The Hawthorne Wedding

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(7:01:11 PM) Scantron: Satyana is drawing occult diagrams on scratch paper in the lounge. She's referring to some old, yellowing paperback for reference.
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(7:02:51 PM) Tom90deg: Zoe is relaxing on the couch, watching some old eposides of QI
(7:03:00 PM) Tom90deg: (Wait no)
(7:03:05 PM) Tom90deg: (Disregard)
(7:03:14 PM) Tox|Laptop: Mike's all dressed up, pacing in the lounge. Did people forget the date or something, god.
(7:03:15 PM) Tom90deg: Zoe is off helping Addison! JUST like she promised
(7:03:33 PM) Tox|Laptop: OKAY ZOE DIDN'T
(7:03:40 PM) Gwen: It was evening in the lounge garden and a large full moon filled the artificial sky. In the open space nearest the stairs there is a small cluster of chairs, each covered in either blue fabric, a representation of Addison, or deep purple, for Elliot. The chairs are arranged in two rows of six chairs with a gap halfway through to act as an aisle. The aisle, from the stairs to the chairs is lined with small bouquets of blue and
(7:03:40 PM) Gwen: purple flowers with a candle in the centre of each. Facing the row of chairs there is a large podium, decorated with similar flowers. Behind the podium is the nearly seven foot tall Rev. Zachariah Jones. To his right there is a small round table, similarly decorated and a chair. There is a set of papers on the table and an old style feather quill, which has been dyed blue and purple.
(7:04:21 PM) Alivi: Raine walks into the lounge looking rather frazzled. He is dressed up nicely, he quickly scans for someone he knows and walks towards Mike, "Am I late?"
(7:04:27 PM) Tox|Laptop: Mike's wherever it's appropriate for the 'father' of the groom to be. Probably with Addison.
(7:05:17 PM) Tom90deg: Zoe is also with Addison, and she gives Mike a nod. "Hey Mike."
(7:05:46 PM) Tox|Laptop: Raine is where Mike is now. Space bandits.
(7:05:51 PM) Tox|Laptop: Closely related to time bandits.
(7:06:12 PM) Tox|Laptop: "No, Raine, you're not late. We're all on time." Mike smiles. "Evening, Zoe."
(7:06:21 PM) Alivi: Raine seems very confused. "Uh good then."
(7:06:52 PM) Gwen: The Director and Agent Zharkov, as well as Dr. Saari are all seated in the lounge garden.
(7:08:52 PM) Tox|Laptop: "Hey, Addison…are you ready?" Mike squeezes her shoulder.
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(7:09:57 PM) Gwen: Addison is studying herself in the mirror before nodding. She looks to Raine and Zoe with a smile. "Go get your seats," she says. "The Rev'll be starting soon."
(7:10:19 PM) Tom90deg: Zoe nods and heads off to her seat
(7:10:30 PM) Alivi: Raine looks at Addison and nods, "Alright." He looks at Zoe and waits for her to go, once she does, he quickly follows.
(7:14:22 PM) Tox|Laptop: Mike squeezes her shoulder again. "It'll be fine."
(7:16:19 PM) Gwen: As the rest of the team takes their seats, the Reverend, a giant, dark skinned man clears his throat. "Ladies and Gentleman, the bride was very adamant that there was to be no religion in this ceremony, so I am…slightly at a loss for words. However, I am pleased to welcome you to this happy occasion." He smiles, looking over the group of agents.
(7:17:22 PM) Scantron: Satyana's there and such.
(7:19:40 PM) Tox|Laptop: Mike remains with Addison, squeezing her hand.
(7:20:08 PM) Tom90deg: Zoe sits in her seat, fiddleing with her unfamilar fancy dress
(7:20:41 PM) Gwen: Addison sighs, watching the reverend speak. He nods up at her in the lounge and she moves to the door. The Reverend looks from the small crowd with a larger smile, before another gesture towards the stairs. "The bride." The Director stands, as does Zharkov and Dr. Saari. At the top of the stairs, Addison, who as linked arms with Mike, begins to descend the stairs towards the gardens. She's dressed in an elegant white dress that
(7:20:42 PM) Gwen: is perfectly fitted to her form. The sleeves are a beautiful lace pattern that end in a point on the back of her hand. The dress leaves her shoulders exposed. She is not wearing a veil, but her vibrantly coloured hair is braid in three parts, and then tied into a bun that looks like the petals of a flower. She has a small circlet of purple flowers around her forehead. The young woman looks around the garden with an excited
(7:20:44 PM) Gwen: smile, her eyes finally settling on the podium at the end of the aisle, as she begins to walk down the stairs towards the gardens, arms linked with Michael, a bouquet of blue and purple flowers in her hand.
