The Hunters And The Hunted

Tom90deg: Zoe is in the Lounge!
[6:50pm] Tom90deg: She's relaxing, reading
[6:51pm] Scantron: Satyana is there too, drinking coffee and staring at nothing in particular.
[6:51pm] Gara: John is sitting, humming.
[6:53pm] Tom90deg: "So…"
[6:54pm] Scantron: "So…"
[6:54pm] Gara: "Soooo…"
[6:54pm] Tom90deg: "I dunno."
[6:54pm] Scantron: "Me neither."
[6:57pm] Tom90deg: "How's your boyfriend Satayana?"
[6:57pm] Scantron: "…he's not my boyfriend."
[6:58pm] Tom90deg: "Ah…"
[6:58pm] Tom90deg: "Then your….um…"
[6:58pm] Tom90deg: "What do you call it?"
[7:00pm] Scantron: "Let's go with acquaintance. And he's doing well."
[7:00pm] Tom90deg: "Good to hear."
[7:02pm] Alivi: The speaker crackles to life. "Team two please make your way to the briefing room."
[7:02pm] Tom90deg: "BEing all….aquatancey?"
[7:02pm] Tom90deg: Zoe gets up and heads on down to the room, where she takes a seat.
[7:03pm] Gara: John goes to the room of briefing!
[7:04pm] Scantron: Satyana gets up and walks to the briefing room, shooting Zoe a look and mouthing 'not in public!' as she does so.
[7:04pm] Tom90deg: Zoe grins slightly and nods at Satayana
[7:05pm] Alivi: Raine is there leaning against the wall. The Director is there sitting in the front of the room. He looks at the team members as they come in.
[7:05pm] Scantron: Satyana takes her usual seat.
[7:05pm] Gara: John sits.
[7:06pm] Tom90deg: "Hey RAine."
[7:07pm] Alivi: "heya."
[7:08pm] Tom90deg: "So…what's up?"
[7:10pm] Alivi: The Director sighs. "Well I have to say this Mission is a little out of the ordinary… apparently there has been a large amount of murders as a result of predatory wolves in the Northern part of Russia near Siberia. I am going to ask you to go there and make sure it is unrelated to the recent events."
[7:10pm] Scantron: "Alright."
[7:10pm] Tom90deg: "Great…"
[7:10pm] Tom90deg: "Cold weather."
[7:10pm] Scantron: "I'm not looking forward to it either."
[7:11pm] Alivi: Raine smiles. "It won't be so bad."
[7:11pm] Tom90deg: "Says you…"
[7:11pm] Alivi: The director laughs. "Well just in case we are providing some warmer jackets if you so choose."
[7:12pm] Scantron: "That's good. I think I almost died the last few times I went out in the cold."
[7:13pm] Tom90deg: "Good good."
[7:13pm] Tom90deg: "So…jsut inviistate, figure out what's up?"
[7:13pm] Scantron: *investigate
[7:15pm] Alivi: "Pretty much, I appreciate you taking the time for this."
[7:15pm] Alivi: The director smiles. "Well you know what to do. Good luck."
[7:15pm] Alivi: Raine nods and looks at the others waiting for them to go.
[7:16pm] Tom90deg: "Right then."
[7:16pm] Tom90deg: "You coming Raine?"
[7:17pm] Scantron: Satyana gets up. "I'll meet you all at the rover." She goes to her room to get her materials, then goes out to the vehicle thing.
[7:18pm] Gara: John goes down to the car.
[7:18pm] Alivi: "Yep." Raine slings his bag over his shoulder and follows to the car getting in.
[7:18pm] Tom90deg: Zoe heads on down
[7:18pm] Tom90deg: "I'll drive!"
[7:19pm] Alivi: "Ok."
[7:19pm] Gara: "Please don't kill us…" John gets in the car,
[7:19pm] Tom90deg: "Psssh!"
[7:19pm] Tom90deg: "I'm a good driver thank you!"
[7:19pm] Scantron: "Can't be worse than Addison…"
[7:20pm] Gara: "I think she is a good driver. If she was a bad driver, and tried that, we would all be dead."
[7:20pm] Tom90deg: "Addy is a great driver! Has she ever gotten into an accident?"
[7:21pm] Alivi: "She is terrifying."
[7:21pm] Scantron: "Does shortening my natural lifespan by five years count?
[7:21pm] Scantron: "
[7:21pm] Tom90deg: Zoe takes off towards the airport! She's not as…reckless as Addision, but she seems to be going much faster.
[7:21pm] Tom90deg: 1d10+8 (Dex+Driving)
[7:21pm] Glacon: Tom90deg: (Dex+Driving): 18 (1d10+8=10)
[7:21pm] Tom90deg: 1d10
[7:21pm] Glacon: Tom90deg: 8 (1d10=8)
[7:21pm] Tox|Laptop joined the chat room.
[7:22pm] Tom90deg: Zoe blazes through traffic and roads, deftly and smoothly getting them to the airport in record time.
[7:23pm] Alivi: "Zoe should drive more often…"
[7:23pm] Gara: "Yes."
[7:23pm] Tom90deg: "Aww, thanks!"
[7:23pm] Tom90deg: "Addy's really good."
[7:23pm] Tom90deg: "She's just more…agressive."
[7:24pm] Alivi: "Sure…"
[7:25pm] Tom90deg: Zoe pulls ino the plane and hops out.
[7:25pm] Tom90deg: "So, what's the plan?"
[7:25pm] Scantron: "Try not to die, then think of something."
[7:26pm] Tom90deg: "Same as always, eh?"
[7:26pm] Tom90deg: "The good ol Indy ploy."
[7:27pm] Gara: "Eh, I'll keep my attentions on 'trying not to let everyone die.' if it's okay."
[7:27pm] Alivi: Raine gets out. "Let's get going…" He walks into the main part of the plane. When they arrive they will notice Mike is already there.
[7:27pm] Tox|Laptop: Mike's there, manila folder in hand, frowning at the documents inside.
[7:27pm] Alivi: "Hey there Mike."
[7:28pm] Gara: John follows him through the plane. Mike could tell he has the Lady's weapon on him. "Hey."
[7:28pm] Tom90deg: "Mike!"
[7:28pm] Tom90deg: "What's up?"
[7:28pm] Tom90deg: "Ready to get back to work?"
[7:28pm] Tox|Laptop: "Hey, Raine…" He looks over the crew. "This is /weird./ Wolves don't…they shouldn't be acting this way." He shakes his head, eyes settling on John.
[7:29pm] Tom90deg: "Yup."
[7:29pm] Tom90deg: "Could be starving."
[7:29pm] Scantron: "Hello Mike. I don't think I've had the opportunity to visit you until now."
[7:29pm] Tom90deg: "Has there been anything odd in that area?"
[7:30pm] Tox|Laptop: Mike shakes his head. "Not that I know of, Zoe. And it's good to see you too, Satyana. Nice to get back in the rhythm." He nods at Zoe. "I'm looking forward to it."
[7:30pm] Alivi: Raine sits down. He leans back looking over to Mike and the others.
[7:30pm] Gara: "It'll be interesting."
[7:30pm] Tox|Laptop: "…Be careful with that, John."
[7:31pm] Tom90deg: "With what?"
[7:31pm] Gara: "Of course, Mike."
[7:32pm] Tox|Laptop: He looks at Zoe. "The Lady in Red gave him a very dangerous weapon he was supposed to use to kill me. I told him to take it and put it to his own use."
[7:32pm] Scantron: "I see."
[7:32pm] Alivi: The plane takes off. Soon they arrive in the small airport of Verkhoyansk. A small Russian village. It is obvious that the airport is not used to seeing planes like Team 2's. It is the late afternoon and an old man is standing there to greet them.
[7:33pm] Tox|Laptop: Mike descends the plane first, looking to the old man. "Ho there. You're our contact?"
[7:33pm] Tom90deg: Zoe heads on out, bundled up in a big coat. "Stupid coldweather…"
[7:33pm] Gara: John follows Zoe.
[7:33pm] Alivi: Raine walks out he seems rather refreshed and relieved to be there.
[7:33pm] Scantron: Satyana is bundled up in her own very large coat. "Hear hear."
[7:33pm] Alivi: The old man nods and beckons them closer. He seems very old and tired.
[7:33pm] Alivi: "Are you….the special team sent to help us?"
[7:34pm] Tox|Laptop: Mike nods. "We are. I understand you have a problem with wolves in the area?"
[7:34pm] Tom90deg: "Yup."
[7:35pm] Alivi: The man nods. "Our village used to be a good sized one…but as times fell hard, people have moved away… and left…. recently…. recently the wolves have become more brazen…they attack our herds and our children. I sent my son….but he never returned…"
[7:36pm] Scantron: "Any idea where their usual stomping grounds are?"
[7:37pm] Alivi: "To the north…near the forest…"
[7:38pm] Gara: "I'm a doctor. Do you have any wounded I could tend to?"
[7:40pm] Tox|Laptop: "North. Check rog." Mike nods, then turns to the rest of the group. "I'll take point on the forest — I'll be more…useful out there. John, I recommend you either stay back or hand off that epi; we don't know what we're dealing with yet."
[7:40pm] Tom90deg: "Right then."
[7:40pm] Alivi: "We have some sick people and wounded yes… but not from the wolves themselves. We do not often find them alive."
[7:41pm] Scantron: "I'll go with Mike, in case we find something out there."
[7:41pm] Gara: He nods. "How severe are their wounds? If they aren't critical, I would like to go with my team. After that, I could return to privide whatever aid I could offer."
[7:42pm] Alivi: Raine places his hands in his pockets. "Are you sure you shouldn't go with the rest of the team?" He looks to John concerned. The old man nods. "They will be fine for now. If you intend to face these demon wolves then may you all go together."
[7:43pm] Alivi: Raine looks at the others. "Should one of us stay behind Mike or no?"
[7:43pm] Gara: "Then, after we handle the wolves, I will return to help."
[7:43pm] Tom90deg: "I'd say no, we should stick together."
[7:43pm] Gara: "I agree with Zoe."
[7:44pm] Scantron: "Me too."
[7:45pm] Alivi: Raine looks at Mike.
[7:45pm] Tom90deg: "So, shall we?"
[7:46pm] Tox|Laptop: Mike shrugs. "I have no objection."
[7:47pm] Scantron: "Let's go then." Satyana starts off in a direction, then: "…which way's north?"
[7:48pm] Tox|Laptop: "This way." Mike takes the lead, heading into the cold.
[7:48pm] Alivi: The man points towards the forest, "Good luck…."
[7:48pm] Alivi: he hobbles off.
[7:49pm] Gara: John follows Mike.
[7:50pm] Alivi: Raine follows the group. The sun is starting to set a bit.
[7:50pm] Tom90deg: Zoe follows Mike
[7:51pm] Scantron: Satyana follows as well.
[7:51pm] Tox|Laptop: Once they're safely out of sight of the settlement, within the cloaking embrace of the trees, Mike looks left and right. "…Alright, I'm going to shift. Stay close." Mike shivers, the air seeming to shimmer around him as he reassumes four legs.
[7:52pm] Alivi: The forest is still a ways off however the others were behind so no worries.
[7:52pm] Alivi: There is a long plain of snow and ice until you can reach the forest.
[7:52pm] Scantron: "Can I ride you?" She pauses. "Literally, I mean."
[7:53pm] Tox|Laptop: Oh, okay then. PROCEED. Mike pads along, at home in the ice and cold. His head snaps around to look at Satyana with unblinking amber eyes. «…Maybe later.»
[7:53pm] Tom90deg: "Phraseing"
[7:53pm] Gara: «I don't care so long as you use a condom.» John is absolutely dead serious.
[7:54pm] Tom90deg: Zoe follows after the group.
[7:54pm] Alivi: Raine just seems really confused.
[7:54pm] Alivi: Everyone perception
[7:55pm] Scantron: "I remembered the phrasing after I said it. I mean, on your back, while we're headed there."
[7:55pm] Scantron: d10+8 wat
[7:55pm] Glacon: Scantron: wat: 15 (d10+8=7)
[7:55pm] Alivi: 1d10+6
[7:55pm] Glacon: Alivi: 11 (1d10+6=5)
[7:55pm] Tox|Laptop: 1d10+9 Perception + WolfSense
[7:55pm] Glacon: Tox|Laptop: Perception + WolfSense: 17 (1d10+9=8)
[7:55pm] Gara: d10+6
[7:55pm] Glacon: Gara: 10 (d10+6=4)
[7:55pm] Tom90deg: 1d10+4
[7:55pm] Glacon: Tom90deg: 13 (1d10+4=9)
[8:00pm] Alivi: You all can tell something is watching you. John notes that it is awfully far from the village now. And Mike, Satyana, Raine, and Zoe notice 4 wolves. Watching them.
[8:00pm] Tom90deg: "Guys."
[8:00pm] Tom90deg: "We've got 4 wolves."
[8:00pm] Tox|Laptop: «Halt!» Mike snaps.
[8:00pm] Scantron: "I noticed them too."
[8:00pm] Gara: John stops on the spot.
[8:00pm] Scantron: Satyana stops.
[8:01pm] Tox|Laptop: Mike looks out at the wolves, taking a step in their direction and loosing a howl. Brother wolf! How fares it with your pack?
[8:02pm] Alivi: Raine stops.
[8:02pm] Alivi: /You speak like you know us…brother of ours…we have not seen you around these parts…where do you come?
[8:02pm] Alivi: There is a wolf standing a bit further forward than the others, obviously the leader of the small group.
[8:03pm] Tox|Laptop: //All wolves are brothers under Hircine's light,
he replies. I come from around the world, the United States. He sits on his haunches.
[8:04pm] Alivi: /Hircine….// The wolves seem at unease. We have not heard that name in a long time brother…we see you brought snacks…a peace offering for entering our territory?
[8:04pm] Scantron: Can the others understand any of this?
[8:04pm] Alivi: No but the body language of the others does not seem too friendly.
[8:04pm] Alivi: One is looking at Satyana, hunger in its eyes.
[8:05pm] Alivi: The sky is turning orange as the sun sinks lower.
[8:05pm] Tox|Laptop: No, brothers. I have come to inquire…why do you attack the humans in the settlement? He indicates the village with a jerk of his head.
[8:05pm] Scantron: «Mike, that one looks hungry.» She mentally indicates the hungry-looking one.
[8:05pm] Alivi: /We are hungry, hunting is sparse. A curse lies on our land, Hircine has abandoned us. He has forsaken us.
[8:06pm] Tox|Laptop: Mike bows his head, or does an impression of the same. //How did such an event come to pass?

