Which Witch

[18:52:56] <Dawny> Rhyden looks at Raine and clicks her tongue, then opens the oven. "Supper will be ready in moments."
[18:55:01] <Alivi> Raine jumps and turns seeing the strange lady, "Er….ok…" He takes a bite of the jerky.
[18:56:15] <Dawny> "I'm Dr. Rose" The woman takes off an oven mitt after removing a lasagna and offers the hand. "You are?"
[18:57:31] <Scantron> Satyana has her nose buried in a book in the lounge. She's completely forgotten that dinner was happening.
[18:57:38] <Alivi> "Oh…um Raine Virtanen," he shakes her hand with the one not holding the jerky. His skin feels cold to the touch and the ring on his finger colder still.
[18:58:11] <Dawny> "Are you new to our team? And are you hungry?"
[18:58:44] <Alivi> "I wouldn't say new…really… I arrived in December. And not really, I just wanted a snack."
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[19:00:40] <Dawny> "Well, I'm sure the others will be. They always are." Rhyden chuckles, twisting a thick braid into a bun.
[19:00:53] <Alivi> "….Right…."
[19:01:08] <Alivi> "…so…..you've been here?"
[19:02:15] <Dawny> "Yes, I'm acting physician and psychiatrist of team two. Dr. Rhyden Rose."
[19:02:39] <Alivi> "…really? I thought Dr.Saari was….I mean she's been the one always here…" Raine rubs the back of his neck.
[19:03:04] <Alivi> "Sounds familiar though, oh… Addison mentioned you once. Something about the garden."
[19:05:42] <~Gwen> Out in front of the Bureau, a white Rolls Royce pulled up, the Archangel Gabriel stepping out of the driver's seat, before opening the passenger door. Addison steps out and then glances behind her, waiting for the other passenger to step out with her.
[19:08:28] <Dawny> "Mmm…" Rhyden nods and glances out the window. "I spend a good bit of time there" Her voice has a
[19:08:39] <Dawny> Scottish flick to it.
[19:09:03] <Alivi> "I see…" Raine says, she might've already picked it up, but he is obviously Finnish.
[19:09:22] <Alivi> Raine takes another bite of Reindeer Jerky.
[19:10:06] <Dawny> Rhedyn shrugs and heads to the fridge, pulling out a frosted mug from the freezer.
[19:10:17] <Absrev> Elliot steps out of the Rolls, no longer dressed in the strange suit he'd been wearing since his return. Instead, a large case was being carried by a pair of attendants into the headquarters building as Elliot accompanied Addison into the building. holding her hand and looking…weak. Scrawny, even, like even the force of gravity was a visible burden.
[19:11:23] <Alivi> "Well…anyways enjoy Dinner Ma'am."
[19:11:59] <~Gwen> Addison walked into the Bureau, watching Elliot closely as they entered the small lift to take them down into the condo and lounge area. "Welcome home, Agent Hawthorne," she said with a sweet smile.
[19:14:10] <Dawny> Rhyden pours a large glass of chocolate milk and sets it on the table next to two glasses of wine. She makes a large plate and two more normal sized ones. "Elliot, Addison, supper!"
[19:14:34] <Alivi> "Elliot and Addison are here?"
[19:14:42] <Alivi> Raine looks around confused.
[19:15:11] <Absrev> For the first time since the incident, Elliot appeared to smile amongst his colleagues. Looking between them, he certainly had looked better, like the weight of the world had been placed upon his bony shoulders. It was unlike the kind of quiet power his suit had radiated while he'd worn it.
[19:15:17] <Dawny> "You get to sense these things when one of them speaks in your head."
[19:15:27] <Absrev> "It's good to see you all again."
[19:16:40] <Dawny> "Come, sit, eat…" Rhedyn smiles a bit at the two, almost motheringly.
[19:17:38] <Alivi> Raine looks at the Rhedyn a bit tilting his head and shrugging. He waves at Addison giving her a small smile.
[19:17:43] <Absrev> Walking over to the table, leaning a bit onto Addison as he moved to take a seat. "Long time since we've had a meal like this."
