To The Age Of Lions And Fights

Gwen: The loudspeakers chime to life. "Team 2, to the briefing room…Team 2, to the briefing room.
[7:17pm] Gara: John heads up the briefing room.
[7:18pm] Tom90deg: Zoe yawns and gets up off the couch
[7:18pm] Tom90deg: "Burgble…"
[7:19pm] Tom90deg: She stagers into the briefing room and sits,head on the table.
[7:21pm] Alivi: Raine goes to the breifing room.
[7:22pm] Gara: John sits. He reists and urge to hum.
[7:23pm] Gwen: The Director is seated at the head of the table, a small containment box before him. Behind him stood his replacement bodyguard while Zharkov was on mat-leave. He was a tall, dark-skinned man…probably twice the size of the Ukranian woman…and nowhere near as scary. "Good news, team," the Director says with a smile.
[7:24pm] Tom90deg: "You invented something to remove the need for sleep."
[7:24pm] Tom90deg: "Zoe still has hse head on the table.
[7:24pm] Gara: "We call it coffee." He clears his throat. "Yes, Director?"
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[7:26pm] Scantron: Satyana is now in the briefing room.
[7:27pm] Gwen: Addison slips into the briefing room as well, fixing her hair as she does. The Director opens the box. "We know what's causing the time….things."
[7:28pm] Alivi: "Really?"
[7:28pm] Scantron: Satyana looks in the box.
[7:29pm] Gwen: Inside the box there is a brick that appears to be made of metal…the same metal that the orbs are made of.
[7:30pm] Scantron: "A brick… knew it." It's clear that she did not know it.
[7:30pm] Tom90deg: "Mm."
[7:30pm] Gwen: He glances to the team. "Nothing…no…no applause?"
[7:31pm] Scantron: "I don't know what it is."
[7:32pm] Alivi: Raine blinks, "Sorry…"
[7:32pm] Tom90deg: Zoe raises up her head.
[7:33pm] Tom90deg: "It's a brick of metal…"
[7:33pm] Gwen: "That's okay, neither do we. We found it…a while ago in a swamp."
[7:34pm] Alivi: "Swamp…"
[7:35pm] Gwen: "Chaldea. Swampy place."
[7:36pm] Tom90deg: "Ok."
[7:36pm] Gwen: "And before you ask, no we know nothing about the place either. Except that they were very talented Astrologers…and this! This is made of some kind of metal that exists outside of time."
[7:37pm] Scantron: "Impressive. Our mission is to go to this Chaldea and investigate, then?"
[7:37pm] Gwen: "No. We're not sure where Chaldea is. Your mission, is to go to one of those temporal disturbances with the Brick, and find the source of the disturbance in the past."
[7:40pm] Tom90deg: "Right."
[7:40pm] Tom90deg: "I don't suppose we know when the past is?"
[7:40pm] Gwen: "There's a new disturbance in Wales. No idea where it leads, but it's fresh."
[7:40pm] Alivi: Raine nods.
[7:41pm] Alivi: "Well only one way to find out."
[7:41pm] Gwen: Addison stands. "I'll meet you all downstairs…"
[7:41pm] Alivi: Raine gets up and follows Addison.
[7:41pm] Alivi: "Hey Addison,"
[7:42pm] Scantron: "Right." Satyana stands as well, then leaves to gather her things.
[7:42pm] Tom90deg: "Right then."
[7:42pm] Tom90deg: Zoe heads to prepare and down to the car.
[7:42pm] Gwen: Addison looks to Raine. "What's up?"
[7:44pm] Alivi: "Er…well I just…haven't seen you around, are you doing ok?"
[7:45pm] Gwen: Addison glances over to Raine, her cheeks reddening a little. "Yes. I've been fine…I haven't been feeling well, spending a lot of time in bed…"
[7:46pm] Alivi: "Oh…." Raine looks worried, "Well I am glad to see you out of bed….are you ok for the mission?"
[7:46pm] Gwen: She nods. "Oh, I'll be just fine." She smiles, trying to hide…this weird embarrassment.
