The House In Maine

Tom90deg: Zoe is relaxin in the lounge!
[6:57pm] Alivi: Raine is reading.
[6:57pm] Gara: John walks down to the lounge, humming.
[6:57pm] Tox|Laptop: Mike is as well, poring over more files.
[6:59pm] Alivi: Raine sighs.
[6:59pm] Tom90deg: "Hmmm?"
[7:00pm] Scantron: Satyana is poring over files as well.
[7:01pm] Alivi: He looks over at Zoe as if he is studying her intently.
[7:02pm] Tom90deg: Zoe looks over. "Yes?"
[7:03pm] Alivi: "Ah….nothing…" Raine goes back and scratches something out and writes something in
[7:03pm] Gara: John takes a seat.
[7:04pm] Tox|Laptop: Michael yawns, leaning back.
[7:04pm] Tom90deg: There's a crackle over the loundspeaker and the voice is heard. "Team two, report to Brienfing room please."
[7:04pm] Scantron: Satyana sets down the papers and gets up, stretching. "Whelp." She heads off to the briefing room.
[7:04pm] Gara: And John follows her.
[7:04pm] Tox|Laptop: "Never fails." Mike organizes the files and heads off.
[7:05pm] Tom90deg: Zoe heads there as well!
[7:07pm] Tom90deg: In the briefing room, the director is there. "Alright team. This one….well, it should be simple. Acording to inteligence, it may not even be worth our time, but there's always that chance."
[7:07pm] Scantron: Satyana takes a seat.
[7:07pm] Tox|Laptop: "Have you ever noticed that when someone says 'this should be simple,' it never is?" Mike observes dryly to his team as he sits down.
[7:08pm] Alivi: Raine goes and takes a seat.
[7:08pm] Scantron: "It's never simple when they say it's complicated, either.""
[7:09pm] Gara: "No, it's safe to assume it's usually complicated."
[7:09pm] Tom90deg: A picture comes on over the projector, showing a large Victoria style home. "This is our location, in Maine. According to local legend, it's supposed to be haunted. Normaly, we don't take too much notice, but there have been several disappearances from the surrounding town with regularity. About every 20 years or so, a small number of people vanish from the town."
[7:09pm] Tox|Laptop: Mike narrows his eyes. "How are we sure the disappearances are connected, with such a long span between them? For that matter, how did this even pop up on our radar?"
[7:10pm] Tom90deg: "Could be just normal dissaperances, but the regularity is what flagged it on our systems. Could be some kind of artifact, or could be nothing."
[7:11pm] Tom90deg: The director nods at Mike. "Exactly. The only reason it even did get flagged was the oddity of…" He looks at a file. "5 people vanishing without a trace."
[7:11pm] Tom90deg: "But even then, it could be a wild goose chase."
[7:11pm] Tom90deg: "Consider this a working vacation if it is, Maine has some good food."
[7:11pm] Tox|Laptop: "But how are we sure that the disappearances are related to the house?"
[7:12pm] Gara: "There is only one supposed haunted house in the area?"
[7:12pm] Gara: "Really?"
[7:12pm] Scantron: "Maine is generally rather boring, if I remember correctly."
[7:12pm] Alivi: "…I've never heard of it."
[7:13pm] Tom90deg: "We're not sure. But accodring to local folklore, and the prelimanary invistagations, this is the only place that hits our radar in any sort of supernatural way."
[7:13pm] Tox|Laptop: Mike heaves a sigh.
[7:13pm] Tom90deg: "But, again, could be nothing. Could just be a concidience, and the pings we're getting are from normal ghost activity."
[7:15pm] Tom90deg: "In any case, if there's no more questions, Agent Weaver will be meeting you at the home."
[7:15pm] Alivi: "Sounds ok to me."
[7:16pm] Tom90deg: Zoe nods as well. "Sounds good."
[7:16pm] Tom90deg: The director nods. "Alright then, good luck."
[7:16pm] Tox|Laptop: "Welp. I guess the law of averages has finally caught up with us."
[7:16pm] Tox|Laptop: He stands.
[7:17pm] Gara: "Oh, knowing our luck, theres going to be some massive blood cult, sacrificing people to some profane god." John stands.
[7:17pm] Scantron: Satyana stands as well. "I think I would be able to deal with that."
[7:17pm] Alivi: "Let's not ask it upon ourselves…"
[7:18pm] Gara: "Hey, director said it would be simple, not me. Too late for that."
[7:18pm] Tom90deg: Zoe heads on downstairs, and hops in the car.
[7:18pm] Gara: John follows.
[7:19pm] Scantron: "I'll meet you all at the car." She goes to her room first to grab things (including her violin), then goes out to the car herself.
[7:19pm] Tox|Laptop: Mike gathers his kit, then heads to the Rover, slipping into the driver's seat.
[7:19pm] Tom90deg: Zoe in the drivers seat. "GEt in the back Mike, I'm a better driver than you."
[7:20pm] Alivi: Raine gets up and gets into the car.
[7:20pm] Tox|Laptop: "The hell you are. You're as bad as Addison. Move." He's grinning.
[7:21pm] Tom90deg: "Psssh, whatever! Get in, lets get a move on."
[7:22pm] Scantron: Satyana gets in as well.
[7:22pm] Tox|Laptop: "Fine. If I die, I'm haunting your ass." Mike gets in and buckles up.
[7:22pm] Tom90deg: "I'm a great driver!"
[7:22pm] Alivi: "Isn't that what Satyana usually says?"
[7:23pm] Tom90deg: As soon as everyone's in, Zoe peels out towards the airport.
[7:23pm] Tom90deg: She arrives without incident, and brings it up into the body of the plane. "Right, we're going to Maine?"
[7:23pm] Tox|Laptop: "See?! See what I mean?!"
[7:23pm] Scantron: "It is what I say."
[7:23pm] Tox|Laptop: "And yes, we're going to Maine."
[7:23pm] Tom90deg: "What? I didn't even run one light!"
[7:24pm] Gara: "I didn't have to pray. That says something."
[7:24pm] Tox|Laptop: "I'm driving next time."
[7:25pm] Tom90deg: "Like hell you are. I'll race you."
[7:25pm] Scantron: "And in my defense, I'm actually capable of arranging that. I doubt any of you could pick who to haunt even if you tried."
[7:25pm] Tom90deg: The flight is uneventful,and lands after a few hours.
[7:25pm] Gara: "Much less a particular body part, such as the ass."
[7:25pm] Tox|Laptop: Mike Gibbs-slaps John.
[7:26pm] Gara: He laughs.
[7:26pm] Tom90deg: Zoe heads back to the car and climbs behind the wheel again.
[7:26pm] Gara: John gets in the car.
[7:26pm] Tox|Laptop: Mike gets back in and buckles up.
[7:27pm] Alivi: Raine seems deep in thought.
[7:28pm] Tom90deg: Zoe takes the car out onto the roads, into the rainstorm. Driving towards the location, the town they're heading through seems a bit quiet. They pull up in front, as the rain starts to come down harder.
[7:28pm] Tom90deg: Zoe looks out at the rain grumbleing.
[7:29pm] Scantron: "I should have checked the weather before we left."
[7:29pm] Tox|Laptop: "Fuck. This. /Shit./"
[7:29pm] Tox|Laptop: Mike sighs, unbuckling. "Let's get inside, then. What's our cover story this time, Zoe?"
[7:30pm] Tom90deg: "I don't think we have one. There's noone HERE, but that Agent Weaver. I think this is a bit of a waste of time…"
[7:30pm] Alivi: "It seems like it…"
[7:30pm] Gara: "Blood cult, profane god…"
[7:30pm] Gara: "I'm calling it here."
[7:30pm] Tom90deg: The lights in the front of the room seem tobe on however."
[7:31pm] Tox|Laptop: Mike tilts his head. "…..I don't like this."
[7:31pm] Tom90deg: "WEll, not like she'd wait out front,right?"
[7:31pm] Tom90deg: "She's probaly just as bloody bored as we are."
[7:32pm] Tox|Laptop: "Something….I don't know. Feels….off. Maybe I'm just paranoid." He looks up towards the door. "…Are we ready?"
[7:32pm] Gara: "Sure."
[7:32pm] Alivi: "Stop doing that, John."
[7:32pm] Tom90deg: "Yup."
[7:32pm] Alivi: Raine nods at Mike
[7:32pm] Gara: "What?"
[7:33pm] Scantron: "I'm ready."
[7:34pm] Tox|Laptop: "Let's do it to it, then." Mike opens the door and runs for the awning!
[7:34pm] Tom90deg: Zoe follows!
[7:34pm] Gara: John follows!
[7:34pm] Scantron: Satyana does the same!
[7:34pm] Tom90deg: THe front door is unlocked.
[7:35pm] Tox|Laptop: He opens it a little. "Hello? Agent Weaver?" His hand slips to the grip of his M9.
[7:36pm] Alivi: Raine follows as well.
[7:36pm] Tom90deg: "Yes?"
[7:36pm] Scantron: Satyana shakes herself dry in a manner similar to a dog.