[19:19:16] <Dawny> "May there be many more." Rhyden sits and sips her wine. "Hurry, before we get a call…"
[19:20:08] <~Gwen> Addison helps Elliot sit down before glancing to Dr. Rose. She blinks once before hugging her tightly.
[19:20:50] <Dawny> Rhyden returns the hug and kisses Addison's cheek. "Love you too dear."
[19:21:18] <~Gwen> "I didn't…know you were coming back…" She smiles.
[19:21:33] <Dawny> "I told you I would"
[19:21:56] <~Gwen> "Yes, but…" She stands then sits beside Elliot. "Just unexpected, is all."
[19:22:10] <Absrev> Giving a laugh, his voice sounded more animated than it had before. Starting on dinner, he seemed rather hungry, devouring half his meal in what seemed like a single set of motions. Swallowing his food, he nodded. "Good to see you, Rhedyn. We missed you."
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[19:23:20] <~Gwen> Addison has barely started on her meal when he finishes. "Wow…" She laughs a little. "Your appetite is back…this is good."
[19:23:29] <Scantron> Satyana's stomach growls. ~I should go get dinner.~ She sets her book down and heads out to the kitchen.
[19:23:45] <Alivi> Raine looks at the dish, "What is it?"
[19:24:26] <Scantron> She enters. "Oh…" She blinks at Rhedyn. "I thought your agent status was revoked?" She simply seems surprised.
[19:24:49] <Alivi> Raine looks over at Satyana frowning, "Really?"
[19:25:10] <Scantron> "That's what I heard." She sits down. "It's good to have you back, though."
[19:25:15] <~Gwen> Addison looks up to Satyana. "Obviously the Director changed his mind."
[19:26:07] <Scantron> "I suppose."
[19:27:13] <~Gwen> She glances to Elliot. "I suppose I should update you both." She takes a sip of wine. "In your absence, Mike has run off on a vision quest and I've been put in charge of the team until he returns…
[19:27:19] <~Gwen> She doesn't sound confident in herself.
[19:28:06] <Alivi> "She's doing a fantastic job, should've seen her with the Fire Djinn."
[19:28:25] <Scantron> Satyana nods. "That mission did go very well."
[19:30:00] <Absrev> Having been reviewing bureau missions he'd been absent for, Elliot nodded. "I believe future missions may go more…smoothly in your charge."
[19:30:07] <Alivi> Raine nods smiling. "Definitely."
[19:30:24] <~Gwen> Addison shrugs and blinks. 'I guess so," she mumbles.
[19:30:40] <Alivi> Raine smiles. "Addison, you got this."
[19:30:52] <Dawny> "I have faith in you" Rhyden shrugs.
[19:31:16] Absrev is now known as Kondraki
[19:31:59] <~Gwen> The loudspeakers crackle to life. "Team 2, report to the front steps for a briefing. Team 2, to the front steps." Addison glances over to the speaker. "Clear the Director has gone…insane."
[19:32:40] <Alivi> "Front steps?" Raine seems surprised, he finishes off the Jerky and makes his way to the front steps.
[19:33:22] <Scantron> Satyana sets her food aside and heads that way.
[19:33:56] <Kondraki> Sighing, albeit with a clear plate, Elliot stood up and waited for Addison. "Time to go."
[19:33:58] <Dawny> Rhyden makes a large plate and heads to the front steps.
[19:34:42] <~Gwen> Addison grabs her back and then takes Elliot's hand, walking slowly for him. Most of the team notices she is once again wearing her ring.
[19:35:35] <Dawny> Rhedyn holds the plate and fork, smiling happily.
[19:35:56] <Kondraki> Holding her hand firmly, he leaned onto her as they walked together, looking tired. "Sorta looking forward to it, the mission."
[19:36:02] <Alivi> Raine looks at Rhyden confused.
[19:37:38] <Dawny> "The director is hungry as well."
[19:37:40] <~Gwen> Addison looks down to him and nods. "Me too." Out on the front steps of the Bureau, The Director is standing his limo waiting out front. Lloyd is sitting at this feet, watching the team approach. Perceptions please. Glacon does NOT explode, I'll roll your extra die if you roll a 10.
