The Pursuit Of Knowledge

Alivi: Viivi is in the lounge with Raine with her polar bear plush.
[6:30pm] Alivi: Raine is reading on the couch.
[6:31pm] Gwen: Addison wanders into the lounge humming to herself. She is studying her iPad as she walks.
[6:34pm] Alivi: Raine waves. Viivi wags her tail and yips~
[6:37pm] Gwen: Addison waves and smiles. “Hey folks!” She walks over to Viivi and pets her. “How’s it going Raine?”
[6:39pm] Alivi: "Its alright…any word from Mike yet?"
[6:42pm] Gwen: “Yes. He’s enjoying being a dad. Quite a lot.” Addison looks back down at her iPad. She is studying the plans of a large building…which is labelled ‘Österreichische Nationalbibliothek.’
[6:44pm] Tom90deg: Zoe wanders on into the lounge
[6:45pm] Alivi: "What is that?"
[6:45pm] Alivi: Viivi pads over and tries to look at the ipad
[6:45pm] Gwen: “Building layout of where we’re going tonight.” Addison tilts the iPad so that Vii can see it…it’s almost like she is used to a helpful pet.
[6:46pm] Alivi: Viivi licks the screen
[6:46pm] Alivi: Raine raises an eyebrow
[6:47pm] Gwen: Addison makes a face. “Ewww…and cute….but eww…"
[6:47pm] Tom90deg: "Ew…."
[6:48pm] Gwen: “Hiya Zo’.”
[6:54pm] Tom90deg: "Hey, how's it going?
[6:55pm] Alivi: Viivi runs off to go back to her bear
[6:58pm] Tom90deg: Zoe watches Viivi
[6:59pm] Gwen: “Not bad, you?”
[7:00pm] Tom90deg: "Not too bad, just relaxing really."
[7:01pm] Gwen: “That’s good. We’re going to Austria tonight.”
[7:01pm] Tom90deg: "Oooh, fun. I'll have to get some chocolate for Sophia."
[7:01pm] Alivi: "Chocolate?"
[7:02pm] Gwen: “Austrian sweets are bonkers good.”
[7:02pm] Alivi: "Huh…Maybe I should get some for Klaara…."
[7:02pm] Gwen: “You definitely should."
[7:02pm] Alivi: "So what is in Austria?"
[7:02pm] Gwen: “A woman named Joanna."
[7:03pm] Alivi: "Huh…"
[7:04pm] Gwen: “She has info about the demigods and things. The Director gave me the go ahead to contact here.”
[7:04pm] Tom90deg: "Sounds good."
[7:07pm] Alivi: "Awesome."
[7:07pm] Gwen: “I’m a bit excited. I really like Vienna."
[7:07pm] Alivi: "Maybe we can actually get somewhere, I'm tired of feeling like we are clueless…'
[7:07pm] Tom90deg: "It is really pretty."
[7:08pm] Gwen: “I agree Raine…I’m hoping that this Joanna person knows what she’s talking about.”
[7:10pm] Alivi: "Well Ive never been to vienna, sooooo I have no idea what you two are going on about."
[7:10pm] Alivi: "But yes. Information is good."
[7:16pm] Gwen: “I think we should aim to leave in about fifteen minutes to a half hour.”
[7:16pm] Tom90deg: "Sounds good to me."
[7:18pm] Alivi: Raine nods.
[7:20pm] Gwen: “Anyone seen Charlie? Or Mila? Or Dessa?”
[7:21pm] Tom90deg: Zoe shakes her head. "Did you call them?"
[7:22pm] Gwen: “Not yet."
[7:25pm] Alivi: "Not yet…
[7:26pm] Tom90deg: "Hmm."
[7:27pm] Gwen: “I probably should get on that."
[7:28pm] Tom90deg: "Rght then."
[7:29pm] Gwen: Addison produces her phone and starts texting.
[7:29pm] ZK joined the chat room.
[7:32pm] Gwen: Dessa has a text from Addison, requesting her to meet in the Team lounge for about 7:45
[7:33pm] ZK: Dessa sends a message back that she will be there
[7:38pm] Gwen: “Dessa will be here shortly,” Addison says with a smile.
[7:38pm] Tom90deg: "Great, hopefully we won't need her though."
[7:39pm] Gwen: “I hope we don’t need the doctor part of her, but she’s a sharp cookie…and more brains are better for this sort of thing.”
[7:39pm] Tom90deg: "True true."
[7:42pm] ZK: Dessa arrives at the Team lounge a little early. "Hello. Is something up?" She smiles cheerfully.
[7:42pm] Tom90deg: "Yup, we're heading to Vienna."
[7:42pm] Gwen: Addison waves. “We’re going to Austria for a research mission.”
[7:45pm] Alivi: Raine nods.
[7:45pm] ZK: "Oh, okay. I'll grab my things then. What are we researching?"
[7:46pm] Gwen: “It’s sort of complicated, but we’re looking for a woman named Joanna who knows all about the Greek demigods who are being threatened by someone called Cassandra.”
[7:50pm] ZK: "I see. Okay, I'll pack my bag with essentials. Not sure what we might come up against but better to have too much than too little."
[7:51pm] Tom90deg: "Yup, true enough."
[7:52pm] Alivi: Raine nods.
[7:52pm] Alivi: "So….ready to head out?"
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[7:58pm] ZK: "I'll get my things and be right back then." Dessa nods to them and quickly heads out.
[7:59pm] Tom90deg: Zoe has her simple gear with her. "Right then…Are we going with the direct route, or sneaky?"
[8:00pm] Alivi: "I would assume direct, unless you think we need to sneak…"
[8:00pm] Magnobile joined the chat room.