[8:07pm] Scantron: «And it's looking at me.»
[8:07pm] Alivi: /We know not… we are sorry Brother, but our pack must survive. We must do what we can to survive. Surely you understand.
[8:08pm] Alivi: The one looking at Satyana steps forward.
[8:08pm] Alivi: The leader one growls a bit causing it to step back. It looks at Mike.
[8:08pm] Tox|Laptop: //I would speak with your Alpha, if I may…I cannot give you the humans with me, and I would seek peace if I could.

[8:08pm] Tom90deg: "Ooookay…this is not good. Mike? What are they saying?"
[8:09pm] Alivi: /One who is with Hircine will not speak to our Alpha…
[8:09pm] Scantron: Satyana takes a step back.
[8:09pm] Tox|Laptop: Dividing his attention, Mike replies, «They believe that Hircine has forsaken them, and the hunt here has dried up. It's a matter of survival to them…»
[8:09pm] Tom90deg: "Score, I was right."
[8:09pm] Alivi: /We are sorry brother, but you are just one wolf… and we must survive. You have come so willingly into our territory. I cannot deny my brothers fresh meat as it comes so willingly to us. We have families to care for.

[8:09pm] Tom90deg: "I don't suppose we have a moose or something on the plane?"
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[8:10pm] Gara joined the chat room.
[8:10pm] Alivi: The leader tilts his head up to the sky and lets out a call. A howl, that echos throughout the frozen land. Mike recgonizes it instantly. It is one starting the Hunt.
[8:10pm] Scantron: "Not that I know of."
[8:10pm] Tox|Laptop: Mike's stance shifts, putting one paw back. I would seek peace, he says stubbornly. I cannot give you!
[8:11pm] Tom90deg: "Maybe…something is getting rid of the game?"
[8:11pm] Tom90deg: "Mike!~ Can you tell them that we can bring back the other game?"
[8:11pm] Tom90deg: "If we can fix it, if we get a chance?"
[8:11pm] Alivi: The leader looks at Mike, with cold, blue eyes. Everyone perception.
[8:11pm] Tox|Laptop: Mike bays in response. Stop! Please, hold back! Let us see if we can help!
[8:11pm] Tom90deg: 1d10+4
[8:11pm] Glacon: Tom90deg: 14 (1d10+4=10)
[8:11pm] Gara: d10+6 Fucking wolves.
[8:11pm] Glacon: Gara: Fucking wolves.: 16 (d10+6=10)
[8:11pm] Tox|Laptop: 1d10+9 Wolf Sense
[8:11pm] Tom90deg: 1d10 BAM
[8:11pm] Glacon: Tox|Laptop: Wolf Sense: 11 (1d10+9=2)
[8:11pm] Glacon: Tom90deg: BAM: 6 (1d10=6)
[8:11pm] Gara: d10 Wow, Glacon.
[8:11pm] Glacon: Gara: Wow, Glacon.: 3 (d10=3)
[8:11pm] Scantron: d10+8 wut
[8:11pm] Glacon: Scantron: wut: 9 (d10+8=1)
[8:11pm] Alivi: 1d10+6
[8:11pm] Glacon: Alivi: 15 (1d10+6=9)
[8:12pm] Alivi: Mike, Raine, Zoe, and John see in the leader's blue eyes, a slight swirl of red.
[8:12pm] Scantron1 joined the chat room.
[8:12pm] Gara: "Um… that isn't normal, I think."
[8:12pm] Tox|Laptop: «!!» Mike's surprise radiates across the bluetooth link.
[8:12pm] Alivi: The leader motions with its head and starts to pad forward the three follow.
[8:13pm] Scantron: «What?»
[8:13pm] Alivi: The Hunt call echoes back from the forest, The wolves break out into a run going straight for the Team.
[8:13pm] Tox|Laptop: «The leader! He's not in his own mind!» Mike pushes his mind out towards that of the leader, his first active attempt to use his mental contact.
[8:13pm] Tom90deg: "Ah hell."
[8:13pm] Alivi: Roll it
[8:14pm] Alivi: Raine looks at the team "What do we do? We cannot lead them to the village."
[8:14pm] Scantron: "Fight them off?" Satyana's hand goes to her Babbage.
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[8:16pm] Alivi: "Would a babbage do good here? Aren't these normal wolves?"
[8:16pm] Tom90deg: "We're in the middle of the woods. There's a LOT of wolves."
[8:16pm] Tox|Laptop: Mike's eyes drift closed, body going rigid.
[8:17pm] Scantron: Satyana swears and moves her hand away. "And they're too hungry for me to tame… let's hope Mike comes through."
[8:18pm] Alivi: "Perkele!" Raine backs up the three wolves are closer now to the group preparing to launch themselves.
[8:18pm] Tom90deg: "Just…be cool….we are outnumbered."
[8:18pm] Alivi: "Be cool? We are about to be eaten do you know nothing of wolves?"
[8:18pm] Tox|Laptop: Mike's eyes snap open, and he shudders. «The Lady in Red! Take out the leader!»
[8:18pm] Alivi: Raine seems a bit irritated.
[8:19pm] Alivi: He looks over to Mike, "What?"
[8:19pm] Gara: "Wolf with red eyes, hit that one."
[8:19pm] Gara: "Ice it."
[8:19pm] Tox|Laptop: Mike's muscles bunch. «I don't know how, I don't know why, but I can feel her influence.»
[8:19pm] Alivi: Raine sighs.
[8:19pm] Alivi: "And the other three?!"
[8:19pm] Gara: "Cross that bridge when we get there?"
[8:20pm] Alivi: 1d10+6 Ice imprisonment
[8:20pm] Glacon: Alivi: Ice imprisonment: 16 (1d10+6=10)
[8:20pm] Alivi: 1d10
[8:20pm] Glacon: Alivi: 1 (1d10=1)
[8:20pm] Alivi: The leader wolf is imprisioned in ice.
[8:20pm] Tox|Laptop: He launches himself forward. «When the leader goes down, they should come to their senses! Pack mentality!» he barks back, closing the distance between himself and the leader.
[8:20pm] Alivi: the feet melded to the tundra on which it stands.
[8:20pm] Tox|Laptop: Brothers! Listen! Your leader is not himself! Know you the Lady in Red?!
[8:21pm] Tom90deg: 1d10+9 (Dex+weaponry)
[8:21pm] Glacon: Tom90deg: (Dex+weaponry): 15 (1d10+9=6)
[8:21pm] Alivi: Raine looks at Satyana, Zoe and John.
[8:21pm] Tom90deg: Zoe tries to port forward and stab downwards at the alpha
[8:21pm] Alivi: /You speak of our Goddess as if you know her!
[8:21pm] Alivi: 1d10+4
[8:21pm] Glacon: Alivi: 6 (1d10+4=2)
[8:21pm] Alivi: The wolf lets out a snarl and blood drips down from the wound onto the ice. The other wolves stop and look at Zoe, growling.
[8:22pm] Scantron: Satyana sticks close to Mike, putting him between her and the wolves.
[8:22pm] Tom90deg: "Bugger."
[8:22pm] Alivi: The wolf struggles between its bonds.
[8:22pm] Tox|Laptop: Mike snarls. //Your goddess? You claim the Lady in Red as your deity?
He stops, looking from one wolf to the next. His stance is /highly/ aggressive.
[8:22pm] Alivi: /She has blessed us after Hircine abandoned us.
[8:22pm] Tom90deg: Zoe tries to stab again!
[8:22pm] Tom90deg: 1d10+9
[8:22pm] Glacon: Tom90deg: 10 (1d10+9=1)
[8:23pm] Tox|Laptop: //Blessed. No, brothers, she is the reason you are cursed. She is the reason your hunt has dried up. Please, stop your madness!