[7:36pm] Tox|Laptop: Michael steps inside. "We're the agents you called for. We're here about the disappearances."
[7:37pm] Tom90deg: A voice comes from the other room, and a tall hispanic woman walks in to the entryway. "Ah, yes."
[7:37pm] Tom90deg: "Welcome to this boring little section of america."
[7:37pm] Tox|Laptop: "And wet. Don't forget wet."
[7:38pm] Tom90deg: "I don't know what the bosses expect us to find, but there's nothing here, save the caretaker. Well, more caretaker for a few of the houses."
[7:38pm] Tom90deg: "Bank owns most of the bigger old houses."
[7:38pm] Tom90deg: "And they don't want to lose their investment."
[7:39pm] Tox|Laptop: "Mmmm." Michael looks about, on edge. "So…what are we supposed to /do?/"
[7:39pm] Tom90deg: "Make sure there's nothing here? I've picked up some background activity, but nothing really weird."
[7:40pm] Tom90deg: "Almost standard for something like this. Places like this attract ghosts."
[7:40pm] Tox|Laptop: Mike's mouth twists. "Mmm." Anything supernatural pinging on Mike's radar?
[7:40pm] Tom90deg: Everyone roll preception
[7:41pm] Gara: d10+6
[7:41pm] Glacon: Gara: 12 (d10+6=6)
[7:41pm] Scantron: d10+8
[7:41pm] Glacon: Scantron: 11 (d10+8=3)
[7:41pm] Tom90deg: 1d10+4
[7:41pm] Glacon: Tom90deg: 9 (1d10+4=5)
[7:41pm] Tox|Laptop: 1d10e+8 Wolf Senses
[7:41pm] Tox|Laptop: 1d10+8 Wolf Senses
[7:41pm] Glacon: Tox|Laptop: Wolf Senses: 11 (1d10+8=3)
[7:42pm] Tom90deg: The house seems rather well kept, but things seem very boring. Mike can sence some supernautral background noise, but nothing too odd.
[7:42pm] Alivi: 1d10+6
[7:42pm] Glacon: Alivi: 8 (1d10+6=2)
[7:42pm] Tom90deg: Lighting flashes outside of the windows, and a crack of thunder rolls through the house
[7:42pm] Alivi: Raine sighs.
[7:43pm] Alivi: "Great…"
[7:43pm] Scantron: Satyana twitches at the thunder. "Yeah. I don't like thunder much."
[7:43pm] Tox|Laptop: Mike opens his eyes. "Nothing too abnormal…I don't like it, and I don't trust it."
[7:43pm] Tom90deg: "Mmm…So what now? Where's our gear?"
[7:43pm] Tox|Laptop: "Whatever's here is just hiding."
[7:44pm] Scantron: "Let's start looking around, then?"
[7:44pm] Tox|Laptop: Mike walks further into the house, pulling both weapons out of their respective holsters.
[7:44pm] Tom90deg: The front room is the one that's lit up, just a few lamps, and a book next to a chair.
[7:44pm] Alivi: "Really?" Raine looks at Satyana a bit surprised.
[7:45pm] Tox|Laptop: He clicks on the taclight attached to his M9.
[7:45pm] Tom90deg: The house seems quiet, just the noise of the rain. The flashlight lights up a somewhat clean hallway.
[7:46pm] Tox|Laptop: "…For a haunted house, it's pretty damn clean."
[7:46pm] Scantron: To Raine, "What else would we do?" Satyana begins walking through the house, looking for anything interesting.
[7:46pm] Gara: John follows quietly looks around. He looks for a kitchen.
[7:46pm] Tox|Laptop: He takes the hallway. «Radio check.»
[7:46pm] Tom90deg: «Gotya»
[7:46pm] Gara: «Yes.»
[7:47pm] Alivi: "I….not that…"
[7:47pm] Alivi: Raine just sighs.
[7:47pm] Tom90deg: Everyone, another precption check.
[7:47pm] Tox|Laptop: «Raine? Satyana?»
[7:47pm] Tox|Laptop: 1d10+8 Wolf Sense!
[7:47pm] Glacon: Tox|Laptop: Wolf Sense!: 9 (1d10+8=1)
[7:47pm] Gara: d10+6 Gotcha.
[7:47pm] Glacon: Gara: Gotcha.: 7 (d10+6=1)
[7:48pm] Scantron: d10+8
[7:48pm] Glacon: Scantron: 9 (d10+8=1)
[7:48pm] Alivi: 1d10+6
[7:48pm] Glacon: Alivi: 12 (1d10+6=6)
[7:48pm] Scantron: d10+8 reroll, fak u gooby
[7:48pm] Glacon: Scantron: reroll, fak u gooby: 14 (d10+8=6)
[7:48pm] Alivi: Raine seems very unamused.
[7:48pm] Scantron: «Yeah?»
[7:48pm] Tox|Laptop: 1d10+8 Wolf Sense glacon you piece of /dick/
[7:48pm] Glacon: Tox|Laptop: Wolf Sense glacon you piece of /dick/: 11 (1d10+8=3)
[7:48pm] Alivi: «What is it?»
[7:49pm] Scantron: «I smell something.» Satyana sniffs.
[7:49pm] Tox|Laptop: «Radio-» Mike's voice abruptly cuts off. He looks around.
[7:49pm] Scantron: «I think it's blood.»
[7:49pm] Tox|Laptop: «….Blood. /Fresh/ blood.»
[7:50pm] Scantron: Satyana attempts to follow the smell to its source.
[7:50pm] Tox|Laptop: Mike moves out of his hallway, following his nose to the eastern part of the house, clicking his safeties off.
[7:50pm] Alivi: «What??»
[7:51pm] Alivi: Raine sighs he looks around not really knowing where to go.
[7:51pm] Tox|Laptop: «There's blood in the house. East side. Link up.»
[7:51pm] Tom90deg: He comes into the kitchen. There's a butcher's block there, with a plucked chicken on the table.
[7:51pm] Scantron: «Which way's East?»
[7:51pm] Gara: The same kitchen John was going to?
[7:52pm] Tom90deg: He was trying, but he got lost.
[7:52pm] Tox|Laptop: Mike looks around the kitchen. He sighs. Is there a trail he can follow? Blood trail, someone who isn't the team or Agent Weaver moving through?
[7:52pm] Gara: Sure. John tries to link up with someone.
[7:52pm] Tom90deg: Roll perception again
[7:53pm] Gara: d10+6 Just Mike, or all of us?
[7:53pm] Glacon: Gara: Just Mike, or all of us?: 13 (d10+6=7)
[7:53pm] Tom90deg: Anyone in the kitchen
[7:53pm] Tox|Laptop: Mike closes his eyes, immersing himself in Wolf's senses, inviting him to share the world and tell him where to go.
[7:53pm] Tox|Laptop: 1d10+8 Wolf Sense
[7:53pm] Glacon: Tox|Laptop: Wolf Sense: 11 (1d10+8=3)
[7:53pm] Alivi: Raine makes his way towards the kitchen
[7:53pm] Scantron: Satyana eventually finds her way to the kitchen, I suppose?
[7:53pm] Scantron: d10+8 you got another thing coming
[7:53pm] Glacon: Scantron: you got another thing coming: 10 (d10+8=2)
[7:54pm] Tox|Laptop: 1d10+8 Wolf Sense
[7:54pm] Glacon: Tox|Laptop: Wolf Sense: 9 (1d10+8=1)
[7:54pm] Tox|Laptop: 1d10+8 glacon you are a hateful spiteful robot and I want to kick you in the teeth
[7:54pm] Glacon: Tox|Laptop: glacon you are a hateful spiteful robot and I want to kick you in the teeth: 9 (1d10+8=1)
[7:54pm] Tox|Laptop: 1d10+8 /NO./
[7:54pm] Glacon: Tox|Laptop: /NO./: 14 (1d10+8=6)
[7:55pm] Alivi: Does Raine get there?
[7:55pm] Tom90deg: yes?
[7:56pm] Tox|Laptop: «….Oh hell.»
[7:56pm] Tom90deg: Zoe looks over at China. «What?»
[7:56pm] Tox|Laptop: Mike looks around for something small and manageable to pick up. He opens the drawer and looks for some silverware.
[7:57pm] Tom90deg: *Mike
[7:57pm] Scantron: "What's up?" Satyana looks at the chicken. Anything unusual?
[7:57pm] Tom90deg: There's some rather nice silverware in the drawers
[7:57pm] Tom90deg: The chicken seems normal. Fresh.
[7:57pm] Alivi: Raine sighs. "Great…"
[7:58pm] Tox|Laptop: "Get back to the doorway," Mike says tersely, before taking a fork…and lobbing it at the window.
[7:58pm] Tom90deg: The fork hits the window and falls to the ground with a ting.
[7:59pm] Alivi: Raine backs up to the doorway.
[7:59pm] Gara: John stands at the doorway, curious as to what he is doing.
[7:59pm] Tox|Laptop: "….Hmm." Mike looks at the chicken, then finds a carving knife and cuts off one of the legs, and hucks that at the window.
[7:59pm] Scantron: Satyana gets back to the doorway.
