Lustful, graceful, and beautiful immortals. Vampires are a mishmash of the folklore that surrounds them. They are charismatic, influential, political day-walkers that lead lives of excessive luxury. While these beings could pose an extreme threat to the world as a whole, they are far to self absorbed to do anything of the sort…besides, drug and sex and blood fuelled parties are far more interesting.

Physical Attributes:

A vampire, similar to a lycan, is a human who has been altered by a mutating virus transferred through the bite of another vampire. At the moment of infection, the 'victims' genetic structure is warped in a multitude of ways. Vampires that turn as a result of a bite are referred to as moindre sang1 vampires. Vampires can also be born naturally (the result of sexual intercourse between vampires). These are referred to as sang pur2 vampires, which are far more common in modern times. The full details of sang pur and moindre sang vampires are discussed in the sections below.

Both types of vampire are dependant on the consumption of blood. Without it, they whether and die. The average vampire can go approximately one week without blood, before they are in danger of starvation. In addition to this, stakes are fatal to vampires. A stake through the heart results in a vampire turning to ash almost instantly.

Natural Appearance:
Moindre sang vampires, once fully turned gain three distinct physical features. First and foremost, they gain a pair of fangs, with the upper canine teeth elongating an extra inch. These fangs become retractable, utilising a set of muscles that rapidly develop in the roof of the mouth. Along with their fangs, a vampire gains a second eye colour - red, that appears only when their fangs are extended. Caucasian vampires do become pale, but aside from that, no other physical changes are displayed.

Sang pur vampires all appear to be physically perfect or physically ideal (or in layman's terms, very pretty). They are born with all of the features mentioned above, including two eye colours (a 'natural' colour, and red).

Illusory Appearance:
In public, vampires tend to keep their fangs retracted, with their eyes remaining their natural colour.

Racial Abilities:

Vampires, of both bloods, are immortal. However their immortality varies slightly based on the type of blood which they have. Sang pur vampires age normally until they reach their mid to late-twenties at which point, aging becomes an option. The less they want to age, the more blood they have to consume. In the case of moindre sang vampires they cease aging the moment they are turned and remain that age - permanently.

Vampires of both bloods also enjoy a heightened ability to heal physical wounds. Very few wounds can kill a vampire3. If wounded, vampires can heal at an accelerated rate fueled by the consumption of blood. As well, both types of vampire enjoy an immense increase in their physical strength. Excessive use of this strength results in an increased need to consume blood.

The whole of vampire kind are daywalkers. They are NOT harmed by sunlight.

Sang pur vampires also enjoy two additional abilities, unique to their superior blood. First, their reflexes and general grace are far superior than that of an average human. Supernaturally so. As with the increased physical strength, this benefit is fueled by the consumption of blood. As well, sang pur vampires have an ability referred to as yeux de crainte4, a paralytic gaze. The vampire locks eyes with a victim who, should the vampire so choose, becomes frozen and completely manipulable. To the sang pur this ability, while useful, is extremely taxing.


The vampire personality is difficult to sum up - that said, the best summary is 'almost human.' Moindre sang vampires usually maintain the personality of the human that they were before they were turned, which changes as their newly acquired immortal life progresses. Sang pur vampires are basically like humans, however with a few differences. First and foremost, for whatever reason, they are all charismatic and suave. Second, they are all very much hedonistic and care free.


Modern vampire culture is centred largely around one place: Paris. Paris is home to the three vampire houses - House Lacroix, House Ambroise, and House Beauchamp, and is the epicentre of vampire life. Their culture is one of hedonism and excess in all areas of life. Sang pur vampires and a large number of Moindre sang vampires all enjoy fabulous wealth in all areas, and a lifestyle that would make Courtney Love cringe. Almost every night there is some party or event going on somewhere in Paris. During the day they live like royalty, managing their affairs from sprawling mansions, vast penthouses, and enormous yachts.


Much of the early history of vampire-kind is unclear, however it is known that the very first vampire was a man named Alexandre Lacroix who was struck by a mysterious illness in 1180CE that left him with all of the powers of a Moindre sang vampire and an immense thirst for blood. Nearly 100 years later, Lacroix married a fourteen year old girl named Yvette whom he swiftly turned and impregnated. She gave birth to a male child named Francisque who was the first Sang pur vampire, and the founder of House Lacroix. It is from him and his two sisters (Emile and Vivianne) that vampire kind is descended.

In the early 1600s, two additional vampire houses were established - House Ambroise and Beauchamp. Some records make mention of a fourth house of vampires that was "scoured from the earth" in a genocidal act. In 1688, the three houses went to war, a conflict that would last nearly 250 years.

In 1933, after centuries of blood being spilled, the three houses negotiated a peace that lasts to this day with the help of a very eager staff of Bureau agents. Today all three houses enjoy good relations amongst themselves, and with the Bureau of Supernatural Affairs.

Well-Known Vampires:

Below is a listing of well-known vampires:

Angelique Lacroix, Head of House Lacroix

Angelique (sang pur) is the current head of House Lacroix, the oldest and most powerful vampire household. She is the first female head in nearly four centuries, and became head after she murdered her mad father. She was born in 1753, the result of her father's incestuous relations with his sister. She is widely regarded as the most powerful vampire alive.

Gabriel Ambroise, Head of House Ambroise

The oldest living house head to date. Gabriel Ambroise was turned in 1212 by the former head of House Ambroise who had been rendered unable to bear a child. In 1282, he became the head of the house and has served in this position ever since.

Louis Beauchamp, Head of House Beauchamp

The head of House Beauchamp is the most recently appointed house head. His father stepped down after five and a half centuries in this seat of power. He is known to be an excessive partier, even by vampire standards and has (as his mother puts it) an unhealthy obsession with human women.

Alexis St. Sauveur, Vampire BSA Agent

Born in 1902 in Paris, Agent St. Sauveur is a skilled field agent and formidable opponent with a rapier. She serves as the head of Team 5, and has done so for some fifty years. She is a sang pur vampire who is blood bound to House La Croix.

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