[8:23pm] Tom90deg: 1d10+9 Reroll!
[8:23pm] Glacon: Tom90deg: Reroll!: 15 (1d10+9=6)
[8:23pm] Alivi: 1d10+4
[8:23pm] Glacon: Alivi: 14 (1d10+4=10)
[8:23pm] Alivi: 1d10
[8:23pm] Glacon: Alivi: 7 (1d10=7)
[8:23pm] Alivi: The wolf manages to withstand the blow.
[8:24pm] Alivi: It snarls and one of the wolves advances on Zoe and lunges.
[8:24pm] Tox|Laptop: Mike howls, the sound filled with longing and regret. //Then you give me no choice.
[8:25pm] Tox|Laptop: Mike charges towards the leader, building up impressive speed, going for his neck with fangs bared, to tear out his throat.
[8:25pm] Tom90deg: 1d10+4
[8:25pm] Glacon: Tom90deg: 14 (1d10+4=10)
[8:25pm] Tom90deg: 1d10
[8:25pm] Glacon: Tom90deg: 7 (1d10=7)
[8:25pm] Alivi: Zoe vanishes as the lunging one crashes into the snow.
[8:25pm] Alivi: It snarls.
[8:26pm] Tom90deg: Zoe reapperas and laughs. "HA! Have to be quicker than that that Cujo!"
[8:26pm] Alivi: Mike roll for your attack.
[8:26pm] Scantron: ~Shit.~ Unable to simply hide behind Mike, Satyana now goes over towards Raine and sticks by him..
[8:27pm] Gara: John follows her over the Raine. Medic's are squishy.
[8:27pm] Alivi: Raine looks around he seems surprised at his new compant.
[8:27pm] Alivi: company*
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[8:28pm] Alivi: Mike's attack works, the blood of the leader spills onto the ice. The other wolves snarl and growl. One raises it head and sends out a mournful cry. A long howl, the others follow. It echos. The light is starting to vanish as the sun begins to sink lower down the horizon.
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[8:33pm] Scantron: Satyana pauses for a moment. «Mike? Does this mean they'll stop?»
[9:20pm] Tox|Laptop: Mike howls as well, mourning the death of a fellow wolf, no matter how necessary. «…I'm not sure. The leader was…under the Lady's control. With the leader slain…one hopes so.» He turns and faces the other wolves.
[9:21pm] Alivi: The howls from the forest echo back, the other three growl. Traitor… you call yourself a brother? You are no brother of ours.
[9:21pm] Alivi: They begin to advance.
[9:21pm] Tox|Laptop: I follow Hircine, the true God. You are in the grips of the Lady! Please, free yourselves, or we will have no choice! He growls back.
[9:22pm] Tom90deg: "Miiiike…."
[9:22pm] Alivi: The three are eyeing the weaker of the group. The ones who didn't fight.
[9:22pm] Alivi: They are advancing, one makes a sharp bark and they start moving.
[9:23pm] Tox|Laptop: Mike places himself between the pack and the nonfighters, snarling.
[9:23pm] Tom90deg: Zoe pulls out her knives.
[9:23pm] Tom90deg: "Mike, tell them we can bring the game back, if we fix this…"
[9:23pm] Scantron: Satyana sticks by Raine.
[9:24pm] Tox|Laptop: «No.» Mike's voice is flat. «They follow the Lady.»
[9:24pm] Tom90deg: "Ok, so….we cant kill them all."
[9:24pm] Alivi: One goes straight to Mike to meet him head on, the other two dart parting to go around the central fighters to close the distance between them and the prey. Another howl, more are coming.
[9:25pm] Alivi: "We need to get cover or something, it is going to be dark soon and being in the open like this is bad news."
[9:25pm] Tox|Laptop: «We were committed the moment they decided to attack!» Snarling, Mike joins battle with his wolf. «Open to suggestions, Raine!»
[9:25pm] Scantron: "Where, though? The forest has more wolves, and leading them back to the village is unsavory…"
[9:25pm] Alivi: «Well we can try going to the forest?»
[9:26pm] Alivi: Raine looks at Satyana, "Even if it does, it provides more cover than here…"
[9:26pm] Scantron: "This is true."
[9:26pm] Tom90deg: «Right, maybe there'll be packs who don't follow the lady?"
[9:26pm] Alivi: "I am not sure about that, but it is worth a shot? yes?"
[9:27pm] Alivi: The wolf struggles against Mike trying to push him back
[9:28pm] Tox|Laptop: Mike snarls, the two wolves clinched like opposing football players. «Better than standing out here!»
[9:28pm] Tom90deg: <Lets go then!»
[9:28pm] Tox|Laptop: He batters at the wolf both physically and mentally, snapping at him as he probes the other's mental defenses.
[9:28pm] Alivi: The other wolves stop and look at Mike as the other stops and begins to back up.
[9:29pm] Alivi: They are growling.
[9:29pm] Tom90deg: «Come on woods! Lets go!»
[9:29pm] Alivi: «Zoe you take front I'll take back!»
[9:29pm] Tom90deg: «On it!»
[9:29pm] Tom90deg: "Zoe moves forward quickly.
[9:29pm] Tox|Laptop: «Break and run!» Mike orders, slipping away from his lockup. I am sorry it has come to this. You don't need to fight us.
[9:30pm] Alivi: /You traitor!
[9:30pm] Scantron: Satyana runs after Mike!
[9:30pm] Alivi: Raine looks at John and Satyana, "Let's go!"
[9:30pm] Gara: "Yes." Running run run run away from the scary wolves.
[9:30pm] Alivi: Everyone running towards the woods, Athletics roll.
[9:30pm] Tox|Laptop: //You are the traitors! Throwing your lot in with the Lady?! She would see us all imprisoned!
Mike's pacing the group, staying between them and the wolves.
[9:31pm] Gara: Pure ath?
[9:31pm] Tox|Laptop: 1d10+9 Dex+Ath+*Wolf*
[9:31pm] Glacon: Tox|Laptop: Dex+Ath+*Wolf*: 19 (1d10+9=10)
[9:31pm] Tox|Laptop: 1d10+9 BOOYAH
[9:31pm] Glacon: Tox|Laptop: BOOYAH: 17 (1d10+9=8)
[9:31pm] Alivi: Pure athletics
[9:31pm] Gara: d10+2 Well, this is a little bit silly.
[9:31pm] Glacon: Gara: Well, this is a little bit silly.: 12 (d10+2=10)
[9:32pm] Tom90deg: 1d10+5
[9:32pm] Glacon: Tom90deg: 15 (1d10+5=10)
[9:32pm] Gara: d10 But thats okay, because John is made of legs.
[9:32pm] Glacon: Gara: But thats okay, because John is made of legs.: 6 (d10=6)
[9:32pm] Tom90deg: 1d10 BOOOOOM
[9:32pm] Glacon: Tom90deg: BOOOOOM: 5 (1d10=5)
[9:32pm] Scantron: d10+3 bitch
[9:32pm] Glacon: Scantron: bitch: 8 (d10+3=5)
[9:32pm] Tom90deg: (25 score)
[9:32pm] Tox|Laptop: (27 score)
[9:33pm] Alivi: 1d10+6
[9:33pm] Gara: (21 score)
[9:33pm] Glacon: Alivi: 9 (1d10+6=3)
[9:34pm] Alivi: Well then
[9:34pm] Scantron: (8 score)
[9:36pm] Alivi: Zoe, John and Mike notice the ice is cracking but manage to not fall in, however Satyana and Raine are not so lucky. Pdef from Satyana and Raine.
[9:36pm] Scantron: What stat is that, again?
[9:37pm] Alivi: Physical Resistance: Resolve+Stamina
[9:37pm] Scantron: d10+5
[9:37pm] Glacon: Scantron: 15 (d10+5=10)
[9:37pm] Alivi: 1d10+6
[9:37pm] Glacon: Alivi: 10 (1d10+6=4)
[9:37pm] Scantron: d10+15 FUCKING FINALLY
[9:37pm] Glacon: Scantron: FUCKING FINALLY: 23 (d10+15=8)
[9:38pm] Alivi: The ice gives out from under Satyana and Raine. And they fall into icey cold water.
[9:39pm] Tox|Laptop: «Satyana! Raine!» Mike skids to a stop and goes back to the crack.
[9:39pm] Alivi: Raine surfaces cursing in Finnish. The wolves are following close behind.
[9:39pm] Tom90deg: «I'm coming!»
[9:39pm] Tom90deg: Zoe ports! She ends up by the hole and jumps in «You get Satayana!»
[9:40pm] Scantron: Satyana's swear is cut in half when water goes into her mouth. She tries to stay afloat and tries to get to where she was going. «I'm going to die I'm doing to die I'm going to die»
[9:40pm] Tox|Laptop: «Zoe, John, you help them! I'll hold off these motherfuckers!»'
[9:40pm] Tom90deg: Zoe glomps Raine
[9:40pm] Alivi: Raine tries to hold Satyana up, «Stop faliling!»
[9:40pm] Gara: «Understood.» John turns and runs to them, going to get Satyana.
[9:40pm] Alivi: Raine is glomped by Zoe.
[9:40pm] Scantron: Satyana does her best to stop!
[9:40pm] Tom90deg: And Satayana, and then ports up out of the water on to the ice
[9:40pm] Alivi: Did Zoe go into the water?
[9:41pm] Tom90deg: 1d10+2
[9:41pm] Glacon: Tom90deg: 8 (1d10+2=6)
[9:42pm] Alivi: Some ice crystals fall from Raine's clothing. He seems irritated.
[9:43pm] Alivi: Zoe is shivering but she feels fine. Satyana feels amazing. What a refreshing swim. Other than the whole Imma die thing.
[9:43pm] Tom90deg: Zoe manages to port the two of them out. «Sataytana get on Mike! RAine, hope you can run!
[9:44pm] Gara: "Are we all good to continue to run away?"
[9:44pm] Scantron: Must be the adrenalin. Rejuvenated, she runs to Mike and hops on.