[7:59pm] Scantron: "What's wrong?"
[7:59pm] Tom90deg: The leg flies against the window and splats.
[8:00pm] Tox|Laptop: "There's some energy field covering the windows. Both inside and out."
[8:01pm] Scantron: "Huh." Satyana thinks. How does one locate the origin of an energy field?
[8:01pm] Tox|Laptop: "There's also blood somewhere else. I can't pin it down..but it's not animal."
[8:01pm] Alivi: "…really?"
[8:02pm] Tox|Laptop: "…Everyone on me. We'll go room by room."
[8:02pm] Scantron: Satyana nods.
[8:02pm] Tom90deg: "Right."
[8:02pm] Tox|Laptop: Mike troops back to the entryway. "Agent Weaver. Are you still around?"
[8:02pm] Tom90deg: There's no responce
[8:02pm] Alivi: "Should I get a visual?"
[8:03pm] Alivi: "We can cover more ground that way."
[8:03pm] Tox|Laptop: "Agent /Weaver!/"
[8:03pm] Tom90deg: No responce.
[8:04pm] Alivi: "Perkele…."
[8:04pm] Alivi: Raine looks at Mike, before dropping the temperature, he activates his relic.
[8:04pm] Tox|Laptop: "Do so, Raine, please. While you're doing that, let me try something…"
[8:04pm] Alivi: 1d10+9 getting a visual
[8:04pm] Glacon: Alivi: getting a visual: 14 (1d10+9=5)
[8:04pm] Alivi: The ice crystals spread throughout the house and raine looks at the ice slate.
[8:05pm] Alivi: "Where is Agent Weaver…."
[8:05pm] Alivi: He mutters to himself.
[8:05pm] Tom90deg: You find her. In a side room in a hallway off of the main hall, to the west
[8:05pm] Tom90deg: At least, from process of elimination, you're assuming it's her.
[8:06pm] Tox|Laptop: Mike opens his eyes, shaking his head. "Nhh. I can't focus."
[8:06pm] Tox|Laptop: "What've you got, Raine?"
[8:06pm] Scantron: "Regardless, let's not have anyone go off on their own any more."
[8:06pm] Alivi: "Yes I did… to the west,"
[8:07pm] Tox|Laptop: "Mmm. Let me try once more…"
[8:07pm] Tox|Laptop: Mike closes his eyes, and tries to push outward with his mind, as Addison has taught him. Past himself, past the members of his own team, searching for anyone else in the house.
[8:07pm] Alivi: Raine looks at Mike, "She is in the side room, in a hallway off to the main hall."
[8:07pm] Tox|Laptop: 1d10+10 Perception w/ bonus EQUALS COBBLED-TOGETHER MINDSENSE
[8:07pm] Glacon: Tox|Laptop: Perception w/ bonus EQUALS COBBLED-TOGETHER MINDSENSE: 12 (1d10+10=2)
[8:07pm] Alivi: Raine moves in closer to see if she is ok
[8:07pm] Tox|Laptop: 1d10+10 Perception w/ bonus EQUALS COBBLED-TOGETHER MINDSENSE glacon you are a /whore/
[8:07pm] Glacon: Tox|Laptop: Perception w/ bonus EQUALS COBBLED-TOGETHER MINDSENSE glacon you are a /whore/: 16 (1d10+10=6)
[8:08pm] Alivi: "PERKELE."
[8:08pm] Alivi: Raine looks at Mike, "We need to get there, now."
[8:08pm] Gara: "Whats going on?"
[8:08pm] Alivi: "We have a death…"
[8:09pm] Gara: "Get moving, it might not be too late."
[8:09pm] Tox|Laptop: "A death? What do you mean, Raine?"
[8:09pm] Alivi: Raine looks at John, "No, Agent Weaver is dead…there is no saving her…"
[8:09pm] Tox|Laptop: Mike starts moving to the west. "What killed her?"
[8:09pm] Alivi: Raine looks at Mike and shows him the icepad.
[8:09pm] Tox|Laptop: Mike stops, turns.
[8:10pm] Gara: John follows Mike.
[8:10pm] Alivi: "No idea…but whatever it was…it multilated her body…"
[8:10pm] Tox|Laptop: He looks down at the proffered icepad.
[8:10pm] Tox|Laptop: What do his wolf eyes seeeeeeeeee?
[8:10pm] Tom90deg: She's dead. VEry messily dead. Head seems to have been destroyed,torso torn up.
[8:11pm] Tox|Laptop: "….we only left her for a few minutes…and we didn't hear anything. We've also got a problem."
[8:11pm] Alivi: Raine sighs.
[8:11pm] Alivi: "Let's go…now."
[8:12pm] Tox|Laptop: "There's something else intelligent in this house with us. It's somewhat hostile, but I don't think it particularly /cares/ about us."
[8:12pm] Alivi: "Well…that may be…"
[8:13pm] Tox|Laptop: "I can't tell where it is…but I don't think we can leave, what with that energy field. Unless someone wants to test it some more?" Mike heads to the door and cracks it open.
[8:13pm] Scantron: Satyana is sticking close to the group.
[8:13pm] Tom90deg: The door does not open.
[8:13pm] Tox|Laptop: "Fuck."
[8:13pm] Tom90deg: Handle turns, but the door dosn't budge
[8:13pm] Tox|Laptop: "Capstone to the fuckin' day."
[8:13pm] Alivi: Raine looks irritated.
[8:13pm] Scantron is now known as Scanchores.
[8:13pm] Alivi: "Can you force it open?"
[8:14pm] Tox|Laptop: "I can try." Does the door open into the house or out?
[8:14pm] Tom90deg: It opens inwards.
[8:15pm] Tox|Laptop: "It opening inward will make it a little tricky, but let me try shooting the lock. Just for shiggles." Mike draws down, point-blank on the lock plate and fires twice, before trying to dislodge the door with his foot.
[8:15pm] Tom90deg: Raine, how far through the house have you extended the ice-view?
[8:16pm] Tom90deg: The bullets slam intothe lockplate, blowing it out neatly
[8:16pm] Tom90deg: There's now a ragged hole in the door
[8:16pm] Tox|Laptop: Whereupon Mike attempts to kick the door to dislodge it, right in the lock plate.
[8:16pm] Alivi: He is methodically going room to room
[8:16pm] Tom90deg: Nothing happens. It's still stuck solid.
[8:16pm] Tox|Laptop: "Fucking magic /bullshit./"
[8:17pm] Tom90deg: Alivi, roll a perception
[8:17pm] Alivi: 6df+8 tagging patterns in the frost
[8:17pm] Glacon: Alivi: tagging patterns in the frost: 6 (6df+8=-, 0, 0, -, +, -)
[8:17pm] Alivi: reroll
[8:17pm] Alivi: cuz I did that wrong
[8:17pm] Alivi: 1d10+8
[8:17pm] Glacon: Alivi: 17 (1d10+8=9)
[8:18pm] Tox|Laptop: "Well, if it /is/ magic bullshit…" Mike changes to his Babbage, firing at the same spot.
[8:19pm] Alivi: Raine blinks and looks closer.
[8:19pm] Tom90deg: The door lights up, craclkeing with energy, before fading. You also notice that the hole in the door seems a bit smaller.
[8:19pm] Tox|Laptop: Mike tries opening the door again.
[8:19pm] Alivi: Raine frowns, "No…no…"
[8:19pm] Tom90deg: Still nothing. It's stuck fast.
[8:19pm] Tox|Laptop: "/Fuuuuck./"
[8:20pm] Alivi: Raine looks around, how do they get upstairs
[8:20pm] Tox|Laptop: "Raine, whatchoo got?"
[8:20pm] Tom90deg: There's a large stairway back down the hallway.
[8:20pm] Alivi: "…I…am not sure…I want to get a closer look…"
[8:20pm] Tox|Laptop: He stows his weapons, looking a little peeved, walking over to him.
[8:20pm] Tox|Laptop: "Show me."
[8:20pm] Alivi: Raine holds out the slate.
[8:20pm] Alivi: Raine turns, "We should go upstairs.
[8:20pm] Alivi: "
[8:21pm] Tox|Laptop: "…."
[8:21pm] Tox|Laptop: 1d10+8 What in the…
[8:21pm] Glacon: Tox|Laptop: What in the…: 15 (1d10+8=7)
[8:21pm] Tox|Laptop: Mike's face loses some color.
[8:21pm] Tox|Laptop: "…Fucking goddamn magic bullshit."
[8:22pm] Alivi: "Mike, stop that. We need to figure this out. Come on…" Raine starts towards the staircase
[8:22pm] Tox|Laptop: "Everyone stay the hell behind me." Mike moves out.
[8:22pm] Gara: John stays the hell behind him/
[8:22pm] Alivi: Raine is a scout it is his job to go first Mike, geez.
[8:22pm] Tox|Laptop: okay fair point gawd
[8:22pm] Tom90deg: Zoe stays behind Mike
[8:23pm] Alivi: Raine looks behind him at Mike. "Does that go for me as well Mike?"
[8:24pm] Alivi: Raine looks back at the ice slate in his hands. Having made another one.
