The Triad's Treasure

[16:00] <Tom90deg> There is a noise from the loudspeaker, and a message comes across. <Team Two, please report to the briefing room.>
[16:00] <Scantron> She shrugs. "And just in time." She returns to her room to retrieve her violin case, then goes to the briefing room.
[16:00] <~Gwen> Addison heads towards the briefing room.
[16:01] <Kondraki> Elliot arrives at the briefing room, his black briefcase in hand as he arrived to take a seat.
[16:02] <Lurk_ebooks> Raj is in the briefing room already!
[16:02] <Alivi> Raine shrugs and heads to the briefing room taking his normal spot towards the back.
[16:02] <Tom90deg> Once the team has arrived, the director glances a tall man standing by him. The man nods, and turns to the team. “Thank you for coming so quickly. You remember the encounter with the Mizuno-Kai a few weeks ago?”
[16:03] <Dawny> Rhyden stumbles into the room, cursing. "Sorry. Sorry."
[16:03] <Alivi> Raine frowns, "How could we forget…"
[16:03] <~Gwen> Addison looks to Elliot and smiles a little.
[16:04] <Scantron> Satyana nods.
[16:04] <Tom90deg> "Quite so. We’ve received some intelligence that they have…expanded their operations. They have moved into trading and moving supernatural items. It seems that the encounters with Agent Ishihara and Agent Genta have opened their eyes to the possibilities of supernatural trade and smuggling. We’ve had some intel on possible operations, but we have solid data on one happening soon.”
[16:06] <Tom90deg> “The Triads are the trading partners this time, and the location of the operation is in Chengdu. It will be taking place on the outskirts of town, at a large warehouse. We’re not sure what is being traded, but seeing as how the Mizuno-Kai are bringing, among other things, what we believe is the Green Dragon Crescent Blade, something big is changing hands.”
[16:06] <Dawny> Rhyden whispers in Elliot's ear and tugs on his sleeve. "Sorry, emergency."
[16:06] <Scantron> "Green Dragon Crescent Blade…" Int+Academics?
[16:07] <Tom90deg> Roll for it
[16:07] <Scantron> d10+9 i said what what
[16:07] <Glacon> Scantron: i said what what: 10 (d10+9=1)
[16:08] <Tom90deg> You have no idea. You may have heard it from a video game or a movie.
[16:09] <Tom90deg> “The Green Dragon Crescent Blade is a legendary weapon wielded by Guan Yu in the historical novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Even if it has no other supernatural properties, it is immensely valuable for the historical reasons alone, but there are many rumors about it’s possible powers.”
[16:09] <Scantron> "…huh. I did not know that."
[16:10] <Tom90deg> "We don't know what the Triads are offering in return, but it must be something of immense value."
[16:13] <Tom90deg> “Your job is simple. Retrieve any artifacts, and come home. If that’s all agents, we are short on time, and China is quite a distance away. Good hunting, and come back safe.”
[16:14] <~Gwen> Addison stands. "How many relics are we looking at?"
[16:15] <Tom90deg> "Unknown. At least two, but could be more."
[16:16] <Scantron> Satyana nods and stands. "Understood." She heads out towards the rover.
[16:17] <~Gwen> Addison hops into the drivers seat and starts the car with a sigh.
[16:18] <Lurk_ebooks> Raj slips into the back of the Rover.
[16:18] <Scantron> She sits in the back seat. "Well. At least from my end, the timing is fortuitous."
[16:21] <Alivi> Raine follows along.
[16:22] <~Gwen> Addison squeals off towards the airport, slipping her blue sunglasses on.
[16:22] <Tom90deg> The4 traffic is light for once, and they arrive at the airport quickly.
[16:24] <~Gwen> Addison boards on plane, throwing the car into park. She slips out of the car, and heads inside rather quickly.
[16:24] <Alivi> Raine follows Addison a bit concerned.
[16:25] <Tom90deg> The plane taxies towars the runway and accelerates off into the sky and towards China
[16:25] <Lurk_ebooks> Raj is silent for the most part.
[16:26] <Tom90deg> A few hours pass, and the plane decends, tires squeaking as it hits the runway
[16:34] <Scantron> Satyana heads over to the rover. "What's Chengdu like this time of year?"
[16:36] <Tom90deg> ouside the open cargo doors, the cold foggy air blows in.
[16:38] <Alivi> Raine smiles, "Nice temperature."
[16:39] <Scantron> Satyana shrugs. "It could be worse, I suppose."
[16:39] <Alivi> "Let's get going."
[16:43] <GwenDroid> Addison slips into the car and starts the engine
[16:43] <Tom90deg> You have the location of the warehouse on the GPS, and it seems not too far away.
[16:44] <GwenDroid> Addison takes off, driving rapidly
[16:44] <Tom90deg> Perception check
[16:44] <Tom90deg> everyone
[16:44] <Scantron> d10+7 We are The Prodigy.
[16:44] <Glacon> Scantron: We are The Prodigy.: 9 (d10+7=2)
[16:45] <Lurk_ebooks> 1d10+6
[16:45] <Glacon> Lurk_ebooks: 15 (1d10+6=9)
[16:45] <GwenDroid> 1d10+5
[16:45] <Glacon> GwenDroid: 9 (1d10+5=4)
[16:45] <Lurk_ebooks> Raj isn't even using his special talents. Do you guys even look?
[16:46] <Alivi> 1d10+6
[16:46] <Glacon> Alivi: 12 (1d10+6=6)
[16:46] <Tom90deg> The traffic is rather tight, and the cars seem to take traffic rules as more of a guideline. Addision feels at home.
[16:47] <Tom90deg> However, Raine and Satyana notice a number of black trucks moveing a bit more violenty than the rest of the cars
[16:47] <Tom90deg> **Whoops, Raj, misread
[16:47] <Alivi> "Guys over there, want me to get a visual?"