(7:21:49 PM) Tox|Laptop: Mike proceeds down the aisle, looking quite handsome in his police dress uniform. He paces her, eyes forward and raised slightly.
(7:26:59 PM) Gwen: As they arrive at the podium, the Reverend nods and then looks back towards the stairs leading into the lounge. "And ladies and gentlemen, the groom." He gestures in the same way he did for Addison.
(7:28:27 PM) Tox|Laptop: Mike waits, but as time drags on, he grows slightly anxious.
(7:29:00 PM) Alivi: Raine frowns a bit, something doesn't feel right. He looks over at Mike and Addison.
(7:29:00 PM) Gwen: The Director turns around to look at the stairs, his eyes narrowing slightly. Addison hasn't moved.
(7:29:36 PM) Tom90deg: Zoe looks back, getting slightly worried.
(7:29:39 PM) Tox|Laptop: Mike's gone stock still.
(7:30:11 PM) Scantron: Satyana sits, smiling pleasantly. She doesn't have other plans tonight, and this is how one acts at a wedding anyways.
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(7:33:27 PM) Gwen: Finally Addison turns around, her face betraying no emotion, but her grip on the flowers tightening. She blinks a few times, and then clears her throat. "Well, then." If you have Empathy, can you roll Wits+Empathy, if NOT rolled Resolve+Composure.
(7:34:07 PM) Tom90deg: 1d10+2
(7:34:07 PM) Quidmore: Tom90deg: 1d10+2=12 (10)
(7:34:11 PM) Tox|Laptop: 1d10e+4 Wits + Empathy
(7:34:12 PM) Quidmore: Tox|Laptop: Wits + Empathy: 1d10e+4=10 (6)
(7:34:17 PM) Tom90deg: 1d10
(7:34:18 PM) Quidmore: Tom90deg: 1d10=7 (7)
(7:34:20 PM) Alivi: 1d10e+5
(7:34:20 PM) Quidmore: Alivi: 1d10e+5=11 (6)
(7:34:28 PM) Tom90deg: (Zoe has a 19)
(7:36:51 PM) Gwen: You all feel it…andmanage to avoid it's effects. As she speaks there's almost this…telepathic vacuum…as if the psychic energy around the gardens are imploding into her. Physically…you just feel a gust of wind towards Addison. "Thank you all for coming…I'm sorry…it was so…short." Folks with Empathy ONLY - there is something…weird about the blue-haired girl.
(7:38:38 PM) Tox|Laptop: Mike's eyes widen, but stoically, he remains silent, pulling the girl closer against him.
(7:38:49 PM) Tom90deg: Zoe stands up and walks over to Addison. "Addy…"
(7:39:58 PM) Tox|Laptop: Mike shakes his head.
(7:40:21 PM) Tox|Laptop: Mike turns Addison's face towards his, searching for her gaze.
(7:40:31 PM) Tom90deg: Zoe stays! Addison is her friend, she's gonna stay by her
(7:41:04 PM) Alivi: Raine doesn't really know what to do. He doesn't move from his seat.
(7:42:04 PM) Gwen: Addison's gaze is vacant. She's looking…else where. "Excuse me…" She shifts to pull away from Mike.
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(7:43:11 PM) Alivi: He glances at his hand but frowns further and looks back at Mike and Addison and Zoe.
(7:43:16 PM) Tox|Laptop: "Mm-mm, Addison. We're staying with you." Can Mike roll to see if he can sense what's weird about her?
(7:43:32 PM) Tom90deg: "Addy, we're not going anywhere. WE're your friends."
(7:43:54 PM) Gwen: Wits+Empathy or Occult.
(7:44:15 PM) Scantron: 1d10e+5 does Satyana sense it
(7:44:16 PM) Quidmore: Scantron: does Satyana sense it: 1d10e+5=9 (4)
(7:44:20 PM) Tox|Laptop: 1d10e+4 Wits + Empathy!
(7:44:21 PM) Quidmore: Tox|Laptop: Wits + Empathy!: 1d10e+4=13 (9)
(7:44:31 PM) Tom90deg: 1d10e+3 Occult+wits
(7:44:32 PM) Quidmore: Tom90deg: Occult+wits: 1d10e+3=4 (1)
(7:46:18 PM) Gwen: Mike senses that Addison is going through some form of extreme grief. Satyana picks up on something more…there is a build of psychic energy around Addison.
