good thing or a bad thing, considering the content… or lack thereof.»
[12:13am] Gwen: «The psychic…interference is immense. He's probably thinking the right thing, and his brain is just firing off random signals because it can't cope.» It's Addison. Upon closer inspection, the man is only half a man. He is standing on 8 tentacles.
[12:14am] Lurker: Raj's wounds are slowly healing, but he's still bleeding pretty heavily. « So, MOA? »
[12:16am] Alivi: «You shouldn;t just attack him, just subdue him…»
[12:17am] Tox|Laptop: «MOA is I use one of the tricks I have up my sleeve, and you deck him until he stops moving.»
[12:18am] Lurker: « Sounds good. Alternatively, if we can manage to get him surprised enough, I can take him down really, really quickly and simply - I just need you to catch him so he doesn't bang his head. »
[12:18am] Tox|Laptop: «Oh, don't worry. 'Surprise' is definitely on the menu. Move in on my signal. You'll know it when you hear it.»
[12:19am] Lurker: « Gotcha »
[12:20am] Tox|Laptop: «On that signal, take him down nonlethally, quickly, and quietly. We need him alive.»
[12:21am] Lurker: « I'll one up - I'll take him down without risking a concussion. »
[12:21am] Tox|Laptop: Mike shimmers and flows into the form of his Wolf. «Sounds good,» he says, looking at Raj with those chilling amber eyes.
[12:21am] Lurker: « Go get 'im boy. »
[12:22am] Tox|Laptop: The wolf dips its head, then slinks into the room.
[12:22am] Lurker: Raj waits for his signal.
[12:24am] Gwen: The scribe does't notice
[12:27am] Tox|Laptop: Mike takes a deep breath, then Howls. There's a lot more to it than a normal wolf howl — as Mike taps into his God's power, it resonates and reverberates more so than it should. Raj can feel it trying to find a deeper purchase on his mind, but it slides right off, as he is not Mike's intended target. The Scribe, however, is not so lucky.
[12:28am] Tox|Laptop: It hammers him, Mike's Wolf howling and screaming at the Scribe's Beast, driving him even madder.
[12:28am] Gwen: The Scribe still isn't moving.
[12:29am] Lurker: Raj moves on up to the Scribe as soon as the Howl lets down, and aims a brachial stun for the Scribe.
[12:29am] Tox|Laptop: «….I expected more of a reaction than…that,» Mike says critically.
[12:29am] Gwen: The Scribe collapses into unconsciousness
[12:31am] Tox|Laptop: «Pick him up and let's /go./» Mike shimmers bcak into human form and fumbles for his radio. «Mad Wolf Actual to all Bureau units, prepare for exfil. HVT is secure; say again, secure.»
[12:31am] Lurker: Raj grabs the Scribe to avoid his head smacking into anything, and helps his head up as he starts to move backwards. « Could use some help, still bleeding everywhere. »
[12:31am] Gara: «Is the way to you secure?»
[12:31am] Tox|Laptop: Mike grabs whatever the Scribe's been writing in. «Affirmative, John.»
[12:32am] Alivi: «Ready?»
[12:32am] Gara: «Coming.» "I'm going to tend to Raj."
[12:32am] Gara: John gets out and tries to find his way to Raj and Mike.
[12:32am] Alivi: "Ok."
[12:32am] Tox|Laptop: «Ready, Raine!» Mike's collected ALL THE THINGS, and heads topside with Raj.
[12:33am] Alivi: «Let's get going…»
[12:33am] Lurker: Raj starts to haul the Scribe up to meet with the others. Once the Scribe has been passed off, he collapses, taking slow breaths.
[12:33am] Alivi: «Raj, you ok?»
[12:33am] Lurker: « I forgot how much being filled with bullets can be fucking annoying. »
[12:33am] Gara: Might John come across him?
[12:33am] Gwen: The Team returns to the Bureau
[12:33am] Tox|Laptop: "Bullets are annoying, yes."

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