The Wings Of Love

[6:53pm] Gwen: Addison is sitting in the lounge playing a Grand Theft Auto game on the TV.
[6:53pm] Alivi: Raine walks out to the Lounge.
[6:53pm] Alivi: "Ready?"
[6:54pm] Balthazaar: Charlie walks out and stops in his tracks when he sees the tv. "Why is this man running people over?"
[6:54pm] Tox: Mike walks into the lounge, dressy.
[6:55pm] Gwen: "They're in my way." She looks up at Raine. "Oh shit…I have to get in fancy clothes." She drops the controller and runs off.
[6:55pm] Balthazaar: "Why are you all dressed up?"
[6:56pm] Alivi: "We are going to Paris, I told you, didn't you get my message?"
[6:57pm] Balthazaar: Charlie shakes his head.
[6:58pm] Alivi: "Ah well I had reservations for Paris on the 14th…We are all going to hang out, and just enjoy ourselves."
[6:58pm] Alivi: "However They had to move the reservations and as a result added more rooms
[6:58pm] Alivi: "So you and Mila if you want to."
[7:00pm] Gwen: Valentina walks into the lounge wearing a dark grey dress that flatters her figure. She has a black Prada bag on her left arm. She smiles at Mike.
[7:00pm] Alivi: Raine smiles. He is looking rather dashing himself.
[7:00pm] Balthazaar: Charlie nods. "Okay. I'll get ready."
[7:01pm] Tox: Mike smiles, seeing Val step in. "Hey, babe." He walks over to her and embraces her.
[7:01pm] Alivi: "Awesome."
[7:02pm] Balthazaar: Charlie goes off to get dressed up and stuff
[7:04pm] Gwen: She kisses him lightly and hugs him back. "Sorry I'm late."
[7:04pm] Alivi: "I think Klaara, Zoe and Sophia already went ahead, right?"
[7:06pm] Gwen: Addison comes running into the room once more having gotten dolled up in record time. She was wearing a short black dress, her blue purse, and was carrying some incredibly high heels made of blue and black leather.
[7:06pm] Tox: "Hey, Blue." Mike grins at her. "You gonna be okay in those heels?
[7:06pm] Alivi: Blake comes in he is dressed up rather dashingly as well.
[7:07pm] Alivi: "Uh…Only I can call Blue, Blue."
[7:07pm] Alivi: He grins at Mike.
[7:07pm] Tox: Mike grins back. "I've adopted it. It's catching."
[7:07pm] Gwen: "I'm going to be fine in these heels. They add three inches to my height." She smiles. Valentina laughs.
[7:08pm] Alivi: "Nope not allowed."
[7:08pm] Alivi: "Only I can do it."
[7:09pm] Gwen: "Boys, stop fighting over me." Addison says as she slips into her stupid shoes.
[7:10pm] Tox: Mike's grin widens, but he lets it drop. For now.
[7:10pm] Alivi: "Hey I have to…"
[7:10pm] Tox: "Don't worry, Blake, she's all yours."
[7:10pm] Alivi: Blake crosses his arms grinning. He looks at Addison joking.
[7:11pm] Gwen: Addison stands up…and is STILL the shortest person in the room. "Haha! I am on my way to the world of the tall!"
[7:11pm] Tox: "Got a ways to go, Addy."
[7:12pm] Gwen: She makes a face at Mike. "Oh hush."
[7:12pm] Alivi: Blake squats down a little.
[7:12pm] Alivi: "There."
[7:13pm] Balthazaar: Charlie comes back into the lounge, in an old fashioned stripy suit and combat boots. he wears his relic on the outside of the suit, and looks like someone squeezed an exceptionally tall caveman into a suit.
[7:14pm] Gwen: Addison glances to Blake and pecks him on the lips before laughing. She looks over her shoulder. "Hey, Charlie."
[7:14pm] Tox: "Sup, Charlie."
[7:17pm] Balthazaar: "Hi…" He sits down self consciously
[7:17pm] Alivi: Blake stands straight again.
[7:21pm] Alivi: "So we ready?"
[7:21pm] Gwen: Addison and Valentina both nod.
[7:21pm] Alivi: Raine grins. "Awesome, let's go, Addison was in charge of the rides."
[7:21pm] Balthazaar: "Mhm."
[7:22pm] Alivi: Blake laughs, "Im not surprised."
[7:23pm] Balthazaar: "Can I drive this time?"
[7:23pm] Alivi: "Do you know how?" Raine asks.
[7:24pm] Balthazaar: "No."
[7:24pm] Balthazaar: "How hard can it be?"
[7:24pm] Tox: "Pretty hard, actually. Let's wait to get you some practice.
[7:24pm] Tox: "
[7:24pm] Alivi: "Yea…."
[7:24pm] Tox: "You can damage things and kill people if you're not sure what you're doing."
[7:25pm] Balthazaar: "Like the man on the tv before?"
[7:26pm] Alivi: "yes.
[7:26pm] Tox: Mike laughs. "Yeah, although that was Addy deliberately rampaging."
[7:27pm] Alivi: "Which is scary." Blake says with a grin at Addison.
[7:27pm] Balthazaar: He shakes his head. "No, that wasn't Addison… It was a man… and his hair wasn't blue…"
[7:28pm] Gwen: Addison laughs. "There are two Range Rovers downstairs for us to use. Klaara, Zoe, and Sophia took the third earlier."
[7:28pm] Alivi: "Alright, let's go."
[7:29pm] Tox: "I'll drive one."
[7:30pm] Balthazaar: Charlie stands up, trying to figure out how the man on the tv was Addison
[7:31pm] Tox: Noting Charlie's confusion, Mike points to the controller on the floor. "Addy was using that, to control the game."
[7:32pm] Gwen: Addison leans against Blake as they walk. Valentina hoops her arm around Mike's and walks with him.
[7:32pm] Balthazaar: "It was a game? Like monopoly?"
[7:32pm] Alivi: Blake smiles at Addison.
[7:33pm] Balthazaar: Charlie follows them. Alone.
[7:33pm] Balthazaar: So alone
[7:33pm] Tox: 5evr alone
[7:33pm] Tox: Mike smiles at Val, pulling her closer against him, leaning his head against hers.
