Wrath Of Ares

[7:05pm] Tom90deg: Zoe's in the lounge, chilling
[7:06pm] Balthazaar: Charlie is looking through the fridge
[7:06pm] Alivi: Charlie there are some leftovers that look amazing
[7:06pm] Magnobile: Mila is drinking a smoothie, sitting near zoe
[7:07pm] Gwen: Addison is on her computer in the lounge.
[7:08pm] Balthazaar: O.O Charlie grabs the leftovers!
[7:11pm] Alivi: Charlie right as you are about to eat the leftovers the loudspeaker comes on
[7:11pm] Alivi: "Team 2 to the briefing room, Team 2 please go to the breifing room."
[7:13pm] Balthazaar: Charlie is upset by this awful turn of events. He puts the leftovers back and heads to the briefing room.
[7:13pm] Tom90deg: Zoe looks up at the speakerand gets up. "It's tthat time guys."
[7:13pm] Tom90deg: And heads on towards the briefing room."
[7:13pm] Magnobile: "Like clockwork." She hops up, heafing after zoe
[7:14pm] Magnobile: still slurping smoothie
[7:14pm] Alivi: Raine is there against the wall like normal.
[7:14pm] Alivi: The Director there looking amused
[7:15pm] Balthazaar: Charlie looks less amused
[7:15pm] Tom90deg: Zoe takes a seat and sits back. "Hey."
[7:17pm] Alivi: "Good evening, Charlie, is everything alright?"
[7:17pm] Gwen: Addison arrives. "Sorry, I got lost…" She sits down.
[7:17pm] Balthazaar: He sighs. "Yeah, I guess so." ~It was going to be so tasty…~
[7:18pm] Alivi: "Wonderful is everyone here, yes ok." The director slides over files to the team. Raine picks up his and opens it.
[7:19pm] Gwen: Addison flips through her file quickly.
[7:19pm] Magnobile: If there's one for Mila, she flips thro ugh h it
[7:20pm] Alivi: Addison a picture catches your eye, it is Max
[7:20pm] Gwen: Addison pales…more than normal.
[7:20pm] Balthazaar: Charlie looks through his
[7:21pm] Tom90deg: Zoe takes hers too and gives it a looksee
[7:21pm] Tom90deg: "So…what's the deal?"
[7:22pm] Alivi: "Well there is a certian person who has gone missing,"
[7:23pm] Gwen: Addison drums her fingers on the boardroom table, obviously upset.
[7:23pm] Alivi: "The parole officer for the man known as Max Willows was last seen on March 09, and Max is taking the blame for it."
[7:24pm] Balthazaar: Charlie looks to Addison, worried for her
[7:24pm] Alivi: "However news on who the Parole officer is, has caused an alert on our end."
[7:24pm] Gwen: "Jack the Ripper," Addison grumbles. "Maybe he knows were Jimmy Hoffa is…"
[7:25pm] Alivi: "…what was that Agent Smith?" The Director looks over at her
[7:25pm] Gwen: "Nothing. Sorry sir…just…sorry sir."
[7:26pm] Alivi: "….Anyways,"
[7:26pm] Magnobile: "Who is this guy?"
[7:28pm] Magnolia joined the chat room.
[7:28pm] Alivi: The director turns around and an image of a police officer with brown hair and green eyes appears on the screen.
[7:29pm] Tom90deg: "Hm…"
[7:29pm] Gwen: "That's Max's parole officer?"
[7:30pm] Alivi: "This is William Green, a Las Vegas Parole officer. He is the man who is missing, we have reason to believe -"
[7:30pm] Alivi: "Yes Agent Smith."
[7:31pm] Alivi: "We have reason to believe that Cassandra may have something to do with his disapperance."
[7:32pm] Gwen: "Cassandra? Why would she want Max's parole officer?" She sighs. "Also, team…full disclosure. Max is my adopted father. He taught me to like, cheat, swindle, steal…and lie."
[7:32pm] Tom90deg: "Hm."
[7:33pm] Balthazaar: Charlie nods slowly to Addison
[7:33pm] Tom90deg: "Ok….then can we assume that pimary target is you?"
[7:33pm] Alivi: "You are to go to Las Vegas and meet with your contact Max Willows, he knows you are there to investigate the disappearances. He does not want to go back to Prison so I beileve he will cooporate."
[7:33pm] Gwen: "Max is out contact!?"
[7:33pm] Magnolia: "You said he was taking the fall. He admitted to anything?"
[7:33pm] Alivi: Raine raises an eyebrow and sighs.
[7:34pm] Alivi: "He has no idea what happened other than meeting a woman who matched Cassandra's description and a smallish man."
[7:34pm] Tom90deg: "Hmm…"
[7:35pm] Tom90deg: "Ok, so…We have to assume that Max is a…bait, right? if Cassandra is behind this…"
[7:35pm] Alivi: "Not exactly."
[7:36pm] Magnolia: "WHo is Cassandra?"
[7:36pm] Gwen: "I don't want to see Max! We haven't talked since the Bureau arrested me!"
[7:37pm] Magnolia: 'Afraid he'll seen you've gone soft?"
[7:37pm] Alivi: "Agent Smith, he has no idea that you had anything to do with his arrests… our reports state that he has been meaning to see you sometime."
[7:38pm] Tom90deg: "Addy…"
[7:38pm] Gwen: She glances around. "I…didn't have anything…to do…with his arrests," she mumbles.
[7:39pm] Tom90deg: "That dosn't matter one way or another."
[7:40pm] Balthazaar: "He is your father, he will understand."
[7:40pm] Alivi: "Indeed." The Director says, "If anything what matters is, a man is missing, we need to do our part to ensure this doesn't get out of hand. Good luck team."
[7:42pm] Tom90deg: "RIght."
[7:42pm] Tom90deg: Zoe gets up. "Alright then…Um…Do we have any information on Cassandra?"
[7:42pm] Tom90deg: "All I know is her myth really."
[7:43pm] Alivi: "Myth?"
[7:43pm] Magnolia: "You can explain it to me on the way there." she nods to Zoe
[7:43pm] Alivi: "Cassandra is the woman you met at France from what I understood from Mike."
[7:44pm] Gwen: "We'll review on the plane." Addison stands. "Where is Mike, anyway?"
[7:44pm] Tom90deg: "Not sure…"
[7:44pm] Alivi: The Director sighs, "He is currently at home with the kids, something came up."
