Tira Ol
Tira explaining horse racing.




Tira Ol


Indoctrinating bodystealer forced into a mortal body

Brief Physical Description

While it can take many shapes, Ols first and base form is that of the person it was forced into. This is a young woman in her mid twenties, standing at about 5'7" and with pale skin. Her eyes are narrow and large, with nearly colourless grey irises. Her face has a gaunt appearance, and her overall shape is quite thin. Her head is shaved bald, and the right hand side of her cranium appears to have been replaced by a plexiglass half dome, showing the brain inside. There is evidence of ports in this to allow probes to enter. She has a tattoo of an eye on each palm and both soles of her feet, along with a chain tattooed around the neck.
The form she most often takes is a young black haired woman with pale skin and large blue eyes. She stands at 5'9" and has an athletic, curvy figure. She has a straight nose, a wide mouth and pronounced cheekbones. She tends to dress in dark colours in a rather old fashioned style.
In the spirit world however, Ol is able to take her true form. this seems to be a very large creature about 40 ft long resembling a cross between a centipede and a dragon. It has a long, powerfully built body with six legs, each with three long claws, a long tail ending in two long feelers, a long neck ending in a smooth head with no features save for a par of red pincers around a draconic mouth filled with huge black teeth, along with six small blue glowing eyes. From its back grow a pair of very large, bat-like wings. It is covered in black/ blue chitinous plates, with regular spines all along. The sides have short, insect like legs lining them.


You have 18 points to spend at a 1:1 ratio. All 18 points must be spent. No stat may be left at 0.
Stat Rank
Force 4
Grace 2
Wits 5
Resolve 7

Areas of Expertise

  • In the shadows I lurk: Tira always enjoyed stalking her victims through the shadows, luring them into her traps and watching unseen for them to make a mistake. As such, she can move unseen in a great many situations.
  • You're mine: Whenever Tira would catch someone, she would Use her power to steal their shape. This involved producing a blinding ray of light from her eyes and shining it at the unlucky victim. This light would effectively steal the persons shape, leaving them a featureless, genderless, androgynous husk of a person with their mind still inside, while Tira is now wearing them, up until the point when (If) she decides to give it back. She's managed to adapt this into the physical world, but does need physical contact to do it.
  • Frightener: A sinister and ominous figure, Tira enjoyed hunting and tormenting her prey back in her more cruel days. While she no longer feels good about this, she has still retained the ability to thoroughly frighten people.
  • Always watching: Back in her heyday, Tira used to watch constantly for the opportunity to take another shape. As such, she's quite used to keeping an eye out for any opportunity to exploit a situation.
  • Shape changer: Over the years, Tira has taken many shapes, and has them all stored away in her memory. As such, she can change her appearance like clay, and is very good at it


If you do not have a Relic, remove this section.
Relic Name: Bureau Correctional power necklace
Power Level: 2
Description: A dark steel chain with rectangular links, and with silver runs carved into each link
History: A simple choker necklace designed by the bureau in 1958 to keep potentially dangerous persons in check by using a mix of positive and negative reinforcement to condition its wearer into belief and compliance in the Bureaus ideology. Many were modified to grant their wearer a power as a reward for loyalty and good behavior.
Ability/Abilities: Maintains Tira's loyalty to the bureau by causing good feelings in the wearer when a desired action is taken, along with the benefit of granting its wearer the power to convert some of her mass into tentacles, useful for immobilizing suspects, climbing and squeezing into small places.
Catch: Causes negative feelings and pain when any action against the Bureau or seen as unethical is taken.


If you do not have Powers, remove this section

  • Overall Power Level 3
  • Flesh Masking (Shape stealing): Absorbs the shape of a person, leaving them a featureless "Doll"
    • Memory Absorbtion: Gains the victims memories
  • Shapeshifting (Into stolen shapes) Can change into any previously stolen shape
  • Indoctrination: Tira's will is very strong and nearly overbearing. Being from beyond the veil, this means that her thoughts and will can be implemented into the minds of those around her, enabling her to plant memories and desires, twisting minds to want what she herself does and act accordingly.
  • Relic Powers:
  • Tentacle Extension: Can generate and change into masses of tentacles.