[7:33pm] Alivi: They drive to Paris
[7:39pm] Alivi: They soon arrive in Paris.
[7:43pm] Alivi: They stop at the hotel and settle into their nice rooms. It is certainly luxurious!
[7:44pm] Alivi: the finest of fine. This is the lounge for the team it connects to everyone's room. However don't worry the walls are all soundproof ;)
[7:47pm] Tox: Mike looks around, leaning against Val. "Nice digs…"
[7:47pm] Balthazaar: "Where's the bar?"
[7:47pm] Alivi: The rooms are spacious and very very nice.
[7:49pm] Gwen: Addison glances around. "Wow. This place is awesome." Valentina smiles. "Impressive."
[7:49pm] Alivi: Raine grins. "…well…."
[7:49pm] Alivi: "What do you all think?"
[7:50pm] Tox: "Very nice." Mike nods.
[7:50pm] Balthazaar: "It's okay."
[7:53pm] Alivi: "Dinner will be soon, so lets get comfortable and prepare for a wonderful evening."
[7:54pm] Tox: "Sounds like a plan." He tugs Val towards one of the rooms.
[7:54pm] Balthazaar: Charlie puts his hands in his pockets only to find they've got sand in them
[7:55pm] Alivi: Raine smiles.
[7:55pm] Gwen: The hotel lounge door opens and in walks a rather geeky looking blonde girl wearing a red dress. She smiles and blushes at the sight of Raine.
[7:55pm] Alivi: Raine grins. "Klaara!"
[7:55pm] Alivi: He goes over to meet her.
[7:56pm] Tox: "Oh, hey Klaara." Mike grins, halting for a moment.
[7:57pm] Gwen: "Hi Raine. Hi guys!" She hugs Raine. Addison looks to Blake and leans against him.
[7:57pm] Gwen: Valentina smiles and sits down one of the couches, taking out her phone for a moment.
[7:57pm] Alivi: "So….uh…." Raine is blushing.
[7:57pm] Alivi: Blake runs his fingers through Addison's hair.
[7:58pm] Tox: Mike sits down next to Val, resting his head on her shoulder.
[7:58pm] Balthazaar: Charlie waves shyly, and leans against a wall.
[7:59pm] Alivi: "So…um…Dinner?" Raine asks.
[7:59pm] Gwen: Klaara nods and adjusts her glasses nervously. "Yeah. Sounds good."
[8:00pm] Alivi: Raine nods, "Lets go!"
[8:01pm] Tox: Mike nods, smiling and standing.
[8:02pm] Alivi: Raine takes Klaara's hand and concentrates making an ice flower for Klaara.
[8:03pm] Balthazaar: Charlie is waiting to go to dinner
[8:03pm] Gwen: Klaara makes a happy noise and takes the flower from him carefully. Valentina stands up with her husband.
[8:05pm] Alivi: Raine smiles, he walks with her outside.
[8:05pm] Alivi: Blake takes Addison's hand. "Shall we?"
[8:05pm] Tox: Mike takes Valentina's arm and smiles fondly.
[8:06pm] Gwen: Addison nods. "Let's shall."
[8:06pm] Balthazaar: Charlie accompanies people to places
[8:10pm] Alivi: As the walk they take an elevator down to the Lobby. Elevator music plays jazzily.
[8:11pm] Balthazaar: Charlie is scooping sand out of his pockets and dumping it on the floor
[8:12pm] Gwen: Addison, Klaara, and Valentina look very happy to be here.
[8:12pm] Alivi: As they exit though a woman turns and looks very surprised at the group.
[8:15pm] Alivi: She purses her lips and places a hand on her hip. She approaches the group.
[8:15pm] Gwen: Addison blinks at the woman.
[8:15pm] Alivi: Blake lets out a muttered curse
[8:16pm] Balthazaar: Charlie looks at her curiously
[8:16pm] Gwen: Addison looks to Blake and narrows her eyes. Valentina glances around. "This place is amazing…it really is beautiful."
[8:17pm] Alivi: "Well Well well…if it isn't the traitor" She crosses her arms looking at Blake who sighs. "Seriously Annette…. can we just not…"
[8:17pm] Balthazaar: ~What's this one want?~
[8:17pm] Tox: Mike's eyes narrow.
[8:17pm] Alivi: She looks at Addison with a smirk. "Aww is she your new girl? I'm surprised my mother even blessed this. Oh no, looks like I spilled the secret." She laughs.
[8:18pm] Alivi: "Of course everyone knows about your new job, so I assume coworkers, right?"
[8:18pm] Tox: "I'm sorry, I don't think we've been introduced?" Mike asks, putting on a smile.
[8:18pm] Alivi: She smiles. "My apologies sir, I'm Annette Lémieux." she curtsies.
[8:19pm] Alivi: Blake just sighs.
[8:19pm] Balthazaar: Charlie looks her up and down. "This woman bothering you Blake?"
[8:19pm] Alivi: All men roll 1d20
[8:19pm] Tox: 1d20
[8:19pm] Quidmore: Tox: 1d20=14 (14)
[8:19pm] Alivi: d20
[8:19pm] Quidmore: Alivi: d20=2 (2)
[8:19pm] Gwen: Addison looks between Blake and the woman. "Who's the peroxide fan?"
[8:19pm] Tox: "A pleasure to meet you. Michael Weyland."
[8:20pm] Alivi: She smiles.
[8:20pm] Alivi: Raine turns red as she does this. He quickly looks away.
[8:20pm] Balthazaar: 1d20
[8:20pm] Quidmore: Balthazaar: 1d20=20 (20)
[8:20pm] Tox: Mike files away the fact that there seems to be bad blholy shit
[8:21pm] Alivi: "Aww Blake you haven't told her of me, I'm his ex-girlfriend.'
[8:21pm] Alivi: "we dated for like….5 years."
[8:22pm] Tox: Mike nods. "I was not aware. Blake tends to keep to himself, and my team and I respect his privacy."
[8:22pm] Alivi: Blake grumbles something about her cheating on him constantly but she doesn't seem to hear instead smiling at Raine. "Seems my mother's gift hasn't gone to waste either. You are a cutie." She winks at him.