[7:44pm] Alivi: "Addison will you be ok to lead tonight?"
[7:45pm] Tom90deg: "Right, well, with kids….that happens."
[7:46pm] Gwen: Addison blinks. "I can lead…if I don't want it can I resign and appoint someone else?"
[7:48pm] Alivi: "Yes, it seems that we will be needing to talk regardless after the mission, good luck and Mila, make sure that Zoe and Addison do not introduce Charlie and Raine to gambling."
[7:49pm] Magnolia: "I'll keep my eyes on em."
[7:49pm] Tom90deg: "Don't worry."
[7:49pm] Magnolia: "Worst I'll let em do is marry eachother at a drive thru."
[7:49pm] Tom90deg: Zoe snickers
[7:49pm] Balthazaar: "Gambling? Why can't I do the gambling?"
[7:49pm] Tom90deg: "Anywho, shall we go?"
[7:49pm] Gwen: Addison nods and sighs. "Fiiiine." She walks over to Raine. "If I hate this leader business, you're next. You'll be fine." She turns on her heels and heads downstairs
[7:49pm] Tom90deg: "Cause we need to teach you how to count cards first."
[7:50pm] Tom90deg: Zoe follows Addison down the stairs.
[7:50pm] Alivi: "Im not getting married to anyone…" Raine says quietly.
[7:50pm] hades.de.eu.synirc.net: Alivi invited ZK into the channel.
[7:51pm] ZK joined the chat room.
[7:51pm] Alivi: Raine follows Addison.
[7:51pm] Balthazaar: Charlie follows, not understanding why he isn't allowed to gamble or why Mila wants him to marry Raine
[7:52pm] Alivi: Raine is confused but dismisses it. He sighs, "I am about confused as you are Charlie, don't ask me."
[7:52pm] Gwen: Addison hops in the driver's seat and revs the engine, obviously annoyed. "Why the hell can't Max just out of bloody trouble…or get old and crazy like normal parents…"
[7:53pm] Alivi: The GPS coordinates have been uploaded
[7:53pm] Balthazaar: Charlie nods to Raine.
[7:53pm] Balthazaar: "Addison, are you okay?"
[7:53pm] Alivi: "Im thinking the answer is no." Raine says.
[7:55pm] Tom90deg: "Addy?"
[7:55pm] Gwen: "Just…wasn't ever expecting to see Max again." She drives to the airport and on to the plane!
[7:56pm] Magnolia: "Is it a bad thing? Most folks would be excited."
[7:56pm] Magnolia: "I think."
[7:57pm] Tom90deg: "It's…more complicated than that Mila."
[7:57pm] Tom90deg: "Like, I would not be supre excited if I saw my parents again."
[7:57pm] Alivi: "Same." Raine says
[7:59pm] Tom90deg: "Mmm…"
[8:00pm] Magnolia: "Guess meeting my old man wouldn;t be that joyous an event."
[8:00pm] Alivi: "Its a bit complex." Raine unbuckles himself once they are in the plane to get in a more comfortable seat away from a driving emotional blue haired girl
[8:00pm] Balthazaar: Charlie remains silent and takes a seat.
[8:01pm] Alivi: "Charlie, are you ok?"
[8:01pm] Gwen: Addison sighs and walks into the plane, heading for the kitchen. 'There had better be wine here…."
[8:01pm] Alivi: There is Addison!
[8:02pm] Gwen: Addison produces a bottle of red and proceeds to fumble with the corkscrew.
[8:02pm] Alivi: She gets it off
[8:02pm] Tom90deg: "Anywho…You guys wanted me to tell you the myth of Cassandra?"
[8:02pm] Alivi: and the smell of grape juice hits her nostrils. There is a sticky note
[8:03pm] Balthazaar: "I don't know what to say to make Addison feel better…"
[8:03pm] Alivi: "No drinking before missions -The Director"
[8:03pm] Gwen: Addison sets the bottle down. "He really is a psycho." She sits down and sighs.
[8:04pm] Alivi: "Cassandra was the lady that controlled you, right Zoe?"
[8:04pm] Tom90deg: "Um…Sorta, yah."
[8:04pm] Tom90deg: "But that's not her myth."
[8:05pm] Tom90deg: "Her myth was that for some reason, she was blessed with the gift of prophecy, but cursed to have noone ever believe her."
[8:05pm] Gwen: "Well, that would sick…now that I think about it."
[8:05pm] Tom90deg: "So she knew every bad thing that was gonna happen, but if she told you, you'd laugh her off. I forget why she was cursed…probaly somethig random and petty."
[8:06pm] Alivi: "Huh…do you think the girl might've taken on the name as inspiration?"
[8:06pm] Magnolia: "As these things tend to go."
[8:06pm] Tom90deg: "Hopefully, cause if she was the orginal Cassandra, she'd be getting up there in the years."
[8:06pm] Magnolia: "And, perhaps. What's she do?"
[8:06pm] Gwen: "Umm…Zo…"
[8:06pm] Tom90deg: "Hmm?"
[8:07pm] Tom90deg: Zoe looks over at Addison."
[8:07pm] Tom90deg: "What's up?
[8:07pm] Tom90deg: "
[8:07pm] Gwen: "Let's just say she's got the name Cassandra for that reason….right?"
[8:07pm] Tom90deg: "Right?"
[8:08pm] Alivi: Raine looks at Addison
[8:08pm] Balthazaar: Charlie looks to Addison.
[8:08pm] Gwen: "Well…who does everyone think has the Sapphire?"
[8:10pm] Tom90deg: "Um…You?"
[8:11pm] Gwen: Addison shakes her head. "Max."
[8:11pm] Alivi: "…do you think that is her goal?"
[8:11pm] Magnolia: "If she wants Max… why get his parole offier first?"
[8:11pm] Magnolia: "Easier target?"
[8:11pm] Gwen: "I dunno…because I dunno what this stupid thing does." Addison looks to Mila. "I dunno?"
[8:12pm] Tom90deg: 'Maybe…"
[8:12pm] Tom90deg: "Oh, i know."
[8:12pm] Tom90deg: "MAx didn't have it. Logicaly, he either lost it, or gave it to someone. Which leaves you. She can't go after you, so she gets his parole officer, so that we have to be sent in."
[8:12pm] Alivi: "But how would she know?"