[8:24pm] Tox|Laptop: "No, you're the scout, you go where you need to."
[8:25pm] Scanchores: "…hm… that hole in the door was smaller than it was before you shot at it."
[8:25pm] Tox|Laptop: "The house must be repairing itself. Again, fantastic."
[8:25pm] Scanchores: "That would explain why it's so clean."
[8:26pm] Tom90deg: "Mmm…"
[8:26pm] Tox|Laptop: He goes up the stairs, heading towards the room.
[8:27pm] Tom90deg: The room is unlocked, inside is a somewhat nice study, with a large painting off to the side.
[8:27pm] Scanchores is now known as Scantron.
[8:27pm] Scantron: Satyana looks inside. Describe the painting?
[8:27pm] Tox|Laptop: "Who's in here?" Mike calls.
[8:27pm] Tom90deg: The painting is a large one, the family sitting in the middle on the couch, and a number of servents on the sides.
[8:28pm] Tom90deg: There's no answer to Mike's call.
[8:29pm] Alivi: Raine looks at the picture.
[8:29pm] Tox|Laptop: "Someone or something is here. Show yourself if you're in here!" Mike steps into the room slowly.
[8:29pm] Tom90deg: One of the servents to the side looks a lot like Agent Weaver.
[8:29pm] Alivi: How similar?
[8:29pm] Tom90deg: As far as you can tell, it's her.
[8:31pm] Tox|Laptop: "Raine, see if you can take the painting down."
[8:31pm] Alivi: Raine looks over and nods, he attempts to remove the painting
[8:31pm] Tom90deg: The painting comes down easily, but it is very heavy.
[8:31pm] Scantron: "…why is Agent Weaver in that picture?"
[8:31pm] Gara: "Hmm."
[8:31pm] Tox|Laptop: He looks to the wall behind the picture. Anything amiss?"
[8:32pm] Tox|Laptop: *-"
[8:32pm] Tox|Laptop: "Because 'Agent Weaver' is dead, and has been for some time," Mike replies tersely.
[8:32pm] Tom90deg: There is, in fact. A small old-fashoned wall safe.
[8:32pm] Tox|Laptop: "Jackpot. Zoe, you know what to do."
[8:32pm] Tom90deg: "I'm on it."
[8:33pm] Tom90deg: 1d10+10 (DEx+Larceny)
[8:33pm] Glacon: Tom90deg: (DEx+Larceny): 17 (1d10+10=7)
[8:33pm] Tox|Laptop: While Zoe's doing that, Mike pulls out his knife and cuts into the back of the painting, in the event that someone hid shit behind it.
[8:33pm] Alivi: Raine grins at Zoe, "Well good thing we have you." He sets down the painting.
[8:33pm] Tom90deg: There's no back ot the painting, just the canvis of the actual painting.
[8:33pm] Tom90deg: "Yup, I dunno what you'd do without me."
[8:34pm] Tom90deg: The lock clicks open, and the door swings open.
[8:34pm] Tox|Laptop: Oh, it's not one of those paintings. Disregard; Mike checks it over, trying to figure out why it's uncharacteristically heavy.
[8:34pm] Tom90deg: The frame is made of solid wood, and it looks to be very old. It's just heavy.
[8:35pm] Tox|Laptop: "Nothin' fun here. Zoe? Any joy in the safe?" He walks over to her.
[8:35pm] Tom90deg: Inside the safe is a small box, and a old journal.
[8:35pm] Tox|Laptop: Anything supernatural about either one?
[8:35pm] Alivi: Raine looks around, what is the layout upstairs?
[8:36pm] Scantron: "Or she got incorporated into the painting… somehow."
[8:36pm] Tom90deg: Nothing supernatural that you can sence.
[8:36pm] Scantron: Satyana peeks into the safe as well. "Hm. I'll look at the journal."
[8:36pm] Tom90deg: The upstairs floor has a few bedrooms, a bathroom,and a doorway leading to the attic
[8:36pm] Tox|Laptop: Mike reaches in and pulls out the box, upending it to drop its contents on the ground without him having to touch it.
[8:37pm] Tom90deg: Inside the box are a number of small items. white bone, a few small bunches of hair and the like.
[8:37pm] Alivi: Raine looks at the painting again, did they see pictures of the previous victims? Can he roll perception to see if he sees those faces in the painting?
[8:38pm] Tom90deg: The journal is rather simple. A list of dates, and names. 5 names, and then a space. Then 5 more
[8:38pm] Tom90deg: You can roll preception
[8:38pm] Alivi: 1d10+6
[8:38pm] Glacon: Alivi: 10 (1d10+6=4)
[8:38pm] Tom90deg: There's noone else there you reconize, just Agent Weaver.
[8:39pm] Alivi: Raine sighs and stands he then manipulates the ice crystals to go upstairs into the attic. He watches his slate as he wanders over to the stairs he doesn't ascend but he watches to see if anything shows up from up there.
[8:39pm] Tox|Laptop: Mike looks at the journal, and pulls out his Mobile Bureau Database Link Terminal. Do the names and dates in the journal have a 100% concordance with the reported disappearances?
[8:40pm] Tom90deg: Nothing seems to be upstairs of note. Trunks, clothes, rope and the like.
[8:40pm] Tom90deg: Mike, yes, within a few days, they seem to line up.
[8:40pm] Tox|Laptop: Which way is it off? Are the journal dates ahead of the disappearances, behind, or some of each?
[8:41pm] Scantron: "Hm."
[8:41pm] Tox|Laptop: And are there any that match up precisely?
[8:41pm] Tom90deg: It seems to be before the dates, but there are some that match up to the day. It seems to be normal for when someone would be taken, and then reported missing.
[8:42pm] Tox|Laptop: Correlating information on the people being taken, are there any commonalities between a) people in each group, b) the groups taken as units?
[8:42pm] Alivi: Raine sighs. He methodically starts searching for anything interesting. Room, by toom.
[8:42pm] Alivi: room*
[8:43pm] Tom90deg: Seems to be no real corelation in the people who were taken.
[8:43pm] Tox|Laptop: Michael frowns. "Hmmm. It seems random…"
[8:43pm] Gara: John stays in the office, not really knowing what to do.
[8:43pm] Tox|Laptop: "And I can't tell if the journal is recording dates people /were/ taken, or /should be/ taken."
[8:44pm] Tom90deg: Raine, the rooms seem to be quiet on the second floor. The Attic seems a bit dusty, but normal looking from what you can tell fromthe ice.
[8:45pm] Scantron: "What's the background on the house? Did anything happen here that would lead to it becoming haunted?"
[8:45pm] Tox|Laptop: "Though…Agent Weaver's name…" He stabs the journal with a finger. Going back to his MBDLT, he searches for Agent Weaver. Who was she right before she disappeared?
[8:46pm] Alivi: Raine sighs. He goes back to the others, "Nothing suspicious up here other than this…"
[8:46pm] Tom90deg: She was one of the prelimary people sent out here to look into the house. It was mostly seen as a boring job, just to confirm that there may be something worth looking into.
[8:48pm] Tox|Laptop: Mike frowns. "So…five people taken every twenty years…no correlation between them, or between the groups they were part of. Agent /Weaver/ comes out here two days ago, if this journal is to be believed. She gets killed messily, and suddenly she's in a group photo of an old family. What the /fuck./"
[8:48pm] Alivi: "How many people have been taken recently?"
[8:48pm] Tox|Laptop: "Oh, and in case people forgot, we're trapped here."
[8:48pm] Tox|Laptop: "Most recent was Weaver, two days ago."
[8:48pm] Alivi: Raine frowns, "John, do you want to go and take a look at the body?"
[8:49pm] Alivi: "Maybe there are some answers there…"
[8:49pm] Gara: "Yes, I would."
[8:49pm] Gara: "Lead the way?"
[8:49pm] Scantron: "No, I didn't forget." Satyana looks at the painting. "…could you try getting some pictures of the people who died? Maybe they're in the painting too. I'm going to go with you to look at the body."
[8:49pm] Alivi: Raine looks over at Mike. "Is this ok?"
[8:49pm] Tox|Laptop: "…"
[8:49pm] Tox|Laptop: "Wait. You remember the person who met us in the entryway?"
[8:50pm] Gara: "Yes. It's unlikely to be her, she probably would have screamed. Unless she was already dead, and the injury was post mortem."
[8:50pm] Tox|Laptop: Mike holds out his datalink terminal. The face attached to Agent Weaver's profile is /not/ the person who met them inside the house.
[8:51pm] Gara: "… And also that."
[8:51pm] Alivi: Raine frowns, "What…?"
[8:51pm] Tox|Laptop: "This just keeps getting better and /better,/" he says with heavy sarcasm.
[8:51pm] Alivi: "Ok…will you both stop that?"
[8:51pm] Tox|Laptop: "I don't understand any of this."
[8:51pm] Alivi: Raine sighs.
[8:52pm] Alivi: "None of us do, but it is our job to figure it out. Mike,"
[8:52pm] Tox|Laptop: "…Let's see if dead men really do tell no tales."
[8:52pm] Tox|Laptop: "Lead on, Raine."