[7:47pm] Alivi: "Alright…" Raine smiles, "Just let John or someone know if you feel bad… tonight I'll ask Klaara or Dr. Saari if they have anything we can give you to make you feel better."
[7:50pm] Scantron: Satyana reaches the car.
[7:50pm] Tom90deg: Zoe's already there, chilling by the car
[7:51pm] Alivi: Raine gets into the car.
[7:51pm] Gara: John heads into the car, and enters.
[7:51pm] Tom90deg: Zoe climbs in the front
[7:52pm] Scantron: Satyana sits in back.
[7:53pm] Gwen: "Don't worry Raine, sleeping isn't a problem." ADdison hops into the driver's seat.
[7:54pm] Alivi: "Alright."
[7:54pm] Tom90deg: "So….Taking bets. I'm gonna say full on 12th century AD
[7:55pm] Alivi: "really?"
[7:55pm] Tom90deg: "YOu got a better guess?"
[7:56pm] Scantron: "It was in the 1600s the first time, and some time in the Victorian era the second time. My guess is that we'll keep going forward."
[7:57pm] Tom90deg: "Oh god, if we end up in the 60s…"
[7:58pm] Gwen: "I hate the sixties." Addison takes off like a shot. "And I hate Wales."
[7:59pm] Scantron: "Which sixties?"
[7:59pm] Tom90deg: "Mmm…"
[7:59pm] Scantron: "I have no strong opinions on any sixties."
[8:00pm] Alivi: Raine just stays silently
[8:00pm] Alivi: silent*
[8:03pm] Gwen: "1960s."
[8:09pm] Gwen: The ride to Wales is fast. The team's destination is an old post office that has been, as the last location, taped off by the police. They wave the Range Rover through. Addison parks the car and hops out.
[8:10pm] Alivi: Raine also gets out.
[8:10pm] Gara: John hops out.
[8:10pm] Tom90deg: Zoe climbs on out
[8:11pm] Gwen: Perceptions please.
[8:11pm] Gwen: 1d10+5
[8:11pm] Glacon: Gwen: 8 (1d10+5=3)
[8:11pm] Scantron: Satyana gets out as well.
[8:11pm] Scantron: d10+8 u w0t m8?
[8:11pm] Glacon: Scantron: u w0t m8?: 17 (d10+8=9)
[8:11pm] Alivi: 1d10+6
[8:11pm] Glacon: Alivi: 14 (1d10+6=8)
[8:11pm] Gara: d10+6
[8:11pm] Glacon: Gara: 12 (d10+6=6)
[8:12pm] Tom90deg: 1d10+4
[8:12pm] Glacon: Tom90deg: 8 (1d10+4=4)
[8:12pm] Gwen: Satyana, Raine, and John all notice that clock is stopped at about four hours ago.
[8:13pm] Alivi: "Huh…"
[8:13pm] Gwen: There is a big clock on the post office, by the way.
[8:13pm] Tom90deg: "Hmm?
[8:13pm] Tom90deg: "
[8:13pm] Scantron: Satyana assumes that everyone's seen it. "Let's head inside." Satyana heads inside.
[8:14pm] Tom90deg: zoe follows!"
[8:14pm] Alivi: Raine follows as well
[8:14pm] Gara: As does John.
[8:15pm] Scantron: Once inside, Satyana looks around. Anything of interest?
[8:15pm] Gwen: The post office is a historical site, and is rather spook. Dust covers EVERYTHING and all of the floor boards creek weirdly. Those searching the place give me Int+Inv
[8:16pm] Scantron: d10+9 bitches
[8:16pm] Glacon: Scantron: bitches: 18 (d10+9=9)
[8:16pm] Tom90deg: 1d10+5
[8:16pm] Glacon: Tom90deg: 7 (1d10+5=2)
[8:16pm] Alivi: 1d10+4
[8:16pm] Glacon: Alivi: 9 (1d10+4=5)
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[8:30pm] Gwen: Satyana finds, in one of the display cases, an odd looking coin.