[8:00pm] Tom90deg: "Don't think so, unless we have some kinda secure records."
[8:01pm] Gwen: “Direct was my plan. Our cover is Interpol again.” Addison looks around. “I’m hoping Joanna speaks English, because I don’t want to be Rosetta Stone while we meet with her.”
[8:01pm] Tom90deg: "Mmm….good point."
[8:02pm] Tom90deg: "We really need to figure out some kinda universal translator…"
[8:02pm] Gwen: “I’ll do my best with German when it comes up today.” Addison stands. “Shall we?”
[8:03pm] Tom90deg: "Yup."
[8:04pm] Tom90deg: Zoe stands, and heads on down to the garage.
[8:04pm] Gwen: Addison heads out after Zoe.
[8:04pm] Alivi: Raine follows
[8:05pm] ZK: Dessa catches up, doctor's bag in tow.
[8:06pm] Alivi: Raine has his bag filled with his things too!
[8:06pm] Alivi: Raine checks his watch. "Alright."
[8:07pm] Gwen: Addison climbs into the driver’s seat of the SUV and starts the engine. “Relaxing mission,” she mumbles to herself, as if trying to convince herself that nothing is going to go wrong.
[8:08pm] Tom90deg: "Heres hopeing…"
[8:10pm] Alivi: Raine nods. "I am sure it will be…"
[8:11pm] ZK: "It'll be fine." Dessa smiles at Addison.
[8:12pm] Alivi: "We are all here to help Addison, it will be ok."
[8:12pm] Tom90deg: "Yup, no worries! Lets go."
[8:14pm] Gwen: Addison nods and then roars off towards the aiport.
[8:15pm] Alivi: "Do you always have to drive so fast?!"
[8:16pm] Tom90deg: "She does."
[8:16pm] Gwen: Addison nods happily. “Yes.”
[8:18pm] ZK: Dessa clings to the inside of the vehicle, eyes wide.
[8:18pm] Tom90deg: Zoe meanwhie is messing around on her phone, oblivous to the outside speed.
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[8:20pm] Gwen: Addison arrives at the airport and drives right on to the rear of the plane. “Safe and sound.”
[8:20pm] Tom90deg: "Yup."
[8:20pm] Alivi: "….yea…sure…"
[8:20pm] Alivi: Raine sighs and gets out to enter the plane.
[8:21pm] Tom90deg: Zoe follows. "We know what we need to ask, right?"
[8:22pm] ZK: Dessa takes a moment to steady herself after that and head to the plane. "Addison, you don't fly plane too, do you?"
[8:22pm] Tom90deg: "Not yet."
[8:22pm] Alivi: "Never. Not allowed."
[8:23pm] ZK: "Oh thank goodness…" Dessa laughs nervously.
[8:25pm] Tom90deg: "Heh, just you wait."
[8:26pm] Tom90deg: "Right then, so…What ARE we gonna be asking? DO we have like, a list of questions or goals?"
[8:26pm] Alivi: The plane takes off for the short flight over to Vienna.
[8:26pm] Alivi: "Addison?"
[8:27pm] Gwen: Addison shrugs. “I’m not sure yet really. Basically we have to find out more about what’s going on with the demigods and we have to find out more about Cassandra….and we have to find out more about why I’m involved, because I expect it something a bit greater than Blake.”
[8:27pm] Tom90deg: 'Right."
[8:28pm] ZK: "So, have we looked into what kind of demigods we're meant to be talking about? Or is this a general thing?"
[8:28pm] Tom90deg: "I think we're looking at the greco/roman pantheon, but I'm not sure."
[8:29pm] Gwen: “A bunch of greek gods couldn’t keep their pants on and there’s this rather large group of Demigods across the world.”
[8:29pm] Tom90deg: "I think it was mainly Zeus, to be fair.
[8:29pm] Tom90deg: "
[8:30pm] Tom90deg: "Like, 75% of the greek myths wouldn't have happened if Zeus wasn't constantly cheating on Hera."
[8:31pm] Gwen: Addison nods and walks over to the fridge on the plane. “Anyone want a tasty beverage?”
[8:31pm] Alivi: "I'll have one."
[8:31pm] Tom90deg: "I'm good, thanks though."
[8:31pm] ZK: "Ohh, I think I've read into some of these tales." Dessa nods. "I think Poseidon was pretty bad in them too."
[8:32pm] ZK: "I'll take one, please."
[8:32pm] Tom90deg: "He wasn't great. To be honest, they were almost ALL dicks. Save Hepestatus."
[8:32pm] Gwen: “We met Poseidon’s kid. Nice man…total flirt.” Addison takes out two cans of coke. “Blake is Apollo’s grandson.”
[8:33pm] Tom90deg: "Mmm."
[8:34pm] ZK: "Wow." The elf seems surprised. "This just sounds more and more interesting. I hope we get to meet more demigods then. At least the nice ones."
[8:36pm] Alivi: "Really?"
[8:38pm] ZK: "It's always nice to meet new people. Especially from different backgrounds. It was why I got so curious about humans. You're so different. Full of life and colour even though you don't live very long. I think a lot of elves would just be depressed with your lifespan. No offense."
[8:38pm] Alivi: "None taken,"
[8:39pm] Tom90deg: "Mmm."
[8:42pm] Gwen: Addison smiles and hands Dessa the can of pop. “Here you go.”
[8:45pm] ZK: "Thanks." She smiles and takes the coke, opening it.
[8:48pm] Balthazaar joined the chat room.
[8:48pm] Gwen: Addison sits down, looking out the plane’s window.
[8:50pm] Alivi: The plane descends.