[8:22pm] Gwen: Valentina facepalms. Klaara tenses up. Addison glares:
[8:23pm] Alivi: Raine murmurs a thank you.
[8:23pm] Balthazaar: Charlie looks at Annette with a frown, then to Blake. "This woman bothering you?"
[8:23pm] Alivi: "No…No…she is…uh…" Blake seems at a loss.
[8:24pm] Alivi: Raine instead speaks up. "…Um so we were all going to go to dinner… would you like to come…?"
[8:24pm] Alivi: Blake sighs deeply. "Raine you are being too nice to the witch."
[8:24pm] Gwen: Klaara looks up at Raine and blinks. "No, she wouldn't" Suddenly, she looks an awful lot more like her scary mother.
[8:25pm] Alivi: Raine looks back at Klaara and shrugs, "Just being nice…" he murmurs. He glances over at Annette.
[8:25pm] Tox: Mike notices Klaara's tone. "Perhaps, Miss Lemieux, it would be best if…?"
[8:26pm] Alivi: Annette grins, "Awww, I'd LOVE to. Besides it has been too long since I've caught up with Blake. Come now. LET US DINE~" She waves her hand in a flourish and leads the way. As she turns Raine blinks confused.
[8:26pm] Gwen: "If that's what Raine wants, fine." She stalks off towards the restaurant with a 'hmmph'. Addison is still glowering.
[8:26pm] Alivi: "….What….just happened."
[8:26pm] Alivi: "Klaara?"
[8:26pm] Alivi: Blake mutters something and rubs his head.
[8:26pm] Balthazaar: Charlie has decided he doesn't like this girl
[8:27pm] Alivi: Charlie you hear a high pitched Scream.
[8:27pm] Alivi: "MY LOVE!!!!"
[8:27pm] Tox: "Oh no."
[8:27pm] Gwen: Valentina whirls around in full combat mode, her eyes wide.
[8:27pm] Tox: Mike's head slooooowly turns towards the source of the voice.
[8:27pm] Alivi: Lauren comes prancing over and hugs Charlie. "OH CHARLIE~"
[8:27pm] Alivi: "I knew on this most ROMANTIC day you would come to me like my dashing Huntsman."
[8:27pm] Tox: "We can't take you /anywhere,/ Charlie, swear to Hircine."
[8:28pm] Alivi: She smiles and kisses him on the LIPS.
[8:28pm] Balthazaar: Charlie is like O_O
[8:28pm] Alivi: She is wearing the necklace she won at the auction, she seems more healthy and young. Radiant actually.
[8:28pm] Balthazaar: "…. H-hello…" He sounds terrified.
[8:29pm] Alivi: "Awwww were you going to wait at the tables for me??? I'd love to come, thank you~"
[8:29pm] Gwen: Addison looks to Blake. "So…"
[8:29pm] Alivi: Blake looks back guilty.
[8:29pm] Alivi: "…So."
[8:29pm] Alivi: Raine looks at Klaara. "Klaara?"
[8:29pm] Balthazaar: He looks at Lauren. "I…I…"
[8:29pm] Alivi: She holds his hand.
[8:29pm] Gwen: Klaara turns to face him. "Yes?"
[8:29pm] Alivi: "…You ok?"
[8:29pm] Tox: «I don't think we're going to get any peace unless we let her come….»
[8:29pm] Alivi: Annette just smiles watching the two.
[8:31pm] Gwen: Valentina relaxes, the fire leaving her eyes. Klaara shrugs and then glares at Annette. In Finnish: ["You just invited some strange, fair better looking blonde girl to our Valentine's dinner!"]
[8:31pm] Gwen: Addison folds her arms. "That was interesting…wasn't it."
[8:31pm] Gwen: *?"
[8:32pm] Alivi: "[Wait? When I just…and she isn't better looking than you…]"
[8:32pm] Balthazaar: "You… Look nice…" Charlie hopes this is what he's supposed to say
[8:32pm] Alivi: Raine is stammering.
[8:32pm] Alivi: Lauren squeals. "Awwwwwww~"
[8:32pm] Alivi: Blake sighs. "Just…"
[8:32pm] Alivi: "Annette will you stop playing with my friends, rein it in or leave."
[8:33pm] Alivi: Annette sighs at Blake. "Tsk…no fun….don't worry. My Mom likes them together I ask her bout your coworkers. You haven't left my sights."
[8:33pm] Alivi: She grins at Blake like a shark waiting for prey.
[8:33pm] Alivi: A waiter comes and asks that the group please sit.
[8:34pm] Gwen: Addison looks to Annette, narrowing her eyes. Klaara puts her hands on her hips. "[It happened just now! And wait…you think so?]"
[8:34pm] Balthazaar: Charlie sits, panic written all over his face
[8:34pm] Tox: «Let's go, people. This should be fun.»
[8:34pm] Tox: Mike sits as well.
[8:34pm] Alivi: Raine nods.
[8:35pm] Alivi: Lauren sits uncomfortably close to Charlie. Looking dreamingly at him.
[8:36pm] Gwen: Klaara sighs and then sits down, patting the chair next to him. "[Sorry…you were probably just being nice…]" Valentina sits beside her husband. Addison waits for Blake to move.
[8:36pm] Alivi: Blake just stays next to Addison. he sits next to her.
[8:37pm] Alivi: Raine smiles and sits down near Klaara. "[Im sorry if I upset you….uh please dont tell your mom…]"
[8:37pm] Tox: Mike smiles at the group, the expression fading just the slightest bit as he looks at Lauren.
[8:37pm] Alivi: Lauren giggles.
[8:37pm] Balthazaar: Charlie tries not to looks at Lauren, but kind of has to. "… What have you been up to?"
[8:38pm] Alivi: "OH just you know buying more spiders, namely huntsman, my faveorite is named Charlie."
[8:39pm] Alivi: she whispers something to Charlie
[8:39pm] Alivi: She winks at him.
[8:39pm] Balthazaar: Charlie looks terrifyeder
[8:39pm] Alivi: Annette laughs.
[8:40pm] Balthazaar: "Oh…"
[8:40pm] Alivi: "Ah Blake, you were the sun of my life and this is who you keep company with?"