[8:31pm] Scantron: "I found an odd-looking coin in this display case." She waves the team over.
[8:32pm] Tom90deg: Zoe heads on over. "Mmm.."
[8:32pm] Alivi: Raine crosses over to Satyana
[8:33pm] Scantron: "I'm not sure if it's significant, but it's the only thing that's really out of place…" Describe?
[8:33pm] Tom90deg: "Could be nothing as well."
[8:33pm] Gwen: "it's made of a dark metal, and it looks like an old Roman dinar.
[8:33pm] Gwen: *-"
[8:34pm] Scantron: "Hm." Is there any obvious way to open the display case?
[8:34pm] Gwen: There is a door, however it's locked. Also, the coin is in with English pounds, so it's…way out of place
[8:34pm] Tom90deg: "Shall I?"
[8:35pm] Scantron: "If you would." She steps aside to allow Zoe access.
[8:35pm] Gara: "Of course."
[8:35pm] Tom90deg: 1d10+10 pickin locks!
[8:35pm] Glacon: Tom90deg: pickin locks!: 19 (1d10+10=9)
[8:36pm] Gwen: Zoe eats the lock for breakfast.
[8:36pm] Tom90deg: "De nada."
[8:37pm] Gwen: Addison wanders over to Zoe. "You'd think they'd make a better lock by now."
[8:37pm] Scantron: "What?"
[8:38pm] Tom90deg: "Psssh. I picked that one Addy's friend made. Got a lot of money from that."
[8:38pm] Tom90deg: Zoe opens up the case. "Course, I could've just borken it."
[8:38pm] Tom90deg: "
[8:38pm] Tom90deg: "Anywho, shall we pick it up?"
[8:38pm] Gara: "Not it."
[8:39pm] Gwen: Satyana and Zoe, gimme perception
[8:39pm] Tom90deg: 1d10+4
[8:39pm] Glacon: Tom90deg: 14 (1d10+4=10)
[8:39pm] Tom90deg: 1d10 shit yah america
[8:39pm] Glacon: Tom90deg: shit yah america: 2 (1d10=2)
[8:39pm] Scantron: d10+8 wtf am i summoning
[8:39pm] Glacon: Scantron: wtf am i summoning: 17 (d10+8=9)
[8:42pm] Gwen: The surface of the coin ripples…a little bit like quicksilver
[8:43pm] Tom90deg: "There we go."
[8:43pm] Scantron: "It just rippled."
[8:43pm] Scantron: Satyana reaches out and touches it.
[8:46pm] Gwen: The room shifts around them. This time, it's a LOT worse that before. All of a sudden, they're outside…it's warm and they're all in…ancient Roman gear. Sandals, togas, and the like.
[8:46pm] Tom90deg: "Oh bloody buggering hell."
[8:47pm] Gwen: Addison looks down. "Well…shit."
[8:47pm] Gara: "Goddamn it."
[8:47pm] Tom90deg: "I hate sandals."
[8:47pm] Alivi: Raine looks down, "Well then…."
[8:48pm] Gwen: "Blue hair and Ancient Rome…shit."
[8:48pm] Scantron: Satyana takes a few moments to take in her surroundings, then smiles. "This… I -like- this."
[8:49pm] Tom90deg: "Maybe we can get you a headwrap?"
[8:50pm] Alivi: "I don't…"
[8:51pm] Gwen: The sound of sandals on stone is heard behind them, and there is a young brown-haired boy standing in the door. "Sorry for interrupting," he says. It's clear he's speaking Latin, but you understand it perfectly. "But will you be attending opening of the Colosseum? The Emperor wishes you all to attend, he'd be honoured to have Caecilius' finest in his personal box."
[8:52pm] Tom90deg: Zoe looks back, and over at the team in confusion. "Um….Sure!"
[8:52pm] Scantron: "I don't see what's so bad about this. I like Rome."
[8:52pm] Alivi: Raine nods. "We will be attending, yes."