[8:50pm] Tom90deg: "And here we go…"
[8:50pm] Gwen: Addison sighs. “Smoothly…things are going to smoothly…”
[8:50pm] Balthazaar: Charlie was totes there the whole time
[8:50pm] Alivi: Raine nods, "Addison, it will be ok."
[8:54pm] Gwen: Addison smiles a bit and heads down to the car.
[8:55pm] Alivi: Raine follows
[8:56pm] Balthazaar: Charlie follows. "Can I drive?"
[8:57pm] Gwen: Addison looks to Charlie. “Do you want to?"
[8:57pm] Balthazaar: "… Probably not."
[8:57pm] Alivi: "…can you drive?"
[8:58pm] Balthazaar: "No."
[8:58pm] Tom90deg: "Um.."
[8:59pm] Tom90deg: "Then Me or addy probaly should…"
[8:59pm] Balthazaar: "Okay. Then you will teach me?"
[9:00pm] Alivi: "Yea…. maybe later…"
[9:00pm] Gwen: Addison nods. “I can teach you."
[9:01pm] Alivi: "No No!"
[9:02pm] Alivi: "Someone else…"
[9:02pm] Gwen: Addison rolls her eyes.
[9:02pm] Tom90deg: "I can!"
[9:02pm] Balthazaar: Charlie smiles and climbs in the car. "Why someone else?"
[9:02pm] Gwen: “We need to get going. Zoe are you driving?"
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[9:03pm] ZK: Dessa watches the argument over driving and adds that onto her mental to-so list of things to learn.
[9:03pm] Alivi: "Cause she is insane at it."
[9:03pm] Tom90deg: "I will."
[9:03pm] Alivi: Raine sighs. "Though I ought to learn too…"
[9:03pm] Tom90deg: Zoe climbs into the drivers seat.
[9:03pm] Gwen: Addison climbs into the car and pulls out her iPad, slipping her glasses on.
[9:04pm] ZK: Dessa slips climbs into the car and settles, keeping her bag at her feet.
[9:05pm] Alivi: Raine slips on his glasses as well.
[9:05pm] Alivi: "So…is Johanna expecting us?"
[9:05pm] Tom90deg: Zoe takes off, her driveing style has many similarities to Addison's driving style. She's put more points into dex rather than speed however.
[9:06pm] Tom90deg: Zoe moves quickly, heading towards the location.
[9:07pm] Alivi: "Ahhhh….ok not learning from Zoe either."
[9:08pm] Tom90deg: "Psssh, I'm fine…"
[9:09pm] Gwen: “I don’t think we should pull our Interpol badges unless we have to…” Addison looks back at Dessa. “Were you given a badge?”
[9:09pm] Alivi: soon the library comes into veiw
[9:09pm] Tom90deg: Zoe pulls in front of it to a stop, "Right then."
[9:10pm] Alivi: Raine exhales.
[9:12pm] ZK: "Wow…" Dessa breathes, taking in the view. She then realises she was asked a question. "Oh! Uh…I think so." She digs through her bag.
[9:15pm] Tom90deg: "Ok, she's expecting us right?"
[9:15pm] ZK: Dessa finds her badge and slips it into her coat pocket. "Got it."
[9:15pm] Gwen: Addison smiles. “Good. I couldn’t remember.” Addison hopes out of the car. “No. She isn’t.”
[9:16pm] Tom90deg: "HM..Right then."
[9:16pm] Tom90deg: "So, lets just….head on in shall we?"
[9:16pm] ZK: Dessa adjusts her hair to hide her ears a little more and looks up at the building again.
[9:16pm] Gwen: “Sounds good to me.”
[9:17pm] Tom90deg: "Right then."
[9:17pm] Tom90deg: Zoe heads on towards the building.
[9:17pm] Balthazaar: «Why do you hide your ears?»
[9:18pm] Tom90deg: «Because otherwise we have to say we're on the way to a convention.»
[9:19pm] Gwen: Addison tries to adopt a serious demenenor. Once inside she looks for a front information desk type thing.
[9:19pm] ZK: Dessa keeps to the back of the group, trying to blend a little.
[9:19pm] Balthazaar: «Oh. Okay.» Charlie does not understand at all, but pretends to
[9:20pm] Alivi: A woman looks up at Addison.
[9:20pm] Alivi: "{Can I help you?} "
[9:20pm] Alivi: (german)
[9:20pm] ZK: Dessa gives Charle a small smile.
[9:21pm] Gwen: “{Yes, I’m looking for a woman called Joanna. Is she in?}”
[9:23pm] Alivi: The woman looks surprised. "{…Yes. She is in her office. Do you have an appointment?}"
[9:24pm] Gwen: “{Unfortunately not, however…it is most important we speak with her.}”
[9:24pm] Tom90deg: «A thought occurs…We may need to explain we need information on REAL demigods, not like, mythology….»
[9:24pm] Alivi: "{I see….Stand over there}" She points to a corner and stands. She seems very strict, someone you do not want to mess with. She eyes Charlie a bit.
[9:24pm] Alivi: She leaves.
[9:24pm] Tom90deg: Zoe smiles, and heads over to where she points.
[9:25pm] Alivi: Raine nods, «Makes sense.»
[9:25pm] ZK: Dessa follows Zoe.
[9:25pm] Gwen: Addison nods, taking out her badge as she moves. «If this Joanna is supernaturally aware, she’ll know who we are.»
[9:25pm] Alivi: Raine follows Dessa.
[9:25pm] Balthazaar: Charlie moves over, wondering why the lady is looking at him like that
[9:26pm] Alivi: A few moments later a well dressed woman with grey hair and grey eyes appears. She looks at the group and eyes Addison. Her head tilts.
[9:26pm] Alivi: "Come with me to my office." She says in English.