[8:40pm] Alivi: Blake just seems more annoyed.
[8:40pm] Gwen: Addison takes Raine's hand and then looks up at Annette. "Look, I hate to be rude…but if you're going stay will you sit and say as little as possible and try not to ruin things again. IF you're going to go, I'll pay for the biggest limo you want."
[8:40pm] Gwen: *Blake's hand
[8:41pm] Alivi: Annette laughs.
[8:41pm] Alivi: "Please honey, I'm a demi-goddess, surely Blake has told you."
[8:41pm] Alivi: Blake just stiffens and Raine looks over. Lauren is too much in her dreamworld to know what is going on.
[8:42pm] Balthazaar: Charlie is visibly trembling
[8:42pm] Tox: Mike raises an eyebrow.
[8:42pm] Tox: He opens his supernatural sense and focuses on Annette.
[8:43pm] Gwen: Addison sets her teeth and blinks a few times. Valentina suddenly gets this RIDICULOUSLY stupid evil grin on her face and stares right at Annette.
[8:43pm] Alivi: Something…is messing with the sense. It makes your head hurt like crazy. Something is distracting you. But here there is too much going on.
[8:43pm] Tox: Mike shakes his head, retreating from his sense. "Nhh."
[8:43pm] Alivi: Raine looks at Mike confused.
[8:44pm] Tox: "Sorry. Headache."
[8:44pm] Alivi: The waiter brings drinks and Annette stands.
[8:44pm] Alivi: "Well I suppose I should…let that "sink in."…. oh Blake…you can't keep everything normal forever."
[8:45pm] Balthazaar: Charlie is busy freaking out
[8:45pm] Alivi: Blake lets out a greek curse. And the power goes out
[8:45pm] Alivi: Lauren screams, and Charlie omg you can feel her nails dig into your skin.
[8:45pm] Gwen: Valentina produces her Bureau badge wallet from her purse and is about to speak when the lights go off. Addison immediately tenses up and grabs on to Blake…tightly.
[8:45pm] Tox: Mike tenses, his hand dipping beneath his jacket, other hand tightening around Valentine.
[8:45pm] Alivi: Her scream causes more screams.
[8:46pm] Alivi: Raine hurridly covers Klaara.
[8:46pm] Tox: *Valentina
[8:46pm] Balthazaar: "Ah!" Charlie jumps violently and his hand goes to his necklace, before he realises it's just Lauren being crazy. Again.
[8:47pm] Balthazaar: He lets go of his relic, and looks at her. "Lauren..?"
[8:47pm] Tox: "Everybody calm down. S'just a power failure…"
[8:48pm] Tox: Mike can't help feeling a prickling sensation on the back of his neck, though, and eases his sidearm out of its holster.
[8:49pm] Balthazaar: Charlie considers just changing form here and now so he can see
[8:50pm] Alivi: It is pitch black.
[8:50pm] Alivi: This is unnatural
[8:50pm] Gwen: Addison gasps. "Blake," she whispers. "I can't breath…"
[8:51pm] Tox: Mike wills his eyes to shift, borrowing the low light vision of his Wolf.
[8:51pm] Alivi: Blake looks down and he kneels near Addison.
[8:52pm] Alivi: "…I'm here…it's ok…just close your eyes."
[8:52pm] Alivi: "[Klaara, are you ok?]" Raine asks
[8:52pm] Alivi: Mike perceptionnn
[8:53pm] Gwen: "[Yes. But I couldn't help put notice that this darkness cannot be natural…if this was a natural absence of light we'd be dead.]" Go go gadget Masters degree in Astro-Physics.
[8:53pm] Tox: 1d20 SIGHT BEYOND *SIGHT*
[8:53pm] Quidmore: Tox: SIGHT BEYOND *SIGHT*: 1d20=15 (15)
[8:53pm] Balthazaar: Charlie tries to ignore the nails digging into his arm. ~If that was bare flesh she'd have torn it off by now…~
[8:53pm] Tox: Mike pulls his sidearm clear of his jacket, ears figuratively pricked.
[8:54pm] Gwen: Addison closes her eyes, holding her breathe.
[8:54pm] Alivi: "[Wonderful…]" Raine sounds…freaked.
[8:54pm] Alivi: Blake kisses Addison and she almost sees a soft glow of light for a moment before it fades back.
[8:55pm] Alivi: Mike you can sense and hear a scuffle. Annette is not near the table and there are 3 figures struggling near the door.
[8:56pm] Tox: «Commotion by the door. Annette's gone. Hang tight, I'm going to go check what's going on. Val, on me; the rest of you stay here.»
[8:56pm] Gwen: Addison gasps and then sighs happily. "[Don't worry Raine, if this was a vacuum it'd be much colder.]"
[8:56pm] Alivi: "[….im fine with cold.]"
[8:57pm] Gwen: «Michael, I cannot see a thing and I am not using my powers in view of normals»
[8:57pm] Alivi: The lights flicker back on.
[8:57pm] Tox: «…Alright.» Mike's about to move when the lights come back on.
[8:57pm] Alivi: people sigh and there is clapping. Annette is gone. And the figures are too
[8:57pm] Tox: «Dammit.»
[8:58pm] Tox: Mike stows his sidearm and moves over to the door.
[8:58pm] Alivi: Raine stands.
[8:58pm] Balthazaar: Charlie looks around the room for anything weird
[8:58pm] Tox: As an afterthought, he shifts his eyes back to normal.
[8:58pm] Alivi: a waiter comes over and re-directs Mike back to the table.
[8:59pm] Alivi: val a waiter asks if everything is all right.
[9:00pm] Alivi: Charlie roll
[9:00pm] Tox: Mike nods over at the door. "There was a bit of a scuffle over by the door. I was checkin' to see what was happening."
[9:00pm] Gwen: Valentina nods. "Everything is fine. Can we get some lemon water for the table?" Addison's breathing returns to normal.
[9:01pm] Tox: "I'll be right back." He smiles at the waiter and tries to move towards the door again.
[9:01pm] Balthazaar: 1d20
[9:01pm] Quidmore: Balthazaar: 1d20=6 (6)
[9:01pm] Alivi: The waiter stops them.