[8:13pm] Alivi: The plane begins to descend
[8:13pm] Alivi: the bright colors of Las Vegas painting the sky
[8:13pm] Gwen: "No one knows I've got the Sapphire. She knew who I was in Paris…but she didn't seem to know I had the Sapphire."
[8:13pm] Tom90deg: "Maybe max told her?"
[8:13pm] Tom90deg: "Wait, Max dosn't know either?"
[8:13pm] Magnolia: "He coulda ratted on you."
[8:13pm] Alivi: "…Doubt it."
[8:14pm] Balthazaar: Charlie is so confused
[8:14pm] Tom90deg: "I mean, she did make me stab Mike."
[8:14pm] Magnolia: "Mind control?"
[8:15pm] Gwen: "Max gave it to me…because he knew the police were coming. By passing it to me, he passed it's powers from himself to me."
[8:15pm] Tom90deg: "Yah…then get him to tell her…Well, in any case we'll know soon…When we land,we can ask him."
[8:15pm] Gwen: "Joy…" She stands and heads for the Range Rover.
[8:17pm] Balthazaar: "Wait, is this the bitch who poisoned that other girl?"
[8:17pm] Alivi: "Yea."
[8:17pm] Gwen: "Yes."
[8:18pm] Magnolia: "Sounds like a fun woman."
[8:18pm] Tom90deg: "Mmm…"
[8:19pm] Alivi: Raine climbsin, "So where is Max?"
[8:20pm] Balthazaar: "I'd like to drown her…"
[8:20pm] Tom90deg: "None of that Charlie…"
[8:21pm] Gwen: "Place called Bobby's Burgers…it's very good." She drives there!
[8:21pm] Tom90deg: "Deal with that later."
[8:21pm] Tom90deg: "Oooh, burgers…."
[8:21pm] Magnobile: "As fun to watch as it'd be"
[8:21pm] Alivi: "Can we get food?"
[8:21pm] Gwen: "Do you guys mind…if I go in to talk to him by myself first?" Addison sounds ashamed asking this.
[8:22pm] Alivi: Raine shakes his head. "No."
[8:22pm] Balthazaar: "I don't mind…"
[8:22pm] Gwen: "Our cover is Interpol right now, that might change depending on the situation. I've got badges for you all in my bag."
[8:22pm] Tom90deg: "No, but…be careful…."
[8:23pm] Magnolia left the chat room. (Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)
[8:23pm] Gwen: "Zoe…when am I ever not careful? Oh…and Raine, I'm sorry about your alias…I didn't realize that someone else had that name…"
[8:23pm] Magnobile: "We can wait up. You know the contact best."
[8:24pm] Alivi: "What alias?"
[8:24pm] Tom90deg: "I'm gonna not answer that…but I am coming in the diner. I'll get a seat a distance away, I won't interfere."
[8:24pm] Alivi: "Yea I think Charlie is hungry."
[8:24pm] Gwen: "It may or may not be the same name as…a Finnish adult film star." Addison snorts as she finds a parking spot.
[8:26pm] Balthazaar: Charlies stomach rumbles loudly.
[8:26pm] Alivi: "…Wait what?!"
[8:27pm] Magnobile: "What's the name? Maybe I know I'm."
[8:27pm] Tom90deg: "Oh god…"
[8:27pm] Tom90deg: "Really?"
[8:27pm] Tom90deg: "What name are you Raine?"
[8:28pm] Gwen: Addison hops out of the car. "I'll signal you guys to come in in a few minutes." Addison takes a deep breath and walks towards the dinner, trying not to look nervous.
[8:28pm] Alivi: Raine looks at it.
[8:29pm] Alivi: "….Eh…he's ok…couldn't she have picked a better one though?"
[8:30pm] Magnobile: "He's okay? Familiar with his work?"
[8:30pm] Tom90deg: "Meh…There's always someone who shares you name somewhere."
[8:31pm] Alivi: "Hm, what?"
[8:31pm] Alivi: Raine ignores Mila.
[8:31pm] Tom90deg: Zoe sits back, nervous. "Don't much liek this though."
[8:31pm] Gwen: Addison steps into the burger place.
[8:31pm] Balthazaar: Charlie doesn't understand. "What's an adult film star?"
[8:31pm] Alivi: "….Hmmmm someone who gets naked and makes films."
[8:31pm] Alivi: Addison #icyforest

[8:33pm] Alivi: Addison Max is sitting at the booth you always used to go to. You can remember being so small your feet didn't touch the ground as he got you the Bobby Burger Jr Meal. He would often give you some weird toy or something he found at a pawn shop or on the ground.
[8:33pm] Alivi: just to make it all complete.
[8:34pm] Gwen: Addison walks over to the booth. "Hi Max," she says softly…though it's clear she's trying act all tough and Interpol-like.
[8:35pm] Alivi: Max grins, "Well if it isn't Addi, look at you all cleaned up, I knew you would come back to see your old man,"
[8:35pm] Alivi: He gets up and goes to hug her
[8:36pm] Gwen: Addison hugs him back, her eyes wide. "I didn't really have a choice…I got picked up too, about a year after they got you."
[8:37pm] Alivi: "I figured…you never were one to stick out of trouble." He laughs. "Wooo….ever since Green vanished its been a load off my chest tell you that. Haha. Bout time too."
[8:38pm] Gwen: "As much as I'd like to tell you that I'm here to catch up with you, I'm not." She takes out her interpol badge wallet and sets it on to the table. "I'm here about Green, Max."
[8:39pm] Alivi: "I see….look at you…no wonder you look like a lovely young lady…but one of them…"
[8:40pm] Alivi: He sighs. "Cant we get a burger? My treat? Old time's sake?"
[8:40pm] Gwen: She flinches…her mentor's just called her a narc. She nods. "Burger sounds good…"
[8:42pm] Alivi: He grins, "good good,"
[8:42pm] Alivi: He calls out.
[8:43pm] Alivi: He leans back, "So Interpol…. " He grins a bit "I admit im kinda glad."
[8:44pm] Gwen: "Yeah…they picked me up and offered me a job to get out of jail." She smiles softly.
[8:45pm] Alivi: "Honestly…the streets and living the way we were was no place for a girl like you. Good to see you got out."
[8:45pm] Alivi: "But you miss on some fun I think." He winks as burgers and 2 milkshakes are set in front of them.
[8:46pm] Gwen: "I'm glad I got out too. I live in London now." She laughs a bit. "But listen…I've been horrible to you…not calling or writing. It won't happen again."