[8:53pm] Alivi: Raine nods, He sends the ice crystals down following the path to the body, scoping to see if there is anything amiss.
[8:54pm] Tom90deg: Arriving at the body, you're hit with the smell of the body. How you managed to miss this, is beyond you.
[8:54pm] Tox|Laptop: Mike recoils. "This is /not/ a fresh kill."
[8:54pm] Alivi: Raine grimaces.
[8:54pm] Gara: John steps over to it, looking for grevious wounds. He ignores the smell, dutifully checking over it.
[8:54pm] Alivi: "Satyana? can't you like talk to ghosts or something?"
[8:55pm] Tox|Laptop: Mike examines the body with great reticence.
[8:55pm] Tom90deg: John, roll medical+Int
[8:55pm] Gara: d10+10 Sure.
[8:55pm] Glacon: Gara: Sure.: 14 (d10+10=4)
[8:55pm] Tox|Laptop: As a wolf and a cop, he should be able to pull a time-of-death quickly.
[8:55pm] Tom90deg: Mike, roll Perception
[8:55pm] Scantron: "I can, but… it's not my FIRST choice. I want to see if I can avoid that for a moment." She examines the body. Can she derive any significance from the wounds that were affected, perhaps with Occult?
[8:55pm] Gara: As a doctor, so should John.
[8:55pm] Tom90deg: Sure, roll occult+Int
[8:55pm] Tox|Laptop: 1d10+8 Time of Death analysis
[8:55pm] Glacon: Tox|Laptop: Time of Death analysis: 17 (1d10+8=9)
[8:56pm] Tom90deg: John and Mike both peg time of death at about 24 hours ago. You can also clearly see that this is not the person who met you in the front. It's too tall, and the body shape is diffrent.
[8:57pm] Tox|Laptop: "She died….about a day ago. And yeah, this isn't the same person." He shakes his head.
[8:57pm] Gara: John checks the time. "I'm putting the time of death at approximately 8 O'clock, April 26th. And no, that's unlikely."
[8:57pm] Tox|Laptop: Mike's head snaps around, and his body grows still.
[8:58pm] Scantron: d10+10
[8:58pm] Glacon: Scantron: 14 (d10+10=4)
[8:58pm] Tox|Laptop: "Babbages up! NOW!" Mike yanks his Babbage from its holster.
[8:58pm] Alivi: Raine looks over at Mike and takes out his Babbage.
[8:58pm] Gara: John pulls his, even though he really would be worthless with it.
[8:59pm] Alivi: Raine looks at Mike. "What is it?
[8:59pm] Tox|Laptop: "Something's coming."
[8:59pm] Alivi: Raine looks at the ice slate, can he see anything?
[8:59pm] Tox|Laptop: "There's something….here. Coming from the attic. Hostile and angry."
[8:59pm] Tom90deg: Satayana, this was done both in an occult way, and a way to make identification more difficult
[9:00pm] Scantron: Satyana pulls hers up too! "By the way, I think it was done in a manner that would make it easier to conceal the body's identity."
[9:00pm] Alivi: Raine frowns, "The trunk…something is getting out."
[9:00pm] Tom90deg: Raine. You see one of the trunks upstairs opening, and a dry hand coming out.
[9:00pm] Tom90deg: A figure comes out of the trunk and begins to move to the doorway and downstairs.
[9:00pm] Gara: "Damn it."
[9:00pm] Tom90deg: Another trunk opens as well.
[9:00pm] Alivi: Raine frowns and manipulates the ice crystals to take a look. What does it look like.
[9:00pm] Alivi: "Two…"
[9:01pm] Tom90deg: It looks like a dessicated corpse. Bright eyes and an open mouth, moving downstairs
[9:01pm] Alivi: "…John, come look at this, what is this?"
[9:02pm] Tom90deg: You can hear movement from upstairs, coming closer
[9:02pm] Gara: John looks at the tablet.
[9:02pm] Alivi: Does anything come out of the second trunk?
[9:02pm] Tox|Laptop: "There's also something else downstairs," he says with a shudder. "Focus on this one first. Weapons free, fire as soon as you see it."
[9:02pm] Tom90deg: Yes, another corpse much like the first one, dressed in a tattered dress.
[9:02pm] Alivi: "Wait, do we know it is bad?"
[9:02pm] Tox|Laptop: "Yes. It's hostile and angry."
[9:02pm] Alivi: "Mike, we can't just shoot at things…"
[9:03pm] Alivi: "Well we are in the house tresspassing, come on. What if they are just defensive. We need to communicate first.
[9:03pm] Gara: "I agree with Raine."
[9:03pm] Tox|Laptop: "….This goes against my better judgment, but…fine. Get out into the hallway, give yourself room to back up."
[9:03pm] Tom90deg: The steps from upstairs are more clearer, and you can hear them coming downstairs.
[9:04pm] Tox|Laptop: Mike steps into the hallway, flexing his fingers on the grip of the Babbage.
[9:04pm] Alivi: Raine nods and follows Mike's orders. Raine keeps his eyes on the tablet.
[9:04pm] Tom90deg: The two figures some down stairs, and when they see the team, they let out a groan, and lurch forward with surprizeing speed.
[9:04pm] Alivi: 1d10+9 Ice wall
[9:04pm] Glacon: Alivi: Ice wall: 19 (1d10+9=10)
[9:04pm] Alivi: 1d10
[9:04pm] Glacon: Alivi: 10 (1d10=10)
[9:05pm] Tox|Laptop: Mike gasps, shaking his head. "N-No. Raine, you can't communicate with them. They….there's nothing /there./"
[9:05pm] Tom90deg: A huge thick wall of ice grows up in front of the group, the two figures slamming against the wall, with no effect
[9:05pm] Alivi: "…Really?"
[9:05pm] Tox|Laptop: "Completely empty shells."
[9:05pm] Alivi: Raine frowns. "Perkele…."
[9:06pm] Tom90deg: They slam their fists against the wall, but nothing happens, it's a huge wall.
[9:06pm] Tox|Laptop: "How long will that hold?"
[9:06pm] Scantron: "does the Bureau have air strike capability?"
[9:06pm] Alivi: "No idea…it's pretty strong…."
[9:06pm] Gara: "I'm sure they do."
[9:06pm] Gara: "But I doubt we need to call in an air strike."
[9:06pm] Alivi: "Let me know when you are ready and I will change the form to spikes and cause it to vanish… Only when you are ready…"
[9:06pm] Gara: "That kind of thing makes head lines."
[9:07pm] Tox|Laptop: Mike shakes himself lightly, drawing a steadying breath, then another. "…As soon as that wall comes down, open fire. Understood?"
[9:07pm] Scantron: "Got it." Can Satyana roll something to aim so her shots will be better?
[9:07pm] Tom90deg: Their fists smash again, but nothing happens. Their fingers scrabble at the slick wall, without any effecct
[9:07pm] Alivi: Raine takes a breath, "Ready?"
[9:08pm] Alivi: Raine looks at Mike.
[9:08pm] Tox|Laptop: Mike shifts his aim point to the male's head. "Do it."
[9:09pm] Alivi: Raine nods and focuses on changing the form of the wall into some spikes on the ground to slow them down still but to allow them to shoot if they need to.
[9:09pm] Alivi: 1d10+9
[9:09pm] Glacon: Alivi: 18 (1d10+9=9)
[9:09pm] Tom90deg: The ice flows, the wall forming huge spikes, slashing and sticking up into the figure's bodies
[9:09pm] Gara: «It might be best for everyone involved that I don't shoot.»
[9:09pm] Tox|Laptop: 1d10+9 Pistolshoot with the Babbage!
[9:09pm] Glacon: Tox|Laptop: Pistolshoot with the Babbage!: 16 (1d10+9=7)
[9:10pm] Alivi: Raine looks at John, "Stay behind us then."
[9:10pm] Gara: And he does.
[9:10pm] Tox|Laptop: The bolt of energy leaps from Mike's weapon, twisting as it smashes into the male zombie's head.
[9:10pm] Scantron: d10+5 lol I can't shoot?
[9:10pm] Glacon: Scantron: lol I can't shoot?: 9 (d10+5=4)
[9:10pm] Tom90deg: The babbage zaps the male zombie, part of it's head being blown off, as it breaks off of the ice spikes, some of them still stuck into it's lower body.
[9:11pm] Alivi: Raine can't shoot at all, he looks to the others, prepared to attack if need be.
[9:12pm] Tox|Laptop: Mike takes a brief moment to take a picture of the restrained female zombie. He orders an immediate cross-reference between the picture and everyfuckthing. While that processes, he puts the device back in his pocket, addressing the female zombie.
[9:13pm] Alivi: Raine attempts to freeze the zombies in place
[9:13pm] Alivi: 1d10+9
[9:13pm] Glacon: Alivi: 17 (1d10+9=8)
[9:13pm] Tom90deg: The ice wall moves up, gripping around the two zombie's legs, freezing their forward movement.
[9:14pm] Tox|Laptop: "How the fuck is that one still up?!" he says, shifting back to the male.