[19:38:16] <Alivi> 1d10+6
[19:38:16] <Glacon> Alivi: 14 (1d10+6=8)
[19:38:43] <Kondraki> 1d10+6
[19:38:43] <Glacon> Kondraki: 8 (1d10+6=2)
[19:38:46] <Dawny> 1d10+5
[19:38:47] <Glacon> Dawny: 14 (1d10+5=9)
[19:39:11] <Scantron> 1d10+7
[19:39:11] <Glacon> Scantron: 15 (1d10+7=8)
[19:40:01] <~Gwen> 1d10+5
[19:40:01] <Glacon> Gwen: 12 (1d10+5=7)
[19:41:51] <~Gwen> Dr. Rose and, oddly enough Satyana notice that Agent Zharkov…looks…off, but just slightly. "Ah, Angels!" The Director laughs, obviously finding his pop culture reference very entertaining. "Mission for you. I apologize for the briefing location, but Team 7 is using the conference room."
[19:43:13] <Scantron> Satyana headtilts, but says nothing.
[19:43:26] <~Gwen> Raine too!
[19:43:34] <Kondraki> "Team 7 needs conference rooms now?"
[19:44:02] <Alivi> Raine looks at her but looks back at the Director. He hopes she is ok. She probably is.
[19:44:10] <~Gwen> "Team 7 has just returned from a deep cover mission, they're being debriefed, rather than briefed."
[19:44:13] <Dawny> "Hungry?" Rhyden head tilts, frowning a bit.
[19:44:44] <~Gwen> The Director glances to Rhedyn. "Of course he is," Lloyd pipes up. The Director takes the food from Dr. Rose. "I had missed this, thank you."
[19:45:06] <Dawny> "Apple pie in the fridge"
[19:46:45] <~Gwen> The Director nods. "So," he begins through a mouthful of food. "You're off to Nigeria. We may have found the Crown of the Prince of Nigeria…and item of great power that turns the wearer into an instant con artist." Perceptions again!
[19:47:01] <Dawny> 1d10+5
[19:47:01] <Glacon> Dawny: 10 (1d10+5=5)
[19:47:08] <Alivi> 1d10+6
[19:47:09] <Glacon> Alivi: 14 (1d10+6=8)
[19:47:10] <Kondraki> 1d10+6
[19:47:10] <Glacon> Kondraki: 13 (1d10+6=7)
[19:47:12] <Scantron> 1d10+7 bitch please
[19:47:12] <Glacon> Scantron: bitch please: 10 (1d10+7=3)
[19:47:36] <Kondraki> "You mean…/that/ con?"
[19:48:09] <Alivi> "I don't understand…." Raine looks at Elliot confused.
[19:49:07] <Kondraki> "There used to be a very popular email scam…it involved Nigerian Crown Princes, bank accounts, and old people being tricked out of their savings."
[19:50:14] <Alivi> "…that doesn't sound too nice…"
[19:51:16] <Kondraki> "No, seemed cruel to me."
[19:51:24] <Alivi> "Same."
[19:51:39] <Scantron> "Last I heard, it was still going strong."
[19:51:43] <~Gwen> Addison shrugs. "Amateur stuff really." THis time Elliot and Raine notice it. A bolt of magic is speeding towards the Director.
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[19:52:48] Absrev (~ten.nhb.ser.6EA7482B-CRInys|versba#ten.nhb.ser.6EA7482B-CRInys|versba) joined the channel.
[19:52:53] <Alivi> "Director look out!"
[19:53:07] <Alivi> 1d10+6 ice wall to defend director
[19:53:07] <Glacon> Alivi: ice wall to defend director: 8 (1d10+6=2)
[19:53:44] <Absrev> Not able to move quickly enough, he shouts out as well. "Director, move!"
[19:54:57] <Scantron> "Wh-"
[19:57:18] <~Gwen> "Look out, what could possibly be threatening us on the streets of London!?" Zharkov reacts as well, he hand darting forward as a fireball shoots towards the bolt. With a flash of light the bolt is gone….and so is Lloyd. The large orange tabby appears to be being carried off by an old hag.
