The Meeting Of The Lycans

[7:59pm] Tom90deg: Thre's a cracle from the intercom!
[8:00pm] Tom90deg: "Team 2, please come to the briefing room."
[8:00pm] Alivi: Raine sighs and gets up he frowns a bit.
[8:00pm] Alivi: He walks to the briefing room.
[8:00pm] Tox|Laptop1: Mike looks up and stands. "Duty calls." He heads in!
[8:01pm] Alivi: Raine sits down and looks around.
[8:01pm] Tox|Laptop1: Mike takes his usual seat.
[8:02pm] Tom90deg: The director is sitting there. "Agent Weyland, Do you remember a girl called…Sarah Goodall?"
[8:03pm] Alivi: Raine looks down.
[8:03pm] Tox|Laptop1: Mike blinks. "Uhhh. …No? Should I?" He plants his feet on the ground.
[8:04pm] Tom90deg: "You might, you gave her your card. Althought to be fair, it was…some time ago. Almost a year."
[8:05pm] Tox|Laptop1: Mike narrows his eyes in thought. "A year ago……that'd….put me in Philly. With that Franken-corpse case. Uhhh…."
[8:05pm] Tox|Laptop1: He starts snapping his fingers. "Now who did I give cards to…?"
[8:05pm] Tom90deg: "She met you in Philadelphia, after you noticed she was a Were. You apparently had a, to hear her tell it, rather confrontational conversation, and then gave her your card.
[8:05pm] Alivi: Raine looks over at Mike. He doesn't say anything.
[8:05pm] Tox|Laptop1: "Oh!" Mike's face clears. "That's /right,/ I went out with Zoe one night in the investigation!"
[8:06pm] Tom90deg: "Mm, she did mention someone with you."
[8:06pm] Tom90deg: "In any case, she called."
[8:06pm] Tox|Laptop1: "Yeah, I remember now." He nods, nods. "Wait—she called? What did she say?"
[8:06pm] Tox|Laptop1: The Director has Mike's full and complete attention.
[8:06pm] Tom90deg: The director gestures to the phone, where the hold button is blinking. "Why don't you ask her?"
[8:06pm] Tom90deg: "Shall I?"
[8:07pm] Tox|Laptop1: He sits frozen for a moment. "…Go ahead, put it on speaker."
[8:07pm] Tom90deg: The director nods, and pushes the button. "Miss Goodall, Agent Weiland and Agent Virtanen are here."
[8:07pm] Tox|Laptop1: He clears his throat. "Agent Weyland speaking. Ms. Goodall, is that you?"
[8:08pm] Tom90deg: A female voice comes over the speaker. "Yes. Took me a while to get back to you, huh?"
[8:08pm] Tox|Laptop1: Mike nods. "I'll say. What's the occasion?"
[8:09pm] Tom90deg: "You told me to call if there was a problem. And there's a problem."
[8:09pm] Tom90deg: "Have you been in touch with the….community recently?"
[8:10pm] Tox|Laptop1: Mike shakes his head. "Not the Philly were-commmunity. I've been concerned with the West Coast as of late, as well as more….large-scale problems," he dodges. "What's the problem?"
[8:11pm] Tom90deg: "I don't know. There's been…some pressure, some large meetings. There's a big one tonight. large scale, wide cross-section, and it just seems…bad. So I called."
[8:11pm] Tom90deg: "Can you guys come and help?"
[8:12pm] Tox|Laptop1: "….I'll be there. If this is what I think it is….it could be /very/ bad."
[8:12pm] Tox|Laptop1: "What kind of pressure?"
[8:12pm] Tox|Laptop1: Mike presses his hands flat on the table.
[8:13pm] Tom90deg: "Just…get in line kind of pressure."
[8:13pm] Tom90deg: "Nothing…that bad so far."
[8:14pm] Scanciv is now known as Scantron.
[8:14pm] Alivi: Raine just looks back down
[8:14pm] Tox|Laptop1: "….Yeah. This could be bad. I'll want to see the leaders of the werepacks ASAP." He sighs.