[9:44pm] Alivi: "Got it! I am alright."
[9:44pm] Tom90deg: Zoe moves again, running towards the wood.
[9:45pm] Tox|Laptop: Mike adjusts himself under Satyana's weight. «To the forest?» he says tightly, beginning to move, watching for the wolves around him.
[9:45pm] Alivi: "let's go" Raine starts running towards the woods and the last of the light of the day slips away and darkness begins to fall.
[9:45pm] Alivi: The other wolves hang back due to the ice.
[9:45pm] Gara: John runs. Running time to run.
[9:45pm] Scantron: Satyana holds on tight!
[9:47pm] Tom90deg: «Guys…I'm soaking wet. And it's startying to get cold.»
[9:47pm] Tox|Laptop: Mike runs for the cover of the woods, his body undulating under Satyana.
[9:47pm] Alivi: They make it to the cover of the woods.
[9:48pm] Tox|Laptop: «If you port back and forth, only a couple inches, really fast, would that warm and dry you?»
[9:48pm] Tom90deg: "N-n-n…Noot really…I…'d be taking the water with me….»
[9:49pm] Alivi: Raine looks to Zoe, "Let me try?"
[9:49pm] Tom90deg: "Ok…."
[9:49pm] Alivi: 1d10+6 taking moisture from Zoe's clothes to make ice.
[9:50pm] Glacon: Alivi: taking moisture from Zoe's clothes to make ice.: 12 (1d10+6=6)
[9:50pm] Alivi: Her clothes become drier a bit as Raine makes ice crystals around her. BUT DAMN is it cold,
[9:52pm] Tom90deg: "Ss….still c-c-cold…
[9:52pm] Tom90deg: "
[9:52pm] Tom90deg: "Come on, the woods……"
[9:53pm] Tox|Laptop: «…Satyana, trade places with Zoe….Zoe, climb on, it'll be warmer.» Mike sounds like he can't believe he's saying this shit.
[9:53pm] Tom90deg: "R..Right."
[9:53pm] Alivi: Raine looks over to Zoe, "Sorry…."
[9:53pm] Scantron: Satyana slides off of Mike. «I can't believe you're saying this.»
[9:53pm] Tom90deg: Zoe climbs up on Mike. «It's ok.»
[9:54pm] Alivi: "So now what?"
[9:54pm] Tom90deg: "Keep going, we need to find the source…"
[9:55pm] Tox|Laptop: Mike scents about for anything supernatural, both with his innate senses and with his mind. «Hmm…»
[9:56pm] Alivi: perception Mike
[9:56pm] Alivi: Raine nods he starts going through the woods
[9:56pm] Gara: John follows Raine.
[9:57pm] Alivi: It starts to snow.
[9:57pm] Tox|Laptop: 1d10+8 Perception + Wolf
[9:57pm] Glacon: Tox|Laptop: Perception + Wolf: 16 (1d10+8=8)
[9:57pm] Scantron: Satyana goes after Raine as well.
[9:58pm] Tom90deg: Zoe's still on top of Mike
[10:00pm] Alivi: There is nothing supernatural in this current area.
[10:01pm] Alivi: 1d10+5
[10:01pm] Glacon: Alivi: 13 (1d10+5=8)
[10:01pm] Alivi: Raine looks to Mike, "I think there might be a clearing up ahead."
[10:01pm] Tox|Laptop: «….Nothing amiss. Keep moving…towards the heart.» Mike slips through the trees, ears pricked and eyes alert.
[10:01pm] Tom90deg: "Right."
[10:01pm] Alivi: Raine nods.
[10:01pm] Tox|Laptop: «Understood. Let's move.» Mike heads out.
[10:02pm] Alivi: Raine continues forward, they come across a large clearing.
[10:04pm] Alivi: Raine stops once he reaches it
[10:04pm] Scantron: Satyana looks around the clearing. Anything unusual?
[10:04pm] Alivi: no.
[10:04pm] Tom90deg: "This…l-l-l-looks promicng."
[10:04pm] Alivi: Just very very very quiet.
[10:04pm] Alivi: Raine looks at Zoe concerned. "Should I build a fire to warm her up?"
[10:05pm] Tom90deg: «No time.»
[10:05pm] Gara: "Do we have time?"
[10:05pm] Gara: "Well, asked and answered."
[10:05pm] Tox|Laptop: «…Do so, but be careful. It's too quiet here. I'll stand guard.»
[10:05pm] Scantron: "A fire would be nice…"
[10:05pm] Tom90deg: "Find out w-w-what is doing this, and get the job done."
[10:05pm] Alivi: "Well do we even know what we are doing?" Raine asks a bit irritated.
[10:06pm] Tom90deg: "Red Lady is effecting them, and probaly drove off the game before that."
[10:06pm] Tox|Laptop: «No, we don't,» he responds, equally irritated. «All I know is that these wolves follow the Lady in Red as their goddess. She's responsible for this.»
[10:06pm] Tom90deg: "To get them desprate."
[10:07pm] Tox|Laptop: «So there's something here, something we're missing. There has to be.»
[10:08pm] Tom90deg: Zoe looks around the clearing, for anything odd
[10:08pm] Alivi: Raine nods at Mike, he starts carefully moving things and getting wood. He clears the snow until he manages to find something that looks less…snowy… he makes a small platform from the wood and builds more wooden stuff around it Then tears out pages from his journal. Crumpling them and lighting them as tinder. Hope this words.
[10:08pm] Alivi: 1d10+5
[10:08pm] Glacon: Alivi: 11 (1d10+5=6)
[10:08pm] Tom90deg: 1d10+4 Perception
[10:08pm] Glacon: Tom90deg: Perception: 11 (1d10+4=7)
[10:09pm] Alivi: It does work. And a small fire starts to go. Raine sits back and sighs before standing. "See anything?" He asks quietly.
[10:09pm] Alivi: Which Zoe does not.
[10:09pm] Alivi: So far everything seems quiet
[10:10pm] Tox|Laptop: 1d10+8
[10:10pm] Glacon: Tox|Laptop: 12 (1d10+8=4)
[10:10pm] Tox|Laptop: 1d10+8 Perception
[10:10pm] Glacon: Tox|Laptop: Perception: 15 (1d10+8=7)
[10:10pm] Tom90deg: "N-n-nnothing"
[10:10pm] Tox|Laptop: Mike prowls around, staying close to the group, but keeping his senses alert around him for anything amiss.
[10:10pm] Alivi: "Zoe come over hear and warm up."
[10:11pm] Alivi: "Please."
[10:11pm] Tox|Laptop: His supernatural senses and mind are also attuned.
[10:11pm] Scantron: Satyana's already by the fire.
[10:11pm] Alivi: There is nothing there so far.
[10:11pm] Gara: John moves to the fire. "Any wounds?"
[10:11pm] Alivi: "Not that I know of…. Mike you ok?"
[10:11pm] Tom90deg: Zoe heads over to the fire. "We're w-w-waisting time."
[10:11pm] Tom90deg: "Need to get this done and back home."
[10:12pm] Tox|Laptop: «I'm good. On edge and nervous, though. Zoe's right, we shouldn't wait too long. We need to find the source of this.»
[10:12pm] Scantron: "We can't get this done with you freezing to death… once you're warmed up, we keep going."
[10:12pm] Alivi: "In a place like this we need to think, we need to stop and think, rushing deeper into the woods would be just bad."
[10:14pm] Alivi: More howls can be heard throughout the woods.
[10:14pm] Alivi: Raine sighs.
[10:14pm] Tox|Laptop: «I agree with Satyana and Raine. You freezing doesn't help us, and it gives us time to
shit!» Mike snarls. «Hope we don't have to kill every one of these wolves…»
[10:14pm] Alivi: Mike you see something moving in the snow near the fire.
[10:15pm] Tom90deg: Zoe moves closer to the fire.
[10:16pm] Alivi: Zoe you hear a muffled bark
[10:16pm] Tom90deg: "I hear something."
[10:17pm] Tom90deg: "A…bark?"
[10:17pm] Tom90deg: "D-d-do wolves bark?"
[10:17pm] Alivi: Another one, this one sounds different. Two little lumps in the snow.
[10:17pm] Tom90deg: "More barks…"
[10:17pm] Tom90deg: Zoe looks over at the lumps
[10:18pm] Scantron: Satyana looks over there as well.
[10:18pm] Alivi: *Pop* A little wolf pup's head emerges from the snow. It barks and two others pop their heads up.
[10:18pm] Alivi: Three little wolf pups.
[10:18pm] Tox|Laptop: «Wolves can bark, yes…but — yes, usually the pups.»
[10:18pm] Tox|Laptop: Mike walks over to the little ones.
[10:19pm] Alivi: The first one looks at Mike, and lets out a little growl.
[10:19pm] Tox|Laptop: Little ones…little ones, are you well?
[10:19pm] Alivi: It's trying…but it isn't that intimidating.
[10:19pm] Alivi: The others scamper to the others.
[10:19pm] Alivi: One starts trying to attack and nom John's shoe.
[10:19pm] Gara: John looks at it, and moves his foot.
[10:20pm] Tom90deg: "Puppies!"
[10:20pm] Alivi: /You are big wolf! You from here?
[10:20pm] Scantron: Satyana just watches. "Aren't wolf pups normally looked after?"
[10:20pm] Alivi: The wolf scampers after it's prey. Must eat foot!
[10:20pm] Tom90deg: Zoe waves to one of the pups
[10:20pm] Tom90deg: "Awww.."
[10:20pm] Alivi: Raine smiles in spite of himself
[10:21pm] Tox|Laptop: Mike shakes his head, continuing to slowly approach the little pup in a calm manner. //No, little one. I come from far away…to help. Has anything…strange happened in the past few moons?

