Lady Valentina Blackwood

There is nothing scarier than Valentina Blackwood, the twenty-nine year old former head of the Bureau's Internal Affairs division. Some would argue that Agent Sweet is scarier, but they are swiftly reminded that Agent Sweet can't set you on fire with her brain. She is the first child of Alexander Blackwood, the First Earl of Blackwood and, like her father, she is a powerful pyromancer.

Further like her father, she has fiery red hair and bares the good looks and grey eyes common to the Blackwood line. She has two siblings, a younger brother and an even younger sister. It is important to note that, when she walks into a room…people notice her, both for her stunning beauty and the commanding air about it.

She was trained, like all members of the Blackwood family, privately at the Blackwood estate in rural Scotland near Inverness. She became an agent of the Bureau at age 20. She has served with the Bureau approximately eight years.

She is married to Michael Weyland, a fellow Bureau agent. She gave birth to twins in early July 2016 - a boy named Alexander (for her father) and a girl named Alyssa. Valentina and her husband were granted early retirement by the Director to raise their children.

Valentina is a bit of a petrolhead and owns a Range Rover (one of two owned by the Weylands) and a red Audi R8 V10 Spyder. She also owns a Kawasaki Ninja H2 motorcycle.

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