[9:14pm] Tom90deg: John, your go
[9:15pm] Gara: John has nothing to do, noone is injured. He looks at the zombies, how well restrained are they?
[9:15pm] Scantron: "Maybe it's being animated by an outside force, such as the house."
[9:15pm] Tom90deg: Satayana, go
[9:16pm] Scantron: She shoots the one that's still up.
[9:16pm] Scantron: d10+5 STILL CAN'T SHOOT LOL
[9:16pm] Glacon: Scantron: STILL CAN'T SHOOT LOL: 14 (d10+5=9)
[9:17pm] Tom90deg: The bolt fires, and manages to strike the female zombie in the chest, sending a shock through it's whole body.
[9:17pm] Tom90deg: 1d10+5 Zombie M tries to break free
[9:17pm] Glacon: Tom90deg: Zombie M tries to break free: 9 (1d10+5=4)
[9:17pm] Tom90deg: It manages to crack the ice, but it's still stuck
[9:18pm] Tom90deg: 1d10+5 Zombie F
[9:18pm] Glacon: Tom90deg: Zombie F: 6 (1d10+5=1)
[9:18pm] Tox|Laptop: "There's another entity in this house. Downstairs. Hostile, but indifferent, and it's similar enough to a human that we should be able to communicate with it."
[9:18pm] Tom90deg: It tries to break the ice, but the damage from Satayan's shot causes one of it's arms tofall off.
[9:18pm] Tom90deg: Mike, go
[9:18pm] Scantron: "How am I such a good shot?"
[9:19pm] Tox|Laptop: Mike aims another bolt at the male zombie, to blow off the rest of its head.
[9:19pm] Tox|Laptop: 1d10+9 PISTOLASHOOT
[9:19pm] Glacon: Tox|Laptop: PISTOLASHOOT: 18 (1d10+9=9)
[9:19pm] Tom90deg: The shot hits cleanly, and the zombie is decapated. It slumps down, held up by the ice.
[9:20pm] Tox|Laptop: "Aim for the head, Satyana, Raine."
[9:20pm] Scantron: "Right." Any more zambies?
[9:20pm] Alivi: Raine nods
[9:21pm] Alivi: "Got it…"
[9:21pm] Tom90deg: One more, still heald up by the ice, but sans-arm
[9:21pm] Tox|Laptop: The female's still up.
[9:21pm] Tom90deg: Raine, go
[9:21pm] Alivi: 1d10+9, manipulate ice to go through the head
[9:21pm] Alivi: 1d10+9
[9:21pm] Glacon: Alivi: 13 (1d10+9=4)
[9:22pm] Tom90deg: The shard of ice manages to slice through it's neck, and it's head rolls onto the ground, and the body slumps
[9:23pm] Scantron: "…well then."
[9:23pm] Gara: "That'll do it."
[9:24pm] Alivi: Raine sighs.
[9:24pm] Tox|Laptop: "Alright. Drop the ice, Raine, and scout downstairs for me, if you wouldn't mind."
[9:24pm] Alivi: "Got it…" Raine dissapates the ice and begins to look through the downstairs.
[9:25pm] Tom90deg: Downstairs is rather unfinished. There's barrels and other items downstairs, and a door on the far wall.
[9:25pm] Tox|Laptop: While Raine does that, Mike checks his exposed skin for signs of frostnip or frostbite.
[9:27pm] Alivi: Raine tilts his head, "There are some barrels and items, and a door. "Want me to go and check it?"
[9:27pm] Tox|Laptop: "…Please do. Let's get closer to the stairs."
[9:27pm] Tox|Laptop: Mike moves out.
[9:28pm] Alivi: "Got it…" Raine nods
[9:28pm] Alivi: Raine moves towards the barrels looking inside.
[9:28pm] Tom90deg: The barrels seem to be empty.
[9:29pm] Alivi: Raine nods satisfied. He goes over to the door.
[9:29pm] Tom90deg: The ice flow seems unable toget through the door.
[9:31pm] Scantron: Satyana follows.
[9:31pm] Alivi: Raine frowns. He goes over to the door himself and attempts to open it.
[9:32pm] Tom90deg: The door opens, a red light coming from the room
[9:32pm] Alivi: Raine frowns, "Mike…"
[9:32pm] Alivi: Raine attempts to send the ice in first.
[9:33pm] Tom90deg: There's a large stone table in the room, and a man sitting behind the table, reading a large book. You reconise him, as the man in the painting.
[9:33pm] Alivi: "….Sir?"
[9:33pm] Scantron: Satyana checks the title of the book.
[9:33pm] Alivi: Raine attempts to enter the room.
[9:33pm] Tom90deg: On the table, there seems tobe a mass of red bloody flesh.
[9:34pm] Tom90deg: You don't reconize the title. The man looks up. "Took you long enough."
[9:34pm] Alivi: "…you know us?"
[9:34pm] Tox|Laptop: Mike steps in as well. "Identify yourself."
[9:34pm] Tom90deg: "I really had higher hopes after Weaver was telling of your high skills."
[9:34pm] Tox|Laptop: "Weaver's /dead,/ asshole," he spits.
[9:34pm] Tom90deg: "She was so sure you'd arrive in no time."
[9:34pm] Scantron: "Hello."
[9:34pm] Alivi: "We got a bit sidetracked…"
[9:35pm] Tom90deg: "Oh of course she is. She was sure that you people would manage to get her out of trouble."
[9:35pm] Tox|Laptop: He draws his M9, having stowed his Babbage away.
[9:35pm] Alivi: Raine frowns, "Why did you kill her?"
[9:35pm] Tom90deg: "I for one expected you to be more….impressive."
[9:35pm] Tom90deg: The man looks slightly confused. "Because I needed the parts?"
[9:35pm] Tox|Laptop: "We're more impressive than /you./"
[9:35pm] Tom90deg: He nods at the mass of bloody flesh on the table.
[9:36pm] Tom90deg: "Oh I'm sure you believe that. Now, luckly, there's four of you. No need to waste anything."
[9:36pm] Alivi: Raine frowns, "What are you doing?"
[9:36pm] Tox|Laptop: "I've got an idea. Why don't you cut the bullshit and tell us what /that's/ about," he motions to the table, "and in return, I kill you quickly."
[9:36pm] Tom90deg: The man sighs again. "I really think Weaver overstated your skill. I was so sure you'd have everythig figured out."
[9:36pm] Alivi: "Mike…" «Calm yourself…»
[9:36pm] Alivi: Raine looks at the man. "Explain please…"
[9:38pm] Tom90deg: "I thought it was obvious. Sacrafice to appease several rather unplesant beings, and i get some things in return. But never mind that now."
[9:38pm] Alivi: Raine frowns, "No…I want to know. Why are you doing this? What is in it for you?"
[9:38pm] Tom90deg: The door behind the group slams shut, and two more figures similar in state to the ones upstairs are in the corners of the room.
[9:38pm] Scantron: Satyana glances at John.
[9:38pm] Tom90deg: "I don't die? I mean really. Do I have to explain everything?"
[9:39pm] Tox|Laptop: Mike hisses in surprise, looking at the two corpses. "Oh, you /will/ die."
[9:39pm] Alivi: "So you say…" Raine says.
[9:39pm] Tom90deg: "Sure."
[9:39pm] Tox|Laptop: "Even if I have to bite your throat out and open your chest /myself./"
[9:39pm] Alivi: «Mike, I'm going to make a move…»
[9:42pm] Tom90deg: mike, go
[9:43pm] Tox|Laptop: ~If he's forged a deal with supernatural entities, maybe I can—~ He switches to his Babbage, bringing the weapon in line with the man's chest. It won't do any damage to him, but it should strip any supernatural protection/wards.
[9:43pm] Tox|Laptop: 1d10+9 BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE
[9:43pm] Glacon: Tox|Laptop: BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE: 11 (1d10+9=2)
[9:44pm] Tox|Laptop: The Babbage discharges its bolt of energy towards the man!
[9:47pm] Tom90deg: The man holds up a hand, and the bolt strikes it, energy crackleing around it, as he tosses the bolt to the ground where it witheres and shakes for a moment before disapateing.
[9:47pm] Tom90deg: "Really, that's the best you've got?"
[9:48pm] Tox|Laptop: "You don't want to /see/ what else I have up my sleeve."
[9:48pm] Tom90deg: SAtayana, go
[9:48pm] Tox|Laptop: Mike laughs, stowing the babbage.
[9:52pm] Scantron: "…hm." Satyana takes her Babbage and shoots at a zambie.
[9:52pm] Scantron: d10+5
[9:52pm] Glacon: Scantron: 9 (d10+5=4)
[9:52pm] Scantron is now known as Scandinner.
[9:53pm] Tom90deg: The bolt hits the zombie, it's body shaking as the power courses through, but it seems to be mostly unhurt.
[9:54pm] Tom90deg: The mage raises a hand at Mike. "Let me show you what I can do."
[9:54pm] Tom90deg: 1d10+7
[9:54pm] Glacon: Tom90deg: 15 (1d10+7=8)
[9:54pm] Tox|Laptop left the chat room. (Ping timeout)
[9:54pm] Alivi: "Mike!"