[10:21pm] Gara: "No, little pup, you can't eat my foot."
[10:21pm] Alivi: /Yea!
[10:21pm] Gara: "I like me foot."
[10:21pm] Tom90deg: "There a good puppy@"
[10:21pm] Alivi: It jumps and tackles the shoe. Nom Nom Nom
[10:21pm] Alivi: That tail is wagging. Happy pup is a happy pup
[10:21pm] Tox|Laptop: //What has happened?
Mike lowers himself to his belly.
[10:22pm] Tom90deg: "Aww…."
[10:22pm] Alivi: /Momma says talk to strange wolf is bad.
[10:22pm] Alivi: There is a low growl. from the surroundings
[10:22pm] Alivi: The second wolf pup starts pawing at Zoe.
[10:22pm] Alivi: It is barking at her.
[10:22pm] Gara: "Oh, and now we are all mauled. Joy of joys." He moves his foot away again.
[10:23pm] Alivi: That wolf is persistant! It chases the foot.
[10:23pm] Tom90deg: Zoe pets, and holds it close. "Good puppy!"
[10:23pm] Alivi: It tries to eat Zoe's face.
[10:23pm] Scantron: "We have wolves to deal with, Zoe."
[10:23pm] Tox|Laptop: //Your momma is a smart wolf,
Mike says. But you can trust me. I'm a friend. Mike tentatively and gently pushes his mind towards the pup, not to overwhelm or subdue, but to introduce himself and try to convince the pup.
[10:23pm] Alivi: The growl gets louder, there is a snarl.
[10:24pm] Tom90deg: Zoe moves her face back. "Noo, bad puppy."
[10:24pm] Alivi: /Oh???// The wolf pups stop and look. They bark.
[10:24pm] Tom90deg: "Guys…"
[10:24pm] Tom90deg: "we have problems."
[10:24pm] Alivi: Except for John's pup, that shoe…
[10:24pm] Alivi: Nomnom
[10:24pm] Scantron: "I just told you that!"
[10:24pm] Gara: John continues to move away! He sighs.
[10:25pm] Tom90deg: "I know, we just…What's the plan here?"
[10:25pm] Alivi: two female wolves flanked by two juveniles enter the clearing
[10:25pm] Tox|Laptop: Mike looks towards the growl, still keeping the communication open with the pup. Yes, little one…quickly, please. Your elders are…not themselves. They attack humans unprovoked, something they should never do! If something's happened, I may be able to help, but I need to know!
[10:25pm] Alivi: watching the group interact with the pups.
[10:26pm] Scantron: «Mike, would they risk the lives of the pups?»
[10:26pm] Alivi: A female goes to Mike, Why are you talking to my child. Explaining to him you killed his father?
[10:26pm] Alivi: She growls at Mike.
[10:27pm] Tox|Laptop: Mike draws himself up and regards the female. I mourn the loss of your mate, sister. He attacked me and my pack first, while we offered assistance. I did not want to end the life of one so noble…
[10:27pm] Tox|Laptop: «Do /not/ threaten the pups.»
[10:27pm] Alivi: /You liar!
[10:27pm] Alivi: She snarls.
[10:27pm] Tom90deg: Zoe gently puts the pup down
[10:27pm] Alivi: The two juveniles sniff Satyana
[10:28pm] Alivi: The shoe nomming on tries to nom more shoe
[10:28pm] Tom90deg: «Guys…»
[10:28pm] Alivi: The one near Zoe paws her more.
[10:28pm] Tox|Laptop: //I speak the truth,
he says simply. I can show you, if you let me. I need to know, has anything strange happened lately?
[10:28pm] Alivi: The other female merely watches.
[10:28pm] Tom90deg: zoe gives him a pat, and a scratch behing the ears
[10:28pm] Gara: He continues to try to avoid shoe eat.
[10:28pm] Alivi: /My mate talked of another woman…like his father and many males of this pack, I understand not of the meaning of this.
[10:29pm] Tox|Laptop: //This other woman he spoke of…wore she a red dress?

[10:29pm] Alivi: /She had red fur.
[10:30pm] Tox|Laptop: He bows his head. //A beguiler, a bewitcher she is. She has tried to destroy my pack, drive it apart and turn it against itself. She desires mayhem and discord.

[10:30pm] Alivi: /How do you know of this? My husband's father was killed soon after and the leader of the pack should've been my Mate…however this red one placed new pack leader instead. My Mate was convinced it was the same as his father. I do not believe so.
[10:31pm] Scantron: Satyana tries to step out of the reach of the juvenile wolves.
[10:31pm] Alivi: /They say she was to end the hunger. My pups starve for food.