[8:47pm] Alivi: "Nah you are busy and Im in jail. But Got out with parole. Its pretty sweet. I wanna hear from you and your fancy london. Though I have to say Im disappointed."
[8:47pm] Gwen: "Disappointed?"
[8:49pm] Alivi: "No accent." He says through a mouthful of burger
[8:50pm] Gwen: "I do…sort of. It's an odd fusion of german, british, and american. They call kinda cancel each other out." She takes a bite of the burger.
[8:50pm] Alivi: Its about as good as you remember it Addison
[8:51pm] Gwen: She sighs happily

[8:33pm] Balthazaar: "That sounds easy."
[8:34pm] Alivi: "You also have sex."
[8:35pm] Balthazaar: Charlie blushes! "Oh my…"
[8:35pm] Magnobile: "Four hours, under hot stage lights."
[8:36pm] Tom90deg: "Mmm."
[8:36pm] Tom90deg: "It's not as glamours as some people seem to think."
[8:37pm] Magnobile: "It's sweaty, exhausting, and all the actors gotta do drugs to keep going."
[8:38pm] Tom90deg: "Blech."
[8:39pm] Balthazaar: "That is unnatural…"
[8:39pm] Tom90deg: "what is?"
[8:40pm] Gwen: Zoe gets a pang of sadness and shame from Addison.
[8:41pm] Balthazaar: "The drugs."
[8:41pm] Tom90deg: Zoe sits up and looks at the diner <Problem?>
[8:42pm] Gwen: «He called me a narc, Zoe…»
[8:44pm] Tom90deg: «Blarg….He's trying to get to you. Do you need me to come in?»
[8:45pm] Gwen: « Bring in the team, one at a time…a couple minute intervals.»
[8:45pm] Alivi: Raine is bored.
[8:46pm] Balthazaar: Charlie is thinking about adult film stars
[8:46pm] Tom90deg: «Right.»
[8:47pm] Tom90deg: "Ok guys…I'm gonna go in, wait 3 minutes, and then send in the next person."
[8:47pm] Magnolia joined the chat room.
[8:47pm] Alivi: Raine nods.
[8:47pm] Tom90deg: Zoe climbs out of the rover and heads towards the diner.
[8:48pm] Magnolia: Mila nods, waiting, «I go next?»
[8:48pm] Tom90deg: «yup.»
[8:48pm] Gwen: «Yes, and then Charlie…he's hungry.»
[8:48pm] Tom90deg: Zoe enters, and takes seat somewhere, not too close to Addison.
[8:49pm] Balthazaar: «Okay…»
[8:50pm] Alivi: «ill go last»
[8:50pm] Tom90deg: «KEep an eye out…We want to know if Cassandra approaches.»
[8:51pm] Alivi: « I can set up survellience if you want.»
[8:51pm] Magnolia: three minutes later, Mila walks in, taking up a seat a bit off from Zoe
[8:51pm] Tom90deg: «Please do.»
[8:52pm] Balthazaar: Charlie is worrying about Addison.
[8:54pm] Alivi: «Alright Charlie»
[8:54pm] Balthazaar: He nods and heads in
[8:54pm] Alivi: Raine waits and looks around.
[8:55pm] Alivi: 3 minutes pass and he follows.
[8:55pm] Alivi: So the Diner is busy, nicely so. The smell of bacon grease and fries linger in the air.
[8:56pm] Alivi: Raine sits near Charlie. Zoe and Mila are nearish to eachother.
[8:56pm] Alivi: But Max and Addison are catching up over burgers
[8:56pm] Tom90deg: Zoe waits, looking over the menu
[8:56pm] Balthazaar: "Where do I get the food from?"
[8:56pm] Alivi: "From a waitress. look here she comes now."
[8:57pm] Alivi: A bored looking girl comes up and says "Welcome to Bobbys burgers….home of the best burgers in vegas. What will you be having?" She pops bubble gum
[8:57pm] Alivi: And chews like a cow
[8:58pm] Balthazaar: "Um… Food please…"
[8:58pm] Alivi: "What is your suggestion?"
[8:58pm] Alivi: Raine asks.
[8:59pm] Alivi: She sighs loudly and rolls her eyes. "Well I guess the bacon killer burger is good…"
[8:59pm] Alivi: She smacks her lips.
[8:59pm] Alivi: "Ill put it down for you and the…..thing." She says addressing Charlie.
[8:59pm] Alivi: She turns to go wait on Mila and Zoe.
[8:59pm] Balthazaar: Charlie frowns.
[9:00pm] Tom90deg: Zoe smiles. "Hi. Can i have a bacon cheeseburger, and a large milkshake?"
[9:00pm] Magnolia: "I'll just have a burger and a milkshake."
[9:01pm] Alivi: "Got it. " She walks back and gives the orders
[9:01pm] Alivi: Max finishes his burger and starts on his fries.
[9:01pm] Alivi: "So. What is interpol doing out here."
[9:02pm] Gwen: "We got…word of your parole officer's disappearance. It was a cross-reference to someone we've been tracking for a while." She takes a bite. "Does the name Cassandra mean anything to you?"
[9:04pm] Alivi: "Eh sorta I think."
[9:04pm] Alivi: "You know my question, even if they sent you Addi, I need something."
[9:04pm] Alivi: He rubs his fingers together
[9:04pm] Alivi: The waitress brings food to Zoe, Mila, Charlie and Raine
[9:04pm] Tom90deg: Zoe thanks her and takes s drink of her shake
[9:05pm] Gwen: "What do you need?"
[9:05pm] Alivi: It is soooo good Zoe omg You wanna steal the recipe.
[9:05pm] Alivi: "I want…a car. Blue one."
[9:05pm] Alivi: He leans back.
[9:05pm] Alivi: "Sooo some money would be nice."
[9:06pm] Balthazaar: "Thank you…" Charlie destroys his burger so fast
[9:06pm] Gwen: She narrows her eyes. "Alright…how much money?"
[9:06pm] Alivi: Charlie, bacon grease drips down your chin, Raine eats his as well.
[9:06pm] Alivi: "….Eeeh how about…..5000 dollars?"
[9:06pm] Alivi: "Discount for you." He winks.
[9:07pm] Gwen: She rolls her eyes. "American dollars?"
[9:08pm] Alivi: "Of course."
[9:08pm] Gwen: She takes out her phone. "I'll transfer the money at the end of this interview."