[19:57:53] <Dawny> "Lloyd!"
[19:58:00] <Alivi> "Perkele!"
[19:58:46] <Alivi> How far away are they?
[20:00:03] <~Gwen> The Director blinks a few times. "New mission, fetch my cat!" The hag is moving awfully fast for an old woman. She's maybe 20 feet away at this point
[20:00:51] <Scantron> Satyana stands still. Even if she /could/ catch up, the old hag could very easily just stab her or something. At least, that's how she sees it. "Oh my."
[20:01:21] <Absrev> Elliot looked to Addison. <I need the suit…it should just be inside.>
[20:02:16] <~Gwen> "Stay here," Addison says before running inside, moving faster than a weakened Elliot could.
[20:02:23] <Alivi> Raine takes off running after the hag activating his relic.
[20:02:58] <Alivi> 1d10+9 ice underneath the hag to make ground slippery and maybe ice her feet down.
[20:02:59] <Glacon> Alivi: ice underneath the hag to make ground slippery and maybe ice her feet down.: 12 (1d10+9=3)
[20:03:19] <Absrev> Standing up, he waited for Addison to return as he removed the key from his pocket. It'd been entrusted to him by quite the authority, so he meant to keep it safe.
[20:06:01] <~Gwen> Addison returns as the old lady goes down in a most spectacular fashion. Ass over tea kettle aptly describes it. Lloyd the cat does sprawling as well, the cat beginning to glow. "Good!" The hag shouts.
[20:06:44] <Alivi> Raine keeps running trying to get as close as he can.
[20:07:13] <Scantron> ~Uh, Raine, that cat is glowing.~
[20:07:31] <~Gwen> Satyana, Int+Occult
[20:07:51] <Alivi> "Lloyd!" Raine calls out for the feline!
[20:09:25] <Scantron> 1d10+9 derp
[20:09:25] <Glacon> Scantron: derp: 17 (1d10+9=8)
[20:10:01] <Absrev> The heavy case containing the suit snaps open, as Elliot stepped into the molded shape. The case itself collapsed as the suit locked back up around him, before he inserted the key in his hand into a lock at the neck. The suit lit up again, as he rushed out towards the hag with utterly renewed speed and agility.
[20:10:36] <~Gwen> Lloyd is intact shapeshifting. The Director and Zharkov both start heading towards the hag and cat with great speed, along with Addison and Elliot.
[20:10:47] <~Gwen> Raine arrives
[20:11:03] <Alivi> Raine stops surprised, "Lloyd? You ok?"
[20:11:21] <Scantron> ~Lloyd is shapeshifting.~ Satyana looks to the Director. "What is Lloyd shapeshifting into?"
[20:11:44] <Dawny> Rhyden rushes in and grabs a med bag, just to be safe, before rushing after the kitty!
[20:13:37] <~Gwen> "LLoyd is a cat, Satyana, Lloyd cannot shapeshift!" As he says that, the hag stands and Lloyd glows brightly this - http://media-cache-lt0.pinterest.com/550/c8/3f/b3/c83fb35998fe4ef3b9e107d7dc20c39b.jpg - standing in his place.
[20:13:55] <Alivi> Raine turns to the hag and moves to freeze her in place.
[20:14:27] <Alivi> 1d10+9
[20:14:27] <Glacon> Alivi: 11 (1d10+9=2)
[20:14:50] <~Gwen> 1d10+8 Hag counter
[20:14:51] <Glacon> Gwen: Hag counter: 15 (1d10+8=7)
[20:14:59] <Scantron> "Obviously something about that has situation has changed. Hm."
[20:15:21] <Scantron> Can Satyana roll something to identify the era/culture that the dress belongs to?
[20:15:32] <Absrev> Arriving at the scene, Elliot wasn't sure what he was looking at, as he released the suit's limiter two levels regardless. "Assuming combat readiness, ready to strike. Don't make it necessary, hag."