[10:31pm] Alivi: The juveniles ones nudge Satyana.
[10:31pm] Alivi: The shoe eater gives chase!
[10:31pm] Alivi: The Zoe one licks her hand.
[10:32pm] Tox|Laptop: No, sister. She drove away your game, and turned you against the humans in the village. I know of this, because she is my mortal foe. She wishes me dead, so as to sow terror among wolf and man alike.»
[10:32pm] Tox|Laptop: //
[10:33pm] Tom90deg: Zoe gives scratches
[10:33pm] Alivi: /I see…

[10:33pm] Gara: John continues to evade.
[10:33pm] Alivi: The wolf pounces!
[10:33pm] Alivi: Shoe nomz!!!!
[10:33pm] Gara: John sidesteps!
[10:33pm] Scantron: Satyana moves out of the way of the wolves as well. What should she roll to communicate to them that this is not okay?
[10:34pm] Alivi: Animal ken
[10:34pm] Alivi: The shoe wolf looks sad at John.
[10:34pm] Alivi: It whines.
[10:34pm] Tox|Laptop: «John, don't be a spoilsport..»
[10:34pm] Gara: «I like these shoes…»
[10:35pm] Scantron: d10+7 presence+animal ken
[10:35pm] Glacon: Scantron: presence+animal ken: 14 (d10+7=7)
[10:35pm] Alivi: It works. They tilt their head.
[10:35pm] Tom90deg: «We'll get you new ones. Be nice…"
[10:35pm] Gara: «Fiiine…» He steps back in front of the wolf.
[10:35pm] Tox|Laptop: Turning back to address the talkative wolf, If something has changed, as your little one says, I ask that you tell me. Although it will not bring back your mate, it will ensure your safety — you may live in peace.»
[10:35pm] Tox|Laptop: //
[10:36pm] Alivi: THe shoe wolf looks up at John, tail wag.
[10:37pm] Gara: He wags the shoe in the air in front of it, taunting it slightly.
[10:37pm] Alivi: /I have told you what I know, what more do you wish to know?

[10:37pm] Alivi: It barks happily. SHOE LOVE NOMZ! *pounce*
[10:37pm] Scantron: Satyana signals again for them to leave her alone.
[10:38pm] Alivi: They look upset and bark, Mike can capture something on how the pretty lady wont let them play.
[10:38pm] Tox|Laptop: How many of your number follow the red-furred lady?
[10:38pm] Gara: John gives a token attempt to dodge, just for a bit of sport.
[10:38pm] Tox|Laptop: «Satyana,» he says, «they just want to play.»
[10:38pm] Tom90deg: «Let em play…come on they're nice.»
[10:39pm] Alivi: /Only the males, for some reason the women have at least kept their head. It does not help that many young females now mate with the new leader…
[10:39pm] Alivi: The other young one, bored with adult conversation wanders over to Raine who plays a bit with it.
[10:39pm] Alivi: The juveiles nudge satyana, they want petting
[10:39pm] Scantron: «I don't like it… to tell the truth, I'm not a big fan of dogs in general.» She reluctantly pets them.
[10:39pm] Alivi: The shoe pup barks happily! Whenever this one goes to bed it will sleep well from all the play it got.
[10:41pm] Tox|Laptop: Mike nods. //I see…and no, that does not help…
Mike seems very reluctant. The red-furred lady appointed this new leader, you said? Besides that, and the game disappearing, has anything else out of the ordinary happened here?
[10:41pm] Alivi: /Yes….he has strange ability he can make ice
[10:42pm] Alivi: The female straightens. //I just need the hunt restored. My pups need food. We need to recover.

[10:43pm] Tom90deg: «Mike? We've not been eaten yet, so…good news?»
[10:43pm] Tox|Laptop: …hmm. He looks briefly at Raine, then back to the female. It pains me to say this, but if nothing else is amiss, I can think of only one solution…to kill the new leader.
[10:43pm] Tox|Laptop: «…Sort of. The Lady appointed a new leader of the wolves..and I'm willing to bet that immediately after, that's when shit started going down.
[10:44pm] Alivi: /It would please me greatly…if you could… my mate…. was wrong…he like the others were affected. To eradicate this… to not taste human flesh lest we must…

[10:44pm] Tom90deg: «Wonderful. So…leader? or something else?»
[10:45pm] Tox|Laptop: Again…I mourn the death of your mate, and mourn its necessity. I beg your forgiveness. He sinks to his forepaws.
[10:45pm] Alivi: The female sinks as well. Help us brother
[10:46pm] Tox|Laptop: I pledge myself and my pack. We will depose this false leader. Can you take us to him?
[10:47pm] Alivi: She shakes her head I will not be able to place my pups in danger but… She mentally pictures the place, straight north… following the stars if you need to. The main den is there.
[10:47pm] Tox|Laptop: How many wolves will we face once there?
[10:48pm] Alivi: /4 gaurds, and him, the others are looking for you.
[10:48pm] Alivi: She tilts her head and sends out a long call.
[10:48pm] Alivi: /I am going to buy you time.