[9:56pm] Alivi: 1d10+6 reaction
[9:56pm] Glacon: Alivi: reaction: 7 (1d10+6=1)
[9:56pm] Alivi: Reroll!
[9:56pm] Alivi: 1d10+6
[9:56pm] Glacon: Alivi: 7 (1d10+6=1)
[9:56pm] Alivi: 1d10+6
[9:56pm] Glacon: Alivi: 7 (1d10+6=1)
[9:57pm] Alivi: Glacon: Alivi: 16 (1d10+6=10)
[9:57pm] Alivi: Glacon: Alivi: 3 (1d10=3)
[9:57pm] Tom90deg: RAine sees the bolt streaking towards Mike, and manages to raise a wall of ice in front of him, the bolt striking it, shattering it, but dissapateing the energy.
[9:58pm] Alivi: Raine shields his face from the ice shards
[9:58pm] Alivi: 1d10+9 ice wall strength
[9:58pm] Glacon: Alivi: ice wall strength: 19 (1d10+9=10)
[9:58pm] Alivi: 1d10
[9:58pm] Glacon: Alivi: 4 (1d10=4)
[9:58pm] Tom90deg: There's now a hole in the ice wall, but it's still in mostly…one piece
[9:59pm] Tox|Laptop joined the chat room.
[10:00pm] Gara: John looks for something to distract the mage.
[10:01pm] Scandinner is now known as Scantron.
[10:02pm] Scantron is now known as Scanchores.
[10:06pm] Gara: John is, again, looking for something to distract the mage with. Something near by him.
[10:07pm] Tom90deg: There's some small rocks on the ground perhaps
[10:08pm] Gara: He grabs a rock, and chucks it at the mage's face!
[10:08pm] Gara: What roll?
[10:08pm] Tox|Laptop: Mike's quivering in place, still laughing as hot energy blazes through him.
[10:09pm] Gara: d10+3 Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
[10:09pm] Glacon: Gara: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha: 6 (d10+3=3)
[10:09pm] Tom90deg: He misses,the rock goes wide.
[10:09pm] Gara: John looks disappointed in himself.
[10:09pm] Tom90deg: Raine, passing. Z1
[10:09pm] Tom90deg: Z1 tries to grab Raine!
[10:10pm] Tom90deg: 1d10+5
[10:10pm] Glacon: Tom90deg: 8 (1d10+5=3)
[10:10pm] Alivi: what do I roll?
[10:12pm] Tox|Laptop: ~Hircine, guide the feet and body of your child as he seeks to do right in the mortal realm. Lend him your power, let his fangs and claws strike true as he casts himself at his foes, borrowing once more the caul of your favored animal…~
[10:13pm] Tom90deg: The zombie scrabbles inefectively at Raine, but Raine easily manages to step aside.
[10:13pm] Alivi: "…wow…"
[10:13pm] Tom90deg: 1d10+5 Z2 goes after Satayana!
[10:13pm] Glacon: Tom90deg: Z2 goes after Satayana!: 15 (1d10+5=10)
[10:13pm] Tom90deg: 1d10
[10:13pm] Glacon: Tom90deg: 9 (1d10=9)
[10:13pm] Alivi: Raine looks at Satyana, "Perkele!"
[10:14pm] Scanchores is now known as Scantron.
[10:15pm] Scantron: s‘0+5
[10:15pm] Scantron: d10+5
[10:15pm] Glacon: Scantron: 13 (d10+5=8)
[10:16pm] Tom90deg: The zombie lunges at Satayana, clawing at her, cutting bloody gashes into her
[10:16pm] Tom90deg: 3 points of damage
[10:16pm] Scantron: She yelps and throws her arms in front of her in self-defense!
[10:17pm] Tom90deg: Mike, go
[10:19pm] Tox|Laptop: Mike’s still laughing at the man behind the altar. He crouches, then leaps, hurling himself over the altar….blurring and changing in midair…
[10:19pm] Tox|Laptop: 1d10+10 Str+Brawl+Wolf
[10:19pm] Glacon: Tox|Laptop: Str+Brawl+Wolf: 11 (1d10+10=1)
[10:21pm] Tox|Laptop: 1d10+10 Str+Brawl+Wolf 8|
[10:21pm] Glacon: Tox|Laptop: Str+Brawl+Wolf 8|: 19 (1d10+10=9)
[10:21pm] Tom90deg: 1d10+5
[10:21pm] Glacon: Tom90deg: 7 (1d10+5=2)
[10:21pm] Tom90deg: WolfMike jumps over the altar and slams into the man, blood spraing into the air as he claws into him.
[10:22pm] Tox|Laptop: By the time he reaches the edge of the altar, the Mage has around a hundred and sixty pounds of snarly, angry wolf trying to slam into him and bite the /fuck/ out of him.
[10:22pm] Tox|Laptop: Rip, bite, what/ever/ it takes
[10:22pm] Tom90deg: Satayana,go
[10:23pm] Scantron: Satyana tries to shoot her adversary at point blank with her Babbage. Any bonuses/penalties?
[10:24pm] Tom90deg: +2
[10:27pm] Scantron: d10+7 bipchit
[10:27pm] Glacon: Scantron: bipchit: 9 (d10+7=2)
[10:27pm] Tom90deg: The zombie swipes it's hand at Satayna's hand, knocking the shot wide.
[10:29pm] Scantron: Satyana curses loudly.
[10:29pm] Tom90deg: The mage, frim under the snarling wolf, pushes his hands on Mike's flank, hand's glowing red
[10:29pm] Tom90deg: 1d10+7
[10:29pm] Glacon: Tom90deg: 12 (1d10+7=5)
[10:31pm] Tox|Laptop: 1d10+6 *snarl*
[10:31pm] Glacon: Tox|Laptop: *snarl*: 11 (1d10+6=5)
[10:32pm] Tom90deg: The red energy strikes Mike, but the crackling power seems to not phase him.
[10:32pm] Tom90deg: John, go
[10:32pm] Gara: d10+12 Magic healing for everyone, using the rod.
[10:32pm] Glacon: Gara: Magic healing for everyone, using the rod.: 14 (d10+12=2)
[10:32pm] Gara: … Imma reroll.
[10:32pm] Gara: d10+12 Magic healing for everyone, using the rod.
[10:33pm] Glacon: Gara: Magic healing for everyone, using the rod.: 17 (d10+12=5)
[10:35pm] Tom90deg: The healing energy corses through the room, and the Mage's wounds close and heal,as does Satayana's
[10:35pm] Tom90deg: The two zombies however, seem to react poorly. The power makes them howl in pain, their bodies decaying, peices falling off of them.
[10:36pm] Alivi: Raine looks at John, stunned.
[10:36pm] Tox|Laptop: «John, not helping!»
[10:36pm] Alivi: «Actually he is, the zombies are falling apart.»
[10:36pm] Gara: «Zeds dead.»
[10:36pm] Gara: He slips the rod away.
[10:36pm] Gara: Redac
[10:36pm] Tox|Laptop: The wolf is still struggling with the Mage, each trying to overpower the other and get into position.
[10:37pm] Gara: He waits for the zombies to stop moving.
[10:37pm] Tom90deg: The zombies are still on their feet, but looking bad.
[10:37pm] Tom90deg: RAine, go
[10:38pm] Alivi: 1d10+9 freezing the Mage
[10:38pm] Glacon: Alivi: freezing the Mage: 11 (1d10+9=2)
[10:39pm] Tom90deg: Ice forms around the mage, but it's not dence, the mage is easily able to shake off the ice frosting his robes
[10:39pm] Alivi: «Sorry Mike…»
[10:39pm] Tom90deg: 1d10+3 Z1 swings at RAine
[10:39pm] Glacon: Tom90deg: Z1 swings at RAine: 6 (1d10+3=3)
[10:40pm] Tom90deg: The Zombie is looking in poor shape, and can barely raise it's arms to swing at Raine, missing by a wide margin
[10:40pm] Tox|Laptop: «You're tryin', that's what counts."
[10:40pm] Tox|Laptop: »
[10:40pm] Tom90deg: 1d10+4 Z2 at Satanaya
[10:40pm] Glacon: Tom90deg: Z2 at Satanaya: 7 (1d10+4=3)
[10:40pm] Tom90deg: The second zombie has much the same problem, he just cannot seem to reach her.
[10:40pm] Tom90deg: Mike, go
[10:41pm] Tox|Laptop: Mike snarls, snapping his jaws at the Mage's face before closing his jaws around the man's throat, sinking his fangs in.
[10:42pm] Tox|Laptop: 1d10+12 STR + BRW + Wolf + Point Blank/Pin
[10:42pm] Glacon: Tox|Laptop: STR + BRW + Wolf + Point Blank/Pin: 22 (1d10+12=10)
[10:42pm] Tox|Laptop: 1d10+22
[10:42pm] Glacon: Tox|Laptop: 32 (1d10+22=10)
[10:43pm] Tom90deg: Mike rips downwards, the head of the man tearing completly off, blood pouring around the floor, the man's strugles stopping.
[10:44pm] Gara: «… I don't think the stick will help him.»
