Bureau Aerospacial Transport (B.A.T.)

Bureau agents on missions have the use of a highly advanced piece of technology; a plane designed by the Bureau and built by Zharkov Industries. The plane serves as a method of transportation, an office, a living quarters, and a place to prepare before and unwind after missions. A BAT is massively important to agents on field missions and without it, the Bureau's agents would be lost.


The plane is based on the latest Boeing C-19 Globemaster VII (a fictional representation of Boeing's C-17 Globemaster III), but there the similarities end. The modifications that the Bureau have made are extensive and are both functional and luxurious. Perhaps the largest modification that has been, is the inside of the plane. The body of the plane has been divided into three separate sections, excluding to the Cockpit.

The rear most section of the plane is garage designed to house MPVs\ during flight. A large ramp allows the vehicles to leave and drive into the plane. This ramp also acts as the way on and off the plane. The tail of the plane is a pneumatic door that lifts as the ramp descends. The MPVs are then held in place during flight with large magnets. There is a small buffer space between the garage and the second major section of the plane; the common area.

The common area, located in the middle of the plane, is a very lavish sitting room with a vast number of amenities. The plane has it's own, high-speed WiFi and receives HD TV feeds from around the world, which can be played on a wall-mounted 55 inch LED screen. The lounge features white leather couches and chairs, all of which have a reclining feature and have been treated with all manner of chemical to ensure that they don't show dirt or wear and tear. Included in this area is a large dining table, giving agents a space to eat before, during, and after missions. Across from the dining area is a fully stocked kitchen and bar with a sink, fridge, bar fridge, and dishwasher.

Beyond the lounge area is a section divided into eight small sleeping quarters. Each room has a queen-sized bed and a fully-functional washroom, including a shower.

All full-sized Bureau Aerospacial Transports have a special docking column on the underside of the plane so that they can not only dock with the Mothership (see below) but they can also be docked with by Department Head private jets (see below)

All field agents are trained in the cockpit of a BAT. These planes are capable of auto-flight and auto-taxiing, but need an agent at the controls to take off and land. The cockpit is kitted out in the same way that the lounge and bedrooms are. In fact, it is more like a car's interior than a plane's.

The Privy' Council's plane (affectionately nicknamed the Mothership) is even larger and has even more pleasantries on board. It is based on the much larger Airbus A380.

The Bureau's medical department has a set of three C-19s that have been converted into a hospital wards on the inside. They is used both as a mobile hospital, as well as a method of transporting the medical team from place to place as needed. They each carry a unique transponder that grants them priority landing at all airports in the world.

All BATs feature a special modification in their wings that grants them the ability to perform VTOL.

The Bureau also owns a handful of normal Boeing 737-MAX private jets for other purposes, including the transportation of branch office directors and department heads. The jets are modified in the same way as the C-19s, however given the size differences between the two jets, the modifications are scaled back.

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