[16:48] <GwenDroid> "What is it?"
[16:48] <Alivi> "Black trucks, moving violently."
[16:49] <Tom90deg> Raine, roll precp again
[16:49] <GwenDroid> "Get me eyes."
[16:50] <Tom90deg> *Recon, roll for power
[16:50] <Alivi> 1d10+6
[16:50] <Glacon> Alivi: 10 (1d10+6=4)
[16:50] <Scantron> Satyana looks over in the direction of where Raine is pointing. "Black trucks…?"
[16:51] <Tom90deg> You see a glimpse the set of three black trucks on your iCepad, but the drivers turn the corner, you lose visual of them
[16:51] <Alivi> "Perkele!"
[16:52] <Lurk_ebooks> Raj frowns. "Even on rooftop, I couldn't keep up with them…"
[16:52] <Alivi> "There are three of them, just turned a corner. Moving fast."
[16:52] <GwenDroid> "Are they tailing us?"
[16:52] <Alivi> "No they turned a corner that is coming up for us."
[16:53] <Tom90deg> The GPS is telling the car to continue onwards
[16:53] <GwenDroid> Addison guns it to follow them. Drive roll?
[16:54] <Tom90deg> Yes, roll
[16:54] <GwenDroid> 1d10+10
[16:54] <Glacon> GwenDroid: 19 (1d10+10=9)
[16:55] <Tom90deg> Addison guns it, bringing the car forward and around the corner. Ahead, in the mists of traffic you can see the three black trucks sitting at a light perhaps three blocks up
[16:58] <Tom90deg> As you get closer, you can see goverment plates on the black trucks
[16:59] <Scantron> "What… stupid China." Satyana takes out a pen and scrawls the plate numbers on the back of her hand.
[17:02] <GwenDroid> Addison backs off. "Government?"
[17:04] <Scantron> "It's one of those countries where the government gets to do whatever it wants."
[17:04] <Tom90deg> The light changes, and the cars move forward, the black trucks honking and moving forward.
[17:05] <Lurk_ebooks> "It's been a while since I've been in China properly. Are they kill-squads?"
[17:07] <Tom90deg> the GPS gives a peep. "You have gone a diffrent way. Recaculateing."
[17:08] <GwenDroid> Addison groans and keeps following.
[17:09] <Tom90deg> Driving roll.
[17:15] <GwenDroid> 1d10+8
[17:15] <Glacon> GwenDroid: 11 (1d10+8=3)
[17:17] <Tom90deg> Traffic in china is horrendous, and the subtle method that Addision is trying to follow the non-subtle goverment cars allows them to turn ahead of them by a few blocks.
[17:19] <GwenDroid> Addison gives up on subtle
[17:19] <Tom90deg> Perception
[17:25] <GwenDroid> 1d10+5
[17:25] <Glacon> GwenDroid: 13 (1d10+5=8)
[17:26] <Tom90deg> You see the car turn down the road, and witha roar of the engine, screach up the road to the sound of other drivers blareing their horns
[17:27] <Tom90deg> You screach around the corner, and see the three trucks stopped behind another car
[17:29] <Tom90deg> The middle car's front window rolls down, and a man sticks his head out, looking behind himself, towards the team's car
[17:31] <GwenDroid> "Motherfucker!" Addison tries to do a u turn.
[17:32] <Tom90deg> Driving skill
[17:32] <Alivi> "Need me to get cover?"
[17:33] <GwenDroid> "Please!"
[17:33] <GwenDroid> 1d10+8
[17:33] <Glacon> GwenDroid: 16 (1d10+8=8)
[17:34] <Tom90deg> The car excutes a textbook bootleggers turn, turning away from the other car
[17:34] <Alivi> Raine activates his relic and tries to manipulate an snow fog to cover them
[17:34] <Alivi> 1d10+9
[17:34] <Glacon> Alivi: 15 (1d10+9=6)
[17:35] <Tom90deg> The white fog grows much denser, a thick layer of thick white rolling in, covering the cars.
[17:36] <GwenDroid> Addison starts following the GPS
[17:37] <Tom90deg> IT's rather hard to see, but the GPS allows them to slowly travel down the roads. The dense fog seems to have spread, coating Chengdu in a white blanket.
[17:38] <Tom90deg> SEveral minutes later, they see the shadowy bulk of the warehouse to the side of the road.
[17:39] <GwenDroid> Addison parks the car and hops out.
[17:39] <Scantron> Satyana gets out as well. "That was… interesting."
[17:39] <Tom90deg> In front of the warehouse are a number of cars, several smaller luxuly cars and a large black SUV
[17:40] <Lurk_ebooks> "We're just collecting the relics, right?" Raj asks, unzipping a duffel bag and drawing out a TAR-21 that has a sling on it. "Not clearing this place out?"
[17:40] <Tom90deg> The door to the warehouse is open.
[17:42] <Alivi> Raine looks over at Raj, "Any artifacts I think is what they said."
[17:42] <Scantron> Satyana points to the door. "Is it just me, or is that not very promising?"
[17:42] <Scantron> "and yes, just the artifacts."
[17:42] <GwenDroid> Addison looks to the team. "No powers. You can be executed for magic here…"
[17:43] <Alivi> "Great…"
[17:48] <Lurk_ebooks> "I'd like to see them try," Raj says casually, slinging the TAR-21 over his shoulder, tucking his pistol into it's holster, and ensuring his sword was still ready by his hip. "Well then, let's see if they're going to be generous, or if we have to teach them a lesson."
[17:49] <GwenDroid> Addison sighs. "I want this to be fast."
[17:51] <Lurk_ebooks> "Good, shall we, then?" Raj asks, testing out his wrist blade before looking to the others.