[9:09pm] Alivi: "Deal." He leans back.
[9:09pm] Alivi: "So then what do you wanna know, and do you have goons nearby? If so I wanna know them or else this will not end well.'
[9:10pm] Gwen: "I do have goons in this restaurant. Answering my question about Cassandra will get you locations."
[9:10pm] Alivi: "Fine."
[9:10pm] Balthazaar: Charlie looks for the chewing waitress.
[9:11pm] Magnolia: «Goons.»
[9:11pm] Gwen: «Sorry. I love you guys!»
[9:11pm] Alivi: She is by the counter, texting.
[9:12pm] Gwen: "So Max…what do you know about Cassandra?"
[9:13pm] Alivi: "Some chick came by asking questions, purple hair and black hair, had some dude with her too. She seemed goth lover."
[9:13pm] Balthazaar: Charlie assumes that what the waitress is doing must be of vital importance, so he doesn't disturb her to ask for another
[9:14pm] Gwen: "The asian girl is an agent…so is the woman in the hoodie." Addison eats a fry. "Did your parole officer have any interaction with her?"
[9:14pm] Alivi: "She was lookin for him." He takes a drink of his milkshake. Asian girl's cute. Hoodie girl looks like a bitch.
[9:14pm] Alivi: " "
[9:15pm] Gwen: "Manners, Max. Just remember who we work for." She blushes a bit. "Did she find Mr. Green?"
[9:15pm] Alivi: "I told her where to find him, so yea."
[9:16pm] Gwen: "Right. Where did you tell her to go?"
[9:17pm] Alivi: "To his house, he gave me his address if i got trouble."
[9:17pm] Gwen: "I'll need that address. Anything else you have for me about her?"
[9:17pm] Alivi: "Nope."
[9:18pm] Balthazaar: Charlie looks around the place
[9:18pm] Gwen: "No what?"
[9:18pm] Alivi: "Dont got nothing.'
[9:19pm] Alivi: He slides her a card.
[9:19pm] Alivi: "You take care now, got some business to attend to."
[9:19pm] Gwen: She transfers the money and nods. "I'll call you Max…this time, I will."
[9:19pm] Tom90deg: <Did he give you any useful information?>
[9:20pm] Gwen: «He handed Cassandra his Parole Officer…I've gotten an address. It's a start»
[9:21pm] Tom90deg: <So he handed him over?>
[9:21pm] Tom90deg: <Mmm…Ok, lets pay and get out of here….>
[9:21pm] Balthazaar: Charlie fumbles with his wallet
[9:22pm] Alivi: "this time? Hopefully more than that." He smiles and waves.
[9:22pm] Alivi: "Good seeing you Addi…"
[9:22pm] Gwen: She waves. "You too, Max."
[9:26pm] Alivi: He waves back
[9:26pm] Alivi: Raine stands and pays for Charlie and himself.
[9:26pm] Alivi: He goes outside
[9:26pm] Gwen: Addison walks out once Max is gone, heading for the Rover.
[9:26pm] Tom90deg: Zoe pays for her foor as well, and looks over at Addision, and follows her out.
[9:26pm] Balthazaar: Charlie goes with Raine
[9:27pm] Magnolia: Mila pays, doesn't leave a tip, you shouldn't chew gum on the job.
[9:27pm] Magnolia: Follows everyone out
[9:27pm] Gwen: Addison glances to Zoe and sighs.
[9:28pm] Tom90deg: <Everything else go ok?>
[9:28pm] Gwen: «Yup» "We gotta get moving, folks."
[9:29pm] Tom90deg: "Right. We got the address?"
[9:29pm] Gwen: She nods and holds out the card. "Yup."
[9:30pm] Balthazaar: «Are you okay, Addison?»
[9:31pm] Gwen: «Yeah, thanks Charlie.»
[9:32pm] Alivi: «So what is the info?»
[9:33pm] Tom90deg: "Lets get this done then, shall we?"
[9:33pm] Gwen: «Cassandra was poking around. She asked about the Parole Officer, Max handed her his address.»
[9:34pm] Gwen: Addison drives to the address
[9:34pm] Alivi: «Fun…»
[9:34pm] Magnolia: «Sold him out, fun."
[9:34pm] Magnolia: -"
[9:34pm] Magnolia: +»
[9:35pm] Tom90deg: "How do you want to do this? Quietly?"
[9:36pm] Tom90deg: "And RAine, can you give us eyes inside?"
[9:36pm] Gwen: "No idea until we get there…"
[9:36pm] Alivi: Raine nods. "Once we get there I can."
[9:37pm] Balthazaar: "Are we going to get Cassandra?"
[9:37pm] Alivi: Addison once the Address is entered in you see the pathway to the Green Home.
[9:37pm] Gwen: Addison goes there
[9:40pm] Tom90deg: "What's the plan?"
[9:40pm] Alivi: It is a suburban area, the house has no lights on, and a police car is nearby
[9:40pm] Gwen: "We're interpol. Cassandra is on our radar, which is why we're here. We need to find out where she is. Everyone got that?"
[9:41pm] Balthazaar: "Mhm."
[9:41pm] Tom90deg: "Yup."
[9:41pm] Alivi: Raine nods
[9:42pm] Magnolia: "Right."
[9:42pm] Gwen: Addison parks the car across the street and gets out.
[9:43pm] Balthazaar: Charlie clambers out
[9:43pm] Alivi: Raine does as well.
[9:43pm] Magnolia: Mila climbs up, looking to the police car
[9:43pm] Magnolia: is anyone inside?
[9:44pm] Alivi: Yea, an angry looking black man
[9:44pm] Tom90deg: Zoe climbs out as well, looking around.
[9:44pm] Alivi: He rolls down his window.
[9:44pm] Alivi: "What the hell are you doing?"
[9:47pm] Tom90deg: Zoe pulls out her badge and holds out out. "Interpol."
[9:47pm] Alivi: He huffs, "Fucking hell and hq cant be damned to give us a head up what the fuck is interpol doing here?"
[9:47pm] Tom90deg: "We're investigating a suspect, and have reason to believe she may be here. So the proper question here is what are you doing here officer?"
[9:49pm] Alivi: "Im waiting for the bitch to come back to the scene, THIS IS A STAKEOUT WOMAN."
[9:49pm] Alivi: "You don't go talking to cop cars during a stakeout! Gonna blow my cover, man."