[9:01pm] Alivi: Mike*
[9:02pm] Alivi: " A scuffle, Oh my sir please we are sorry for such a thing, yes yes Lemon water for you all and a bottle of wine. Yes."
[9:02pm] Alivi: He radios security and tells them, you see gaurds move towards the scuffle.
[9:02pm] Alivi: area*
[9:02pm] Tox: Mike's easygoing smile fades a bit, but he allows himself to be herded back towards the table.
[9:03pm] Alivi: Raine sits back down awkwardly. Blake checks on Addison.
[9:03pm] Alivi: Lauren sighs happily.
[9:03pm] Balthazaar: Charlie flinches when Lauren sighs
[9:03pm] Alivi: "OH thank goodness, I was soooo scared. THANK GOODNESS FOR MY HUNTSMAN. You are as brave as a dingo."
[9:03pm] Gwen: Addison is paler than normal. "[I could go into the details of light mechanics in a vacuum…but you might pass out,]" Klaara says to her boyfriend, completely unfazed by the dark.
[9:03pm] Balthazaar: He cringes inwardly. "T-thanks…"
[9:04pm] Alivi: Raine grins uneasily.
[9:04pm] Alivi: "Aaaah yea."
[9:04pm] Alivi: Blake takes a glass of wine and passes it to Addison.
[9:05pm] Balthazaar: Charlie looks at Lauren, absolutely terrified
[9:05pm] Gwen: Addison takes the glass with a nod and shaky smile, before sipping at it.
[9:06pm] Tox: «You'll be alright, Addison.»
[9:06pm] Alivi: Blake rubs her back comfortingly.
[9:06pm] Alivi: Addison you have a feeling you are being watched.
[9:07pm] Balthazaar: Then he looks at Addison, concerned
[9:07pm] Alivi: The food is served to the table.
[9:07pm] Gwen: Addison closes her eyes to search the area telepathically.
[9:07pm] Alivi: you recgonize it as your new best friend. Hermes.
[9:08pm] Gwen: Addison opens her eyes and glances around slowly, taking another slow drink of wine. Valentina smiles at the food.
[9:08pm] Alivi: Raine eats his food.
[9:08pm] Alivi: Lauren insists on feeding Charlie.
[9:08pm] Balthazaar: Charlie starts wolfing down his food
[9:08pm] Balthazaar: Redact
[9:08pm] Balthazaar: Charlie is fed by Lauren!
[9:08pm] Alivi: "NO NO. I wanna feed you!"
[9:08pm] Alivi: she smacks his hand before he can wolf it down.
[9:09pm] Balthazaar: "Oh… Okay then…"
[9:09pm] Alivi: "Now, My little kangeroozers….open wide for the yummy food~"
[9:09pm] Balthazaar: He wishes Zoe were here to save him, but since she isn't, he opens up
[9:10pm] Alivi: She ninja kisses him
[9:10pm] Alivi: Blake just seems disturbed.
[9:10pm] Tox: "…." Mike just…..fucking….stares.
[9:11pm] Balthazaar: Anyone in Charlies head can just hear screaming
[9:11pm] Tox: "Uh. Lau-Lauren? I…think he can feed himself."
[9:11pm] Balthazaar: In terror
[9:11pm] Tox: "I mean. I'm not…saying, you know? I'm just…saying."
[9:12pm] Alivi: She slams her hand on the table causing Raine to jump quite visibly. Other diners turn and stare and whisper.
[9:12pm] Balthazaar: Charlie cringes.
[9:12pm] Tox: "N- uh, no, that's not it."
[9:12pm] Alivi: "NO THAT IS IT!"
[9:12pm] Tox: "I just think….you know, maybe you should treat Charlie like an adult."
[9:13pm] Balthazaar: «Mike… Run… Save yourself…»
[9:13pm] Alivi: Mike…an almost murderous look enters her eyes. The jewels on her neck shimmer threateningly.
[9:13pm] Tox: Mike dgaf about crazy shouty woman.
[9:13pm] Tox: Mike's eyes widen, then narrow. «Eyes up!»
[9:14pm] Alivi: A waiter comes over to Val, "Is…all ok Ma'am, please if you may control your daughter."
[9:14pm] Tox: Mike's hand slips into his pocket, reaching for his fairy spray. "Oh, she's not our daughter." Mike smiles. It doesn't reach his eyes.
[9:14pm] Gwen: "Daughter? How old do you think I am!?" She sighs and looks to Lauren. "Please stop shouting."
[9:14pm] Alivi: "….HMPH!"
[9:15pm] Alivi: She sits back down.
[9:15pm] Balthazaar: Charlie grabs Laurens arm. "It's okay Lauren… Relax… He just misunderstood…"
[9:15pm] Tox: «Her necklace. I suspected something…»
[9:15pm] Alivi: She looks over at Charlie. She sniffles.
[9:15pm] Alivi: "…C-can we leave…take a walk in the gardens?"
[9:15pm] Balthazaar: Charlie looks at Mike with a shrug like 'I don't even know man…'
[9:15pm] Alivi: She wipes her eyes. She really does like Charlie.
[9:15pm] Alivi: Charlie roll for composure
[9:15pm] Tox: «You know that spray can I gave you, Charlie? The one in your pocket?»
[9:17pm] Balthazaar: «Yeah?»
[9:17pm] Balthazaar: 1d20+1
[9:17pm] Quidmore: Balthazaar: 1d20+1=20 (19)
[9:17pm] Balthazaar: «Should I walk with her?»
[9:17pm] Tox: «I'll tail you into the gardens. When you're alone, spray her necklace.»
[9:17pm] Alivi: (dont add things to the roll)
[9:18pm] Balthazaar: (Oh, my bad, sorry)
[9:18pm] Gwen: Addison stands slowly. "Excuse me…I'm just going to the lady's room."
[9:18pm] Alivi: When Charlie doesn't immedieately answer. She throws her water into his face.
[9:18pm] Alivi: "…ITS OVER"
[9:18pm] Alivi: She storms off.
[9:18pm] Balthazaar: "Lets go for a wa-"
[9:18pm] Balthazaar: "Okay…"
[9:18pm] Tox: «Go after her! Get her alone! She's got a damn Relic!»