[17:51] <Scantron> "Fortunately, I have no magical abilities to be executed for."
[17:52] <Alivi> Raine nods, "Well then let's make it fast."
[17:52] <Lurk_ebooks> Raj slips out of the Rover!
[17:55] <Tom90deg> Perception all
[17:55] <GwenDroid> 1d10+5
[17:55] <Glacon> GwenDroid: 7 (1d10+5=2)
[17:57] <Lurk_ebooks> 1d10+8
[17:57] <Glacon> Lurk_ebooks: 16 (1d10+8=8)
[17:57] <Alivi> 1d10+6
[17:57] <Alivi> 1d10+6
[17:57] <Glacon> Alivi: 15 (1d10+6=9)
[17:59] <Lurk_ebooks> "I smell smoke," Raj grumbles. "Perhaps someone else got here first."
[17:59] <Alivi> Raine frowns, "Me too, should we go look?"
[18:00] <GwenDroid> Addison nods.
[18:03] <Alivi> Raine gets out and looks over at Raj.
[18:04] <Skankwhores> d10+7
[18:04] <Glacon> Skankwhores: 15 (d10+7=8)
[18:05] <Scantron> Satyana sniffs and frowns. "Me too… I'll let Raj go in first."
[18:06] <Alivi> Raine looks at Addison, "You sure I can't try to get a look inside the warehouse using ice?"
[18:07] <Lurk_ebooks> Raj sighs and advances, slinging the TAR-21 around and shouldering it as he moved for the front door. Better safe than sorry.
[18:07] <Alivi> Raine watches Raj move forward he follows along.
[18:11] <Tom90deg> As you move towards the open doors, your senses are assaulted with the smell of blood and smoke. Looking into the open doors, you can see people lying dead, smoke from the broken boxes still rising up in the air. There seems to be around ten people lying dead, two of who have the tattoos of the Mizuno-Kai visible.
[18:11] <Alivi> "Perkele…" Raine says with a sigh.
[18:12] <Lurk_ebooks> "Well, looks like we're too late. Perhaps those three vans had something to do with this."
[18:12] <Tom90deg> Perception
[18:13] <Lurk_ebooks> 1d10+8
[18:13] <Glacon> Lurk_ebooks: 9 (1d10+8=1)
[18:13] <Scantron> "Why, what happened?"
[18:13] <Lurk_ebooks[[ Wow Glacon wtf ]]
[18:13] <Lurk_ebooks[[ Spending reroll ]]
[18:13] <Lurk_ebooks> 1d10+8
[18:13] <Glacon> Lurk_ebooks: 13 (1d10+8=5)
[18:14] <Tom90deg> Percep for all
[18:14] <GwenDroid> 1d10+5
[18:14] <Glacon> GwenDroid: 13 (1d10+5=8)
[18:15] <Scantron> d10+7 INVADERS
[18:15] <Glacon> Scantron: INVADERS: 17 (d10+7=10)
[18:15] <Scantron> d10_17
[18:15] <Scantron> d10+17 MUST *DIE*
[18:15] <Glacon> Scantron: MUST *DIE*: 23 (d10+17=6)
[18:15] <Lurk_ebooks[[ jfc Satyana ]]
[18:15] <Alivi> 1d10+6
[18:15] <Glacon> Alivi: 15 (1d10+6=9)
[18:16] <Tom90deg> You all notice the carnage, but also see a knocked over table with a number of files on the floor
[18:16] <Lurk_ebooks> Raj sighs, unslings his rifle, and holds it out to someone. "I'll get it."
[18:16] <Scantron> She points at one of the bodies. "One's alive. You go talk to him while I look at the files." She goes over to the tables.
[18:17] <GwenDroid> Can Addison sense any minds?
[18:17] <Tom90deg> One
[18:18] <Tom90deg> Most of the files are destroyed, fulid of some kind on them, one one is mostly intact.
[18:18] <Alivi> Raine rushes over to the person still alive. "Hey…"
[18:18] <Tom90deg> The file, oddly in English, seems to be a report of the supernatural item. “Item is a class four regenerator. Age unknown, possible painting evidence of over 200 years old, but that is a low estimate. Under interrogation, her name was revealed to be Chanti Feiyan. She has been in possession of high-level government officials since 1943, as she is a good source of transplantable organs and her blood work allows her regeneration to be shared temporarily.
[18:18] <Tom90deg> She has one living family member, but intelligence shows that her granddaughter is unaware of her existence. Daughter was killed in a traffic accident, and husband died of natural causes. Attempts were made to acquire the granddaughter to ensure a greater level of obedience, but we were unable to aquire.”
[18:19] <Tom90deg> The file goes on for a while, going into details about Chanti Feiyan’s abilities and any limits therein. There are also a number of warnings that she is an extreme flight risk, as she knows how valuable she is, and she wants to escape, which lets her try risky escape plans.
[18:19] <Lurk_ebooks> Raj heads over to the uninjured Mizuno-Kai, looking to Raine. This is going to complicate things.
[18:19] <Tom90deg> The person who's alive is unconcious
[18:19] <Scantron> Satyana reads this file after picking it up. "Hm."
[18:19] <Tom90deg> He seems very severly wounded
[18:19] <Lurk_ebooks> Unconscious? Good. Raj picks the man up by the front of his clothes.
[18:19] <Alivi> "Do we have any- Raj!"
[18:21] <Scantron> "It looks like they're transporting a woman. Class-four regenerator, whatever that is. Looks like she was a valuable source of organ transplants… also says she's a flight risk."
[18:21] <Tom90deg> the man you pick up gives a slight groan, but dosn't wake up.
[18:22] <Lurk_ebooks> "You want me to try and wake him up to ask him questions in a burning building?" Raj asks, glaring at Raine. "He'll survive."