[9:49pm] Alivi: Raine is just a bit offput… "….are all americans like this?"
[9:49pm] Balthazaar: Charlie stomps up. "Talk to her like that again, and I'll stake you out. Now fuck. Off."
[9:50pm] Magnolia: "You don't go parking an obvious cop car by the scene for a stakeout, your cover's already blown."
[9:50pm] Tom90deg: "Charlie."
[9:50pm] Tom90deg: "This is a american police officer. Be polite."
[9:50pm] Alivi: "Fuck you all. And you wanna try that again rough fellow? I'll fuck you up! I got a taser! Not afraid to use it!"
[9:51pm] Tom90deg: "Now officer, from your statement, you said that she's not here?"
[9:51pm] Gwen: Addison walks over. "Officer, is there a problem." She's doing the boss-woman thing
[9:51pm] Alivi: "Fuck naw, no one be comin up in this house since Green wife and kids left."
[9:51pm] Alivi: "What problem, smurf?"
[9:52pm] Gwen: "See…I was going to be nice…until you pulled that card."
[9:52pm] Alivi: "If you gon be nice, then call off the antagonistic people all up in my Car!"
[9:52pm] Alivi: It is obvious he is irritated
[9:52pm] Balthazaar: Charlie sneers.
[9:52pm] Tom90deg: Zoe rolls her eyes. "She left,great…"
[9:53pm] Tom90deg: Zoe moves back to RAine. "Raine can you get me eyes in the house?"
[9:53pm] Alivi: Raine nods.
[9:53pm] Alivi: d20
[9:53pm] Quidmore: Alivi: d20=4 (4)
[9:53pm] Gwen: "Team. I would like you all to go to the house. Raine get eyes. I'm going to have a wee chat with out friend cop, here."
[9:53pm] Magnolia: "Yes ma'am."
[9:53pm] Balthazaar: «Want some /help/ with him?»
[9:54pm] Alivi: "Got it-" The air gets super cold suddenly to the point that grass begins to wilt.
[9:54pm] Alivi: "Perkele."
[9:54pm] Alivi: The cop looks round confused.
[9:54pm] Tom90deg: "Problem?"
[9:54pm] Gwen: Addison pulls out a lipstick from her bag and holds it like the thing from MIB. "Officer, could you have a look over here?"
[9:55pm] Alivi: "What the hell, why is it like fucking 1 degree now, "
[9:55pm] Alivi: "Fucking weather men, what the fuck. "
[9:55pm] Tom90deg: Zoe approaches the house, quietly moveing to the side of the front door.
[9:55pm] Alivi: He looks over at Addison, "What about the damn lipstick."
[9:56pm] Gwen: "Good little disguise for it, isn't it." She smiles. "They're not going to believe you anyway." She's going to zonk him out with telepathic powers. Bidding Puppet Master for great justice.
[9:57pm] Alivi: it is done
[9:57pm] Alivi: rollll
[9:58pm] Alivi: Nvm
[9:58pm] Alivi: And the cop is zonked out
[9:59pm] Balthazaar: "Dickhead…"
[9:59pm] Alivi: Raine tries again this time bidding patterns in the frost
[9:59pm] Alivi: Snowflakes swirl and form around him and go into the house. He garners up an icepad and looks at it.
[10:00pm] Tom90deg: <That was easy.>
[10:00pm] Gwen: Addison heads over to Raine
[10:00pm] Alivi: «If you call that easy…»
[10:02pm] Tom90deg: «I mean the cop.»
[10:02pm] Tom90deg: «Anything of intrest?»
[10:02pm] Magnolia: Mila keeps a lookout for anyone who might be approaching the house
[10:03pm] Alivi: «Eh…no….seems like he had kids…»
[10:03pm] Alivi: Raine focuses on a picture.
[10:03pm] Magnolia: She doesn't trust pretty suburban neighborhoods like this. too clean.
[10:03pm] Balthazaar: Charlie does the same as Mila
[10:04pm] Tom90deg: «Anyone inside?»
[10:04pm] Alivi: «See here is our guy….the wife…andddddd 2 kids…huh…»
[10:04pm] Alivi: Raine directs it away and back to the house stuff
[10:05pm] Alivi: «I dont see anything, I see struggle signs…and this weird black stuff….»
[10:05pm] Magnolia: "Black stuff…"
[10:06pm] Alivi: "…"
[10:06pm] Alivi: «Addison, take a look at this…»
[10:06pm] Gwen: Addison has a look.
[10:06pm] Tom90deg: «Black stuff? So they ARE here? The cop said they were gone, right?»
[10:06pm] Alivi: It is some black stuff smeared against the wall. And a strange symbol.
[10:07pm] Gwen: Roll to ID?
[10:08pm] Alivi: yep
[10:08pm] Gwen: 1d20
[10:08pm] Quidmore: Gwen: 1d20=6 (6)
[10:08pm] Balthazaar: Charlie looks
[10:08pm] Alivi: It looks familiar…and almost like the male symbol…but….a bit different if just slightly.
[10:09pm] Gwen: "I can't quite place it. Are we clear to go inside and have a look around?"
[10:09pm] Alivi: Raine nods.
[10:09pm] Alivi: "Yes."
[10:10pm] Gwen: "Zoe, the door please. MIla. We're going in."
[10:11pm] Tom90deg: "Quiet or loud or polite?"
[10:11pm] Magnolia: "Got it, want me in there too?"
[10:11pm] Alivi: Raine just shakes his head chuckling.
[10:12pm] Gwen: "Well are there people inside? And yes please, I'm not a fan of splitting the party, and we've done it once today. Charlie, you too."
[10:12pm] Tom90deg: "Are there people inside? Didn't the cop say they left?"
[10:13pm] Magnolia: "Said it was empty.
[10:13pm] Magnolia: "
[10:13pm] Alivi: 'I didnt see anyone."
[10:13pm] Tom90deg: "Right then. One moment…"
[10:13pm] Tom90deg: Zoe tries the knob.
[10:13pm] Alivi: Locked
[10:13pm] Balthazaar: (/yeah/ she does)
[10:14pm] Tom90deg: Zoe then picks the lock!
[10:14pm] Tom90deg: 1d20 pickpickpick
[10:14pm] Quidmore: Tom90deg: pickpickpick: 1d20=20 (20)
[10:15pm] Alivi: Zoe that lock was sooo easy lol
[10:15pm] Tom90deg: Zoe rolls her eyes. "I swear, these consumer grade locks…"
[10:16pm] Tom90deg: Zoe carefuly opens up the door, looking inside.