  • Not human: Tira was not born in this world. She was forced into a human vessel and has had to learn to adapt. Being a poor student, she can sometimes stick out as a non human like a sore thumb, tending to sometimes be rude and oblivious to human ways and norms.
  • Memory overload: Tira has taken so many shapes over the years, that all the minds and personalities she has absorbed sometimes get jumbled. As a result, she tends to feel things in extreme ways and over reactions, along with occasional confusion about her identity and life in general.
  • Famous face: A handful of the shapes Tira has taken over the years are well known. Some have friends and relatives, and could possibly result in her being recognized.
  • Photo's don't lie: While Tira can look like nearly anyone, photographs taken of her show her in her base form.
  • Sorry: Tira has spent a long time being conditioned towards the Buraus way of thinking, leaving her a repentant and somewhat confused young woman. She feels very bad about her past, and is rather easy to drive into a guilty depression.


Pistol- Glock-18
Teddy bear

Personal History

Tira was once a powerful spirit by the name of Ol, living in the spirit world. It made its lair in a cave beneath the roots of a great tree, and from there it would venture out to search for people. When it found them, it would stalk them until they were alone, and strike, stealing their shape and all their features, leaving them a blank husk of the person they were. Ol carried on like this for years, until it saw the girl Tira, wandering alone. It followed her, waiting for the right moment, before trying to steal her shape. However, all was not as it seemed. The BSA had been watching the spirit for some time, and had determined to set her a trap. They took a comatose former agent and tattooed her with binding sigils and surgically altered the brain to accommodate a mind so alien. So when Ol tried to take the woman, she became trapped within her body. With the traumatic process, all her memories became jumbled and confused, consolidating into a sort of half identity of her own. Tira. She awoke in restraints several days later, weak and hungry. In the time she had been comatose, the BSA had contained Tira and begun a subtle hypnotherapy/ indoctrination of the girl. There she stayed for three years, where she was slowly taught basic functions before she was able to consolidate the rest from her memories. Over time, being told of the BSA's doctrines and goals, she came to admire them. Eventually, she was released from her cell into the rest of the building, under the condition she wear the BSA correctional necklace. She enjoyed her comparative freedom, experiencing many new things as the necklace helped her slowly become a better person and align with the ideals of the BSA. Eventually, she was allowed outside. At first with an escort, but eventually alone. But as much as she enjoyed the outside world, She always returned to what she now saw as her family at the BSA. Eventually, 9 years after her capture, she was offered a reward for her good behavior. A role to help the BSA as a field agent.


Doesn't remember her spirit world days very well anymore. Tends to look on them almost as the actions of someone else.
Fanatically loyal to the BSA, and very very cheerful with its staff.
Tira thinks she can drive. Her drivers license says she can drive, but she really shouldn't be allowed to. Regardless, she drives a BMW M6 coupe
Is pop culture illiterate.

Tira's condo is a lighthouse on a dark grey rock in the middle of a cold ocean. The lighthouse is made of blue stone and has many streaks of green moss coating it. The lighthouse interior has a lounge room at the base, with a large TV, lounge suite with coffee table and an additional love seat. There is a stereo on one wall, beside a dollhouse. In the ext room is a bathroom with a large bath, tight shower and wooden seated toilet. Beside the bathroom is the door to a spiraling stairway down into a cavern large enough to contain a little piece of the spirit world. Down here, it is lit with a huge dead tree covered in green phosphorescent spores, allowing her to transform at will down in this little world.
Upstairs is her bedroom, which is round and surrounded by windows on all sides, which open to a circular balcony. Against one wall is a simple timber queen size bed, a wardrobe and a standing mirror.

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