[18:22] <Lurk_ebooks> Raj heads for the outside.
[18:22] <Tom90deg> The building isn't burning, just some damage from the crates
[18:23] <GwenDroid> "We're here for relics Raj!"
[18:24] <Scantron> Satyana picks one of the damaged files up. Can she identify the fluid?
[18:24] <Tom90deg> Int+Occult
[18:24] <Scantron> d10+9 spooky
[18:24] <Glacon> Scantron: spooky: 16 (d10+9=7)
[18:24] <Tom90deg> It appers to be coffee. With milk.
[18:25] <Lurk_ebooks> "Maybe after he's done recovering we can ask him about relics," Raj says, rolling his eyes as he carries the Mizuno-Kai man outside and sets him down before heading back inside to look around with people.
[18:25] <Scantron> "And there's coffee all over these files." She sniffs. "With milk."
[18:26] <Scantron> She kneels down and starts picking up all the ruined files. Maybe HQ has some relic that can clean them up.
[18:28] <Tom90deg> They're damp and stained, but still in one peice.
[18:29] <Alivi> Raine goes over towards the Mizuno-Kai member. Is he still out?
[18:30] <Scantron> Satyana exits the warehouse to observe the Mizuno-Kai member.
[18:30] <Lurk_ebooks> Raj brought him out
[18:30] <GwenDroid> Addison follows Satyana.
[18:32] <Tom90deg> He's still unconcious, slow breatheing
[18:33] <Alivi> Raine went outside. He kneels on the ground by the man, sighing, «Anyway to get a guy concious again? Are you sure I can't use ice to try and wake him up»
[18:34] <Scantron> «I have no idea… I didn't bring my smelling salts, unfortunately.»
[18:34] <GwenDroid> "Slap him."
[18:34] <GwenDroid> **«
[18:35] <Alivi> Raine shrugs, He slaps the guy
[18:36] <Lurk_ebooks> Raj watches carefully, kneeling next to the man.
[18:36] <Tom90deg> hm
[18:37] <Tom90deg> Roll…melee
[18:40] <Alivi> 1d10+3
[18:40] <Glacon> Alivi: 6 (1d10+3=3)
[18:40] <Tom90deg> He smacks the guy across the face and the man lets out a moan
[18:40] <Alivi> "Hey. Wake up."
[18:40] <Tom90deg> He says a string of Chinese and then opens his eyes
[18:41] <Alivi> Raine looks at Raj.
[18:41] <Tom90deg> “Who are you?” he asks with a cough. “What do you want?”
[18:41] <Lurk_ebooks> "<Explain what happened.>"
[18:42] <Tom90deg> “We were ambushed…those foul pigs opened fire on us, stealing her from us.” He gives a slight grin, coughing again. “We took some of them down though…”
[18:42] <Lurk_ebooks> "<The ones in the black vans?>"
[18:42] <Tom90deg> He nods. "Black trucks…our black trucks."
[18:43] <Alivi> "Great…"
[18:43] <Tom90deg> He lets out a string of chinese explitives. "Never trust the Yakuza."
[18:43] <Tom90deg> He reches up and digs in his bloody suitcoat, pulling out a damaged device. "Tracker…on the cars…"
[18:44] <Lurk_ebooks> "Wonderful." Raj nods, then looks at the device. "Someone want to take a look at it?"
[18:44] <Tom90deg> "Find them, kill them all…"
[18:44] <Tom90deg> He slumps back down and lets out a long sigh
[18:44] <Lurk_ebooks> "Would you like me to end your suffering quickly?"
[18:44] <Lurk_ebooks> redact.
[18:45] <Lurk_ebooks> Raj lowers his left hand, which had raised slightly, and was hovering. It's now on his thigh. "Well. That settles that."
[18:47] <Alivi> Raine sighs. "Great."
[18:47] <GwenDroid> Addison feex!
[18:47] <Tom90deg> Int+Crafts
[18:47] <GwenDroid> Can I bid computers instead?
[18:48] <Lurk_ebooks> "As much as I dislike these people," Raj says, producing two small pennies. "I think it's only fair, as he helped." He carefully closes the man's eyes, then sets the pennies over them, and utters a brief prayer.
[18:50] <GwenDroid> 1d10+10
[18:50] <Glacon> GwenDroid: 12 (1d10+10=2)
[18:51] <Alivi> "Why did you place those on his eyes?"
[18:51] <Scantron> "Burial tradition."
[18:51] <Tom90deg> The device is working, and after a few momens, you have the location of the truck
[18:52] <Lurk_ebooks> "To pay the ferryman."
[18:53] <Alivi> Raine looks confused.
[18:55] <Lurk_ebooks> Raj waves a hand. "I'll explain it later. It has to do with fairly common burial rites."
[18:56] <GwenDroid> "Let's go.". Addison heads to the Range Rover.
[18:57] <Tom90deg> The truck is moving slowly in what you assume in the dence fog that is still coveing the town.
[18:58] <GwenDroid> Addison tries to figure out the root there.
[18:59] <Tom90deg> The GPS allows you to find the route, but it's slow going in the fog. It seems that the cars are heading towards the airport.
[18:59] <GwenDroid> *route
[19:00] <Scantron> Satyana's in the Range Rover as well. "Stupid traffic."
[19:00] <GwenDroid> Addison flips on the sirens and takes off.
[19:01] <Tom90deg> Driveing skill
[19:01] <GwenDroid> 1d10+8
[19:01] <Glacon> GwenDroid: 17 (1d10+8=9)
[19:03] <Tom90deg> You can ealy weave through the traffic, and your lights make the people move over, but the fog slows you down. You're gaining quite easily however, they must not be running yet.