[10:16pm] Alivi: Its empty save for a trail of black
[10:16pm] Gwen: Addison looks to Zoe. "Did you even try?"
[10:16pm] Alivi: it cumilates in the symbol
[10:16pm] Magnolia: "Silly them, not preparing to be broken into by trained international agents."
[10:16pm] Tom90deg: "Man, I barely had to. Could have picked this with a bloody piece of straw."
[10:16pm] Magnolia: Mila looks over the symbol, frowning
[10:17pm] Gwen: Addison heads in towards the symbol. She takes out her phone and starts taking pictures.
[10:17pm] Tom90deg: Zoe looks at the symbol. "So…what is it, and what's it painted in? Do we have any sample cases?"
[10:17pm] Gwen: LIKE A GOOD FAKE CSI
[10:17pm] Balthazaar: Charlie looks around, not really sure what he's looking for
[10:18pm] Alivi: "….what?"
[10:19pm] Gwen: Addison reaches out to touch the black stuff.
[10:19pm] Magnolia: "WHoever this woman is… she wants to be found."
[10:19pm] Magnolia: "Wouldn't leave something like this… trick is who she wants to be found by, and it prolly aint the local police."
[10:21pm] Tom90deg: "I imagine it's us."
[10:21pm] Gwen: Addison touches the goop.
[10:21pm] Tom90deg: "Do we have any jars or envelppes or anything?"
[10:22pm] Alivi: Addison it starts to burn you.
[10:22pm] Alivi: "I could make something." Raine says before looking over at Addison.
[10:22pm] Gwen: "Shit. Shit." She shakes her hand. "Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. OW. Shit. Shit."
[10:22pm] Magnolia: "Be smart, Addison."
[10:23pm] Gwen: "Not helping!" She runs into the kitchen to wash her hands off.
[10:23pm] Balthazaar: Charlie goes over to Addison. "Let me see…"
[10:23pm] Alivi: The water washes it down. It is soothing. Addison you feel weak a bit.
[10:23pm] Tom90deg: "Hold on…."
[10:23pm] Gwen: She holds her hand out to Charlie and then blinks. "Woah…nobody touch that stuff…"
[10:23pm] Tom90deg: Zoe goes into the kitchen and starts looking for a empty tupperware container or something
[10:24pm] Tom90deg: And a spatula.
[10:24pm] Balthazaar: Charlie takes her hand and inspects it
[10:24pm] Alivi: Charlie it is red, swollen, and kinda ugly.
[10:24pm] Alivi: But it starts to fade a bit.
[10:24pm] Alivi: As it does, Addison you just feel dizzy.
[10:24pm] Alivi: Roll a d20
[10:24pm] Alivi: for composure
[10:25pm] Gwen: 1D20
[10:25pm] Gwen: 1d20
[10:25pm] Quidmore: Gwen: 1d20=5 (5)
[10:25pm] Magnolia: Mila goes with Addison to make sure she's alright
[10:26pm] Gwen: "Bluh…" She stumbles. "That's…ugh…"
[10:26pm] Balthazaar: Charlie supports Addisons weight. He probes to see if this is something he can fix.
[10:26pm] Gwen: "So…this…is weird."
[10:27pm] Gwen: Her eyes glaze over and she goes rigid for a moment
[10:27pm] Magnolia: Mila watches Addison, "…You said this woman took you over before, right?"
[10:27pm] Magnolia: Mila gets into a fighting stance at the eye glaze
[10:27pm] Tom90deg: "Addy?"
[10:27pm] Alivi: Raine frowns, "Addison?"
[10:28pm] Tom90deg: "Hey, Addision, are you ok?"
[10:28pm] Magnolia: "THat might not be Addy, watch out."
[10:28pm] Tom90deg: "Ah hell…"
[10:28pm] Balthazaar: Charlie grabs her by the shoulders. "Addison, wake up." He says firmly
[10:29pm] Tom90deg: "If she freaks out, stand back and give me some room. I can…sorta disable her."
[10:30pm] Gwen: She gasps. "Santa Monica…William is there. Cassandra is there too." Her eyes are still glazed over
[10:30pm] Magnolia: "…" Mila looks up, frowning, "I don't trust it."
[10:30pm] Magnolia: she looks to Zoe
[10:30pm] Gwen: "The necklace…"
[10:31pm] Gwen: "Blue magic…torturing….Green."
[10:31pm] Tom90deg: "Right."
[10:31pm] Gwen: Her eyes go back to normal and she glances around. "What the ACTUAL fuck?"
[10:31pm] Tom90deg: "Ok, are you able to wak?"
[10:31pm] Tom90deg: "I think you just prophitized."
[10:32pm] Balthazaar: Charlie is holding her by the shoulders. "Addison, are you okay?"
[10:32pm] Gwen: "Where is the moon now…in the sky."
[10:32pm] Alivi: Raine just seems stunned, "…Perkele…Addison."
[10:33pm] Alivi: Raine holds out his icepad, "…right here…"
[10:33pm] Alivi: "Why?"
[10:33pm] Magnolia: "…Prophecy?"
[10:33pm] Gwen: "Yes, and the first not painful one."
[10:34pm] Tom90deg: "Great, you said he's in santa Moncia, and something about a necklace,and blue magic."
[10:34pm] Gwen: Addison sighs. "William…the officer. Is dead. She's likely killed him already."
[10:34pm] Tom90deg: "Isn't that the magic that you get to copy what's casted on you or something?"
[10:34pm] Alivi: "Well im not sure…I mean she has blue magic before Zoe came and attacked us."
[10:34pm] Alivi: "At least according to Mike's report that was the color, right?"
[10:34pm] Gwen: "She used waves of blue energy."
[10:35pm] Balthazaar: Charlie frowns. "She needs to be… Removed."
[10:36pm] Gwen: "We're done here once we get a sample of the goop. Do you think we should clean off the arcane symbol?"
[10:36pm] Alivi: "Yea….so…..what do we do?"
[10:36pm] Alivi: "Well have the police been here? Would they notice if it was gone?"
[10:36pm] Magnolia: "No time… it wont mean anything to most, anyway."
[10:36pm] Tom90deg: Zoe looks for a tupperware container and a spatula again.
[10:36pm] Magnolia: "Probably."
