The Director

The Director of the Bureau of Supernatural Affairs is a quirk-riddled and friendly Englishman. His full name is hidden from the public, though Team 2 has discovered it to be Lucius Caecillius de Vallo. He is known as a man whose intelligence is recognized above all else. There doesn't appear to be a topic about which the Director is clueless.

The Director is never seen without a slightly overweight orange tabby cat, with a strange collar around it's neck. The Director is accompanied by Agent Valentina Zharkov, his personal bodyguard and chauffeur.

There are rumblings that there has only been one Director in all of time, however how the Director became immortal is not known. The Director has a very large scar down across the left side of his chest. It is almost two feet long and jagged.

Below is a list of facts about the Director:

  • Some say that, while he is chauffeured around in a Rolls Royce Phantom limo, his personal car is a 1972 Rolls Royce Corniche
  • Some say that the British government has him insured with Lloyds of London for one hundred and fifty billion pounds sterling.
  • Some say that he has been married, and may have even had children.
  • Some say that he knows two facts about ducks…and both are wrong.
  • Some say that he has the same top speed as a large city block.
  • Some say that he lives in here, a 9.7 million square foot mansion outside of London that is more well guarded than your house.
  • Some say that he wrote both Mars, the Bringer of War and Pachelbel's Canon in D because he believes all cellists should be punished.
  • Some say that he only writes in green ink because the more common black and blue inks are less than trustworthy.
  • Some say the Director has no heart.
  • Some say that he doesn't believe the nation of Genovia exists.
  • Some say the Director has a brother who is also immortal.
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