[10:44pm] Alivi: «Probably not…»
[10:44pm] Tox|Laptop: Mike lifts his head and howls, the sound almost oppressively loud in the confined room.
[10:45pm] Alivi: Raine flinches, «Do you have to do that?»
[10:46pm] Scantron: Satyana is, unfortunately, still struggling against a zambie, albeit a weakened one.
[10:46pm] Scantron: d10+3+2+2
[10:46pm] Glacon: Scantron: 17 (d10+3+2+2=10)
[10:47pm] Scantron: d10+17
[10:47pm] Glacon: Scantron: 19 (d10+17=2)
[10:47pm] Tom90deg: 1d10+5
[10:47pm] Glacon: Tom90deg: 12 (1d10+5=7)
[10:48pm] Tom90deg: Satayana manages to give a kick to the side of the knee, the zombie falling to the ground, it's head shattering on contact, and the zombie goes still
[10:48pm] Tom90deg: John
[10:48pm] Gara: d10+12 "Revive kills zombie, bitch!" Healing wave.
[10:48pm] Glacon: Gara: "Revive kills zombie, bitch!" Healing wave.: 19 (d10+12=7)
[10:52pm] Tom90deg: The other zombie crumbles to dust and goo, dropping to the ground.
[10:52pm] Gara: John looks very satisfied with himself.
[10:52pm] Alivi: Raine smiles at John. "Good job."
[10:53pm] Tox|Laptop: Mike looks at John, blood pooled on his lower jaw and dripping onto the floor. «Well done indeed.»
[10:53pm] Gara: "Thank you."
[10:53pm] Tom90deg: Combat over
[10:53pm] Gara: "I never knew the stick could do that."
[10:54pm] Alivi: "Well know we know…"
[10:54pm] Gara: He puts it away.
[10:54pm] Gara: "Errr. They weren't alive. So that was okay?"
[10:54pm] Alivi: "Yes…"
[10:55pm] Gara: John nods. "Alright."
[10:55pm] Alivi: Raine takes a shakey breath.
[10:55pm] Gara: He turns to Satyana. "You're okay?"
[10:56pm] Tox|Laptop: Mike looks back down at his kill. «So…just your garden-variety 'let's worship big evil gods and kill people' sorta day.»
[10:56pm] Gara: «… Does this mean I was right?»
[10:56pm] Alivi: Raine is shaking. "Ye..yea…"
[10:56pm] Tox|Laptop: «Right about what, John?»
[10:57pm] Gara: «Big evil gods.»
[10:59pm] Tox|Laptop: «Seems so.»
[10:59pm] Gara: «Never fun. Lets go home?»
[10:59pm] Scantron: "I'm alright."
[11:00pm] Gara: "I would like to start you on anti-biotics."
[11:00pm] Tox|Laptop: «Homeward bound.»
[11:00pm] Alivi: Raine seems paler than normal.
[11:00pm] Gara: "That things /might/ have carried something infectious."
[11:03pm] Tox|Laptop: «Raine. Are you okay?»
[11:03pm] Tox|Laptop: The wolf pads over to him, looking him over.
[11:04pm] Scantron: "And the rod won't fix it?"
[11:04pm] Alivi: He is pale, and shivering, and his fingers and lips are blue. He stumbles back a bit as Mike approches him. "Y..yea…" He can barely make the words
[11:04pm] Gara: "Infection? No."
[11:05pm] Tox|Laptop: Mike's amber eyes rove over him. «I need blankets. Or a coat. Now.»
[11:05pm] Scantron: "Alright. That seems reasonable."
[11:05pm] Gara: John looks at Raine. "Shit."
[11:05pm] Scantron: «I don't have a coat, sorry."
[11:05pm] Scantron: *»
[11:06pm] Gara: "Lets go, we'll better serve him on the plane."
[11:06pm] Tox|Laptop: «C'mon, Raine, we'll find some blankets to hold you over 'til we get back to the bird.»
[11:07pm] Gara: John goes looking for bedrooms to loot for blankets.
[11:07pm] Tom90deg: John finds many blankers
[11:07pm] Gara: And he takes all of them.
[11:08pm] Gara: He carries them down. "Lets all get to the car, come on." Is it still raining?
[11:08pm] Alivi: Raine looks at Mike as if trying to process this, he nods and attempts to follow them, he moves slowly. But he seems to be ok, only stumbling sometimes.
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[11:08pm] Tox|Laptop: Mike walks next to him, shimmering back into human form after a while to help steady him.
[11:09pm] Tom90deg: It is, but it seems to have lightned up a bit
[11:09pm] Alivi: "T…thanks…"
[11:09pm] Tom90deg: The door also, opens.
[11:09pm] Gara: John drops the blankets, trying to get away from the door and behind cover.
[11:10pm] Tom90deg: (I mean it's not sealed)
[11:10pm] Gara: … Redact.
[11:12pm] Gara: John heads out quickly, piling the blankets in the care.
[11:12pm] Gara: The care car. Of care.
[11:13pm] Gara: Who is in the car?
[11:14pm] Tox|Laptop: EVERYONE
[11:15pm] Gara: Great! John piles every blanket ever on Raine, and sits down.
[11:16pm] Scantron: AND THEN THEY FUCKED GOOD GOD THIS PROSE IS PURPLE [remaining pages are blank]
[11:18pm] Gara: John sits in the lounge, hanging out.
[11:18pm] Tox|Laptop: remaining pages are FUCK YOU SCANTRON
[11:19pm] Tox|Laptop: YOU'RE A HO
[11:19pm] Gara: Goddamn it guys.
[11:20pm] Scantron: Satyana is examining the labeling on her bottle of antibiotics.
[11:20pm] Gara: Where?
[11:20pm] Scantron: Lounge.
[11:20pm] Gara: "It's just antibiotics. It won't kill you. Honest."
[11:20pm] Tox|Laptop: The label examines Satyana in return.
[11:20pm] Tox|Laptop: Except it doesn't.
[11:20pm] Tox|Laptop: Because it is a label.
[11:21pm] Tox|Laptop: Labels are not known for their powers of observation.
[11:23pm] Scantron: "I've faced credible threats to my life from less likely sources."
[11:24pm] Gara: "Yes, but the antibiotics from good ol' Dr.Renshaw won't kill you."
[11:25pm] Scantron: She finishes examining them, puts them in her pocket. "They seem to be fairly safe."
[11:25pm] Gara: "They are>"
[11:25pm] Scantron: "We'll see."
[11:25pm] Gara: "It's quite unlikely that they are poison."
[11:25pm] Scantron: "What odds do you give?"
[11:26pm] Gara: "Do you want me to take one infront of you, or…?"
[11:26pm] Scantron: "That would work."
[11:26pm] Gara: "Alright. You pick the pill from it."
[11:27pm] Tox|Laptop: Mike, it should be noted, is conspicuously absent, having made his excuses and left shortly after making sure Raine was secure in Medical.
[11:27pm] Scantron: Satyana opens up the bottle and pulls one out. She tosses it to John.
[11:27pm] Scantron: Her toss sucks and it goes under a couch.
[11:27pm] Gara: He looks at her.
[11:28pm] Gara: Just… stares.
[11:28pm] Scantron: "…that was a practice toss. Doesn't count."
[11:29pm] Scantron: She picks out another and tosses it to John. It's a solid toss this time.
[11:29pm] Gara: "Alright."
[11:29pm] Gara: He catches it, and swallows it.
[11:29pm] Gara: "Ta da."
[11:29pm] Scantron: "…good enough for me."
[11:29pm] Gara: He stands, before freezing.
[11:30pm] Gara: He suddenly falls back on the coach, seizing!
[11:32pm] Scantron: "…/finally/."
[11:32pm] Gara: He stops seizing, and laughs.
[11:33pm] Gara: "By the way? Every one out of 20 of those is a ricin capsule. Best of luck, Satyana."
[11:34pm] Scantron: "Then I'll slip five percent of the container into your breakfasts."
[11:35pm] Gara: "And you still may not kill me."
[11:36pm] Alivi: Raine is in medical.
[11:37pm] Scantron: "No, I'll put the one in twenty that's ricin in there."
[11:38pm] Gara: "How would you know?"
[11:40pm] Gara left the chat room. (Quit: Leaving)
[11:41pm] Gara joined the chat room.
[11:42pm] Scantron: "…no, you already told me how much is ricin, so I'm giving you that much."
[11:43pm] Gara: "And whos to say I was being honest?"
[11:44pm] Gara: "Why would I?"
[11:45pm] Gara: "Maybe it's a much higher amount."
[11:45pm] Gara: "Or a much lower amount."
[11:46pm] Scantron: "I would have noticed if you were lying."
[11:46pm] Gara: "How arrogant."
[11:46pm] Gara: "Maybe you didn't."
[11:48pm] Scantron: "I've already demonstrated that I can."
[11:48pm] Gara: "Have you?"
[11:48pm] Scantron: "I noticed when you were faking a seizure."
[11:49pm] Gara: "Yes, but that is much more overt."
[11:51pm] Scantron: "It's all the same amount of overt."

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