[9:18pm] Alivi: Raine sighs.
[9:19pm] Alivi: "…sorry Klaara."
[9:19pm] Balthazaar: Charlie stands up and goes after her. "Lauren wait!"
[9:19pm] Alivi: A waiter ushes Charlie back down.
[9:19pm] Gwen: Addison is frozen in place as more goes on around her. Klaara looks up from her food and pushes her glasses up. "Did I miss something?"
[9:19pm] Alivi: A waiter goes over to Val.
[9:20pm] Alivi: "…Um… Ma'am all your children are causing a ruckus…we are going to ask you to return to your rooms."
[9:20pm] Tox: «/Dammit./»
[9:20pm] Alivi: "I am sorry and we will bring dessert."
[9:20pm] Balthazaar: «Sorry Mike…»
[9:20pm] Tox: «No big deal. I'll get a tail put on her.»
[9:20pm] Alivi: Raine looks at the waiter in horror and he looks between him and Klaara. "…wait you think we are all…"
[9:21pm] Gwen: Valentina nods. "These are my coworkers, not my children. Make that mistake again and I will set you on fire." She waves the waiter off.
[9:21pm] Lurker left the chat room. (Quit: )
[9:21pm] Alivi: The waiter smiles, "Ah yes you and your twin are quite c-"
[9:21pm] Balthazaar: Charlie looks at the waiter with a frown.
[9:21pm] Alivi: He looks at Val and nods and quickly hurries off.
[9:21pm] Alivi: Raine gets up and he walks with Klaara back to the hotel room
[9:21pm] Alivi: Blake goes after Addison.
[9:21pm] Gwen: Addison appears to be looking for someone, not going to the washroom.
[9:22pm] Balthazaar: Charlie just sits there confused.
[9:22pm] Alivi: "Addison?"
[9:22pm] Tox: "What're you lookin' for?"
[9:22pm] Balthazaar: He's pretty glad Lauren went away though
[9:22pm] Gwen: She stops and looks over her shoulder and blinks.
[9:22pm] Alivi: Blake is looking at her.
[9:23pm] Alivi: "Im sorry…about Annette…"
[9:24pm] Gwen: She shrugs. "I knew there were other girls…it's fine, Blake."
[9:24pm] Tom90deg joined the chat room.
[9:24pm] Alivi: Blake sighs before stopping.
[9:24pm] Alivi: Hermes is there and he looks …angry.
[9:25pm] Gwen: Addison just watches Blake.
[9:25pm] Tox: Mike looks over at Hermes.
[9:25pm] Alivi: He crosses over.
[9:26pm] Alivi: "Where is Annette?"
[9:26pm] Alivi: "Her mother is livid."
[9:26pm] Tox: "Dunno. Lights went down and she disappeared."
[9:26pm] Gwen: Addison stays quiet.
[9:26pm] Alivi: Blake sighs. "She was causing enough trou-" He is hit by Hermes and sent sprawling.
[9:27pm] Tox: Mike winces.
[9:27pm] Balthazaar: Charlie stands up and looks at Hermes angrily
[9:27pm] Tox: "Settle down, Charlie."
[9:27pm] Gwen: Addison yelps and covers her face.
[9:27pm] Alivi: Blake looks at Hermes.
[9:28pm] Balthazaar: Charlie just stares at Hermes
[9:28pm] Balthazaar: He sits down slowly.
[9:28pm] Alivi: Hermes says something in ancient greek.
[9:31pm] Balthazaar: Charlie looks like he wants to fight the Greek god
[9:31pm] Alivi: Blake pales. "…The gardens now."
[9:31pm] Gwen: Valentina rolls her eyes at the scene. Addison still not moving.
[9:31pm] Tox: "All of us?"
[9:32pm] Alivi: Blake doesn't respond dashing off.
[9:32pm] Alivi: Hermes looks at Addison. "Sorry for all of this," He says before fading away
[9:32pm] Tox: "…Should we go after him?"
[9:34pm] Gwen: Addison heads off after blake, moving surprisingly quickly in stupid shoes
[9:34pm] Tox: "Let's go."
[9:34pm] Balthazaar: Charlie goes!
[9:34pm] Tox: Mike is up and after his tech superstar!
[9:35pm] Alivi: Raine is with Klaara he has no idea what is going on.
[9:37pm] Alivi: You all come to a garden near the center there is a woman in a purple dress her arms crossed and a grin on her face a man and Annette is on the ground, bleeding. Rose vines wrapped around her, the thorns piercing her. Blake is standing there in shock.
[9:38pm] Alivi:
[9:38pm] Tox: Mike's hand flashes for his Babbage and he steps forward, drawing it. "Identify yourself."
[9:38pm] Alivi: The woman turns a bored look on her face a light in her eyes coming to life. She grins. "I wouldn't try that Michael Weyland."
[9:39pm] Tox: "I said, 'Identify yourself.' Or I /will/ open fire."
[9:39pm] Alivi: She laughs. "Cassandra."
[9:39pm] Alivi: "Come now, we have what we need.'
[9:40pm] Tox: Mike doesn't drop his stance, but nor does he fire. "Good. We know who we both are. Now what the hell are you doing here, and what the hell did you do to Annette."
[9:40pm] Alivi: "What she deserved. Just like Emilio…Just like Minaye…and the little Clara." She laughs.
[9:40pm] Gwen: Addison narrows her eyes at the woman, ready to attack. Valentina arrives as well, holding a fireball behind her back.
[9:41pm] Alivi: "You must be the ones who undo my work all the time."
[9:41pm] Tox: "Stand down and release her."
[9:41pm] Alivi: "Addison…/smith/"
[9:41pm] Gwen: Addison is COMPLETELY thrown off at that one. "Whatever you think I did. I didn't. I have an alibi."
[9:41pm] Alivi: "Blake Turner…. hm…Charlie is a new one…Where is Raine and Zoe I wonder? Not like it matters… You toss team members like rags when you are done…"
[9:42pm] Alivi: "Poor Rhyden…Poor Elliot……" She laughs.
[9:42pm] Balthazaar: Charlie looks at the purple lady. "Are you /trying/ to get eaten?"