(7:47:10 PM) Tom90deg: Zoe puts a hand on Addision's sholder.
(7:47:13 PM) Scantron: Satyana frowns and headtilts.
(7:47:13 PM) Scantron: 1d10e+9 wits+occult wtf makes this happen
(7:47:14 PM) Quidmore: Scantron: wits+occult wtf makes this happen: 1d10e+9=17 (8)
(7:47:30 PM) Tox|Laptop: Mike holds her close. ~We're here for you, Addison.~ As much as he's doing it physically, he's now mentally putting himself around her.
(7:48:42 PM) Gwen: Addison is a telepath…with a potent artifact in her navel…it's likely that something as traumatic as this is…affecting…negatively. When Mike tries to think at Addison, the thought echoes back at him. She tries to get away from him once again. It's not an angry squirming…it's more desperate.
(7:49:31 PM) Tom90deg: "Mike…maybe we should let her be alone for now…"
(7:49:48 PM) Tox|Laptop: ~Addison,~ he thinks ast her firmly. ~I know you can hear me. We're not lettin' you be by yourself. We care about you.~ He tightens his hold, both physically and mentally.
(7:50:16 PM) Scantron: «Telepaths and traumatic events don't exactly mix well, as it turns out…>Satyana sits in her seat and smiles still, having failed to pick up on the fact that normal wedding etiquette has somewhat loosened.
(7:54:34 PM) Gwen: Mike's thoughts get echoed back stronger…almost as if they're being buffeted. The Director steps forward and places a hand on Mike's shoulder.
(7:56:30 PM) Tox|Laptop: Mike doesn't react to the hand on his shoulder, staring at Addison. He may not be a telepath himself, but damned if he's not going to do what he can. As if the gust were physical, Mike steadies himself.
(7:57:27 PM) Scantron: Satyana thinks. Based on what she knows about Addison's abilities, is she in any danger of any form of psychic backlash, and if so, what can she do to limit her risk? Should she roll for it?
(7:57:42 PM) Tox|Laptop: Words don't work — why not images and feelings. Mike projects comforting thoughts and feelings.
(7:57:49 PM) Tom90deg: Zoe is also by Addision. "Addy…"
(8:00:35 PM) Gwen: Satayana - Int+Occult
(8:01:08 PM) Scantron: 1d10e+10 satyana, wat r u doin, satyana, stahp!
(8:01:09 PM) Quidmore: Scantron: satyana, wat r u doin, satyana, stahp!: 1d10e+10=16 (6)
(8:03:56 PM) Gwen: Satyana figures that the more stress she's under, the more likely violent backlash is. Addison struggles again. "Please…j-just let me go!"
(8:04:10 PM) Tom90deg: "Mike…"
(8:05:47 PM) Scantron: «Stressing her is a bad idea right now. I would suggest letting her go.»
(8:06:32 PM) Tom90deg: "I agree….Addy, we're here for you, if you need to be alone now…"
(8:07:10 PM) Tox|Laptop: Mike's attention is still on Addison, cradling his daughter. His eyes take on that amber speckling, although since nobody seems to be looking at Mike's face, it's probable that nobody notices.
(8:08:56 PM) Alivi: «Mike. You need to let her be.»
(8:09:06 PM) Gwen: ~Michael…I promise I'll be fine…please…I need a moment.~
(8:12:31 PM) Tox|Laptop: Speech other than Addison's is, for the moment, so much background noise. ~Alright, daughter…if you need us, call us.~ His grip slackens, and he lets her go.
(8:14:09 PM) Gwen: Addison immediately breaks away from the group, her bouquet fall from her hands as she hurries up the stairs and into the lounge, before disappearing from sight
(8:14:39 PM) Tom90deg: Zoe sighs. "God…."
(8:16:11 PM) Tox|Laptop: "We…I…" Mike shakes his head. "/We/ shouldn't leave her alone…" It's plainly obvious that Mike is referring to himself, even with the collective pronoun.
(8:16:29 PM) Tom90deg: "She needs time Mike."
(8:16:38 PM) Tom90deg: "She knows we're here."
(8:16:47 PM) Tom90deg: "But if we push…she'll just push back."
(8:17:42 PM) Scantron: «…is it okay to leave now?>Satyana hasn't moved a goddamn inch.
(8:18:32 PM) Tox|Laptop: Mike turns to face Zoe, green/amber eyes glowing faintly in the third-quarter moon. "We can't leave another of our daughters alone…"
(8:18:39 PM) Tom90deg: "We're not."