[20:15:39] <~Gwen> The hag cackles and stops Raine's magic, before launching a blast of energy at 'Lloyd.' Satyana Int+Academics
[20:16:37] <Dawny> 1d10+8
[20:16:37] <Glacon> Dawny: 13 (1d10+8=5)
[20:17:22] <Alivi> 1d10+9 ice wall to protect 'lloyd'
[20:17:22] <Glacon> Alivi: ice wall to protect 'lloyd': 15 (1d10+9=6)
[20:18:00] <Absrev> Elliot dives to intervene!
[20:18:12] <Absrev> 1d10+7
[20:18:12] <Glacon> Absrev: 9 (1d10+7=2)
[20:18:50] <Scantron> 1d10e+9
[20:18:59] <Scantron> d10+9
[20:19:00] <Glacon> Scantron: 18 (d10+9=9)
[20:19:39] <~Gwen> Rhedyn and Satyana know that Lloyd is wearing clothes that are 1600s Celtic garb. A wall appears between the two. Where is Lloyd jumping?
[20:20:40] <Scantron> <That looks like 1600s Celtic garb. Rhedyn, do you have any idea what's going on?>
[20:20:43] <Dawny> Rhedyn tries to chase Lloyd as best as she can, calling out in Gaelic. "[Come back!]"
[20:20:49] <Dawny> <Not yet>
[20:21:56] <~Gwen> **Elliot
[20:23:04] <~Gwen> Absrev - where is Elliot jumping?
[20:23:47] <Absrev> To intercept the blast meant for Lloyd.
[20:24:38] <~Gwen> The blast hits Elliot in the chest.
[20:24:41] <~Gwen> 1d10+8
[20:24:42] <Glacon> Gwen: 14 (1d10+8=6)
[20:24:50] <Scantron> <Hm.Satyana leans against the front door of the Bureau. "It occurs to me that this will be a pain to cover up."
[20:24:54] <~Gwen> 3 Bashing…basically, he's winded
[20:25:27] <Alivi> "Elliot!" Raine sighs and looks at the hag, he tries to freeze her down again.
[20:25:32] <~Gwen> "Have her give me the knife and no one will be wounded," the Hag shouts.
[20:25:43] <Alivi> 1d10+9
[20:25:43] <Glacon> Alivi: 10 (1d10+9=1)
[20:26:11] <~Gwen> Addison rushes towards Elliot as Lloyd leaps over the wall, clutching what appears to be a knife made of glass. Raine's magic fails.
[20:26:13] <Absrev> The suit seems to take the brunt of the attack, but Elliot hits the ground hard.
[20:26:35] <Dawny> Rhedyn continues to chase 'Lloyd'. "[Excuse me! Please! Help me!]"
[20:27:05] <~Gwen> Lloyd is leaping towards the team.
[20:27:20] <Alivi> "Perkele!" Raine stares at the Hag. "Who are you?"
[20:28:25] <Absrev> Releasing the limiter on his suit another level, Elliot's eyes lit up as he allowed the link between him and the demons within to connect.
[20:29:04] <Dawny> "[Please, stop]" Rhyden stands tall, looking into Lloyd's eyes. "[Talk with me]"
[20:29:06] <Absrev> 1d10+9 Regeneration
[20:29:07] <Glacon> Absrev: Regeneration: 12 (1d10+9=3)
[20:29:34] <~Gwen> Addison looks down at Elliot. "Don't do anything rash!" The hag watches Lloyd land. "None of your business little one…" She glances to the younger woman. "Sister…" Lloyd nods.
[20:29:59] <Alivi> "I don't appreciate anyone trying to hurt my friends,"
[20:30:58] <Scantron> "Hm." Can Satyana roll to try and figure out if the hag and 'Lloyd' correspond to any sort of supernatural phenomenon or creatures she's studied?
[20:31:05] <Dawny> "[What do you want?]"
[20:31:45] <~Gwen> Satyana - Int+Occult
[20:31:55] <Scantron> 1d10+9
[20:31:56] <Glacon> Scantron: 15 (1d10+9=6)
[20:32:12] <~Gwen> "[She wants this, Dr. Rose.]" This was Lloyd. Satyana figures they're both witches.