[8:52pm] Scantron: Satyana nods.
[8:53pm] Gwen: The boy nods and hurries off.
[8:55pm] Tom90deg: "Well…lets get a move on then?"
[8:55pm] Scantron: "Right. Also, this reminds me that I should learn Latin." She turns off and heads in the direction the boy went off in.
[8:55pm] Gwen: Addison nods and sighs, heading to the door. "I agree with Zo', sandals suck…"
[8:55pm] Tom90deg: "Have fun…."
[8:56pm] Gara: "Lets."
[8:56pm] Alivi: Raine nods.
[8:56pm] Tom90deg: Zoe heads on off!
[8:57pm] Gwen: Rome is FILLED with people, flocking towards a newly built Colliseum. Shouts of awe fill the air.
[8:58pm] Tom90deg: "Right, plan?"
[8:59pm] Scantron: "I'd need more information to think of one. And what's wrong with sandals?"
[8:59pm] Gara: John follows along.
[8:59pm] Gwen: "Find the brick thing…and get out…I think? Find who placed the brick thing? Mike is better at making plans than me."
[8:59pm] Alivi: "Sounds good…."
[8:59pm] Scantron: "I wish Mike would come back soon."
[9:00pm] Gara: "Mike?"
[9:00pm] Alivi: Raine sighs, "Same….it isn't the same without him."
[9:00pm] Tom90deg: "Me too…"
[9:00pm] Scantron: "Well, soon relative to us. There would need to be explaining if he were to come back some time in the Roman empire."
[9:00pm] Alivi: "Our old leader."
[9:00pm] Gara: John nods.
[9:00pm] Scantron: To John, "He's off on a separate mission for the time being."
[9:02pm] Tom90deg: "Ok, any idea where we're supposed to go?"
[9:03pm] Gara: "The emperorers box?"
[9:03pm] Alivi: "Perhaps…."
[9:03pm] Scantron: Satyana thinks. Can she roll Int+Academics to try and remember who Caecilius is?
[9:05pm] Gwen: Sure
[9:05pm] Scantron: d10+9 I think I'll buy that fifth point of Int after this run
[9:05pm] Glacon: Scantron: I think I'll buy that fifth point of Int after this run: 13 (d10+9=4)
[9:05pm] Gara: d10+5+4 John too?
[9:05pm] Glacon: Gara: John too?: 17 (d10+5+4=8)
[9:06pm] Tom90deg: 1d10+3
[9:06pm] Glacon: Tom90deg: 7 (1d10+3=4)
[9:07pm] Gwen: Satyana and Zoe - The name Caecilius comes up over and over again in REALLY old Bureau records…like pre-1800s restart. It's often used near or with the name Lucius.
[9:08pm] Tom90deg: "Lucius..but that's all I remember
[9:08pm] Tom90deg: "
[9:08pm] Scantron: "Same. My guess? The Director."
[9:08pm] Tom90deg: "Really?"
[9:08pm] Scantron: "That's his name, isn't it?"
[9:09pm] Tom90deg: "Ithought his first name was The."
[9:09pm] Scantron: "It's a title, not - wait, you're joking. Never mind."
[9:10pm] Tom90deg: "Yes, thank you. There we go, that joking finaly starting to come through."
[9:10pm] Tom90deg: "So, lets keep on moving…."
[9:13pm] Gwen: Addison smiles. "That was pretty funny, Zo'" They are stopped by two Centurion's at the doors.
[9:14pm] Tom90deg: 'Heh, thanks."
[9:15pm] Gwen: "You are the Emperor's guests?"
[9:15pm] Gara: "That we are."
[9:15pm] Scantron: Satyana nods again.
[9:18pm] Gwen: "This way." The centurion leads then down an empty passage that looks out on to the sand covered field of the early stadium. Perceptions everyone!
[9:18pm] Gara: d10+6
[9:18pm] Glacon: Gara: 9 (d10+6=3)
[9:18pm] Tom90deg: "Oh hell.