(8:18:53 PM) Tom90deg: "She knows we're here, but some times you need to be alone for a bit."
(8:19:44 PM) Scantron: «Hold on. Daughters? What?»
(8:19:47 PM) Tox|Laptop: "…" Mike turns away, pensive.
(8:20:34 PM) Tom90deg: «Later.»
(8:23:00 PM) Gwen: Agent Zharkov's hand moves to her ear and she narrows her eyes a little.
(8:23:35 PM) Alivi: Raine sighs and looks at the others not really knowing what to do.
(8:23:41 PM) Tom90deg: "Alright…so….We need to figure out what to do…"
(8:23:42 PM) Tox|Laptop: Mike's eyes catch the motion. "Agent Zharkov?" he asks, turning slowly to face her.
(8:24:39 PM) Scantron: «Now I'm confused.»
(8:24:49 PM) Gwen: "We have a problem," she says slowly and precisely. "One of the back-up MPVs has been stolen…"
(8:24:59 PM) Tom90deg: "No it hasn't."
(8:25:16 PM) Tom90deg: "Stolen implies we don't know who took it and it won't be returned."
(8:26:03 PM) Alivi: Raine looks at Mike, "Wait� what?"
(8:26:12 PM) Gwen: Zharkov shoots Zoe a…cold glare.
(8:26:20 PM) Tom90deg: Zoe glares back
(8:26:29 PM) Tox|Laptop: Mike sighs. "Addison has probably gone somewhere…to drown her sorrows…"
(8:26:48 PM) Tox|Laptop: Mike doesn't even care about correcting Zoe's word usage.
(8:27:07 PM) Tom90deg: "Just track it and tell us where its going. We'll meet her…later."
(8:27:36 PM) Gwen: "The GPS system was found ripped out in the garage."
(8:28:08 PM) Tom90deg: "I'm assumeing that you have some sort of backup that even we don't know about to prevent just this type of thing?"
(8:28:15 PM) Tox|Laptop: Would Mike have a good idea of where she's gone off to? Or should I roll?
(8:29:01 PM) Gwen: You can give it a roll. Give me Wits+Investigation
(8:29:34 PM) Tox|Laptop: 1d10e+5 Quid I will gut you.
(8:29:34 PM) Quidmore: Tox|Laptop: Quid I will gut you.: 1d10e+5=7 (2)
(8:30:01 PM) Gwen: Mike isn't sure/
(8:30:29 PM) Tom90deg: 1d10e+5
(8:30:30 PM) Quidmore: Tom90deg: 1d10e+5=19 (10, 4)
(8:30:59 PM) Scantron: 1d10e+7 like i give a fuck
(8:31:00 PM) Quidmore: Scantron: like i give a fuck: 1d10e+7=26 (10, 9)
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(8:31:44 PM) Tox|Laptop: Mike grates his teeth and starts /pacing./ "Where did our daughter go?" he frets.
(8:31:58 PM) Tox|Laptop: "Either of you have any brainwaves?"
(8:32:55 PM) Gwen: Gambling makes the most sense, followed by everything to do with video games.
(8:33:25 PM) Tom90deg: "Casino. Or an arcade knowing Addy."
(8:33:39 PM) Tom90deg: "Is there any of those Arcade/Bar combos closeby?"
(8:34:47 PM) Tox|Laptop: "She….ngh….she probably wouldn't go to the closest one…"
(8:35:17 PM) Tom90deg: "Why not? SHe's in grief, she's not trying to hide. And becides, it's a starting point."
(8:35:22 PM) Tom90deg: "We can look for the car."
(8:35:34 PM) Tom90deg: One we find that, we can decide what to do next."
(8:36:02 PM) Tox|Laptop: "…Alright." Mike sighs. "We're just a big dog, so…I might make better time…"
(8:36:04 PM) Tox|Laptop: *we might
(8:36:15 PM) Tom90deg: "No."
(8:36:21 PM) Tom90deg: "We go together."
(8:36:32 PM) Tom90deg: "All for one and all that."
(8:37:15 PM) Tox|Laptop: "….Alright. Let's go."
(8:37:56 PM) Tom90deg: "Not now. We have to find the car."
(8:38:01 PM) Tom90deg: "Call the traffic wardens."
(8:38:26 PM) Tom90deg: "SHe's not gona be obeying traffic laws, find out if they spotted anything running a lot of red lights or anything."