[8:14pm] Scantron: Satyana shows up. "I'm late. What did I miss?"
[8:15pm] Tom90deg: "Right. Where are you coming in?"
[8:15pm] Tom90deg: "I'll meet you somewhere."
[8:15pm] Tox|Laptop1: "Bad vibes coming from east coast werepacks — one of my old contacts asked for my help. Uhhh, how about that restaurant we met at the last time?"
[8:15pm] Tom90deg: "Right. When will you be here?"
[8:16pm] Tox|Laptop1: "Part of the benefit of working for a shadow supra-government organization is quick commutes. We'll be there within a couple hours. Anything else you feel I should know beforehand?"
[8:16pm] Tom90deg: "Nothing comes to mind. I'll see you then."
[8:16pm] Tom90deg: The phone clicks.
[8:16pm] Tox|Laptop1: "Right. Weyland out."
[8:17pm] Tox|Laptop1: "We're on the usual freq, boss." Mike stands and departs, pulling a spacy Satyana with.
[8:17pm] Tom90deg: The director raises an eyebrow. "Well then. Seems like you have a job to do team."
[8:17pm] Alivi: Raine sighs.
[8:17pm] Alivi: He gets up.
[8:17pm] Scantron: Satyana is pulled!
[8:17pm] Alivi: He looks at the director then he follows Mike.
[8:18pm] Tox|Laptop1: And then they are IN THE PLAAAAAANE
[8:18pm] Alivi: Raine doesn't say a word.
[8:19pm] Tom90deg: The plane trip is uneventful, and before long, they arrive in their destination.
[8:20pm] Tox|Laptop1: "Something wrong, Raine?"
[8:20pm] Alivi: "No."
[8:20pm] Tox|Laptop1: "…You sure? You're kind of out of it…" Mike makes his way through Philly.
[8:20pm] Alivi: Raine waits for the plane to come to a stop once it does so he gets up and slings his bag over his shoulder.
[8:21pm] Alivi: "I think it is just you Mike."
[8:21pm] Scantron: Presumably Satyana is made up-to-date.
[8:21pm] Alivi: She is
[8:21pm] Tox|Laptop1: Mike frowns, then shakes his head. "I don't think so…"
[8:21pm] Alivi: "Just, not now, we have a job to do."
[8:21pm] Scantron: "I think we can deal with this after the mission."
[8:22pm] Tox|Laptop1: "…Alright." He and she and they all go together!
[8:22pm] Tom90deg: BEfore long, the gtoup arrives at that cafe. Mike may or may not reconize a slim figure sitting over in the corner, looking rather nervous
[8:25pm] Tom90deg: She looks up at Mike, and gives him a slight wave, stopping when she sees Raine and Satayana
[8:25pm] Tox|Laptop1: Mike vaguely does, and then exactly does when he scents her out. He nods reassuringly. "These are my friends."
[8:25pm] Tom90deg: "I see…"
[8:26pm] Tom90deg: "Where's your other friend? The annoying asian one?"
[8:26pm] Alivi: "A pleasure…"
[8:26pm] Scantron: "She must be busy."
[8:26pm] Tom90deg: "Nice to meet you." She gives Raine a nod. She looks rather nervous and seems a bit closed off.
[8:27pm] Tox|Laptop1: "Hey, Ms Goodall, everything's gonna be alright. We're here to help."
[8:28pm] Tom90deg: "Mmm."
[8:28pm] Tox|Laptop1: "Now, should we go to the meeting?"
[8:28pm] Tom90deg: "It's…not for a little while. Till nighttime. I just don't know what's going on. Things have changed in the past few months."
[8:29pm] Tom90deg: "Used to be…noone really bothered me. Hell, I didn't even know about any groups. But now it's….more organized."
[8:30pm] Alivi: Raine seems closed off too.
[8:30pm] Tox|Laptop1: Mike frowns. Organization could be good or bad….dependent on species…. "What species are organizing?" Mike asks in a low voice.
[8:31pm] Tom90deg: "All of them. Some are…not too happy about it."