[9:42pm] Tox: "I said stand /down!/" Michael snaps.
[9:42pm] Alivi: "Do not interfere with this. You know not of what you meddle with."
[9:43pm] Tox: "I know I'm about to fill your little purple head with enough anti-supernatural energy to kill /five/ of you if you don't stand down in the next fifteen seconds."
[9:44pm] Balthazaar: "And if he misses, You'll have a monster set upon you." Charlie is holding his relic.
[9:44pm] Alivi: "I know your true form Charlie."
[9:45pm] Alivi: She smiles. "You know…nothing."She raises her arms and snaps.
[9:45pm] Alivi: A blue wave of energy goes forth
[9:45pm] Gwen: Addison narrows her eyes. "You know an awful lot about us."
[9:46pm] Tom90deg: Zoe appears, and with a furious glare at the team, runs towards them, sword out.
[9:46pm] Alivi: "I'm just a better person at your game Addison."
[9:47pm] Balthazaar: "If you know my true form, why aren't you scared." Charlie sneers before he notices Zoe
[9:47pm] Gwen: "Zo'?"
[9:48pm] Tom90deg: 1d20 Zoe swings at Mike
[9:48pm] Quidmore: Tom90deg: Zoe swings at Mike: 1d20=8 (8)
[9:48pm] Alivi: Cassandra laughs as does her little friend. Annette lets out a small cry of pain causing Blake to rush over. Cassandra vanishes.
[9:48pm] Alivi: As does her friend
[9:49pm] Gwen: Addison attempts to plunge into Zoe's mind to help her!
[9:49pm] Alivi: roll Addison bonus 2
[9:49pm] Gwen: 1d20+2
[9:49pm] Quidmore: Gwen: 1d20+2=16 (14)
[9:50pm] Balthazaar: Charlie tries grabbing Zoe to restrain her
[9:50pm] Alivi: Roll Charlie
[9:50pm] Tox: Mike was about to fire on Cassandra, when he notices Zoe start to rush him. Changing tack, Mike brings his Babbage in a savage arc, ramming the butt of the weapon into her temple, aiming to disable, not damage. Tagging Leader.
[9:50pm] Balthazaar: 1d20
[9:50pm] Quidmore: Balthazaar: 1d20=3 (3)
[9:51pm] Alivi: Charlie you miss crashing into Val
[9:51pm] Gwen: Valentina grunts. Crashing into her is like crashing into a steel wall.
[9:51pm] Alivi: ouch…poor Charlie
[9:51pm] Gwen: Girl be built like a brick shithouse
[9:51pm] Tox: er, not the butt, where the magazine well would be.
[9:52pm] Alivi: Zoe's blade contacts Mike as his hit contacts Zoe
[9:52pm] Balthazaar: "OOF!"
[9:52pm] Alivi: The blade doesn't do much damage to Mike
[9:52pm] Tom90deg: Addison, you feel an intense hatred coming from zoe, Directed at the team. She's more angry than you've ever felt before.
[9:52pm] Gwen: Valentina looks to Charlie. "Sorry about that, Charlie."
[9:53pm] Balthazaar: He waves off the apology
[9:53pm] Gwen: Addison's eyes go wide. "Zoe…no…" She pushes further into Zoe's mind.
[9:53pm] Alivi: Addison roll a mental defense
[9:53pm] Tom90deg: Zoe takes the hit from mike, hissing and shaking her head, idly dodgeing Charlie's clumpy grab as she spins and slashes at Charlie
[9:53pm] Tom90deg: 1d20
[9:53pm] Quidmore: Tom90deg: 1d20=15 (15)
[9:53pm] Gwen: 1d20
[9:53pm] Quidmore: Gwen: 1d20=19 (19)
[9:54pm] Tox: Mike snarls, throwing himself bodily at Zoe.
[9:54pm] Alivi: Tom90deg: and Gwen to #Icyforest
[9:55pm] Balthazaar: Charlie roll defense?
[9:55pm] Balthazaar: 1d20
[9:55pm] Quidmore: Balthazaar: 1d20=13 (13)
[9:57pm] Alivi: Zoe's blade slices into Charlie cutting a good slice in his shoulder.
[9:59pm] Balthazaar: "Fuck! Right!" He removes his relic, and begins the transformation
[9:59pm] Alivi: Zoe denfense for Mike
[9:59pm] Tom90deg: 1d20
[9:59pm] Quidmore: Tom90deg: 1d20=3 (3)
[10:00pm] Alivi: Zoe goes down
[10:00pm] Alivi: and goes down HARD
[10:00pm] Balthazaar: Now in Muldjewangk form, Charlie readies for the fight that just ended
[10:02pm] Tox: Once they're on the ground, Mike keeps her down with his lower body and left arm, right cocked back to deliver blows. His eyes are aflame, slitted.
[10:02pm] Tox: "Now," he hisses. "Are you going to stay down or do I have to /beat you unconscious?/"
[10:03pm] Balthazaar: "She is our kin. There will be no beatings."
[10:04pm] Tom90deg: Zoe dosn't respond, her eyes are unfocused and not really looking at anything.
[10:06pm] Tox: Mike just keeps staring at Zoe. "She is our kin, yes. Our Pack. She must be made safe. I will not let her attack us."
[10:06pm] Gwen: Addison has her eyes closed and her fits clenched.
[10:07pm] Balthazaar: "Restrain her then."
[10:07pm] Gwen: A tear rolls down Addison's cheek.
[10:08pm] Tox: "What do you think I am doing?" he asks.
[10:09pm] Balthazaar: Charlie nods, and slips his relic back on, transforming back. His suit is pretty ruined now.
[10:09pm] Alivi: Annette lets out a gasp of pain as the vines wither. She is breathing shallowly.
[10:10pm] Alivi: Blake is trying to help her frantically.
[10:10pm] Tox: Mike jerks his head towards Annette and Blake. "See to them."
[10:10pm] Alivi: A gold light flashes and ebbs away.
[10:10pm] Tom90deg: Zoe opens up her eyes, and looks around. "What?"
[10:11pm] Tox: Zoe, Mike and Charlie are both leakin' a bit.