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(8:39:12 PM) Tox|Laptop: "That's a good idea." Mike brightens, pulling out his cellphone. "We talk cop, we'll call."
(8:39:33 PM) Tox|Laptop: Mike gets on the line to the local cop shop and explains himself.
(8:39:59 PM) Tom90deg: Zoe points to her head. "Not just for hats."
(8:41:16 PM) Scantron: Satyana sighs and goes over to Mike and Zoe, pulling her hair out of its bun. "At least this gives me an excuse to get my hair back the way it's supposed to be…"
(8:41:37 PM) Gwen: "Alright…you said you were calling from the consulate…is this an international incident?"
(8:42:22 PM) Alivi: Raine just is sitting there awkwardly. Not really knowing what to do.
(8:42:54 PM) Tom90deg: "Other option is to go out and look for traffic accidents."
(8:43:01 PM) Tox|Laptop: "No, sir, it is not." ~Or so I hope…!~ "One of our agents has, er…had a bit of a sensitive time, and we're worried about her. Is there any way you can check to see what cars have been violating traffic law recently?"
(8:43:45 PM) Gwen: "I'll have my men start looking for cars. Do you have a description of the car."
(8:44:30 PM) Tox|Laptop: "Yes. It's a black SUV, plate number…" He motions for Zharkov to give him the plate number of the jacked MPV.
(8:45:38 PM) Gwen: "E004 YYN," Zharkov says.
(8:46:56 PM) Tox|Laptop: Mike dutifully repeats that to the desk sergeant. "…I'd appreciate a call back on this number as soon as you have any information." Mike seemed to need a second to think about the pronoun.
(8:48:40 PM) Gwen: "Of course sir," the officer says.
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(8:49:03 PM) Tox|Laptop: "Thank you very much," Mike responds, and hangs up. He promptly goes back to pacing.
(8:49:17 PM) Tom90deg: Zoe takes a seat.
(8:52:59 PM) Tom90deg: Over by Satyana
(8:54:00 PM) Gwen: A half hour later Mike gets a phone call.
(8:54:07 PM) Alivi: Raine just places his hands in his pockets.
(8:54:26 PM) Tox|Laptop: Mike, who had by this point started to wear a track in the dirt, snatches his phone from his pocket. "This is Weyland."
(8:55:33 PM) Scantron: Satyana had taken to writing notes on her hand about things. She looks back up.
(8:57:41 PM) Gwen: "Agent Weyland…we've found an Aston Martin with that plate out by Heathrow…four traffic violations and three separate minor road accidents. It's no the SUV you were looking for, but the plates are a match."
(8:59:18 PM) Tox|Laptop: "…Very well, we'll take it from here. Thank you." He hangs up. "We need to go, /now./ She's…out near Heathrow, we need to pick up the trail there and hope she hasn't run away." Mike's off towards the garage.
(9:00:12 PM) Scantron: Satyana takes off her heels and muses that she definitely had time to change into actual shoes beforehand, then heads off after Mike. She has no intention of running in heels.
(9:00:36 PM) Gwen: The Director sighs. "Agent Weyland, wait. Perhaps it would be better to monitor the airport prior to running in half-cocked." He folds his arms. "There will be a mission briefing about this in the future, now is the time for research."
(9:01:44 PM) Tox|Laptop: Mike stops and turns to the Director. "Respectfully, sir, we can't set up monitoring on the way? We'd rather be there and able to quickly respond to situations as they develop, as opposed to having to race over."
(9:03:26 PM) Gwen: "Is that a challenge, Agent Weyland? I have permissions from the government AND her Majesty that allow me to barge into any room in any house in the /world/. I can set up airport monitoring."
(9:03:46 PM) Tom90deg left the room (quit: Quit: ~ Trillian Astra - ~).
(9:04:27 PM) Tox|Laptop: "It is not a challenge, Director." Mike bows his head. "I only meant that if we were monitoring the situation /and/ over there, we can react more quickly than if we remain /here./"
(9:05:57 PM) Gwen: "She is a ticking time bomb of psychic energy, she needs time to cool off. We can track her movements in the world if we need to."
(9:06:41 PM) Tox|Laptop: "As you wish, Director."
(9:07:57 PM) Scantron: "I probably have time to change into real shoes, then. Let me know if we head out." She heads off to her room.
(9:08:18 PM) Tox|Laptop: Mike sighs, returning to pacing.
(9:08:40 PM) Gwen: That's the end of plot for the evening. The Season begins on Saturday. Will they find Addison? While she be okay? Stay tuned! Soft RP, folks!

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