[9:26pm] Tom90deg: "Ok…"
[9:26pm] Alivi: The other woman looks a bit surprised. "{Johanna, aren't you busy?
[9:26pm] Tom90deg: Zoe follows, looking curiously at Addision.
[9:26pm] Alivi: Johanna shakes her head, "{I was, but now, I have something more important to do. Cancel all my meetings for today, and close the library. Now.}"
[9:27pm] Gwen: «See. Just as planned. Joanna knows who we are.» Addison follows Joanna.
[9:27pm] Tom90deg: «Great news.»
[9:28pm] Alivi: The other woman looks a bit shocked but nods and hurries off. Meanwhile Johanna, motions for them and leads them up some stairs. An annoucement comes on in German and then English. "Attention all guests, due to unforseen circumstances, the library is now closed. Please make your way to the information desk to check out your books."
[9:29pm] Balthazaar: "But we need to be here in the library…"
[9:29pm] Tom90deg: "Not for us Charlie."
[9:29pm] Alivi: Soon, they come to her office. She sits at her desk And looks at them her desk has her name Johanna Rainmayr on it underneath it says Director. There are countless books and maps surrounding the walls.
[9:30pm] Alivi: "… So … what brings the Oracle to be to my office?"
[9:30pm] Tom90deg: "Direct…"
[9:31pm] Gwen: Addison rolls her eyes. “I’m not the Oracle…also how the hell do you know that!? Nevermind…we need your expertise. Some say that you’re rather…knowledgable with regards to the Greco-Roman gods and their mortal families.”
[9:31pm] Alivi: "You will be."
[9:31pm] Alivi: "I see…how so? There is much information I can give, however not all of it is mine to impart. What is your purpose."
[9:32pm] Gwen: “Cassandra has begun threatening the demi-god children of a few gods and these threats are getting worse. We need to find her and stop her.”
[9:34pm] Alivi: Johanna smiles.
[9:34pm] Tom90deg: "Simple, eh?"
[9:34pm] Alivi: "Very well then, I will do my best….and what seems simple, is rarely so Zoe."
[9:34pm] Alivi: "You out of all people know that."
[9:34pm] Alivi: Raine is unsettled and it is showing.
[9:35pm] Tom90deg: "Mm…I know, I was joking…"
[9:35pm] Balthazaar: Charlie is trying to figure out how to pronounce this womans surname
[9:35pm] Alivi: "It is true, a woman who calls herself Cassandra has targeted my family… her goals are unknown. However the damage she has dealt could spell the end of the current Greco-Roman Generation."
[9:36pm] Gwen: “Why is she doing this? And yes for our notes…which family are you connected to?”
[9:38pm] Alivi: "The Greco-Roman family of course. I was adopted by my Mother, Athena."
[9:39pm] ZK: Dessa is silent and just listens, gripping the strap of her bag tightly. She can see the uneasiness in her companions.
[9:40pm] Balthazaar: Charlie looks at Dessa. He gives her a 'You okay?' look
[9:40pm] Tom90deg: "intresting…"
[9:40pm] Alivi: "So then, what can I do."
[9:41pm] Tom90deg: Zoe looks over at Addision.
[9:41pm] Gwen: “Why is Cassandra doing this?"
[9:42pm] Alivi: "…I am unsure… however it is clear she holds a hatred for the family, and somehow knows who the children are."
[9:42pm] Alivi: "Or well….Some of the children."
[9:43pm] Tom90deg: "Well, she is a seer, right?"
[9:43pm] Alivi: "I am unsure of that."
[9:43pm] Alivi: "However it is highly possible that she could be."
[9:44pm] Tom90deg: "I mean…traditionaly, that's what cassandra could do, right? Cursed by apollo and whatnot."
[9:45pm] Alivi: "There is no knowing that if this Cassandra is or is related to /the/ Cassandra. Who died melleniums ago."
[9:46pm] Gwen: “Do you know where we can find her? We were told that you would have this information by…a friend.”
[9:46pm] Balthazaar: ~Sounding more and more like we should simply kill her.~
[9:46pm] Tom90deg: "Mmm…"
[9:46pm] Alivi: "However yes, the Cassandra of legend was gifted by Apollo to be the oracle."
[9:47pm] Alivi: "However she rejected his romanctic advances, having led him on to gain the position, realizing what was done, and knowing it was too late to remove her powers without her life being taken. He spared her and instead made it so that despite she was an Oracle, none of her prophecies would be beileved."
[9:47pm] Alivi: "He later found the woman who would later become the Oracle of Delphi."
[9:48pm] Tom90deg: "Right.
[9:48pm] Tom90deg: "
[9:49pm] Alivi: "While I may be a daughter of the Goddess of Wisdom, I cannot dictate what is unknown. I only have access to knowledge out there."
[9:49pm] Alivi: "However, it is not just Cassandra you are worried about. Isnt it?"
[9:50pm] Gwen: Addison clenches her teeth a little. “That is true…however Hermes said that you might be able to point us in the right direction when looking for Cassandra."
[9:51pm] Alivi: "Did he now?"
[9:52pm] Alivi: Raine looks at Addison
[9:52pm] Alivi: Johanna folds her hands together. "…Do you understand what you are looking for?"
[9:52pm] Tom90deg: "Yup."
[9:52pm] Tom90deg: Zoe looks at Addision as well.
[9:52pm] Alivi: "Because when you entered you asked me something completely different.'
[9:52pm] Alivi: "Which is it you seek?"
[9:53pm] Alivi: "Information on the demigods of the Greco-Roman family? Or merely information on Cassandra?"
[9:53pm] Gwen: Frustration is radiating form Addison. She closes her eyes for a moment. “We need information both these things Joanna."