[9:18pm] Alivi: 1d10+8 tagging patterns in the frost
[9:18pm] Glacon: Alivi: tagging patterns in the frost: 10 (1d10+8=2)
[9:18pm] Tom90deg: 1d10+4
[9:18pm] Glacon: Tom90deg: 13 (1d10+4=9)
[9:18pm] Gwen: 1d10+5
[9:18pm] Glacon: Gwen: 14 (1d10+5=9)
[9:20pm] Scantron: d10+8 wat
[9:20pm] Glacon: Scantron: wat: 9 (d10+8=1)
[9:20pm] Scantron: Satyana is distracted by her toga. It's comfortable and easy to wear.
[9:21pm] Gwen: Addison and Zoe notice…what appears to be the end of a black toga, disappearing down a hall.
[9:22pm] Tom90deg: Zoe looks at it. "Hm..Who was that?"
[9:24pm] Gwen: Addison shrugs. "Not sure…but that was…odd."
[9:24pm] Gara: "Hm?"
[9:25pm] Tom90deg: "Saw a black toga…probaly nothing."
[9:25pm] Gara: "Lets hope so…"
[9:25pm] Scantron: "A what?"
[9:26pm] Tom90deg: "A black toga."
[9:27pm] Scantron: "Oh."
[9:28pm] Gwen: They are lead up to a private box with a few people inside. At the centre, there is a man in a white toga with a golden circlet on his head. To his right there is a man…well…it's a younger Director. And to the Director's right, there is an older man in a toga who looks oddly like Christopher Lee.
[9:29pm] Tom90deg: "Hm…."
[9:29pm] Alivi: Raine looks at the three he isn't sure what to do.
[9:29pm] Scantron: Are there open seats?
[9:30pm] Gwen: The Director turns to look at the Team with a knowing smile. Yes, there are open seats, directly behind the three men.
[9:30pm] Scantron: Satyana takes one.
[9:30pm] Gara: So does John.
[9:30pm] Tom90deg: Zoe first pokes her head around that corner, just for the hell of it.
[9:33pm] Gwen: "Ambassadors," he says. "May I present you Emperor Titus and Clymenus." He gestures to the man with the crown first, and then the older gentlemen
[9:33pm] Gwen: If you want to give me Int+Academics for plot goodies, go ahead.
[9:33pm] Alivi: Raine takes one of the seats and bows his head a bit towards the 3.
[9:33pm] Scantron: d10+9 I like goodies!
[9:33pm] Glacon: Scantron: I like goodies!: 19 (d10+9=10)
[9:33pm] Scantron: d10+19 What.
[9:33pm] Glacon: Scantron: What.: 26 (d10+19=7)
[9:33pm] Gara: d10+5+4 Goodies, Yay!
[9:33pm] Glacon: Gara: Goodies, Yay!: 18 (d10+5+4=9)
[9:34pm] Tom90deg: 1d10+3
[9:34pm] Glacon: Tom90deg: 12 (1d10+3=9)
[9:35pm] Alivi: 1d10+2 JUST CAUSE
[9:35pm] Glacon: Alivi: JUST CAUSE: 9 (1d10+2=7)
[9:36pm] Gwen: Zoe, Satyana, and John - know that Titus was the Emperor who opened the Collesium in 80AD. Zoe and Satyana also know that Clymenus is another name for Pluto, god of the Underworld.
[9:36pm] Tom90deg: Zoe looks back at the group. "Oh…dear."
[9:37pm] Scantron: «Titus would be the emperor, and I believe this would put us around 80 CE. And… Clymenus is another name for Pluto. God of the Underworld.»
[9:38pm] Gara: «Yes. Well. Okay then.»
[9:38pm] Tom90deg: «well, damn.»
[9:40pm] Gwen: Addison sighs. «This is insane.»
[9:40pm] Tom90deg: «No kidding.»
[9:41pm] Alivi: «Wow….»
[9:41pm] Gwen: «Keep your eyes peeled for someone with that brick thing.»
[9:42pm] Tom90deg: "Or a coin."