[20:32:18] Scantron is now known as Skankwhores
[20:32:52] <Skankwhores> <They're witches, by the way. I'm… not going to assert my presence, if that's acceptable.>
[20:33:15] <Dawny> "[Why Lloyd? What do you need him for?]"
[20:33:28] <Absrev> Standing up, Elliot was still a bit winded as his two rifles appeared in his hands. "I hate witches."
[20:33:40] <Alivi> «Elliot don't do anything violent!»
[20:34:42] <Alivi> 1d10+11 taggingcoldblooded for ice freezing
[20:34:42] <Glacon> Alivi: taggingcoldblooded for ice freezing: 21 (1d10+11=10)
[20:36:02] <~Gwen> "'Lloyd' is a rouse…'" The hag says as the young woman glares, brandishing her glass blade. "This is about what happened hundreds of years ago," the hag continued. 'Lloyd' rolls her eyes. "Mother left the knife to me!"
[20:36:07] <~Gwen> 1d10 Raine explosion
[20:36:07] <Glacon> Gwen: Raine explosion: 7 (1d10=7)
[20:36:15] <~Gwen> The hag's legs freeze in place.
[20:37:03] <Absrev> "I don't care why you're here. You're attacking a member of the Bureau on our own property."
[20:37:11] Skankwhores is now known as Scantron
[20:37:28] <Absrev> "Surrender or be destroyed."
[20:37:31] <Dawny> "Is this really worth fighting over? A knife?"
[20:37:45] <Scantron> <Presumably it's an important knife.>
[20:38:04] <Alivi> «Elliot!»
[20:39:02] <~Gwen> Addison's eyes widen. "Elliot, keep in control…." The Director is literally stunned. The hag spits. "This knife is more important that you pox-brained wretches could possibly understand!"
[20:41:16] <Dawny> "That was uncalled for…" Rhyden frowns and steps to the side.
[20:41:28] <Absrev> "Is it worth dying for?"
[20:41:58] <Alivi> Raine frowns looking at Elliot, then Addison, thinking his message.
[20:42:38] <~Gwen> 'Lloyd' looks to Elliot and nods once. "It is the difference between life and death for her…" The young which smirks happy. Agent Zharkov step towards the hag, a fireball readied in her hand.
[20:47:46] <Alivi> Raine looks over at Zharkov, "Don't do it!"
[20:48:30] <Scantron> Satyana walks towards them now, curious. "What is the knife, exactly? Unless you expect to somehow leave unscathed, you will explain it to me."
[20:48:44] <Absrev> Elliot looked to Raine. "Can you freeze the rest of her?
[20:49:11] <Alivi> He looks back at Elliot about to respond when-
[20:49:19] <~Gwen> Zharkov stops in place as the hag turns around and lets loose a large bolt of magic. The bolt strikes Zharkov in the chest. 'Lloyd takes this opportunity and takes two swift steps and stabs her in the back. The hag cries out as the knife glows.
[20:49:32] <Scantron> "Well then."
[20:50:00] <Alivi> "Zharkov!" Raine runs over to her to make sure she is ok. "You alright?"
[20:50:03] <~Gwen> Zharkov is launched back about teen feet. "[Dr. Rose…check her…now!]" The young woman looks to Rhedyn.
[20:50:39] <Absrev> Elliot's guns, now trained on 'Lloyd', are still just as menacing. "We're not done with you."
[20:50:44] <Scantron> Satyana looks at the knife. Can she roll to try and figure out what it is?
[20:50:54] <Alivi> «Elliot Stop it!»
[20:51:03] <~Gwen> Int+Occult
[20:51:08] <~Gwen> Satyana
[20:51:27] <Scantron> d10+9 all i wanna do is
[20:51:27] <Glacon> Scantron: all i wanna do is: 17 (d10+9=8)
[20:52:18] <~Gwen> The dagger appears to be draining energy from the hag.
[20:53:02] <Absrev> «She's just as potentially dangerous.»