[10:11pm] Tox: Mike's also, uh.
[10:11pm] Tox: Kinda sorta on top of you.
[10:11pm] Tox: Lookin' a /bit/ like he's about to clock you.
[10:11pm] Tom90deg: Zoe vanishes from underneath Mike, and reaperas off to the side.
[10:11pm] Gwen: Addison opens his eyes slowly, placing her hand on her forehead.
[10:11pm] Balthazaar: Charlie ignores his wound, and goes to help get rid of the vines
[10:11pm] Tom90deg: "Ow… my head…"
[10:11pm] Tox: Mike hits the ground, then returns to his feet.
[10:12pm] Alivi: Addison, Blake is over near Annette.
[10:12pm] Tox: "Yeah….I kinda hit you."
[10:12pm] Tox: "To be fair, you stabbed me.
[10:12pm] Tox: Mike grins.
[10:12pm] Gwen: Addison takes a deep breath, before making her way gingerly over to Blake.
[10:13pm] Alivi: Annette is speaking in greek to Blake. He nods and brushes her hair from her face.
[10:13pm] Alivi: "You need rest…ok?" He says in English.
[10:13pm] Balthazaar: (Is annette still in the vines?)
[10:13pm] Alivi: No they are all withered but she is weak and ill.
[10:13pm] Tom90deg: "Oh….Um…Sorry…"
[10:14pm] Tox: Cassandra….Minaye….why is that name familiar…?
[10:14pm] Tox: Mike tucks his chin.
[10:14pm] Gwen: Addison stands near Blake silently, still holding her head.
[10:14pm] Balthazaar: Charlie squats down near Annette. "Are you sick?"
[10:14pm] Tom90deg: "I was…not thinking clearly…"
[10:15pm] Tom90deg: Zoe goes over to addison and gives her a hug. "Thank you…."
[10:15pm] Tox: "I sort of gathered. You kind of forgot that you're /terrible/ in a straight-up fight."
[10:15pm] Alivi: Blake looks at Charlie, "Something was in those vines…a poision…I don't have medicine…"
[10:15pm] Gwen: Addison looks to Zoe and blinks, nodding, before hugging her back. "A-Any time…"
[10:15pm] Tox: Mike growls to himself. "I /know/ this…!"
[10:17pm] Balthazaar: Charlie frowns, and places a large hand on Annettes forhead. He concentrates hard.
[10:17pm] Alivi: Addison a black rose appears in your memory.
[10:17pm] Tox: Mike's eyes light up. "Blake. I need…..a Greek medicine. S…I don't remember what it said. We ran into this once before. It was an amber liquid. Uh…one drop cured a lady named Minaye who suffered the same effect."
[10:18pm] Alivi: Blake looks irriated at Mike
[10:18pm] Alivi: "Shut up!"
[10:18pm] Alivi: "You don't know anything about this. Just stay out of it."
[10:18pm] Gwen: "I've had enough yelling for one day…can we not yell anymore?"
[10:18pm] Tox: Mike looks back. "We've seen this before," he repeats stubbornly.
[10:19pm] Alivi: Blake sighs. "…Sorry…"
[10:19pm] Alivi: Addison he is shaking.
[10:20pm] Tox: "It's fine, I get it. But we need to find that medicine and I don't remember what it was called….Satyana just said the phial said 'medicine' on it…"
[10:20pm] Gwen: Addison walks up to Blake, doing a very good job of hiding her own…troubles. She hugs him tightly.
[10:20pm] Balthazaar: Charlie lets go of the womans forehead, then tips over. She'll notice that she's no longer suffering the effects of the poison
[10:20pm] Tox: "Do not let her go to sleep. Keep her u—"
[10:21pm] Tox: "Charlie!" Mike moves over to him.
[10:22pm] Alivi: Suddenly
[10:22pm] Alivi: a Mass of plants wither and die
[10:22pm] Alivi: an entire wave.
[10:22pm] Alivi: Charlie is ok now.
[10:22pm] Balthazaar: Charlie sits up again. "That fucking sucked…"
[10:22pm] Alivi: Annette sniffs She is shaking
[10:22pm] Alivi: "Blake she took it…she took it."
[10:22pm] Tox: "Charlie, you okay? That was a hell of a poison you just detoxed.
[10:22pm] Tox: "
[10:23pm] Tom90deg: "What'd you do? Take her posion?"
[10:23pm] Alivi: "I know…" Blake says. "…At least we know who it is…"
[10:23pm] Gwen: Addison lets go of Blake sighing. She closes her eyes.
[10:23pm] Tox: "Next time I see her, I'm shooting first and talking later."
[10:24pm] Alivi: Blake dials a number and quickly speaks and hangs up. "…Come on Addison, lets get inside…"
[10:24pm] Balthazaar: "I'm okay…"
[10:25pm] Alivi: A man comes and picks up Annette.
[10:25pm] Alivi: She leaves the area and Blake offers his hand to Addison.
[10:25pm] Gwen: Addison takes his hand. She's cold to the touch.
[10:26pm] Alivi: Blake wraps his arms around her and tries to warm her up.
[10:27pm] Tox: Mike holsters his weapon.
[10:27pm] Balthazaar: Charlie stands up. He looks indignant, his suit is all torn, and he looks like he's going to throw up from the aftereffects of the poison. He looks at Annette. "You have a debt to the land. Be sure you pay it."
[10:27pm] Tox: "Peace, Charlie."
[10:28pm] Alivi: Annette looks at Charlie and frowns.
[10:28pm] Alivi: She walks off.
[10:29pm] Balthazaar: Charlie looks at Mike, confused
[10:30pm] Alivi: Raine is relaxing with Klaara in the lounge of the hotel rooms
[10:32pm] Balthazaar: "Huh?"
[10:33pm] Tox: "Take it easy, she's had a hard day." He grins.
[10:33pm] Balthazaar: Charlie flatfaces
[10:35pm] Gwen: Addison with or without Blake disappears quickly into her room.
[10:36pm] Balthazaar: "I haven't exactly had a nice one either…"
[10:42pm] Alivi: WITH BLAKE
[10:43pm] Tox: and Mike soon disappears into his WITH VAL

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