[9:42pm] Tom90deg: «»
[9:44pm] Scantron: «We're with the emperor and the Director in ancient Rome. There are going to be roman coins everywhere.»
[9:44pm] Gwen: «The Director showed us the brick…I think that means we're looking for it, no?»
[9:45pm] Tom90deg: «I thought that was what he was melting all of the scraps down into.»
[9:46pm] Tom90deg: «Anywho…Maybe ask someone?»
[9:46pm] Gwen: «Hi there, have you seen a time travelling brick?»
[9:46pm] Scantron: «That wouldn't be a bad idea.»
[9:46pm] Gara: «Sure it wouldn't.»
[9:47pm] Scantron: Satyana looks to the Director. "Excuse me, have you seen anything made of an unusual metal recently?"
[9:49pm] Gwen: The Director raises an eyebrow. "What do you mean?"
[9:49pm] Alivi: «So blunt…>.
[9:49pm] Gwen: «She's like that.»
[9:50pm] Alivi: «I know.»
[9:50pm] Gara: «That was impressive.»
[9:50pm] Tom90deg: «Actually, that's on the subtle side for Satyana.»
[9:51pm] Scantron: "Something that might have unusual properties with regards to time, or of unusual origin? We're looking for something that's causing some problems for us…"
[9:52pm] Scantron: «Well, I don't exactly want the Roman emperor and the god of the Underworld to know that we're from the future.»
[9:52pm] Tom90deg: «THat would be alwkward.»
[9:54pm] Alivi: «Really ….»
[9:54pm] Gwen: "Yes, a Greek Senator gave the Emperor a metal slab from the desert that is buried at the centre of the stadium floor to bring good fortunes to all those in attendance today."
[9:54pm] Gara: «Probably already knows.»
[9:54pm] Tom90deg: «Huh.»
[9:55pm] Gwen: «Uh oh…»
[9:56pm] Scantron: "I see." «How are we going to get to that?»
[9:56pm] Gara: «Ask really nicely.»
[9:56pm] Tom90deg: «Go under.»
[9:56pm] Tom90deg: «THe collusuem has a ton of tunnels and trapdoors in the floor.»
[9:56pm] Gwen: "Is something wrong with the gift?"
[9:57pm] Alivi: «Oh geez….»
[9:57pm] Scantron: "It's been causing some difficulties with how time works. We're here to fix the problem."
[9:58pm] Gara: «Well. There could have been a better way then that.»
[9:58pm] Scantron: «I couldn't think of anything. someone else take over for me.»
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[10:00pm] Gwen: The Director whispers something in the Emperor's ear. He stands and the crowd goes silent, all eyes on the Emperor.
[10:02pm] Alivi: Raine watches the emperor
[10:05pm] Gwen: He looks to the Team. "I will create a distraction. Go…to the centre of the field."
[10:06pm] Gara: "Will do."
[10:06pm] Alivi: Raine nods, "Come on…"
[10:06pm] Gara: "Lead the way."
[10:07pm] Gwen: Addison stands as well.
[10:08pm] Gara: John hops up.
[10:08pm] Alivi: Raine stands
[10:09pm] Gwen: Addison sighs and heads out on to the field. The crowd remains perfectly silent until they're about half way to their destination. The emperor says one word. "Lions."
[10:09pm] Gara: John follows her.
[10:10pm] Gwen: The crowd goes FUCKING wild as two lions are shoved into the stadium, roaring unhappily.
[10:10pm] Alivi: Raine looks back, "Oh you are kidding me…." He mutters, he follows Addison, «What are we going to do?»
[10:10pm] Gara: «Fucking lions. Lets avoid losing limbs.»
[10:11pm] Gwen: «Dig. Really fast.»
[10:11pm] Alivi: «I don't know If I should do anything….like…I could risk using my abilities I do not know if that is wise though.» Raine has a very serious look on his face.
[10:12pm] Gara: «If it becomes life or death, then it would be worth it. If it isn't, it's too dangerous.»
[10:13pm] Alivi: «I'll keep on standby….»