[10:49pm] Tox|Laptop: Thank you, sister. You bring honor to your pack, and the memory of your mate. Care well for your pups, and may your hunts be fruitful.
[10:50pm] Scantron: Satyana is watching this while petting the two juvenile wolves
[10:50pm] Alivi: /As may yours…
[10:50pm] Alivi: One licks her hand.
[10:50pm] Alivi: The shoe nomming one attempts to climb in John's lap
[10:50pm] Gara: He doesn't fight it.
[10:51pm] Tox|Laptop: Mike rises. «North,» he says. «The leader is there….along with four guards. The leader's a cryokinetic like you, Raine, so be careful. They're the cause of this as near as I can tell.» Mike seems very reluctant, and swings his gaze to settle on Raine. «Our mission is to kill all five of them. We have no other option.»
[10:52pm] Alivi: "What?"
[10:52pm] Alivi: Raine frowns. "…I…have to kill them?"
[10:52pm] Tom90deg: «Great.»
[10:52pm] Tom90deg: «Not just you.»
[10:52pm] Alivi: "Still…"
[10:52pm] Scantron: «Us.»
[10:52pm] Tom90deg: «Right…well…maybe we can knock them out of it or something…»
[10:52pm] Tox|Laptop: «…Yes, Raine. The guards maybe not, but if they get in our way, don't hesitate. The leader, however…»
[10:53pm] Tox|Laptop: «He at a minimum must fall.»
[10:53pm] Tom90deg: «Focusa on the leader, right.??
[10:55pm] Alivi: "I understand…" Raine steels himself. «If it is necessary….if there is no other option…very well…»
[10:55pm] Scantron: «Let's go.»
[10:56pm] Tox|Laptop: «Focus on the leader, and keep the guards off us.» Mike gives a soft chuff to the wolves in the clearing, bidding them farewell, then starts north.
[10:56pm] Tom90deg: Zoe follows, after giveing the pup another scratch and waving bye
[10:57pm] Alivi: The pup had just cuddled in John's lap
[10:57pm] Alivi: The others wag and bark after the group
[10:57pm] Alivi: But John's won't budge
[10:57pm] Alivi: «Got it…»
[10:57pm] Gara: John stands, moving the pup. He pats it, moving after them.
[10:57pm] Scantron: Satyana follows Mike.
[10:58pm] Tox|Laptop: //I will make sure your hunt is restored,
he promises, and I'll do what I can to check up on you.
[10:58pm] Alivi: It licks his hand and barks. Tail wagging as it goes.
[10:58pm] Alivi: /Hold to your promise….
[10:59pm] Alivi: The wolves watch as they head north.
[11:00pm] Alivi: The group heads north and find a clearing
[11:00pm] Tom90deg: "That puppy was nice…"
[11:01pm] Tox|Laptop: «Be on your guard,» Mike warns. «Not a sound.» Mike advances slowly.
[11:01pm] Scantron: Satyana goes into STEALTH MODE.
[11:01pm] Alivi: «They were cute…»
[11:02pm] Alivi: When they step into the clearing
[11:02pm] Alivi: Roll Ath and dex
[11:02pm] Tom90deg: Zoe moves quietly «Focus on the big one, right."
[11:02pm] Tom90deg: 1d10+10
[11:02pm] Glacon: Tom90deg: 14 (1d10+10=4)
[11:02pm] Tox|Laptop: 1d10+9 Ath + Dex + Wolf
[11:02pm] Glacon: Tox|Laptop: Ath + Dex + Wolf: 17 (1d10+9=8)
[11:02pm] Alivi: 1d10+6
[11:02pm] Glacon: Alivi: 10 (1d10+6=4)
[11:02pm] Scantron: d10=6
[11:02pm] Scantron: D10=6 what
[11:03pm] Scantron: FUCK
[11:03pm] Scantron: d10+6
[11:03pm] Glacon: Scantron: 13 (d10+6=7)
[11:03pm] Gara: d10+5 Done this before.
[11:03pm] Glacon: Gara: Done this before.: 7 (d10+5=2)
[11:03pm] Gara: Well.
[11:04pm] Alivi: The ground gives way under them, Raine, Satyana, Zoe, and Mike all the experienced team members land in the fall pretty darn well. John, Pdef
[11:04pm] Gara: d10+4 Weeeee!
[11:05pm] Glacon: Gara: Weeeee!: 10 (d10+4=6)
[11:05pm] Tom90deg: «Like a cat»
[11:05pm] Tox|Laptop: Mike lands on all fours. «Or a wolf, in my case.» He shakes himself out.
[11:05pm] Alivi: He falls pretty hard. But is only bruised. Nothing too hurt.
[11:05pm] Scantron: Satyana brushes herself off. «What would I be?»
[11:05pm] Gara: «Whelp, that felt good.»
[11:06pm] Alivi: «Or Me for that matter?» Raine says brushing himself off.
[11:06pm] Tom90deg: «I dont have all the answeres. You must look within.»
[11:06pm] Tox|Laptop: «Lock it up,» he says sharply, looking about where they fell into. «This is probably a trap set by the Lady.»
[11:06pm] Alivi: Raine looks up, «Long fall by the way.» Seems like they are in a rock cave system.
[11:06pm] Alivi: There is a light up ahead.
[11:06pm] Tom90deg: Zoe draws out her knives
[11:06pm] Tom90deg: «Guess that way?»
[11:07pm] Alivi: «Guess so…»
[11:08pm] Tox|Laptop: «I'll take point.» Mike slips into the lead position and starts navigating through the caves, reaching ahead with his mind to sense the other wolves.
[11:08pm] Tom90deg: Zoe heads on down following Mike
[11:09pm] Alivi: He can sense 5 wolves….
[11:09pm] Alivi: but one feels different
[11:10pm] Tox|Laptop: Mike pauses, one foot in front of the other. «Hold,» he says softly. Can he tease out the difference, what feels odd about it?
[11:10pm] Gara: John stops.
[11:10pm] Alivi: Not a normal wolf.
[11:11pm] Scantron: Satyana stops.
[11:11pm] Alivi: Raine stops.
[11:11pm] Tom90deg: Zoe stops as well
[11:11pm] Alivi: His eyes narrow. «Should I get a visual?»
[11:11pm] Tox|Laptop: «Five wolves ahead…one isn't normal. Raine, if you would be so kind.»
[11:12pm] Alivi: 1d10+6
[11:12pm] Glacon: Alivi: 9 (1d10+6=3)
[11:12pm] Alivi: Raine manages to project the image on the ice covering the cave walls.
[11:12pm] Tox|Laptop: Mike turns to look.
[11:12pm] Alivi: There are 4 wolves relaxing. And A large, silver looking wolf. blue tinge to the fur.
[11:13pm] Tom90deg: «Target spotted. So…»
[11:14pm] Tox|Laptop: «That's the one. Not normal…it's going to take a lot to bring him down. I may have to…allow Wolf to share me more fully, to give me the strength I need…»
[11:14pm] Scantron: «I say give it a shot.»
[11:14pm] Tom90deg: «Satayana, can you give us some diversions?»
[11:17pm] Scantron: «Like what?»
[11:17pm] Tom90deg: «Like a bunch of ghosts coming out of the walls?»
[11:18pm] Tox|Laptop left the chat room. (Ping timeout)
[11:19pm] Scantron: «I can try… thank god I had the violin enchanted to resist water.» She takes the violin out of its case and readies it. «Just tell me when to go.»
[11:19pm] Alivi: Raine looks and nods at Satyana, «let's go.»
[11:20pm] Tom90deg: Zoe follow
[11:20pm] Alivi: Raine advances carefully.
[11:20pm] Scantron: Satyana begins playing a wild-sounding song. She's trying to stir up spirits that would cause a din. What should she roll?
[11:22pm] Alivi: Er….
[11:22pm] Alivi: whatever you'd roll?
[11:22pm] Alivi: Occult and something
[11:22pm] Alivi: ?
[11:25pm] Alivi: occult and perform?
[11:25pm] Scantron: d10+9 two skills together? I'm okay with this.
[11:25pm] Glacon: Scantron: two skills together? I'm okay with this.: 13 (d10+9=4)
[11:26pm] Alivi: She makes quite a din, the 4 wolves start barking and charging. towards the enterence
[11:26pm] Tom90deg: «Now, jump the boss?»
[11:26pm] Scantron: Any ghosties come out to play?
[11:27pm] Tox|Laptop joined the chat room.
[11:27pm] Alivi: Like 2
[11:28pm] Alivi: The leader doesn't move, he looks amused as the four wolves go straight for Satyana
[11:31pm] Scantron: Can the team get +2 to their rolls due to Satyana's "Damselic" trait?
[11:32pm] Tox|Laptop1 joined the chat room.
[11:32pm] Alivi: Yea
[11:33pm] Tom90deg: 1d10+11 Stabby port stabby!
[11:33pm] Glacon: Tom90deg: Stabby port stabby!: 12 (1d10+11=1)
[11:33pm] Tox|Laptop left the chat room. (Ping timeout)
[11:33pm] Tox|Laptop1: Mike looses a savage howl, charging in towards the leader. He pushes his mind ahead of him like a spear, aiming to attack the larger wolf both physically and mentally.
[11:33pm] Alivi: 1d10+11 activating relic and tagging cold blooded
[11:33pm] Glacon: Alivi: activating relic and tagging cold blooded: 17 (1d10+11=6)
[11:34pm] Alivi: Raine manages to imprision some of the gaurds.
[11:34pm] Gara: John is a medic. He stands in the back, waiting for someone to get broken.
[11:34pm] Alivi: like 3 of them
[11:34pm] Alivi: THe fourth escapes and continues towards Satyana.
[11:34pm] Alivi: The other wolf laughs. "What a delightful Game Michael Weyland."
[11:35pm] Gara: "That is a talking wolf."
[11:35pm] Alivi: "I am not just a wolf…"
[11:35pm] Tom90deg: "Crap, talking wolf."
[11:35pm] Alivi: The form shimmers and there is a man sitting there.
[11:36pm] Alivi: Grinning.
[11:36pm] Tox|Laptop1: //Another werewolf,
he snarls. Figures.
[11:36pm] Gara: «I have a feeling it's time for me to get mauled.» "Yeah, I figured."
[11:36pm] Alivi: THe one gaurd after Satyana looks and whimpers a bit.
[11:36pm] Alivi: The man stands.
[11:36pm] Tox|Laptop1: Know this. If you follow the Lady, you will either rebuke her or die.
[11:36pm] Scantron: «Don't you still have that syringe that can kill werewolves easily, Mark?»
[11:36pm] Tom90deg: «Lucky i got my silver knives.»
[11:37pm] Alivi: "No."
[11:37pm] Alivi: "I follow her and only her…"
[11:37pm] Gara: «Yes, but I am a doctor, and using it would be not really okay with me.»
[11:37pm] Tom90deg: «Then give it to me!»
[11:37pm] Gara: He digs it out of his bag, where is she?
[11:38pm] Tom90deg: Zoe's over by the wolf, havieng just buggerd up the stabbing.
[11:38pm] Alivi: The wolf backs from Zoe.
[11:38pm] Tox|Laptop1: Then you have made your choice, Mike says flatly. I can suffer none of her retinue to live.
[11:38pm] Alivi: The man is still sitting there facing Michael.
[11:38pm] Alivi: "So I have."
[11:39pm] Gara: John runs to her, and hands her the super mega ultra death syringe of doom +5
[11:39pm] Tom90deg: Zoe ports over to John. "Gimme."
[11:39pm] Alivi: He raises his hand and snaps. The ice Raine created shatters.
[11:39pm] Gara: Oh.
[11:39pm] Gara: Then he just gives her the syringe.
[11:39pm] Tox|Laptop1: Mike shimmers back into human form as well. "Know that I am the Pack-Child of Hircine, and the Lady and all who follow her are my mortal enemies."
[11:39pm] Alivi: /Get them brothers and we will feast on their blood.
[11:39pm] Alivi: "So what?"
[11:40pm] Tom90deg: Zoe takes the syringe. «Got it! Shall I Mike?»
[11:40pm] Tox|Laptop1: "Stand aside or be destroyed."
[11:40pm] Alivi: "You stand down, you cannot win against her!"
[11:40pm] Tox|Laptop1: «I'll keep him distracted, then you port behind him and hit the son of a bitch.»
[11:40pm] Alivi: He is far too affected by her
[11:41pm] Tom90deg: «SAy when.»
[11:41pm] Alivi: Raine curses as his ice breaks, He looks at John and Satyana and the four other wolves.
[11:42pm] Tox|Laptop1: "My victory is already assured," Mike says with supreme confidence. "As is your doom. Shall we?" he invites, pulling his two weapons — Babbage and Colt — out of their holsters.
[11:42pm] Scantron: Satyana looks back at him, still playing.
[11:46pm] Alivi: 1d10+9
[11:46pm] Glacon: Alivi: 16 (1d10+9=7)
[11:46pm] Alivi: Raine makes ice walls protecting Satyana, John and himself
[11:46pm] Gara: "This is good, I like ice walls. Thank you Raine."
[11:47pm] Scantron: "Me too." The violin sounds even shriller bouncing off the smaller walls of ice.
[11:47pm] Tom90deg: «Mike, now?»
[11:50pm] Alivi: "No problem."
[11:50pm] Alivi: The ghosts make more din
[11:50pm] Alivi: DINDINDIN
[11:51pm] Tox|Laptop1: Mike puts his Colt away, firing the Babbage even as he hurls himself towards the so-called leader. "Then die!"
[11:51pm] Tom90deg: At Mike's shot, Zoe takes that as the signal. She ports to stab!
[11:51pm] Tom90deg: 1d10+11 Don't fuck with me glacon
[11:51pm] Glacon: Tom90deg: Don't fuck with me glacon: 18 (1d10+11=7)
[11:51pm] Tox|Laptop1: 1d10+9 Dex + Firearms + Pistol Specialty
[11:51pm] Glacon: Tox|Laptop1: Dex + Firearms + Pistol Specialty: 10 (1d10+9=1)
[11:51pm] Tox|Laptop1: 1d10+9 REROLL :|
[11:51pm] Glacon: Tox|Laptop1: REROLL :|: 18 (1d10+9=9)
[11:52pm] Alivi: The silver and mistletoe course through the veins. A HORRIBLE SCREAM FILLS THE AIR>
[11:53pm] Alivi: And he be ded
[11:53pm] Gara: "Well. That was easy."
[11:53pm] Tom90deg: Zoe blinks. "Well."
[11:53pm] Scantron: And the other wolves?
[11:53pm] Tom90deg: "Wuss! That the best ya got Red?"
[11:54pm] Tox|Laptop1: Mike pulls back in revulsion, watching the potent, deadly mixture work its horrible magic. He retches once.
[11:54pm] Alivi: THe other wolves whimper.
[11:54pm] Alivi: It smells….AWFUL
[11:54pm] Alivi: Raine makes the ice walls vanish
[11:54pm] Scantron: Satyana stops playing.
[11:54pm] Tox|Laptop1: //Y-You….the rest of you, do you serve the Lady?
he asks in a shaky voice.
[11:54pm] Scantron: "I'm not going to be able to sleep for another week… am I…"
[11:55pm] Alivi: /No..they will not…// The female strides in
[11:55pm] Alivi: The males whimper a bit.
[11:55pm] Gara: Is he still alive?
[11:55pm] Alivi: The werewolf dude is dead
[11:56pm] Tom90deg: "Um…What now?"
[11:56pm] Scantron: He's like super dead
[11:56pm] Tox|Laptop1: Then go…go and care for your young. He stumbles to the wall, shuddering against it.
[11:56pm] Tox|Laptop1: Take my blessing as well, for whatever worth you ascribe to it.
[11:58pm] Alivi: /We will follow who you do…brother. You saved my pack from the foolishness of the one in red.
[11:58pm] Alivi: Raine looks away from the corpse.
[11:58pm] Tom90deg: «Should we search the body?»
[11:59pm] Scantron: «That might not be a bad idea.»
[11:59pm] Alivi: The body is like burned. Horribly.
[11:59pm] Alivi: like from the inside out
[11:59pm] Tox|Laptop1: //Then devote yourself to Hircine, sister,
Mike says, finally recovering. Know your ancient God, and bring your pups up to do the same.
[11:59pm] Alivi: Shoe biting puppy goes to John!
[11:59pm] Tom90deg: Zoe gingerly approaches and does a sorta search, cause ew
[11:59pm] Alivi: Tag wagging!
[12:00am] Alivi: roll it Zoe
[12:00am] Tom90deg: 1d10+4 Perception
[12:00am] Glacon: Tom90deg: Perception: 13 (1d10+4=9)
[12:00am] Scantron: Satyana walks over as well.
[12:00am] Scantron: d10+8 satyana's roll
[12:00am] Glacon: Scantron: satyana's roll: 15 (d10+8=7)
[12:00am] Alivi: /I shall brother… I shall lead this pack well as Alpha
[12:00am] Gara: "Hi!"
[12:00am] Alivi: They find a piece of paper.
[12:00am] Alivi: It noms his shoe.
[12:00am] Alivi: It really likes that shoe.
[12:00am] Tom90deg: "Ah
[12:00am] Alivi: It barks at John
[12:00am] Tom90deg: !"
[12:00am] Tom90deg: Zoe unfolds the paper and gives it a read
[12:01am] Tox|Laptop1: //Befriend the humans if possible…I shall tell them they need no longer fear you and yours.