[9:53pm] Alivi: "Like I said I do not have all the information and most of what we know about her is limited. I will be unable to help you furthur if all you seek is knowledge on her."
[9:54pm] Tom90deg: "Right then…."
[9:54pm] Alivi: "However, you are more troubled by another thing. He called me ahead of your arrival Addison."
[9:54pm] Tom90deg: "I mean…I guess however you can help is useful, unless you can only answer questions, not offer answers…"
[9:55pm] Alivi: "I have provided answers thusfar, however if one opens a book not knowing what to look for, then all they get is words."
[9:56pm] Alivi: "Knowing what you need before you go in looking, is the key to gaining knowledge."
[9:56pm] Balthazaar: "That makes no sense."
[9:56pm] Gwen: Addison pinches the bridge of her nose. “Yes…but this isn’t the time for conversations about my boyfriend…” She sighs and rubs her temples.
[9:56pm] Tom90deg: "Well, therein lies the problem, we don't know what we need."
[9:56pm] Alivi: "But it is troubling you."
[9:56pm] Tom90deg: "I have to agree with Addy, this seems like not the time…"
[9:56pm] Alivi: Raine sighs, "Addison, she is right."
[9:57pm] Alivi: "Hermes never said we'd find out about Cassandra here, just maybe more about the family and that this was a good place to start…."
[9:58pm] Tom90deg: "Well, if this is a good place to start, can you offer any suggestions on where to start?"
[9:58pm] Alivi: "…as much as I hate saying this, it is obvious you need answers to something. Just ask."
[9:58pm] Alivi: Johanna watches impassively as Raine speaks to Addison. Her eyes shift to the blue-haired girl.
[10:00pm] ZK: Dessa is chewing on her bottom lip, mulling over all she's heard so far.
[10:01pm] Tom90deg: "Ok, I'll ask."
[10:01pm] Alivi: Johanna looks over at Zoe.
[10:02pm] Gwen: “Blake never told me about his divine ties…finally I asked his mother and she told me the truth…that she was Apollo’s daughter. Blake is still hiding something for me…and I can’t help him and his family if there’s still something being hidden.” Addison sighs. “Who or what is Blake…really?”
[10:02pm] Alivi: Johanna smiles. "Blake has always been a bit shy. Especially seeing the things the demi-gods and demi-goddesses go through in life, especially in terms of love."
[10:03pm] Alivi: "Having Divine ties never is easy. Most born or related to the Divine never know better, however each generation the Divine parent will chose one child of theirs and bestow gifts."
[10:04pm] Gwen: “That’s all well and good and poetic…but unless something else isn’t true, his mother is the one with the divine parent, not him.”
[10:04pm] Alivi: "Some are adopted. Such as myself, Minaye, and Glynis, the daughter of Atremis."
[10:05pm] Alivi: "No matter what, Blake has ties and knowledge of the Divine."
[10:05pm] Alivi: "It places him in a difficult position."
[10:06pm] Alivi: "Usually it is encouraged they marry eachother. However lately many have dated outside and it poses problems. I was almost disowned for who I chose."
[10:06pm] Gwen: «It’s like the worst daytime soap in the fucking world.» “Alright…”
[10:06pm] Alivi: "Addison, Blake has strong connections to the divine."
[10:08pm] Gwen: “Obviously.” She folds her arms. “I’ve known that SINCE this whole mess started. But that’s all ANYONE knows…and says, even him.”
[10:08pm] Alivi: "Because it is still his life. I told you freely of my Mother without being interrogated. Has he interogatted you?"
[10:08pm] Alivi: Johanna is getting angry.
[10:08pm] Tom90deg: "Guys…"
[10:09pm] Tom90deg: zoe sighs. "Lets just….calm down for a moment."
[10:09pm] Alivi: "Blake is a good boy, and is trying to protect himself from repeating what happened once in the past."
[10:10pm] Alivi: Johanna takes out a book with Egyptian Writing on the cover.
[10:10pm] Gwen: “I’m not the one who related to a god who has decided to hijack my girlfriend’s life!” Addison stops for a moment. “I know about the cheating…I meant the cheater…if that’s what this is all about we’ve wasted your time.”
[10:10pm] Alivi: "It isn't. Annette is famous at cheating by the way, its in her blood."
[10:10pm] Balthazaar: "We don't pick our family…"
[10:10pm] Alivi: "You would be wise to listen to your friend.'
[10:11pm] Alivi: Johanna opens the book and places her hand over it. Muttering a word and smoke begins to fill the room. Shadows appear above the book swirling in smoke.
[10:11pm] Tom90deg: "Um…"
[10:12pm] Alivi: "This is the book of Thoth, from the Library of Alexandria."
[10:12pm] Alivi: "A gift from my husband."
[10:13pm] Tom90deg: "What does it…do?"
[10:13pm] Alivi: "Once every year you may consult the book to find an answer you truely wish to seek. It may reject your plea for knowledge or grant it. It also animates stories of your choosing."
[10:13pm] Alivi: "So then…"
[10:14pm] Alivi: She looks at Addison.
[10:14pm] Alivi: "What will you and your friends do?"
[10:14pm] Tom90deg: "Is that one per customer, or one per year?"
[10:14pm] Alivi: "Once per person."
[10:15pm] Tom90deg: "Useful."
[10:15pm] Gwen: Addison rubs her face. “Alright…who wants to go first…"
[10:16pm] Alivi: "….I wouldn't know what to ask…" Raine says.
[10:16pm] Tom90deg: "I'll pass. I don't really have a…true answer i want to seek as of now."
[10:16pm] ZK: Dessa shakes her head, she's not sure either.
[10:17pm] Gwen: Addison steps forward. ‘Alright…how do I do this?”
[10:18pm] Alivi: "Place your hand over the book and speak your question."