[10:36pm] Alivi: Zoe you find some!
[10:37pm] Tom90deg: Zoe procedes to scrape off some of the goop and deposit it in the container and seals it. "Right then."
[10:37pm] Tom90deg: "To santi montica?"
[10:38pm] Balthazaar: "Do you need help getting back to the car, Addison?"
[10:39pm] Gwen: "I wouldn't mind someone to lean on, Charlie. Thanks."
[10:39pm] Gwen: "No. We're going home folks."
[10:39pm] Gwen: "Also, Zoe. Can you drive. I need a nap."
[10:39pm] Tom90deg: "You said that he had Green, right?"
[10:40pm] Alivi: Raine looks at Addison a bit alarmed.
[10:40pm] Gwen: "Green was his last name."
[10:40pm] Tom90deg: "Yah, so she has him, lets go get him!"
[10:40pm] Tom90deg: "It was a prophecey, not a….past…vision. Whatever those are called."
[10:41pm] Gwen: "He's dead, Zoe."
[10:41pm] Alivi: "…he's dead? Are you sure??"
[10:42pm] Tom90deg: "How do you know?"
[10:42pm] Gwen: Addison looks to Raine and sends him the vision. "Did that look not fatal to you."
[10:42pm] Alivi: Raine's eyes widen.
[10:42pm] Balthazaar: Charlie, not understanding 'Lean on' simply picks up Addison and prepares to just carry her
[10:42pm] Alivi: "….mm…"
[10:42pm] Tom90deg: "Charlie! God.."
[10:42pm] Magnolia: "…You said he was in Santa Monica."
[10:43pm] Tom90deg: "He's in Santa Monica. At the least we need to bring him home, right?"
[10:43pm] Alivi: "….A…Addison…It looks bad..but there might still be a chance…convulsions dont…always mean death…right?" He looks really freaked out.
[10:43pm] Gwen: "That was the beginning of the vision."
[10:43pm] Tom90deg: "Can you fake visions?"
[10:43pm] Magnolia: "…Again, prophecy, hasn't happened yet."
[10:43pm] Magnolia: "If we go now, we might catch 'im."
[10:44pm] Gwen: "The position of the moon in the vision suggests that it already happened."
[10:44pm] Tom90deg: "Oh…."
[10:44pm] Tom90deg: "Hell."
[10:44pm] Balthazaar: Charlie is only really concerned about Addison at the moment. He doesn't care if the go to help the guy or not
[10:45pm] Magnolia: "He's dead then, we still gotta catch her, that's our job."
[10:45pm] Tom90deg: "yah…And if nothing else, it may give us a lead….What do you think?"
[10:46pm] Alivi: "We have a sample too…"
[10:47pm] Balthazaar: "I want to get Addison to somewhere she can be made better."
[10:48pm] Tom90deg: "Addy?"
[10:49pm] Alivi: "…She does need medical attention….things we need to get. A medic."
[10:49pm] Tom90deg: "Yah…"
[10:49pm] Tom90deg: "Ok, we're thinking too small."
[10:49pm] Tom90deg: Zoe pulls out her phone, dialing the director.
[10:50pm] Balthazaar: Charlie is still holding Addison
[10:51pm] Alivi: The director picks up
[10:51pm] Alivi: "No No No, the chicks must be over there seperated from the duckling, yes. NO. yes Valentina just go with it just this once, I'll let you keep Nugget."
[10:51pm] Alivi: "Hello?"
[10:51pm] Tom90deg: "Director?"
[10:51pm] Alivi: "Yes, Zoe!"
[10:51pm] Gwen: Addison yawns. "It's okay…I'm just sleepy. And I want a hug from Blake." She sounds…dopey.
[10:52pm] Tom90deg: "This is Zoe. We have a problem. We need a team sent to santa montica, as soon as possible, we we have a lead there."
[10:52pm] Alivi: Raine makes a small cube of ice and places it down her shirt
[10:52pm] Alivi: Addison's that is
[10:52pm] Tom90deg: "Addision's been…a bit disabled, we can't check it out."
[10:52pm] Alivi: "Wake up Addison." He says.
[10:52pm] Tom90deg: "Addy, do you have a exact location of the vision you had?"
[10:52pm] Gwen: Addison yelps and is suddenly WIDE away. "RAINE, YOU BUGGER!"
[10:52pm] Alivi: "I see… come home, we need to get her checked- What just happened?"
[10:52pm] Gwen: "It was docks.
[10:53pm] Tom90deg: Zoe facepalms. "RAine put an ice cube down the front of Addision's shirt."
[10:53pm] Alivi: "I see…. interesting."
[10:53pm] Tom90deg: "And they need to get to the docks. Agent Green should…be there."
[10:53pm] Tom90deg: "But he may be dead."
[10:53pm] Alivi: "Well then, get the team home, And we will send Team H out."
[10:53pm] Magnolia: Mila laughs her ass off
[10:53pm] Tom90deg: "THank you."
[10:53pm] Tom90deg: "We'll be back home soon."
[10:53pm] Alivi: "No problem, Valentina put that fireball away you are not cooking nugget!"
[10:54pm] Tom90deg: Zoe hangs up. "Right then, homeward?"
[10:54pm] Balthazaar: Charlie is automatically rocking from side to side
[10:54pm] Alivi: Raine smiles. "Nice to see ya awake. "
[10:54pm] Magnobile left the chat room. (Connection reset by peer)
[10:54pm] Gwen: She smiles and then yawns again, leaning back on Charlie. "Stop wobbling."
[10:55pm] Balthazaar: "Sorry." He stops
[10:55pm] Gwen: "Thank you Charlie." She snuggles up rather close to him. "Zoe…can you drive? I want a nap."
[10:56pm] Tom90deg: "Right, will do."
[10:56pm] Tom90deg: Zoe gets behind the wheel.
[10:56pm] Magnolia: Mila hops in the car
[10:57pm] Tom90deg: When everyone is in, zoe tears off down the road. She's a very fast driver, if a bit…video gamey
[10:57pm] Alivi: Raine gets in
[10:57pm] Alivi: Anddddddddddd Raine clings for dear life
[10:57pm] Alivi: they eventually get home.
[10:57pm] Balthazaar: Charlie places Addi in the car and gets in himself
[10:57pm] Alivi: Zoe has the sample, Addison is taken likely to Saari. Anddddd Soft RP is up and here now

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