[12:02am] Alivi: /I understand…and the hunt?
[12:02am] Alivi: /If the humans give food?

[12:02am] Alivi: The paper just has a red lipstick kiss.
[12:02am] Scantron: Satyana looks over Zoe's shoulder. "…" She sighs.
[12:03am] Tom90deg: "Nothin."
[12:03am] Tox|Laptop1: Now that the Lady in Red's influence has abated…the hunt should resume. I will ask them if they will feed you in exchange for protection and companionship.
[12:03am] Tom90deg: Zoe pockets it anywho. May be useful.
[12:05am] Alivi: /That we will provide.
[12:05am] Alivi: She howls
[12:05am] Alivi: The other female, 4 males, and pups all howl
[12:06am] Alivi: the howls receive answers backs. From around the woods.
[12:06am] Gara: John smiles at it.
[12:07am] Tox|Laptop1: Mike bows his head. //Walk in peace, sister, you and your pack.

[12:08am] Alivi: /Understood Brother, come again.
[12:09am] Tox|Laptop1: //I will,
he says, nodding. He smiles at the collected wolves, then motions to his team. "Alright, team."
[12:09am] Tom90deg: "Right then. We're off?"
[12:10am] Alivi: The wolf pup barks at John
[12:10am] Tom90deg: "Nice to meet you all…"Zoe gives a nod to the wolves. "And nice to meet you pups."
[12:10am] Tox|Laptop1: "He seems to like you, John," he notes with amusement.
[12:10am] Alivi: /I will ask you bring your pack back, it seems the pups are…attached….
[12:10am] Gara: "Looks like."
[12:10am] Tom90deg: "Well, they are cute."
[12:11am] Tox|Laptop1: //I will do so, sister.
Mike smiles again. "We're off. We need to stop by the village to talk to our contact, then radio for exfil."
[12:11am] Lurker joined the chat room.
[12:11am] Gara: "Alright, I have business there anyway."
[12:12am] Scantron: "Right. And I'm about ready to head home as well."
[12:12am] Tom90deg: "Lead the way."
[12:12am] Lurker left the chat room. (Quit: )
[12:12am] Tom90deg: Zoe gives the puppy she was playing with another wave
[12:12am] Lurker joined the chat room.
[12:15am] Alivi: Soft rp if you want
[12:15am] Tom90deg: YAY WARM
[12:16am] Tox|Laptop1: WOO
[12:16am] Tox|Laptop1: Mike collapses onto the couch when they return home.
[12:17am] Gara: John sits on the coach. "I knew that stuff was going to come in handy."
[12:17am] Tom90deg: Zoe also takes a seat, but first gets a warm cup of coffee
[12:17am] Tom90deg: "Mmm…We may need more."
[12:17am] Scantron: Satyana's already starting on a bottle of wine. "So, since my sleep pattern will be about nil for the next week, I'm not going to be productive, which I personally consider as good an excuse as any to drink. Anyone wish to join me?"
[12:18am] Gara: "Absolutely."
[12:18am] Tom90deg: "Sure!"
[12:18am] Tom90deg: "Imma drink you under the table."
[12:19am] Scantron: "I have more experience binge drinking than you."
[12:19am] Scantron: Satyana gives people wine and starts sipping hers.
[12:19am] Tom90deg: "Psssh."
[12:19am] Tom90deg: Zoe drinks as well
[12:20am] Tox|Laptop1: "Fuck it, sure. What, just wine?"
[12:20am] Tox|Laptop1: Mike snorts and takes a glass.
[12:20am] Alivi: Raine texts Klaara a bit sitting on the couch.
[12:21am] Tom90deg: "What would you prefer?"
[12:21am] Gara: John drinks.
[12:22am] Tox|Laptop1: "Got any bourbon?"
[12:22am] Scantron: "if it's not strong enough for you, drink more."
[12:23am] Tom90deg: "I think so."
[12:23am] Tom90deg: zoe heads into the kitchen!
[12:23am] Tom90deg: And emerges with booze!
[12:24am] Gara: "Candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker."
[12:25am] Tox|Laptop1: "Hey, you stole that from Willy Wonka."
[12:25am] Tox|Laptop1: Mike motions to Zoe. "Yeah, that's the right stuff."
[12:25am] Gara: "Shamelessly."
[12:26am] Scantron: Satyana shrugs. "Whatever. I prefer wine."
[12:27am] Tom90deg: Zoe comes back in and plonks the bottle on the table
[12:31am] Scantron: Satyana's drinkin' and shit.
[12:31am] Tom90deg: As is Zoe
[12:32am] Scantron: "So… other than that, what's new?"
[12:32am] Tom90deg: "Not too much."
[12:33am] Scantron: "That's good. How's your girlfriend?"
[12:36am] Tox|Laptop1: Mike's drinking as well, then raises an eyebrow at Zoe. "Oho, you found someone, eh?"
[12:36am] Tom90deg: Zoe blushes
[12:36am] Tom90deg: "Um…yah….We met over at the winter ball…"
[12:36am] Tom90deg: "Sophia…you know her?"
[12:36am] Tom90deg: "She works over in the cover up section."
[12:37am] Gara: "That is a creatively named section. Can I ask what they do?"
[12:41am] Tox|Laptop1: "Oh yeah, I know of her." Mike nods, taking another hit.
[12:41am] Tom90deg: "Well…They cover up. Work with news orginizations and what not."
[12:42am] Tom90deg: Zoe nods. "Yah…Heh, we're kinda dating now."
[12:42am] Scantron: "She's a shapeshifter, right?"
[12:45am] Tom90deg: Zoe blushes again, and takes another drink. "Yes/"
[12:47am] Scantron: "What's that like?"
[12:47am] Tox|Laptop1: "Probably lots of fun," Mike says, sipping his liquor before pouring another glass.
[12:48am] Gara: "… Zoe, I was being sarcastic."
[12:50am] Tom90deg: Zoe blushes even deeper at Mike. "She's…nice…" Zoe murmers.
[12:52am] Scantron: "Yep."
[12:52am] Scantron: Satyana continues to drink.

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