[8:32pm] Tom90deg: "Cats, birds, sea creatures, which, by the way, I didn't even know existed, all kinds."
[8:32pm] Scantron is now known as ScanAFK.
[8:33pm] Tox|Laptop1: "….Mmm. Right…those species don't normally organize too strictly…" He frowns. "Have you been keeping your ears open? Anything odd happen lately?"
[8:33pm] Alivi: Raine places his hands in his pockets. His eyes wandering around the room.
[8:33pm] Alivi: Does he see anything?
[8:33pm] Tom90deg: Roll preception
[8:34pm] Alivi: 6df+6
[8:34pm] Glacon: Alivi: 8 (6df+6=+, 0, 0, +, -, +)
[8:35pm] Alivi: d10+6
[8:35pm] Glacon: Alivi: 14 (d10+6=8)
[8:36pm] Alivi: Raine frowns, he tries to make his way over towards them subtly.
[8:37pm] Tom90deg: Sarah shakes her head. "I never was in contact with any of them."
[8:39pm] Tox|Laptop1: Mike frowns. "Damn." Out of the corner of his eye, he notes Raine slipping off. «Raine? Whatcha got?»
[8:40pm] Tom90deg: The two people, a male and female, are still watching Sarah, not paying attention to Raine
[8:40pm] Alivi: «They are watching us. Specifically Sarah»
[8:42pm] Tom90deg: "I just wanted to be left alone. I never wanted this, and now it's jsut all…thrown on me."
[8:43pm] Tox|Laptop1: Mike's eyes widen slightly. Still looking at Sarah, he pushes his mind out slowly, moving past Raine in the direction of the people watching her. "I know, Ms Goodall. Unfortunately, sometimes the world catches up with us when we want it least." As he touches them, he tries to listen to their thoughts and discern motive and intent.
[8:43pm] Alivi: Raine attempts to freeze the two to their seats
[8:44pm] Alivi: 1d10+9 (adding relic)
[8:44pm] Glacon: Alivi: (adding relic): 17 (1d10+9=8)
[8:44pm] Tom90deg: 1d10+5 (Mdef for Mike)
[8:44pm] Glacon: Tom90deg: (Mdef for Mike): 6 (1d10+5=1)
[8:44pm] Tom90deg: Mike can read their intents purely!
[8:44pm] Tox|Laptop1: Intents and surface thoughts.
[8:44pm] Tom90deg: They're here to follow SArah, figure out who she's talking to, and what they want.
[8:45pm] Tox|Laptop1: Can he figure out who sent them and /why/ they want to do the things they are doing?
[8:45pm] Tom90deg: As for RAine, the frost covers their seats, and Mike can sence them getting scared and upset. "Hey!"
[8:46pm] Alivi: Raine looks at them not saything a thing, "Ah…hello?"
[8:46pm] Tom90deg: They glare up at Raine, trying to strugle out of their seats. Raine can see they're eyes changing color as the do so. "What?"
[8:46pm] Tox|Laptop1: "….Two people are trying to follow you, Ms Goodall."
[8:47pm] Tox|Laptop1: "I think we should leave."
[8:47pm] Alivi: "I'd relax if I were you. Why are you watching us?"
[8:47pm] Alivi: His voice is very even
[8:49pm] Tom90deg: "Why are you asking? This isn't any of your buisness toothless."
[8:49pm] Alivi: "Toothless?"
[8:49pm] Alivi: "And it is my business. So tell me…"
[8:50pm] Tom90deg: "Go away. We've done nothiung wrong, we're just sitting here. You're the one who's getting up in our face."
[8:50pm] Alivi: "You were watching us."
[8:51pm] Tom90deg: "Is that illegal now?"
[8:51pm] Tox|Laptop1: Is Mike's connection to the two still live?
[8:51pm] ScanAFK is now known as Scantron.
[8:51pm] Tom90deg: Yes, he can sence they're nervous and pissed off.
[8:52pm] Alivi: "I just want to know why."
[8:53pm] Tom90deg: "What's it matter? Now go away."
[8:53pm] Alivi: "No."
[8:54pm] Tom90deg: The male is trying to get up off of his seat, but he's still pretty iced in.