[10:19pm] Gwen: “I’m a room with a greek demigod, using a book that belonged to an Egyptian god. Vegas made more sense than this…” She places her hand on the book and closes her eyes.
[10:20pm] Alivi: The smoke swirls around Addison's hand and she can hear hushed whispers
[10:21pm] Balthazaar: Charlie watches, waiting to be told what to do
[10:23pm] Gwen: «An answer I truely seek…that’s important wording right there»
[10:24pm] Alivi: Raine nods.
[10:24pm] Tom90deg left the chat room. (Ping timeout: 182 seconds)
[10:27pm] Gwen: Addison sighs. “Where…where will my team and I find the woman known as Cassandra who is currently threatening the families of Greek gods?"
[10:27pm] Alivi: The smoke curls around Addison's hand. And the whispers stop.
[10:27pm] Alivi: The answer echoes in her mind.
[10:30pm] Gwen: Addison’s eyes snap open. “Cassandra is here…"
[10:31pm] Alivi: Raine looks at Addison, "What?"
[10:31pm] ZK: "What?!"
[10:31pm] Alivi: Johanna looks fairly alarmed.
[10:31pm] Balthazaar: Charlie frowns. "Where?"
[10:31pm] Alivi: "Probably outside in the library… right?"
[10:31pm] Balthazaar: He grabs his relic, ready to pull it off
[10:31pm] Gwen: “She’s here…the book says so.” Addison takes her hand off the book. “Joanna…with respect, I request that you stay as close to us as is possible.”
[10:32pm] Gwen: “The book didn’t say."
[10:32pm] Alivi: Johanna nods, "May Ares and Athena impart their gifts upon you."
[10:33pm] ZK: Dessa frowns, not liking this.
[10:33pm] Balthazaar: "If I see her, what do you want me to do?"
[10:34pm] Gwen: «Here’s the plan team. We’re going to make are way back to the car with Joanna. We have to defend ourselves against Cassandra. She is dangerous.»
[10:35pm] Balthazaar: «I will protect you lot. If I engage her, kill or capture?»
[10:36pm] Alivi: «Capture!»
[10:36pm] Alivi: «Even with Cassandra, we can't kill…»
[10:36pm] Gwen: «Capture. Dessa…you might have to work after all.»
[10:36pm] ZK: Dessa looks uneasy but she's on alert for anything that might come against them. She nods in understanding. «I hope not but let's be careful all the same.»
[10:37pm] Balthazaar: Charlie nods. «Shift now?»
[10:37pm] Gwen: «Let’s go folks.» Addison starts for the door. «Not yet Charlie…we can’t risk normal folks still in the library.»
[10:38pm] Alivi: The lights are dark. And you can hear shuffling down below on the first floor, it is obvious, they are the only ones there.
[10:38pm] Alivi: «I'll gain a visual,"
[10:38pm] Alivi: .»
[10:38pm] Gwen: «Please»
[10:39pm] Alivi: d20
[10:39pm] Glacon: Alivi: 17 (d20=17)
[10:39pm] ZK: Dessa sticks to the back of the group.
[10:39pm] Balthazaar: Charlie gets ready to fight.
[10:40pm] Alivi: The air drops in temperature and ice crystals dissapate through the library. Raine hands an icepad to Addison, his glasses somewhat frosted over.
[10:43pm] Alivi: "Addison, first floor, I see her and ….a man…"
[10:43pm] ZK: Dessa shivers a bit, listening intently to their surroundings, tucking her hair back a little.
[10:44pm] Gwen: Addison nods and takes the pad and looks. “Fuck…alright…""
[10:44pm] ZK: 1d20
[10:44pm] Glacon: ZK: 7 (1d20=7)
[10:45pm] Alivi: Dessa, you can see very well in the dark however, the sounds you hear….Raine is missing something. You can't place it.
[10:45pm] Balthazaar: «Want me to attck? Give you time to run?»
[10:46pm] ZK: Dessa frowns, trying to tune out the others to listen harder, closing her eyes a moment.
[10:46pm] ZK: 1d20
[10:46pm] Glacon: ZK: 12 (1d20=12)
[10:46pm] Alivi: «Not alone, Charlie we need to stay together.»
[10:47pm] ZK: «I hear plants rustling… but that can't be right… There's a third person, guys.»
[10:47pm] Alivi: «Really?? I can't….tell…»
[10:47pm] Balthazaar: Charlie nods
[10:48pm] Gwen: «We have no choice, we have to go down there to get out…»
[10:48pm] Alivi: «Addison protect Johanna,»
[10:49pm] Balthazaar: «Then let's go.» Charlie leads the way.
[10:49pm] Alivi: Raine follows Charlie.
[10:49pm] ZK: Dessa is on alert for that third person, trying to place the sound of plants as she follows the group.
[10:52pm] Alivi: As they make their way downstairs, the dark seems to get thicker.
[10:52pm] Gwen: «Stay as close together as possible…we cannot let them get Joanna.»
[10:53pm] Alivi: «Ri-» Raine's thoughts are cut short and the ice pad in Addison's hand promptly melts. Raine is no longer with the group. Dessa can hear the rush of a vine
[10:53pm] Gwen: «…Raine…?»
[10:54pm] ZK: Dessa turns sharply towards the sound of the vine. «I heard a vine move!»
[10:54pm] Balthazaar: «FUCK!» "RAINE!"
[10:55pm] Gwen: «SSH!»
[10:55pm] Alivi: Charlie's voice echoes in the library and darkness. And a low laughter can be heard, a female voice.
[10:55pm] Alivi: "One down, more to go, stay out of my way."
[10:56pm] Alivi: Dessa there is a tangled mass of plants seemingly receeding to the bottom.