[20:53:30] <Scantron> «That dagger seems to be draining energy from her… it would probably be safer in our hands than hers.»
[20:53:43] <Alivi> «Even so don't just attack things contain it first!»
[20:55:33] <Absrev> «I don't intend to destroy her. I am containing her with the threat to.»
[20:55:41] <Alivi> Raine sighs frustrated and takes out his cellphone and calls Dr.Saari.
[20:55:55] <~Gwen> She draws the knife, narrowing her eyes at Elliot. "What are you going to do?"
[20:56:27] <Alivi> "Dr.Saari, it is Raine, we are up the street from the BSA we need medical attention now, Zharkov was hit pretty badly."
[20:56:43] <Absrev> "You of all people should know what I'll do."
[20:56:47] <Dawny> Rhyden runs to Zharkov, cursing.
[20:57:01] <~Gwen> "I'm on the way, Agent Virtanen." Dr. Saari arrives very soon after, arriving at the same time as Dr. Rose.
[20:57:28] <~Gwen> 'Lloyd' blinks and smiles. "You won't." She glances to Addison. "Not with her watching."
[20:57:40] <Alivi> Raine backs away to let Saari take his place by Zharkov. He looks back over to the others preparing to make another wall to defend the non-combatants.
[20:59:12] <Dawny> 1d10+8 How can I help?
[20:59:13] <Glacon> Dawny: How can I help?: 14 (1d10+8=6)
[21:00:09] <Absrev> Elliot's stance didn't shift, but something in him did, as red lit up his eyes and he fired a pair of 'warning' shots.
[21:00:26] <Absrev> 1d10+9 "warning"
[21:00:27] <Glacon> Absrev: "warning": 19 (1d10+9=10)
[21:02:20] <~Gwen> Zharkov is going to be bruised pretty badly on her ass and back. Nothing severe. Right now she is winded. Dr. Rose, also notices that Agent Zharkov, the super fit…super strong…super kickass Bureau agent…has gained a little weight. Addison yelps loudly, but 'Lloyd' doesn't flinch, still smiling. "I am on your side, Elliot." Addison blinks. "Raine…be ready…"
[21:02:23] <~Gwen> 1d10 Elliot explosion
[21:02:25] <Glacon> Gwen: Elliot explosion: 8 (1d10=8)
[21:02:56] <Alivi> Raine nods, "Understood."
[21:04:31] <Alivi> Raine shivers a bit, he flexes his fingers trying to regain some warmth.
[21:05:26] <Dawny> Rhyden blinks, frowning and looks at Saari. "Dr…?"
[21:06:10] <~Gwen> Dr. Saari looks down at her. "Diagnosis, doctor?"
[21:07:05] <Absrev> The guns fire explosively, letting off shockwaves into the air that would slam into those nearby, as the two shots zoom past the ears of 'Lloyd', missing by less than an inch on each side, before exploding tremendously a moment later. The street behind her was devastated by a massive crater, leaving some of the city's plumbing in disrepair.
[21:07:45] <Dawny> "bruising…maybe something deeper…I can't make a great diagnosis right now…I want to look closer."
[21:08:09] <Alivi> Raine grits his teeth, "Elliot, back off now!"
[21:08:39] <~Gwen> "You have free run of the medical floor," Dr. Saari says. "Elliot, stop this! That's Lloyd that cat! He…she is on OUR SIDE!"
[21:10:51] <Absrev> As the dust cleared, Elliot's eyes were still locked on the witch. "She should prove it, then. All she's done is eliminate her enemy and possess a dangerous relic unbeknownst to the Bureau."
[21:11:48] <Alivi> "Let her have the chance to explain herself before you try to blow her head off, for God's sake!"
[21:12:06] <Absrev> "If I wanted to blow her head off, I would have."
[21:12:37] <Dawny> Rhyden nods and sweeps up Zharkov in a fit of strength unthought of a woman her size. "Come"
[21:13:41] <Alivi> "Back down now Elliot."
[21:14:01] <~Gwen> Zharkov walks with Dr. Rose towards the Bureau. 'Lloyd' holds the knife out to Elliot. "All you had to do was ask, Agent Hawthorne."