[8:54pm] Tox|Laptop1: ~I think you'll find that we can /make/ it our business,~ he informs the male brusquely, mind-to-mind. His voice is overlaid with a sense of otherwordly, almost holy, authority. Due to the nature of mindspeak, the man can't tell where it's coming from, but since the voice is gendered, and there was only one male that came in…
[8:55pm] Scantron: Satyana watches quietly, but intently.
[8:55pm] Tom90deg: ~Make it your business then.~
[8:56pm] Tox|Laptop1: ~Do you /really/ want me to, whelp?~
[8:58pm] Tom90deg: ~Ooooh…is that who I think it is?~
[8:58pm] Tox|Laptop1: ~That will depend on who you think 'this' is,~ he says coldly.
[9:00pm] Tom90deg: ~I've heard quite a few things about you then. But as of now. We're leving. Tell the kitty that she is expected tonight. And to bring her new friends.~
[9:01pm] Tox|Laptop1: ~Who are you, and what do you want?~ Mike asks. ~Don't make me pull the information from you.~
[9:01pm] Tom90deg: ~We're from the orginazation that meirly wishes all the changelings afforded some protection."
[9:01pm] Tom90deg: ~Come and see if you don't believe me.~
[9:03pm] Tom90deg: With a cracking, the two of them stand up, ice falling from their legs, giveing Raine a glare. "Nice trick."
[9:03pm] Tox|Laptop1: ~Which organization?~ he asks, suspicious. ~Do you serve Hircine, or the Lady?~
[9:04pm] Tom90deg: ~We serve our people.~
[9:04pm] Scantron: Satyana isn't hearing any of this. She just sits, watching.
[9:04pm] Alivi: Raine says nothing
[9:05pm] Tox|Laptop1: ~…See that you do not oppose us. You are going to the meet, I take it?~
[9:05pm] Tom90deg: ~Of course. See you there then?~
[9:06pm] Tox|Laptop1: ~It will be so. And know that I fight for my people — all our people — as well, against the Lady.~
[9:06pm] Tom90deg: ~Then we fight on the same side. Goodbye.~
[9:07pm] Tom90deg: The two of them give Raine a slight growl and then stalk off out of the cafe.
[9:07pm] Tox|Laptop1: Mike, whose eyes had gone slightly distant, return to Sarah's face.
[9:08pm] Alivi: Raine doesn't react.
[9:08pm] Tom90deg: Sarah is looking over at the two people Raine was talking with.
[9:09pm] Tox|Laptop1: "…They are allies, at least for now. They will be at the meet tonight, and they expect you and us."
[9:10pm] Tom90deg: Sarah looks down. "I don't want to go to that meeting."
[9:10pm] Scantron: "What meet?"
[9:10pm] Tox|Laptop1: "A regional lycan meeting."
[9:10pm] Tox|Laptop1: "Why don't you want to go?"
[9:11pm] Tom90deg: "Because. I don't want to be involved in it at all. I don't have to think about it most of the time, unless I stay out late a few nights ina row…"
[9:13pm] Tox|Laptop1: Mike sighs, reaching out and putting a hand on her shoulder. "You may not have that option, Ms Goodall. Not choosing a side doesn't mean you won't be on one."
[9:13pm] Tom90deg: "I'm not part of this! I don't want to be, and I never asked for it."
[9:15pm] Tom90deg: "What can I do anyway?"
[9:15pm] Tom90deg: "I'm a waitress."
[9:15pm] Tox|Laptop1: He sighs again. "Again, that may not be an option for you. You're a lycan, and that makes you a target. You /will/ be targeted. Your fellows can help you, if you let them."
[9:15pm] Tom90deg: "My fellows?"
[9:16pm] Tox|Laptop1: He meets her eyes. "Every person is a sensor. You can keep your eyes and ears open, and pass along whatever you hear and see."
[9:16pm] Tom90deg: "Excuse me, maybe you forgot but my fellows are the ones who did this to me, and left me alone, never telling me anything about it."