[19:04] <Tom90deg> another Driving Skill
[19:05] <GwenDroid> Addison keeps up the speed, trying to catch up.
[19:05] <GwenDroid> 1d10+8
[19:05] <Glacon> GwenDroid: 9 (1d10+8=1)
[19:05] <GwenDroid> Reroll
[19:05] <GwenDroid> 1d10+8
[19:05] <Glacon> GwenDroid: 15 (1d10+8=7)
[19:06] <Tom90deg> Addison narrowly misses a stoped car, but slides past, accelerateing and lights blareing. The car is a few blocks away, getting on the main road out of town, where the fog seems to be getting a bit thinner
[19:07] <Tom90deg> You can see the convoy in front of you
[19:08] <Scantron> "How do we deal with a whole convoy?"
[19:08] <Tom90deg> ((By Convoy, I mean three SUVs))
[19:09] <Lurk_ebooks> "I can take one of them, probably."
[19:10] <Scantron> Satyana's question remains the same. "Hm."
[19:10] <GwenDroid> "I don't know what to do…this is risky…". Addison has no tactical skill.
[19:11] <Tom90deg> The cars ahead of you, as you start to clear the fog, suddenly speed up.
[19:13] <Lurk_ebooks> "Raine, freeze their windshields, if you can?"
[19:13] <Lurk_ebooks> "Or, if you can, try to stall their engines."
[19:13] <GwenDroid> Addison speeds up again.
[19:13] <Alivi> "Got it."
[19:14] <Alivi> 1d10+9 freeze engines
[19:14] <Glacon> Alivi: freeze engines: 10 (1d10+9=1)
[19:14] <Lurk_ebooks> Raj readies his TAR-21. "At the very least, get me close enough where I can get the tires."
[19:14] <Alivi> 1d10+9
[19:14] <Glacon> Alivi: 11 (1d10+9=2)
[19:15] <Lurk_ebooks[[ STILL COUNTS AS A SUCCESS ]]
[19:15] <Tom90deg> You can hear one of the cars start to cough, the engine backfireing
[19:16] <Scantron> "Oh. That's how."
[19:16] <Lurk_ebooks> "Hit the others if you can!" Raj rolls down the window and readies himself to pop out if necessary.
[19:17] <Tom90deg> Black smoke starts to come out of the tailpipe as the car slows dramaticly
[19:19] <GwenDroid> Addison goes all grand theft auto on the other cars. Ramming speed!
[19:19] <Tom90deg> The window rolls down on the passenger side, and a man leans out with a gun.
[19:19] <Lurk_ebooks> Raj pops out with his rifle.
[19:19] <Lurk_ebooks> 1d10+7 Century Warrior (Dex + Firearms)
[19:19] <Glacon> Lurk_ebooks: Century Warrior (Dex + Firearms): 12 (1d10+7=5)
[19:19] <Alivi> Raine focuses on the others and tries to slow them down as well
[19:19] <Alivi> 1d10+9
[19:19] <Glacon> Alivi: 13 (1d10+9=4)
[19:20] <Tom90deg> The bullets slam into the car, riddleing the man leaning out the window, as another man goes thr4ough the sunroom and fires back
[19:20] <Scantron> Satyana tries very, very hard not to die. She double checks that her seatbelt is in.
[19:20] <Tom90deg> 1d10+5
[19:20] <Glacon> Tom90deg: 9 (1d10+5=4)
[19:20] <Tom90deg> The shots go wide, the smoking car not staying stable
[19:21] <Tom90deg> Addision, Driving check
[19:22] <GwenDroid> 1d10+8
[19:22] <Glacon> GwenDroid: 13 (1d10+8=5)
[19:22] <Tom90deg> 1d10+6
[19:22] <Glacon> Tom90deg: 10 (1d10+6=4)
[19:23] <Lurk_ebooks> 1d10+7 Century Warrior (Dex + Firearms)
[19:23] <Glacon> Lurk_ebooks: Century Warrior (Dex + Firearms): 10 (1d10+7=3)
[19:23] <Tom90deg> The driver of car #2 tries to swerve, but he can't get out of the way in time, and Addision pegs the back of that car
[19:24] <Tom90deg> The bullets ring into the roof of car#3 as the man ducks back down, swearing. The dieing engine finaly gives up and sputters to a stop, the car being left behind
[19:24] <Tom90deg> 1d10+5 Driveing check to keep it steady
[19:24] <Glacon> Tom90deg: Driveing check to keep it steady: 7 (1d10+5=2)
[19:24] <Lurk_ebooks> "We'll need to go back for that one." Raj says casually. "No matter, once we've got these two…"
[19:25] <Tom90deg> The driver of the car #2 can't hold it steady, and the car goes into a spin, screaching off the side of the road, and rolling as it hits
[19:25] <Tom90deg> One car left, tearing down the road towards the airport.
[19:25] <Lurk_ebooks> Raj inhales deeply and leans out the window. He's going to try very carefully to not fuck this up.
[19:25] <Lurk_ebooks> 1d10+7 Pegging the driver.
[19:25] <Glacon> Lurk_ebooks: Pegging the driver.: 12 (1d10+7=5)
[19:26] <GwenDroid> Addison chases!
[19:27] <Tom90deg> Car #1 sputters, black smoke coming out again, but it seems to be holding on better.
[19:28] <Tom90deg> The bullets slam into the back of the truck, now moving a bit slower, but it misses the driver. However it DOES hit one of the guys in the back, couching next to a huge metal box
[19:28] <Lurk_ebooks> "Come on!" Raj growls, spitting out something in Arabic and trying to focus himself to fire again.