[21:16:48] <Absrev> His guns vanished, as he reached towards a pocket in the suit, removing the fey dust sprayer and pointing it at the knife to douse it first.
[21:18:02] <Scantron> Satyana still watches the knife. She's familiar with witches, but glass knives are new to her. "I'm going to want to look at that later… it seems promising."
[21:18:25] <~Gwen> The blade stops glowing as Addison approaches. 'Lloyd' looks to Satyana. "You'll like it," she winks.
[21:20:09] <Absrev> Taking the blade, Elliot looked it over carefully. "Why weren't you just clear with us to begin with."
[21:20:33] <Alivi> Raine deactivates his relic and looks at Elliot as he shivers a bit, "You never gave her a chance,"
[21:20:36] <Scantron> Satyana smiles back.
[21:20:55] <Alivi> Raine rubs his fingers together trying to regain some warmth.
[21:20:57] <~Gwen> "I was hiding from my sister…and have been for four hundred years…I wasn't about to reveal myself."
[21:21:02] <Scantron> She then goes over to Elliot and examines the blade closely. Anything noteworthy about it, besides the fact that blades are not normally made of glass?
[21:21:45] <Absrev> "You dispatched her rather easily."
[21:22:08] <~Gwen> "Satyana will be able to tell you why…" Int+Occult Satyana, and you're at a +2
[21:23:01] <Scantron> d10+11 two successes minimum bitches
[21:23:01] <Glacon> Scantron: two successes minimum bitches: 14 (d10+11=3)
[21:24:12] <~Gwen> The blade is one of the three Lifestealers. Basically…well…it does as the name suggests.
[21:25:03] <Scantron> "Ooh… one of the three Lifestealers." She pauses, gently taking it out of Elliot's hands if he acquiesces. "Er, the name is self-explanatory."
[21:25:41] <~Gwen> "The last one in existence, actually."
[21:25:53] <Absrev> Elliot hands it over, glad to be rid of it. "Understood. You were waiting for her to come to you, then."
[21:26:38] <~Gwen> "I honestly thought she was dead…"
[21:27:33] <Absrev> "Then why were you in hiding?"
[21:28:34] <~Gwen> "I rather liked being a pampered house cat."
[21:28:58] <Alivi> Raine smiles at that. He looks back at Dr. Saari, and the Director, how does the director look?
[21:29:06] <~Gwen> Completely…stunned.
[21:29:23] <Absrev> Blinking, Elliot sighed, pulling the key from his pocket as he unlocked his suit. "…being a cat seems nice, i guess."
[21:29:33] <Absrev> He smiled as well. "Sorry for firing at you."
[21:29:50] <Scantron> Satyana holds the Lifestealer up to the light (either of the streetlamps or the sun, whatever is appropriate at this time of day) and lets it reflect off and pass through the surface as she turns it back and forth.
[21:32:14] <~Gwen> Addison rushes to his side, allowing him to lean on her. 'Lloyd' smiles. "I am Tathariel, by the way."
[21:33:13] <Absrev> Elliot slumped a bit onto Addison as the suit slipped off, folding up into itself and forming a convenient case to hold onto. "Tathariel…"
[21:33:56] <~Gwen> I am going to call plot there!
[21:34:01] Scantron is now known as Scanphone
[21:35:03] <Absrev> 1d10+9 (tag monster knowledge) What do I know about Tathariel….
[21:35:04] <Glacon> Absrev: (tag monster knowledge) What do I know about Tathariel….: 19 (1d10+9=10)
[21:36:15] <~Gwen> 1d10 Elliot explosion
[21:36:16] <Glacon> Gwen: Elliot explosion: 7 (1d10=7)
[21:36:20] <Alivi> Raine sighs and turns to Dr. Saari. "Wouldn't happen to have anything to help warm a person up. Would you?"
[21:36:35] Scanphone is now known as Scantron
[21:37:35] <~Gwen> Tathariel is one of two daughters of the Morrigan, a powerful being in Irish mythos. Dr. Saari nods and gestures for Raine to follow

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