[9:16pm] Tox|Laptop1: He shakes his head. "No, those are not your fellows, merely your sires. Your fellows are the friends you make afterward, the connections you have."
[9:16pm] Tom90deg: She sighs and looks down. "Lets just go. Get this over with. Maybe they'll leave me alone then."
[9:17pm] Tox|Laptop1: "Maybe so." He holds the rest of his statement back, standing up.
[9:17pm] Scantron: Satyana stands up as well.
[9:18pm] Tom90deg: Sarah stands up too. "Come on then. They gave me an address."
[9:19pm] Tox|Laptop1: "Alright." He nods, leading the merry bunch out of the restaurant and towards the address!
[9:19pm] Scantron: Satyana follows!
[9:20pm] Tom90deg: She heads on out, and down the road. "It's a bit far off, and kinda hidden."
[9:21pm] Scantron: "Should we take the car?"
[9:21pm] Tom90deg: "Sure.'
[9:21pm] Tox|Laptop1: "Right." Mike gets into the Rover!"
[9:22pm] Tom90deg: Sarah follows and gets in, prepareing to give directions.
[9:23pm] Scantron: Satyana gets in as well.
[9:23pm] Alivi: Raine gets in.
[9:24pm] Tox|Laptop1: Mike starts off!
[9:24pm] Tom90deg: Sarah gives them directions to a large somewhat decrepid warehouse.
[9:25pm] Tox|Laptop1: "Looks like the place my pack meets at," he remarks, pulling to a stop. What's the vehicle situation in the lot?
[9:28pm] Tom90deg: There's some cars, but it seems pretty quiet. There does seem to be a homeless guy sitting over by a grate.
[9:28pm] Tom90deg: Sarah pulls a piece of paper out of her pocket and unfolds it. "Ok, just…follow me I guess?"
[9:29pm] Tox|Laptop1: "Got it. Y'know," he laughs, "I bet they've never had a Chosen here before."
[9:29pm] Scantron: Satyana gets out as well. "I would be surprised if they had."
[9:31pm] Tom90deg: Sarah approaches the homeless man somewhat nervously.
[9:31pm] Tox|Laptop1: "Chosen come and go," he replies. "Only thing I don't know is how /often/ they come around." He exits and follows Sarah's lead.
[9:31pm] Tox|Laptop1: Approaching the homeless man, Mike steps out of Sarah's proverbial shadow, standing abreast.
[9:31pm] Tom90deg: "Umm…Hello. Nice to meet you this…" She read the paper. "Dark evening."
[9:31pm] Tom90deg: The man looks up at her with a raised eyebrow. "That was horrible."
[9:32pm] Tom90deg: "Come on in, they're expecting you lot."
[9:32pm] Alivi: Raine follows.
[9:32pm] Tom90deg: He stands to the side, and raises up the grateing, showing a set of stairs going downwards.
[9:32pm] Tox|Laptop1: "Mm." Mike nods, leading the way down.
[9:33pm] Scantron: Satyana follows. What does it smell like?
[9:35pm] Tom90deg: Smells..oddly clean
[9:36pm] Scantron: "I'm surprised at how clean it is. With a warehouse this big, it can't be easy to maintain."
[9:36pm] Tox|Laptop1: "No…you're right. These people do good work."
[9:36pm] Alivi: Raine hangs back from the others.
[9:37pm] Scantron: "Seems like it."
[9:38pm] Tox|Laptop1: "Mm." He nods, keeping on.
[9:39pm] Tom90deg: As they head down the stairs, the lights get brighter. There's a large door at the bottom, with two heavly built guys standing in front of it.
[9:40pm] Tox|Laptop1: Mike walks up to the pair, looking both of them in the eyes.
[9:41pm] Tom90deg: They look back. "Ahh…you're here. Well…Come on in."
[9:41pm] Tom90deg: They open the door, and bright light and noise dazzles for a moment.
[9:41pm] Alivi: Raine hangs back. He doesnt like the noise
[9:42pm] Tom90deg: Inside, you see what looks like a very well made up ballroom, huge, with diffrent segments. tons of people, and many animals wandering around. There's even a large pool in one section
[9:42pm] Tox|Laptop1: Mike blinks through the noise, striding in and taking stock. COP SENSES WOOOOO.