[10:14pm] Alivi: «If you want I can try and distract them…»
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[10:14pm] Scanchores is now known as Scantron.
[10:14pm] Scantron: Satyana is following.
[10:16pm] Alivi: «Addison? Want me to try and lead them away from you guys as you try to dig?»
[10:17pm] Gwen: «Don't get eaten Raine. Stay close to us…not sure what'll happened when we find the thing.»
[10:18pm] Alivi: Raine nods ~Please don't let this be a horrible mistake.~ «Good luck»
[10:18pm] Gwen: They reach the centre of the field, the lion still…being wrangled towards the group.
[10:18pm] Gara: «If it comes down to it, I can get the rod. It will keep you breathing, if uncomfortable.»
[10:19pm] Gwen: «I hope it doesn't come to that.» Addison calls to her knees and starts digging through the sand.
[10:20pm] Alivi: Raine stares at the lions, «Ok…» he breaks away from the group a bit but not too far away he attempts to get the lions attentions.
[10:20pm] Scantron: Satyana kneels down next to Addison and helps her dig. «Do we have anything that could make a better shovel?»
[10:20pm] Gara: John begins digging!
[10:20pm] Gwen: One of the lions seems to notice Raine and starts stalking towards him. Everyone digging give me Strength+Dex
[10:21pm] Gara: d10+4 Lul.
[10:21pm] Glacon: Gara: Lul.: 13 (d10+4=9)
[10:21pm] Scantron: d10+3 Lel.
[10:21pm] Glacon: Scantron: Lel.: 8 (d10+3=5)
[10:21pm] Alivi: Raine notices the one lion he stands his ground, he can't really make a weapon out of ice and has no other weapon…this will be fun…. he could try worst comes to worst. «Alright I got one's attention.»
[10:22pm] Scantron: Can Satyana roll Int+Animal Ken to give Raine advice on how to distract it?
[10:22pm] Gwen: 1d10+4
[10:22pm] Glacon: Gwen: 6 (1d10+4=2)
[10:22pm] Gwen: Satyana - sure
[10:24pm] Scantron: d10+9 Gwen is the buttlord.
[10:24pm] Glacon: Scantron: Gwen is the buttlord.: 12 (d10+9=3)
[10:25pm] Gwen: Satyana knows the following: Man is not meant to fight a lion.
[10:25pm] Gwen: Diggers, another roll
[10:25pm] Scantron: d10+3 still a buttlord
[10:25pm] Glacon: Scantron: still a buttlord: 6 (d10+3=3)
[10:25pm] Gara: d10+4 Lul 2: The Lulening.
[10:25pm] Glacon: Gara: Lul 2: The Lulening.: 8 (d10+4=4)
[10:25pm] Scantron: «It's probably not a good idea for you to fight a lion, Raine.»
[10:25pm] Gara: «Oh, thanks Setyana. You don't say?»
[10:26pm] Gara: Satyana*
[10:26pm] Scantron: «It's all I could think of!»
[10:26pm] Alivi: «I figured….» Raine looks at the Lion what is it doing.
[10:26pm] Gara: «Also, keep in mind, they have teeth, and the sky is blue.»
[10:27pm] Scantron: «Stop distracting me!»
[10:27pm] Gara: «We are digging a hole!»
[10:27pm] Gara: Dig dig dig.
[10:28pm] Gwen: The lion breaks into a run as they come across a metal brick, wrapped in a note.
[10:28pm] Gwen: running at Raine.
[10:28pm] Gara: John grabs it.
[10:28pm] Gara: «Got the brick, time to start running away from the lion.»
[10:28pm] Scantron: Satyana takes the note and reads it, sending it telepathically to the others;
[10:29pm] Alivi: Raine dashes trying to avoid it. «Good!»
[10:29pm] Gara: John drops the brick itself in his bag.
[10:29pm] Gwen: As the lion leaps at Raine to tear his SCRAWNY THROAT OUT the world starts to spin, the team appearing back at the post office as John hefts the brick.