[10:56pm] Gwen: “Cassandra! I have orders to take you into custody…the Bureau has some questions for you.” Addison is trying not to sound scared.
[10:56pm] ZK: Dessa clucthes her doctor's bag. If he's hurt she needs to go to him. She spots the plants «Addison…the plants over there!» She starts to move towards them
[10:57pm] Gwen: «Babbage the plant!»
[10:57pm] Alivi: "I have more business to attend to." A snap echoes in the darkness, "William take them out." Johanna's eyes widen, "William?!"
[10:57pm] Balthazaar: Charlie removes his relic, and shifts
[10:57pm] Alivi: She turns to Addison, "She is going to split the group, make sure it is done in a matter that they can stand on their own."
[10:58pm] Gwen: “So we don’t let her split us up then.”
[10:59pm] Balthazaar: «Where are they?»
[11:00pm] ZK: Dessa is examining the plant from where she is. «Addison, if Raine's hurt it's vital I get to him fast!»
[11:01pm] Alivi: Its a pretty big drop from where the plant is now and where it had reached.
[11:01pm] Alivi: Another vine shoots up aiming for Dessa!
[11:01pm] Balthazaar: Charlie tries to get to where he heard the voices.
[11:02pm] ZK: 1d20
[11:02pm] Glacon: ZK: 17 (1d20=17)
[11:02pm] Alivi: That would be straight ahead. A man whom you recgonize as the vanished William Green charges at Charlie.
[11:02pm] Alivi: d20 Vine!
[11:02pm] Glacon: Alivi: Vine!: 12 (d20=12)
[11:02pm] Alivi: The vine misses Dessa as she gracefully avoids it.
[11:03pm] Balthazaar: Charlie charges at William
[11:03pm] Alivi: roll!
[11:03pm] Gwen: Addison takes out her babbage and fires at William as well.
[11:03pm] Alivi: roll!
[11:04pm] Balthazaar: d20 Charlie angry
[11:04pm] Glacon: Balthazaar: Charlie angry: 20 (d20=20)
[11:04pm] Gwen: 1d20 PEW PEW
[11:04pm] Glacon: Gwen: PEW PEW: 20 (1d20=20)
[11:05pm] Alivi: d20
[11:05pm] Glacon: Alivi: 19 (d20=19)
[11:05pm] Alivi: William gets hit by the babbage knocking him back, he manages to clash with Charlie but he loses his balance going down.
[11:06pm] Alivi: Dessa you can see the glittering of ice as it shatters down below.
[11:06pm] Balthazaar: «KILL OR CAPTURE?»
[11:06pm] Gwen: «Incapacitate»
[11:07pm] ZK: Dessa wonders if that vine pulled Raine down. She needs to find a way down while the other bad guys appear to be busy!
[11:07pm] Balthazaar: Charlie hits William very hard in the head
[11:07pm] Alivi: d20 defenseee
[11:07pm] Glacon: Alivi: defenseee: 11 (d20=11)
[11:08pm] Alivi: William goes down and there is a pissed off screech.
[11:08pm] Gwen: Addison tries to get Joanna and Dessa down to the main floor where Charlie and William are.
[11:09pm] Balthazaar: d20
[11:09pm] Glacon: Balthazaar: 3 (d20=3)
[11:09pm] Balthazaar: :|
[11:09pm] Alivi: They manage to.
[11:09pm] Alivi: William catches it and punches Charlie in the face
[11:09pm] Alivi: d20 PUNCH
[11:09pm] Glacon: Alivi: PUNCH: 19 (d20=19)
[11:10pm] Balthazaar: d20 defense?
[11:10pm] Glacon: Balthazaar: defense?: 8 (d20=8)
[11:10pm] ZK: Dessa follows quickly. "Addison, I think Raine's by that plant!" She starts making her way over.
[11:10pm] Alivi: Dessa you are right, Raine's neck is wrapped by the vine and it is tightening.
[11:10pm] Gwen: Addison follows along with us. “Joanna, you are going to return to London with us, do you understand?”
[11:10pm] Alivi: There is a man who watches impassively at this.
[11:10pm] Alivi: Charlie you go flying
[11:11pm] Balthazaar: Charlie skids along the floor.
[11:11pm] Alivi: Johanna nods, "Let it be done…" But her eyes widen. "The book." She looks back towards her office and breaks away dashing towards it.
[11:11pm] Gwen: Addison aims and takes another shot at the plant.
[11:11pm] Gwen: 1d20
[11:11pm] Glacon: Gwen: 16 (1d20=16)
[11:11pm] Balthazaar: He shakes his head and charges at William again, roaring rather loudly
[11:11pm] Alivi: d20 defense
[11:11pm] Glacon: Alivi: defense: 15 (d20=15)
[11:12pm] ZK: Dessa runs over to the plant, swearing in Elvish. She's not letting that thing strangle Raine.
[11:12pm] Alivi: The plants freezes and releases Raine, the man looks at Addison.
[11:12pm] Alivi: He stretches out his hand and the plant charges at Addison. Vines fly towards her.
[11:12pm] Alivi: d20 VINEEE
[11:12pm] Glacon: Alivi: VINEEE: 10 (d20=10)
[11:12pm] Gwen: 1d20 PANIC
[11:12pm] Glacon: Gwen: PANIC: 16 (1d20=16)
[11:12pm] ZK: Dessa drops down by Raine to check he's alive and try bring him around.
[11:12pm] ZK: 1d20
[11:12pm] Glacon: ZK: 19 (1d20=19)
[11:13pm] Alivi: The shots are fired and the plants dies the man frowns. they shrink back and he scoops them up like he would a child.
[11:13pm] Gwen: «Joanna! Hurry back. NOW!»