[9:42pm] Tom90deg: Eeeeveryone roll perceptoion
[9:42pm] Tox|Laptop1: ~So /this/ is what a major packmeet looks like…~ he thinks to himself.
[9:42pm] Tox|Laptop1: d10+8 WHAT DO MY WOLF EYES SEE
[9:42pm] Glacon: Tox|Laptop1: WHAT DO MY WOLF EYES SEE: 16 (d10+8=8)
[9:44pm] Scantron: d10+8
[9:44pm] Glacon: Scantron: 9 (d10+8=1)
[9:44pm] Scantron: fak
[9:44pm] Tom90deg: The first think Mike notices is that there's no smell. Well, not a strong one, and espcialy not as much of one as you're expecting. There's a lot of groups, milling about.
[9:44pm] Tom90deg: Satyana is distracted by a puppy.
[9:44pm] Tom90deg: It's a really cute puppy.
[9:45pm] Scantron: Satyana looks at the puppy. ~That is a surprisingly cute puppy.~ She goes over to pet it!
[9:45pm] Tom90deg: The puppy looks up at her and yips, running behind another figure at the meeting
[9:45pm] Tox|Laptop1: Mike frowns. Froooown. ~No smell…how do they keep this place from smelling like a zoo?~
[9:45pm] Tox|Laptop1: «Satyana.»
[9:46pm] Tom90deg: Mike may also feel/hear a thrumming, like engines
[9:46pm] Alivi: Raine enters after everyone
[9:48pm] Scantron: «What?»
[9:48pm] Scantron: Satyana goes around the figure to get at the puppy again!
[9:48pm] Tox|Laptop1: ~…What is that…?~ He pivots, trying to track the sensation. «Puppy later.»
[9:49pm] Scantron: «Whyyyy?»
[9:50pm] Tom90deg: Mike may notice a lot of vents in the celiling.
[9:50pm] Tox|Laptop1: «Because work now.»
[9:51pm] Scantron: «Fine…» Satyana goes back to regroup with Mike and Raine.
[9:52pm] Tox|Laptop1: He looks up at the vents.
[9:52pm] Tom90deg: As mike is looking up, a person approaches. It seems to be a male figure, tall, but slender.
[9:53pm] Tox|Laptop1: He looks back down, at the approaching figure.
[9:54pm] Tom90deg: "Hello Agent Weyland. Welcome to our little meeting. And I see you brought along the wayward kitten?"
[9:55pm] Tox|Laptop1: "You know who I am." This is not a question, merely a statement.
[9:55pm] Tom90deg: "Naturally. It's not often we meet a chosen."
[9:56pm] Tox|Laptop1: "It's not often the pantheon needs one," he counters.
[9:57pm] Tom90deg: "Mmm.."
[9:57pm] Tox|Laptop1: "You seem to have been expecting me — tell me, what is it you think I can do for you?"
[9:57pm] Tom90deg: "As luck would have it, we may agree with you on that front."
[9:57pm] Tom90deg: "Think? We don't really think you can do much for us. We do however, hope you can do something."
[9:58pm] Tox|Laptop1: "And what would that be?"
[9:58pm] Tom90deg: "Tell me. Do you know the name of a great general from a war?"
[9:58pm] Tox|Laptop1: "Sun Tzu?" he says after a moment's thought.
[10:00pm] Tom90deg: "Fair enough. Now, do you know the name of the fifth solder to the left on the front lines on the battle in china in 421 BCE?"
[10:00pm] Scantron: "Ping Yang."
[10:00pm] Tox|Laptop1: Mike blinks. "…What?"
[10:00pm] Tox|Laptop1: "I don't understand the question."
[10:01pm] Tom90deg: The man raises an eyebrow at Satayana, and then turns back to Mike. "Of course not. But he's still dead. Died in that battle. Did he have a family? Probaly. But he's forgotten. A number in that war. That is what I wish to prevent."