[19:28] <Lurk_ebooks> 1d10+7 Just give me an explosion pls
[19:28] <Glacon> Lurk_ebooks: Just give me an explosion pls: 13 (1d10+7=6)
[19:28] <Tom90deg> The other man in the back aims at the car, fireing towards addison
[19:28] <Tom90deg> (Lurk, wait, return fire)
[19:29] <Lurk_ebooks[[ My bad ]]
[19:29] <Tom90deg> 1d10+5
[19:29] <Glacon> Tom90deg: 12 (1d10+5=7)
[19:29] <Alivi> Raine attempts to frost over their windshield
[19:29] <Scantron> Satyana sits there quietly, very silently still hoping she doesn't die.
[19:29] <Alivi> 1d10+9 and by their i mean car 1 not the rover
[19:29] <Glacon> Alivi: and by their i mean car 1 not the rover: 14 (1d10+9=5)
[19:30] <Tom90deg> The bullets fire into the car's windshield, shattering the glass, specks flying into the car, shards sliceing into Addison, cutting her arm and face
[19:30] <Lurk_ebooks> "<Fucker!>"
[19:30] <Lurk_ebooks[[ Now return? ]]
[19:31] <Alivi> "Addison! You ok??!"
[19:31] <Tom90deg> You can see the driver sticking their head out the window, as their windshield is frosted over
[19:31] <Tom90deg> ((Return fire))
[19:31] <Lurk_ebooks> 1d10+7 Just give me an explosion pls
[19:31] <Glacon> Lurk_ebooks: Just give me an explosion pls: 8 (1d10+7=1)
[19:31] <Lurk_ebooks[[ :I ]]
[19:31] <Lurk_ebooks[[ I got this. ]]
[19:31] <Lurk_ebooks> Raj's gun clicks empty. He pauses, realizing there's no fire, then yells in Arabic and tosses the rifle back into the car.
[19:32] <Tom90deg> Addison, take one damage from broken glass
[19:32] <Scantron> Satyana ducks in the back seat and covers her neck.
[19:34] <Tom90deg> The other passenger fires back at the broken windsield.
[19:34] <Tom90deg> 1d10+5
[19:34] <Glacon> Tom90deg: 15 (1d10+5=10)
[19:34] <Tom90deg> 1d10
[19:34] <Glacon> Tom90deg: 4 (1d10=4)
[19:35] <Tom90deg> The man in the back takes aim at the tires and fires.
[19:35] <GwenDroid> Addison winces and keeps driving
[19:35] <Tom90deg> He hits the front tire, and you can feel it go. Addision, driveing test
[19:35] <GwenDroid> 1d10+8
[19:35] <Glacon> GwenDroid: 18 (1d10+8=10)
[19:35] <Lurk_ebooks> Jesus Christ
[19:36] <GwenDroid> 1d10+18
[19:36] <Glacon> GwenDroid: 21 (1d10+18=3)
[19:36] <GwenDroid> "Fuckers!"
[19:36] <Scantron> "[Holy fuck.]"
[19:37] <Tom90deg> Addision holds it, expertly keeping the truck in line, the auto-seal tires doing their job, and the car regaining the steady path
[19:37] <Lurk_ebooks> Raj draws his pistol.
[19:37] <Lurk_ebooks> 1d10+7 JUST CAP THE BASTARD ALREADY
[19:37] <Glacon> Lurk_ebooks: JUST CAP THE BASTARD ALREADY: 15 (1d10+7=8)
[19:37] <Alivi> Raine attempts to freeze the engine of the car again.
[19:37] <Alivi> 1d10+9
[19:37] <Glacon> Alivi: 15 (1d10+9=6)
[19:38] <Tom90deg> The engine begins to bellow black smoke as Raj fires, pegging the guy in the back, as he falls forward, out of the car and onto the road.
[19:38] <Tom90deg> The car is slowing horribly now
[19:38] <Lurk_ebooks> "The ones from the second might still be alive. If they are, let me go first. Addison - are you alright?"
[19:41] <GwenDroid> Addison winces. "Y-Yeah."
[19:41] <Alivi> Raine looks at Addison, "We can get you patched up soon… just hang in there ok?"
[19:41] <Scantron> "You know, I've never asked this before — do you experience a disruption in your telepathic senses when a mind is extinguished?"
[19:41] <Tom90deg> The car in front is chokeing and sputtering, black smoke poring out, its's going at a crawl now.
[19:45] <Tom90deg> The Car slams on the breaks, and turns, The passenger stiucks out the rifle from his window
[19:45] <Tom90deg> 1d10+6
[19:45] <Glacon> Tom90deg: 11 (1d10+6=5)
[19:46] <GwenDroid> Addison swerves to avoid.
[19:47] <Tom90deg> He fires at the side of the car, the bullets slamming into the side of the car
[19:49] <Tom90deg> The bullets fire through the side of the car, one of them strikeing
[19:49] <Lurk_ebooks> who?
[19:49] <Scantron> *drum roll*
[19:50] <Tom90deg> Raine, the bullet gougeing a channel of his sholder, splatterig on the window beghins him
[19:51] <Lurk_ebooks> Raj leans back out, pissed off now.
[19:51] <Alivi> "Agh!" Raine's hand goes to the injured shoulder, "Perkele!"
[19:51] <Lurk_ebooks> 1d10+7
[19:51] <Glacon> Lurk_ebooks: 14 (1d10+7=7)
[19:51] <GwenDroid> Addison checks the rearview mirror. "Raine!?"
[19:51] <Alivi> "Just keep driving!"
[19:51] <Tom90deg> The passenger slumps out the side of the car, bullets haveing stuck him in the chest dropping the rifle out the window
[19:52] <Lurk_ebooks> "Got 'im."
[19:52] <Alivi> Raine grits his teeth.
[19:53] <Tom90deg> The driver, meanwhile, pulls out a gun again, pointing it at the car through the passenger window
[19:53] <GwenDroid> Can Addison slam the side of his car.