[11:13pm] Alivi: «I NEED THAT BOOK»
[11:14pm] Balthazaar: Charlie attempts to bite William
[11:14pm] Alivi: William attempts to stab Charlie with a hidden knife
[11:14pm] Alivi: d20 attack of knife
[11:14pm] Glacon: Alivi: attack of knife: 10 (d20=10)
[11:14pm] Gwen: «It was on your desk! Grab it quickly!»
[11:14pm] Alivi: d20 defense against charlie
[11:14pm] Glacon: Alivi: defense against charlie: 17 (d20=17)
[11:14pm] Alivi: He misses the stab
[11:15pm] Alivi: Raine has bruises around his neck and is breathing, he starts to come round.
[11:15pm] Balthazaar: d20 Charlie defend?
[11:15pm] Glacon: Balthazaar: Charlie defend?: 16 (d20=16)
[11:16pm] ZK: "Raine, can you hear me?"
[11:16pm] Alivi: He nods
[11:16pm] Alivi: Cassandra screams in anger.
[11:16pm] Alivi: Johanna hurries back with the book.
[11:16pm] Alivi: "HAND HER AND THE BOOK OVER!"
[11:17pm] Gwen: Addison whirls to face the source of Cassandra’s scream. “Cassandra! Surrender…you have a fugitive and the Bureau intends to lock you away for a very long time.” Addison smiles. “Give up.”
[11:18pm] Balthazaar: Charlie continues to fight William?
[11:18pm] Alivi: Yes you need to roll for the bite Charlie :P
[11:18pm] Balthazaar: d20 oh, right
[11:18pm] Glacon: Balthazaar: oh, right: 11 (d20=11)
[11:19pm] Alivi: Cassandra sneers, "Not until my revenge is complete."
[11:19pm] Alivi: William grunts and punches Charlie not all that affected by the bite
[11:19pm] Alivi: d20 punch
[11:19pm] Glacon: Alivi: punch: 11 (d20=11)
[11:19pm] Gwen: “Revenge…that’s very Shakespeare…and boring.” Addison hefts her Babbage once more. “Go on…monolouge for me."
[11:20pm] Balthazaar: d20 defend
[11:20pm] Glacon: Balthazaar: defend: 7 (d20=7)
[11:20pm] Balthazaar: Charlie yelps
[11:21pm] Alivi: "Retreat!"
[11:21pm] Alivi: Cassandra and the two men converge and then vanish
[11:23pm] Gwen: Addison turns to look at Joanna. “You have the book?” She hurries over to Raine. “How’s he doing?"
[11:23pm] Alivi: Johanna nods.
[11:25pm] Balthazaar: Charlie shifts back, and staggers over to Raine. "Raine, are you okay?"
[11:26pm] Alivi: Raine is sitting up, he looks out of it, "Yea…" His voice is horase.
[11:27pm] Gwen: “Alright. We have to get out of here, Dessa can check you out on the plane.” Addison looks to Joanna and motions to the door.
[11:29pm] Balthazaar: One side of charlies face is already bruised and swelling, and he has a blood nose. "Here, Raine, I can carry you if you want."
[11:29pm] Alivi: Johanna nods looking disturbed. Raine nods
[11:30pm] ZK: Dessa helps Raine up.
[11:31pm] ZK: She gives Charlie a worried look too. She'll have to check them over. "Anyone else hurt?"
[11:32pm] Balthazaar: Charlie picks up Raine like a child. He's worried for him.
[11:33pm] Gwen: Addison takes out her phone and dials Blake.
[11:37pm] Alivi: "Hello?"
[11:37pm] Gwen: “It’s Addison. Where are you right now?”
[11:40pm] Alivi: "with my mom, what about you?"
[11:40pm] Gwen: “Austria. Just had a run in with Cassandra. How many people are with you, other than your mom?”
[11:42pm] Alivi: "….Minaye and Clara, why?"
[11:44pm] Gwen: “Because I think you need to get them and your mom to the Bureau for safety. It’s the safest place in the world right now.”
[11:45pm] Alivi: "Why??"
[11:45pm] Alivi: They get into the plane which takes off back to London
[11:45pm] ZK: Dessa starts checking and tending to Raine and Charlie on the way back.
[11:47pm] Gwen: “Because I don’t think any of them are face. Cassandra showed up out of the blue to attack Joanna…she’s stepping up her game to complete her ‘revenge.’ Blake…please…”
[11:49pm] Balthazaar: Charlie raises an eyebrow to Dessa. "What are you doing?"
[11:49pm] Alivi: "I'll try…"
[11:49pm] Gwen: **safe
[11:49pm] Alivi: Raine seems tired.
[11:50pm] Gwen: “I know. See you soon.” Addison ends the call and sits down with a sigh.
[11:51pm] Alivi: Johanna looks to Addison, "…Thank you."
[11:51pm] ZK: "I'm trying to clean your injuries and stop the swelling." Dessa explains, handing him an icepack. "Now hold this to the swelling."
[11:51pm] Balthazaar: "Okay… But it's only a beating…" He does as he's told
[11:53pm] Gwen: Addison looks up at Johanna. “No…I’m just doing my job. Thank you…your words were very…meaningful.”
[11:53pm] Alivi: "Just listen to the doctor Charlie."
[11:53pm] Alivi: Johanna smiles.
[11:54pm] ZK: Dessa cleans up the bloody nose and makes sure it's not broken before patching up and checking on the bruises and swelling. "Nothing too bad." She tells him with a smile.
[11:59pm] Balthazaar: "Okay…"
[11:59pm] Gwen: For the rest of the flight Addison checks her phone obsessively.
[12:01am] Alivi: The plane lands and they make it back to the BSA.

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