[10:29pm] Alivi: Raine is breathing heavily, "Perkele….."
[10:29pm] Gara: "Well!"
[10:30pm] Gara: "That could have been worse."
[10:30pm] Gwen: The note reads: "Hope this was enough of a distraction. Much love, The Lady in Red." And there is a kiss at the bottom in blood red lipstick.
[10:30pm] Alivi: Raine nods. "Yea….just a bit……" Anyone who gets near him can sense the air is drastically colder.
[10:30pm] Scantron: «…The Lady in Red.»
[10:30pm] Alivi: «Really?»
[10:30pm] Scantron: "What?"
[10:32pm] Alivi: Raine seems a bit shaken…just a bit…
[10:33pm] Gwen: Addison places a hand on Raine's shoulder to comfort him. "Satyana..who is the lady in red?"
[10:34pm] Alivi: Raine takes a deep breath, he is calming down, slowly.
[10:34pm] Scantron: Should Satyana know this?
[10:36pm] Gwen: Int+Academics
[10:36pm] Scantron: d10+9 wat
[10:36pm] Glacon: Scantron: wat: 14 (d10+9=5)
[10:36pm] Gara: d10+5+4 If I can?
[10:36pm] Glacon: Gara: If I can?: 13 (d10+5+4=4)
[10:39pm] Gwen: Between the two of you, you work out that the Lady in Red is the lycanthrope deity of Lunacy. She's the reason all were-creatures go batshit crazy
[10:40pm] Scantron: "The lycanthrope deity of Lunacy. She's the reason all were-creatures go insane."
[10:40pm] Scantron: "The question being, is this actually her, or something else? Because if they're trying to mess with our heads… I would be lying if I said they weren't doing an excellent job of it."
[10:41pm] Gwen: "Lycanthrope…like Mike?" Addison turns to face Satyana.
[10:42pm] Scantron: "Yes, like Mike."
[10:42pm] Scantron: "Werewolves are a type of lycanthrope."
[10:43pm] Gwen: And with that, I am going to call soft RP back at the Bureau
[10:44pm] Scantron: Satyana relaxes in the lounge, feeling a bit smarter for some reason.
[10:44pm] Alivi: Raine is texting Klaara he decides to see if Saari is around.
[10:45pm] Scantron: She decides to head down to the Bureau's archives and start reading up on Bureau history.
[10:45pm] Scantron: She'd been doing so sporadically, but she decides it's worth her time to put effort into it specifically.
[10:46pm] Gwen: Saari is in medical, looking over a stack of forms.
[10:48pm] Alivi: Raine knocks on the door.
[10:48pm] Gwen: "Come in. If you're going to piss me off, don't come in!"
[10:49pm] Alivi: "[I hope I don't piss you off,]"
[10:49pm] Gwen: "[Oh, it's you. Come in.]"
[10:49pm] Alivi: He walks in and waves at her. He still feels a bit shakey but hey its whatever at this point. "[How is work?]"
[10:50pm] Gwen: "[Tedious. How was your mission. I heard you gave the DIrector more Temporal headaches.]
[10:51pm] Alivi: "[We did? What are those? And uh…went…..well….]"
[10:53pm] Gwen: [It's when something happens in a person's past that rewrites parts of their future. I'm guessing you guy met him again?]"
[10:53pm] Alivi: "[Yes… at the coliseum.]"
[10:56pm] Gwen: Dr. Saari smiles . [Need something medically?]"
[10:56pm] Alivi: "[A little concerned for Addison, she said she wasn't feeling well lately. Wondering what we can do…]"
[10:57pm] Gwen: "[What are her symptoms? She'll never come and see me…I get the feeling that she's scared.]"
[10:59pm] Alivi: "[I think that is the entire BSA….]" Raine says with a smile. "[She said she's been staying in her bed a lot, something about sleep…]"
[11:00pm] Gwen: "[Tea. Camomile.]"
[11:00pm] Alivi: "[Alright, do you have any or know where I can get some?]"

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