[19:53] <Tom90deg> Yes, Driving test
[19:54] <Lurk_ebooks[[ Uh, I thought the driver was dead ]]
[19:54] <GwenDroid> 1d10+8
[19:54] <Glacon> GwenDroid: 16 (1d10+8=8)
[19:54] <Lurk_ebooks[[ He fell out the window ]]
[19:54] <Tom90deg> ((No, that was the passenger, slimped out the window after he was shot))
[19:54] <Tom90deg> ((And not smushed by Addision)
[19:55] <Tom90deg> *now smushed
[19:56] <Tom90deg> The car slamms into the side, there's a crunch as the hanging passenger is caught inbwtween, and the driver's gun goes wide, bullets missing widely
[19:56] <GwenDroid> Addison tries to run the car off the road.
[19:57] <Lurk_ebooks> Are the cars right next to each other?
[19:57] <Tom90deg> ((They are))
[19:57] <Tom90deg> ((They're stopped, the bad car is dead))
[19:57] <Lurk_ebooks[[ Is either more in front than the other? ]]
[19:57] <Lurk_ebooks[[ Oh ]]
[19:57] <Lurk_ebooks> Raj gets out of the Rover casually.
[19:58] <Tom90deg> The driver is bleeding from the head, and looks out the car at Raj approaching
[19:58] <Tom90deg> He lifts up his gun and places it under his chin
[19:58] <Lurk_ebooks> "Do it."
[19:59] <Tom90deg> He does
[19:59] <Tom90deg> There's a nice bang and a splattering
[19:59] <Tom90deg> IN the back of the car, is a large steel box, and another few smaller boxes
[19:59] <Lurk_ebooks> Raj flips off the van, then looks to Addison. "I'll check this van, Satyana - see if you can treat them quickly."
[19:59] <Lurk_ebooks> Raj checks the boxes!
[20:00] <GwenDroid> Addison moves to trunk of the rover and grabs a first aid kit for Raine.
[20:00] <Tom90deg> There are two that look intresting, one smaller and thin, about 2 feet by 10 inches by 5 inches
[20:00] <Alivi> Raine's hand is still on his shoulder applying pressure. He heard it was supposed to do something.
[20:00] <Scantron> Satyana very carefully lifts her head up in the back seat of the rover.
[20:00] <Tom90deg> The other is huge, almost 4 feet square
[20:02] <Scantron> She then carefully stumbles out of the Rover, tripping over herself a bit with only the most expert precision. "Okay… wait. I don't know medicine."
[20:02] <Scantron> "I think there are bandages involved."
[20:02] <Tom90deg> the bodes are padlocked
[20:03] <GwenDroid> Addison takes out gauze and wraps Raine as best she can.
[20:03] <Lurk_ebooks> Raj starts transferring the boxes!
[20:03] <Alivi> Raine is obviously in a bit of pain, "Thanks…"
[20:03] <Scantron> "Okay, Addison, you have that covered…" She looks around. "And you have those boxes, Raj… Raine, you got shot… okay. I'm going to rest for a few minutes." She leans against the Rover.
[20:03] <Tom90deg> one box is easly lifted
[20:04] <Tom90deg> the other weighs about 300 lbs easy
[20:04] <Alivi> Raine looks over at Satyana, "Ok…you do that…."
[20:04] <Lurk_ebooks> "I'll need a hand with this."
[20:05] <Alivi> "Can you try to unlock it?"
[20:06] <Lurk_ebooks> Raj glances at the padlock, then puts his pistol to it from the side and pulls the trigger, trying to blow it off instead of some other way of unlocking it.
[20:06] <Lurk_ebooks> Lockpicking is for people who have time.
[20:07] <Tom90deg> The locks break open under your assualt.
[20:08] <Tom90deg> Are you opening the small or large one first?
[20:08] <Lurk_ebooks> Raj checks the giant one. He's fine with keeping the small one in it's case.
[20:08] <Tom90deg> The lock ipens, and reveals a person inside
[20:08] <Tom90deg> Cramped, tied down, you can't see her face
[20:08] <Lurk_ebooks> "Well. I think we found our mystery person from the files."
[20:08] <Lurk_ebooks> Raj can put 2 and 2 together.
[20:09] <Alivi> "What is it Raj?"
[20:09] <Alivi> Raine is still in the car, trying to not move his arm as best as he can.
[20:09] <Tom90deg> The woman mumbles something
[20:10] <Lurk_ebooks> "A girl, from the looks of it."
[20:10] <Tom90deg> Hard to make out
[20:10] <Lurk_ebooks> "<Eh? Can't hear you, speak up.>"
[20:10] <Tom90deg> "I said, LET ME OUT OF THIS FUCKING BOX!"
[20:10] <Tom90deg> "I'm sorry, I've been stressed. That was rude."
[20:10] <Alivi> "What?" Raine looks shocked.
[20:11] <Lurk_ebooks> "Hold still, or I might accidentally nick you." Raj reaches in and lets his hidden wristblade carefully cut the binds that hold the girl.
[20:11] <Tom90deg> "Dosn't matter."
[20:12] <~Gwen> Addison watches Raj work and is rather confused.
[20:12] <Tom90deg> The girl stands up streching. She's dressed in simple clothes.
[20:12] <Scantron> Satyana sits on the ground now. Leaning was getting unpleasant.
[20:12] <Tom90deg> Everyone who can see her, roll perception+Int
[20:12] <Tom90deg> Wits+Composure+Int
[20:12] <Lurk_ebooks> 1d9
[20:12] <Glacon> Lurk_ebooks: 4 (1d9=4)
[20:13] <Lurk_ebooks> derp
[20:13] <Lurk_ebooks> 1d10+9
[20:13] <Glacon> Lurk_ebooks: 14 (1d10+9=5)
[20:13] <Alivi> 1d10+8
[20:13] <Glacon> Alivi: 12 (1d10+8=4)
[20:14] <Scantron> d10+7+4 Satyana peeks over.