[10:01pm] Tom90deg: "This war between Hirune and the Red Lady. It will have many deaths, on both sides."
[10:01pm] Tom90deg: "And I don't want this to happen."
[10:01pm] Tox|Laptop1: "Prevent losses in war, or prevent fading into history?"
[10:02pm] Tom90deg: "Losses. The only people who care about history are the ones who think they'll end up making it."
[10:02pm] Tom90deg: "I want this war to not occur. But you being here. Well…That changes things."
[10:03pm] Tom90deg: "Perhaps we should invite a Chosen of the Red Lady in as well? To make things even."
[10:03pm] Tox|Laptop1: Mike laughs. "There is only one Avatar of the Lady in Red, and you do not want her here."
[10:04pm] Tox|Laptop1: "There /will/ be fighting, and there /will/ be lives lost….as much as I'd wish it weren't so, as any leader does."
[10:04pm] Tom90deg: "Ah. But why?"
[10:04pm] Tom90deg: "Why does there have to be a battle?"
[10:05pm] Tox|Laptop1: "Because the Lady in Red would have us all in the throes of lunacy," he says quietly. "I exist to break that spell."
[10:05pm] Tom90deg: "What would happen, Agent Weyland, if a war were declared and noone showed up?"
[10:05pm] Tox|Laptop1: "You imagine the Lady in Red would agree to an armistice?"
[10:05pm] Tom90deg: "Depends. If all she wants is destruction, then we will fight against her. But that is diffrent than fighting for Hirune."
[10:06pm] Tox|Laptop1: "To fight against the Red Lady…is not merely to fight for Hircine, but to fight for the freedom of all were-kind. I embody all of the Pantheon, through Hircine."
[10:07pm] Tom90deg: "Mmm…And Hircine would have us fight for him, yes?"
[10:07pm] Tom90deg: "We do not wish to fight. We do not want to die for the glory of anyone. We want to live in peace."
[10:09pm] Scantron is now known as Scanchores.
[10:09pm] Tox|Laptop1: "You may not have that option," he warns. "If you do not stand on Hircine's side, you may find yourself standing with the Lady. I've seen…what she can do to werecreatures. If you do not /wish/ to fight, I can only wish you the best of luck and recommend you hide somewhere far away. If you don't, you /will/ find yourself in battle."
[10:09pm] Tom90deg: "Then we will hide. WE will defend ourselves if we must, but we will not seek out a battle."
[10:10pm] Tox|Laptop1: "I will also tell you that hiding is not the way of wolves," he says, piercing the man with his gaze.'
[10:11pm] Tom90deg: "And coming down from the trees was not the way of the monkeys. But here they stand.
[10:11pm] Tom90deg: "
[10:12pm] Tom90deg: "We adapt, and we improve."
[10:13pm] Tox|Laptop1: "…" Mike blinks. "I don't think the two relate."
[10:13pm] Tom90deg: "If we hold ourselves to what we think we should be doing, rather than what we could be, we will never improve."
[10:14pm] Tox|Laptop1: "And you would refuse to accept risk, no matter how necessary?"
[10:15pm] Tom90deg: "There's always a third option. If it comes to it, we will fight, but it is not what we want."
[10:17pm] Scanchores is now known as Scantron.
[10:17pm] Tox|Laptop1: "But it is what is necessary," Mike counters. "Besides which, isn't it better to be prepared for the fight and not have to fight, than to NOT be prepared and have the fight come to you?"
[10:19pm] Tom90deg: "Oh we are prepared. We just don't wish to."
[10:19pm] Scantron: Satyana goes off to look for the puppy again.
[10:19pm] Tom90deg: "But now you've heard our side of the equation. Is there anything else you need Agent?"
[10:21pm] Tox|Laptop1: "I need you to be prepared. And I need you and yours to act as sensors. Wherever they go, I would like them to keep their ears and eyes open, and report anything unusual or suspicious in the werewolf community to you." He hands the man his card. "I would like you, in turn, to report that information to me and my people at the Bureau. We're going to need all the information we can get — you, to know when to go to ground, and us, to know when to strike."
[10:21pm] Alivi: Raine is mulling around not really knowing what to do.
[10:21pm] Tom90deg: "That would be taking a side."
[10:22pm] Tom90deg: He does take the card though.
[10:22pm] Tom90deg: 'Now then…if there's nothing else you need?"
[10:23pm] Tox|Laptop1: Mike shakes his head. "No, it's not taking a side to gather information. Keeping yourself willfully blind means you won't know when to go to ground until it's too late."
[10:23pm] Tom90deg: "Mmm."
[10:25pm] Tom90deg: "If there's nothing else though Agent, We have a meeting tongiht."
[10:26pm] Tox|Laptop1: "Other than that…" He reaches for the man's arm, clasping it near the elbow. "May your moon shine bright."
[10:27pm] Tom90deg: "And may your hunts be fair."
[10:28pm] Tox|Laptop1: Mike nods, turning to Ms Goodall. "I wish you the best of luck. Call me if you ever need something."
[10:28pm] Tom90deg: She nods, still looking very uncomfortable.
[10:28pm] Tox|Laptop1: "Hey. You'll be alright."
[10:29pm] Scantron: Does Satyana have any luck finding the puppy?
[10:29pm] Tom90deg: She does! It's still hiding behind a woman, looking up at her.
[10:30pm] Tom90deg: "I just want to go back home."
[10:30pm] Scantron: Satyana kneels down to pet the puppy.
[10:30pm] Tox|Laptop1: "I know. But give it a chance, maybe you'll find somethin' good here."
[10:31pm] Tom90deg: The puppy backs away slowly.
[10:31pm] Tom90deg: "Not likely…."
[10:31pm] Tox|Laptop1: "Keep an open mind." He smiles.
[10:34pm] Tom90deg: It then yips and jumps towards Satayana
[10:34pm] Scantron: Satyana pets it happily! She doesn't make cutie-talk (you know what I'm referring to), but she does smile as she gives it petting and scritching.
[10:35pm] Tom90deg: The puppy pants and barks happily
[10:35pm] Alivi: Raine goes back towards the exit.
[10:35pm] Tox|Laptop1: "Alright, let's go." Mike heads towards the exit.
[10:36pm] Tom90deg: Noone stops them as they head on out the door towards the stairs up
[10:38pm] Tox|Laptop1: AND THEN THEY EXIT.
[10:38pm] Tom90deg: Indeed they do!
[10:38pm] Tom90deg: And the drive back to the airport was uneventful
[10:38pm] Alivi: Raine says nothing.
[10:38pm] Scantron: Satyana was eventually called back to the team, presumably.
[10:40pm] Tox|Laptop1: Woooooooooo
[10:40pm] Tox|Laptop1: yes
[10:40pm] Tox|Laptop1: they did not leave her
[10:40pm] Tox|Laptop1: to the puppy's eternal chagrin
[10:40pm] Tox|Laptop1: or at least until its short attention span expires.
[10:48pm] Scantron: Quite.
[10:48pm] Scantron: "Why didn't you let me bring the puppy, again?"
[10:49pm] Alivi: "No reason to, probably belonged to someone else."
[10:52pm] Scantron: "They wouldn't have known where it went."
[10:52pm] Alivi: "Satyana…just stop."
[10:53pm] Scantron: "Why?"
[10:56pm] Tox|Laptop1: "Because you couldn't take the puppy."
[10:57pm] Scantron: "Yes, because you didn't let me."
[10:58pm] Tox|Laptop1: "Because you're not allowed to."
[10:59pm] Scantron: "By you."
[11:01pm] Tox|Laptop1: "Yes."
[11:02pm] Scantron: "That's not an explanation at all. It's just a recap."
[11:02pm] Tox|Laptop1: "Yes. Your point? You're not allowed to take the puppy because you're not allowed to take other people's things."
[11:03pm] Alivi: "Will you both just shut up?"
[11:09pm] Scantron: "I'll drop the topic if you say what's been bothering you. Because you've been more detached than normal."
[11:31pm] Alivi: "Will you just stop it?"

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