[20:14] <Glacon> Scantron: Satyana peeks over.: 18 (d10+7+4=7)
[20:15] <Scantron> "…"
[20:15] <Scantron> "Zoe?"
[20:15] <Tom90deg> "What?"
[20:16] <Scantron> "How are you…"
[20:16] <Tom90deg> "No, my name is Chanti Feiyan, who are you?"
[20:16] <~Gwen> Does Addison recognize the Chanti part?
[20:16] <Tom90deg> Roll int+….wits
[20:16] <Lurk_ebooks> Raj just /stares/.
[20:17] <Lurk_ebooks> 1d10+7
[20:17] <Glacon> Lurk_ebooks: 13 (1d10+7=6)
[20:17] <~Gwen> 1d10+7
[20:17] <Glacon> Gwen: 11 (1d10+7=4)
[20:17] <Scantron> d10+8
[20:17] <Glacon> Scantron: 12 (d10+8=4)
[20:17] <Alivi> 1d10+5
[20:17] <Glacon> Alivi: 15 (1d10+5=10)
[20:17] <Alivi> 1d10
[20:17] <Glacon> Alivi: 3 (1d10=3)
[20:18] <Alivi> "No way…as in same as Zoe's name…just about… Chanti, Chantilli"
[20:18] <~Gwen> Addison looks to Raj. "Get her in the car. Now."
[20:18] <Scantron> "/That's/ why it sounded familiar."
[20:18] <Tom90deg> "This is lovely to talk about peope, but yes, Can we PLEASE leave?"
[20:19] <Lurk_ebooks> "Into the Rover. Mind the glass and blood and bullet holes."
[20:19] <Tom90deg> "Lovely, just like home."
[20:19] <Alivi> Raine nods, "Yea….before all the blood you know…gets everywhere…"
[20:19] <~Gwen> Addison climbs back into the driver's seat and programs the GPS to get back to their plane.
[20:19] <Tom90deg> The car, which is NOT in good shape, heads down the road towards the airport
[20:20] <Scantron> "You never answered my question, Addison."
[20:21] <Tom90deg> The airplane is there and safe, and they drive up on in, and the plane quickly takes off
[20:22] <~Gwen> "What question Satyana?" Addison turns to the face the Indian woman, blood running down the side of her face.
[20:22] <Tom90deg> The girl looks at the wounds. "I could help with that if you want."
[20:22] <Alivi> "Addison you need to take care of your bleeding…" Raine sighs before looking at the girl uneasily. "What?"
[20:22] <~Gwen> "Help him," she motions to Raine."
[20:23] <Tom90deg> "Alright."
[20:23] <Alivi> "Hey I-I'm fine. Help her!"
[20:23] <Tom90deg> "Hold still."
[20:23] <Alivi> Raine sighs, looking at Addison, "Alright."
[20:23] <Tom90deg> She sighs. "I have had a VERY long day. Please do not argue."
[20:23] <Alivi> "but help her after me."
[20:23] <Scantron> "About how whether there's a disturbance in your telepathic abilities when someone in range dies."
[20:23] <Tom90deg> "Give me a knife please."
[20:23] <Scantron> "It's never been studied in-depth."
[20:23] <Lurk_ebooks> Raj presents his KA-BAR.
[20:23] <Lurk_ebooks> Without a word.
[20:23] <Tom90deg> "Thank you."
[20:23] <Lurk_ebooks> It's tech a knife.
[20:24] <Tom90deg> She takes it, and slashes her palm, blood welling up. She presses her hand on RAine's sholder.
[20:24] <~Gwen> "Yes, and it's fucking horrific." Addison turns and storms off into the area of the plan with the cabins
[20:25] <Alivi> Raine recoils a bit. "W-hoa"
[20:25] <Tom90deg> She removes her hand, wipeing her hand, and looks at the wound. It's reknitting, healing up and over. "Mmm…Messy, but effective."
[20:25] <Tom90deg> She then takes a seat, and leans back, eyes closed.
[20:26] <Alivi> "Wait…what about Addison…and…" Raine looks at his shoulder. "Incredible…"
[20:27] <Tom90deg> She girl dosn't open her eyes. "Yes, wonderful. IT's why i've been a damn pincusion for the past 60 years."
[20:27] <Alivi> "I'm sorry…and Thank you….really…"
[20:27] <Tom90deg> The plane banks, and begins to go down for the landing in London.
[20:27] <Lurk_ebooks> "If only I had that, too." Raj sighs.
[20:27] <Tom90deg> She waves her hand. "Don't mention it."
[20:27] <Scantron> Satyana shrugs. "Well, now I know."
[20:27] <Alivi> Raine shrugs.
[20:30] <Tom90deg> The plane lands! and the team reports back to the beureo
[20:30] <~Gwen> Addison will not let anyone touch her medically. She makes a b-line for her condo when they return.
[20:31] <Scantron> Satyana gives the files to some of the lab tech people to see if they can fix them (after reporting their existence upstairs, of course :P )
[20:31] <Alivi> Raine sighs at Addison… as she runs off.
[20:31] <Alivi> He thanks the girl again and goes off to his condo.
[20:31] <Tom90deg> Chanti Feiyan, is lead to the meeting room, and she takes a seat
[20:32] <Tom90deg> The dreictor speaks with her, and after a while, gives Zoe a call
[20:33] <Tom90deg> Zoe heads on into the meeting room
[20:33] <Tom90deg> And Plot End
[20:44] <Scantron> Satyana retires to her condo, and after a while, decides to look up James in the Bureau directory and give him a call.

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